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Peek Inside Awakening: Britton

When the shifter community is threatened, half-shifter and lead SPAC agent Val Calhoun is assigned to the case along with the precinct’s Don Juan, Detective Britton Townsend. The two arch-enemies are sent deep into the North Carolina Mountains-— together, and alone. Val doesn’t want the hot Detective Townsend’s mouth anywhere near hers. All Britton wants to do is solve this case pronto, and go back to his footloose Casanova ways. Hopefully they don’t kill each other first. Or worse...fall in love.

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“I would lick that man up one side and down the other.”

Half-shifter and lead SPAC agent, Val Calhoun, has listened to women gush over the Don Juan of the precinct for the last four years. Yeah, Detective Britton Townsend is hot and has stunning blue eyes, but that foul mouth he saves only for her? What a waste of good looks. And no way does Val want that mouth anywhere near hers.

When the shifter community is threatened, Val is assigned to the case…and fails. So the High Council turns to the rogue shifter they’d sentenced to twenty years as a human—that same obnoxiously sexy Detective Townsend. And sends the two arch-enemies deep into the North Carolina Mountains—together, and alone.

Being stuck in a tiny honeymoon cabin with Miss Castration and only one bed is definitely not Britton’s idea of a good time. But the High Council doesn’t take no for an answer. After his shifter abilities are restored, Brit is once again susceptible to the dreaded, irreversible bonding instinct, the Drall. Thankfully, all he’s ever felt for Val is intense loathing, no reason to worry. Right? All he has to do is solve this case pronto, and he can go back to his footloose Casanova ways. That is, if they don’t kill each other first. Or worse…fall in love.


"This novel has a strong plot and has substance. Each part of the book is important. There is no need to skim, browse, or skip because everything about it is in all of the right doses. Bravo!" --Saph's Steamy Reads

"The tension (both good and bad) between him and the understandably baffled victim of his anger, Val Calhoun, was thick enough to swipe a jaguar claw through; with an intriguing plot and twists that had my heart racing tossed in the mix, I was hooked!" --Erin, Goodreads"...this was such a deeply emotional book with characters that are both real (and flawed) and with such powerful arcs that it is hard to have to say good bye. This isn’t just a great read; this is a keeper." --My Book Addiction and More MBA, Goodreads

Additional Details

ISBN: 9781622663453
Series: The Awakening, Book 3
Release Date: Nov 25, 2013
Page Count: 229
Imprint: covet
Genre: paranormal, werewolves
Tropes: enemies to lovers, forced proximity

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By Caryn January 20, 2020

By far this was my favourite of this trilogy. I loved Britton and Val the most even though the other couples were great too! Sorry it’s now over because I think Dr Miles should have a story! ...more

By Erin November 22, 2013

This was my first read from The Awakening series, and I was definitely impressed. I do so love getting lost in a great shifter paranormal story, and Abby Niles had me completely gone over the sexy angry beast that was Britton Townsend! The tension (both good and bad) between him and the understandab ...more

By Shelly December 29, 2013

If you’ve read Niles before you know she’s not a rock’em sock’em kind of writer. She does like to build a story even if the premise is not exactly new. That’s the way I felt about Britton’s story anyway. The buildup was nice and good enough that it kept me reading to find out what happens to these c ...more

By Shauni November 16, 2013

Reviewed Originally For: Tea and Book

Each book in Abby Niles' Awakening Series just gets better and better. The Awakening is when a when a male shifter meets his mate he is of course instantly attracted to her and by marking her, he literally becomes hers. If she fails to mark him in return, she sti ...more

By Sapphyria December 13, 2013

Sapphyria's Review:

Review of Book 1, The Awakening: Aidan

Review of Book 2, The Awakening: Liam

Four years ago, Britton Townsend broke sacred shifter law by almost revealing their kind to the human world. He then faced one ...more

By My Book Addiction and More December 09, 2013

The Awakening: Britton by Abby Niles is the third book in her Awakening series. The hallmark of the series is taking a hard look at the mating concept in paranormal romance and all the ways it can go wrong. This book is set up very well in the second book, where it promised quite a story. Britton de ...more

By Emily November 23, 2013

**ARC Provided by Netgalley and Entangled Publishing, LLC for an honest review**

This is the best book in the series and really grabbed me from the beginning.

We have met Britton is all the other books and Val in Liam's story. This is the story of the two finding their mate, each other.

Val has always ...more

By Mistress of the Dark Path December 13, 2013

I'm a big fan of relationships that start with the hero/heroine hating each other. There's just something to be said for watching them fight it out until those feelings turn into lust and eventually love. This book fit the bill for me. The change-over happened a little faster than expected, but ther ...more

By Melissa November 25, 2013

Val couldn't stand Britton and his womanizing ways even if he was drop dead gorgeous. Britton can't stand to be around Val no matter what, just being near her cause physical pain. Val was giving a case for a boy who was kidnapped and they threaten to expose the shifter to the human world, if they di ...more

By Denise November 26, 2013

Really enjoy when there is cops and or detectives and a case. You get a suspenseful, intriguing read. Then to go a step further she adds paranormal to it and you have one different harrowing adventure. She also put some heat under it with romance only the hot and heavy kind will do and you have a dy ...more

By Christi November 25, 2013

My Review:
OMG, I loved this book. Hands down, this is the best in the series so far and I really didn't expect that. We had glimpses of Brit and Val together in the last book so knew that their relationship is really contentious, but I had no idea just how deep it went.

This is a deeply emotional bo ...more

By Sandy S December 09, 2013

3.75 stars

BRITTON is the third instalment in Abby Niles contemporary, paranormal romance series-The Awakening. The series should be read in order as some of the current timeline references history and premises from the previously storylines. This is jaguar shifter Britton Townsend and half-shifter V ...more

By Farrah December 14, 2013

A lovely paranormal romance, The Awakening: Britton was a fantastic read. It had sweet and steamy romance, surprises, and a mystery. I really enjoyed reading this wonderful book.

Val was a good heroine. At first, she was a bit shrewish because, whenever she was with Britton and his insults, the claws ...more

By Book Reading Gals January 02, 2017

Title: The Awakening: Britton

Series: The Awakening Series Book #3
Author: Abby Niles

Genre: Romance, Paranormal

Blurb: I would lick that man up one side and down the other….Half-shifter and lead SPAC agent, Val Calhoun, has listened to women gush over the Don Juan of the precinct for the last four year ...more

By Miriam March 29, 2017

***Received from Entangled Publishing for an honest review***

I was incredibly surprised by the balance of romance, suspense, and paranormal in this book. Ms. Niles writes about two shifters--Val, a half-shifter, and Britton, a shifter who's been stripped of his shifter abilities as punishment for tw ...more

By Lori December 13, 2013

“As far as he was concerned there was nothing a bottle of liquor and a good woman couldn’t cure–but somehow, he didn’t think Val would appreciate those suggestions.”–Britton’s thoughts

There are rivals, enemies, arch-enemies, and then there’s Britton and Val, two detectives who utterly despise each o ...more

By Cheesecake November 04, 2015

Val and Britton. I've not read the previous books, but I didn't find that it interfered with my enjoyment of this book. Britton and Val work for the police. Britton used to be a homicide detective until he ran a-fowl of the shifter council and was sentenced to temporary 'human' status by way of a se ...more

By Pam September 11, 2016

Val is the lead SPAC agent and good at her job. She has to take a case, solve it and keep it from the shifter community. When she isn't able to do so the High Council calls in rogue shifter Detective Britton to take lead in the case and help Val find the answers. That doesn't set well with Val as sh ...more

I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

This is the third book in The Awakening series by Abby Niles. These books are centered around three male shifter friends as their beasts are "awakened" when they meet their mate. Each friends experience is completely ...more

By Nicky January 26, 2014

Okay, so I’ve said before how the whole ‘soul mate’ thing in shifter books can be a bit of an easy option for authors – I mean, there’s no real hard graft to get your two main characters together – they’re instantly in love. And to be fair the ‘Awakening’ series is all about when a shifter finds the ...more

By Katha December 02, 2013

ARC provided for an honest review

This book was really great! I didn’t get a lot of sleep the day I read it because I just couldn’t put it down.

The two protagonists had me from the first page. I loved them. Most of all I loved that they couldn’t stand each other in the beginning. It was so funny to w ...more

By Tina August 12, 2016

This is the third story in the Awakening series and it’s one that I really wanted to read. There are many emotions that are brought out in the characters throughout this story. I do recommend that you read Liam’s story first so that you can see some of their previous interactions with one another an ...more

By Evelyn November 13, 2013

I will freely admit that when Katie at Entangled offered me a review copy of this book I turned into a total spaz. I highly suggest reading the previous books in the series first! At the very least read Liam's story because you get a glimpse of what's to come with Britton and Val.

Britton, a shifter ...more

By Eva November 25, 2013

The third book in The Awakening series is an intriguing shifter world with unique and surprising elements.

Britton Townsend was sentenced to 20 years as a human by the council and now works as a human detective in the police department. The half shifter Val Calhoun replaced as the lead SPAC detective ...more

By Crystal November 24, 2013

I was given a copy of this book in place of an honest review.

This is the third book that I have read in this series and I love every single one of them. We got to see a little of Britton and Val in the other stories. In the last one they were working on the case together. We really never knew why Br ...more

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3.89 avg rating
Abby Niles

About the author

Abby Niles

Ever since Abby Niles picked up her first Sweet Valley High book in sixth grade and fell in love with Elizabeth and Todd, sheÂ’s been hooked on romance. By the time she reached high school, she was devouring meatier romances with pirates, cowboys and knights. She never imagined that those years of reading would one day lead to her becoming a published author. In her late twenties, after having twins and becoming a stay-at-home mom, she started doodling stories to keep her sanity. Next thing she knew, she was actually submitting to publishing houses. And was immediately rejected. That didnÂ’t stop her though. She found some kickass critique partners, honed her craft, and continued submitting. And eventually sold. Today, she juggles work, being a single mom, and writing. ItÂ’s not always easy, but hey, who said life was easy? Abby is the author of the contemporary MMA Love to the Extreme series. Extreme Love and Fighting Love are available in both digital and print. Winning Love is scheduled for August 2014. She is also the author of the dark paranormal romance series The Awakening: Aidan, The Awakening: Liam,and The Awakening: Britton. Both series are with Entangled Publishing. She also has a geeky romantic comedy, Defying Convention, with Carina Press. She is represented by Maureen Walters at Curtis Brown, LTD

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