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Peek Inside The Lost Tomb

For eight hundred years, the Descendants have worked in secret, putting the pieces in place to fulfill the prophecy made by Genghis Khan on his deathbed—a unified empire spanning the entire globe.

Now they just need one more piece…

The Lost Tomb

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For eight hundred years, the Descendants have worked in secret, putting the pieces in place to fulfill the prophecy made by Genghis Khan on his deathbed—a unified empire spanning the entire globe.

Now they just need one more piece…

Head of an elite anti-terrorist unit, Major Noah Blakeley is hunting for the clandestine organization he believes to be at the center of a spate of seemingly random acts of terror. When his ex-wife is killed while on an archaeological expedition to Mongolia, closely followed by an attempt on his life, Noah finds himself hurled into a world where the lines between historical research and present-day terrorism are blurred. To discover the answers, Noah must trace his wife’s final footsteps and beyond.

But nothing and no one is what they seem, and as the puzzle pieces click into place, Noah finds himself embroiled in an ancient feud that threatens to change the world forever...

Additional Details

ISBN: 9781640639164
Release Date: Mar 23, 2020
Page Count: 350
Imprint: sideways
Genre: mystery & suspense
Tropes: overcoming odds

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By Kylie March 31, 2020

An exciting adventure read, The Lost Tomb follows on from the prequel novella The Lost Spear. Terrorist hunter Major Noah Blakeley is shattered when notified of his ex-wife's death. An archaeologist, Eve was searching for the lost tomb of Genghis Khan when she died in a plane crash, and Noah is not ...more

By Matt April 21, 2020

I leapt into the world of N.J. Croft on the recommendation of a friend, which appears to have paid off well. After devouring the opening novella, I turned to this book, which I was sure would offer more insight into the mysteries of Genghis Khan. Rather, it packs a thrilling punch and takes things i ...more

By Katheyer May 10, 2020

„The Lost Tomb“ is the first full-length installment into a new archeological series by N.J. Croft. After reading the already available prequel “The Lost Spear”, I had to get the book and was in no way disappointed. The story follows Noah Blakely (a terrorist hunter) dealing with the consequences of ...more

By Beth July 18, 2020

Good action

Lots of twists & turns, unexpected alliances & enemies, clandestine stuff...but a bit rushed at the end, at least, it seemed that way to me. The pace was a little uneven for more formulaic action books, but I think that made it more realistic. Nothing in life moves at a steady pace. Look ...more

By Nikki March 13, 2020

You know you're onto a winning book when you're ready to rip the bad guys head off! And with this book I really wanted to be the one to deck them!

Noah is a brilliant soldier and one of the best when it comes to undercover work. But it had an impact on his family and he and Eve finally just drifted t ...more

By Kimberly June 14, 2020

Review featured at

I do not recall reading anything from NJ Croft before but this book was really good. This story is a bit about history and revenge. Noah finds out his ex-wife was killed while looking for relics. He goes after who might have killed her but in the adventure of ...more

By Deanna July 07, 2020

I was offered this electronic Advanced Reader Copy in exchange for an honest unbiased review.
I really enjoyed this book, and I really hope the author continues with these characters in more stories! This book is about a man who is the head of an elite anti-terrorist unit, who is tasked with hunting ...more

By Denise May 29, 2020

This is the first time in reading this author with the story line catching my eye. Reading murder more often than not lately is what does happen in this so that is in part the intrigue of this one. Things on tombs have always been a fascination so that added to it. Major Noah is interesting characte ...more

By Anima March 17, 2020

A direct continuation from The Lost Spear we get Noah, Eve’s ex husband, on the hunt. Trying to solve what happened to her and a more personal mission. Somehow his work in anti terrorism is related to Eve’s search for Genghis Khan’s tomb. It’s very cloak and dagger with the adventure, history and sp ...more

By Annarella March 28, 2020

A fun read, action packed and fast paced. It's a classic action&adventure story that somehow reminded me of Don Brown and Glenn Cooper.
I loved the well crafted plot that keeps on the edge and it's fun to read. There's a lot of action and some romance, even if the romantic part is in the back seat.
Th ...more

By Bee May 28, 2020

Exceptional Book!

Very much enjoyed this book! The timely theme, well drawn characters and twists & turns to the plot kept me turning page after page!

I especially liked the descriptions of the inner struggles by all the main characters - the humanness as they fought for what they thought was right w ...more

By Jeanne March 24, 2020

The Lost Tomb is a well-written thriller. Filled with suspense and great characters, this novel had me reading well into the night. How can you put down a book with the historical Genghis Khan, terrorists, and a soldier who is investigating the death of his archaeologist ex-wife? I could not put dow ...more

By Ree March 02, 2020

To say that this novel is a wild roller coaster of adventure is an understatement. I barely stopped to sleep while reading it! I love this tale of the lost tomb of Ghengis Khan, and the legend of the people protecting his tomb. I fell for Noah and Eve, the two main heroes of the tale. They’re both s ...more

By Jim March 08, 2020

An excellent well written adventure story with a great storyline and strong realistic characters. Contains plenty of non-stop action, lots of suspense, and several twists and turns. A book that keeps you turning pages and is very hard to put down. This highly recommended book will leave you wanting ...more

By Reading Reindeer Cobwebbed March 24, 2020

A well-written, imaginative, and very fast-paced thriller combining politics (and political terrorism) with history and archaeology. An admirable protagonist capably maintains the focus and makes the plot's events believable, even when the evidence of both conspiracy and evil become apparent. ...more

By Linda W. Ellis August 28, 2020

Thrilling read

I love archeology and the premise of this book was certainly interesting. A real page turner. Lots of action and an interesting plot. Be sure to read The first book, The List Spear, first. ...more

By Ann Wolford May 19, 2020

Great Read

Interesting mix of history and legend and many plot twists. The background settings were realistic. An interesting take on a great leader. ...more

By Melissa July 14, 2020


A secret, a few lies, and a soldier who wouldn't quit. Good read for the pandemic or anytime. Page turning thriller. ...more

By Bill June 26, 2020

A Good Read

I enjoyed the story. The story was good and the characters were different. I did not like the unnecessary foul language. ...more

By Jeanne May 28, 2020

This book is steeped with intrigue, complex characters and an intense story line. I was sucked in from the very beginning. Is anyone who they seem to be? Is this mission completely impossible? Who's to be trusted? Yep, pretty much all the tenets of good suspense are played and played well in this bo ...more

By Marshall April 05, 2020

I'm making a return to this genre, as I'd stepped away and got into fantasy and science fiction for a while. The Lost Tomb follows an Army Intel operative who finds that his wife had died in a plane crash. In a search for closure he's found that instead he's stepped out of one world of deception ont ...more

By Monika April 13, 2020

The Lost tomb by NJ Croft is a well written fictional story, strong characters and has got a good history spun to it. Reading through the chapters reminded me of the Mummy 3 movie (tomb of the dragon empire, the one with Jet Li, Brendon Fraser). The story line is similar to the movie, except this no ...more

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4.37 avg rating
N.J. Croft

About the author

N.J. Croft

After a number of years wandering the world in search of adventure, N.J. Croft finally settled on a farm in the mountains and now lives off-grid, growing almonds, drinking cold beer, taking in stray dogs, and writing stories where the stakes are huge and absolutely anything can happen.

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