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Peek Inside Locked in Stone

Rose Johnson may be the last gargoyle in the world, but no one knows she's still alive. In order to keep the secret, Rose needs the help of her enemies the Sentinels. Years ago, Sentinel Cal Levesque failed Rose's family. As they strike an uneasy peace—and escalating attraction—Cal knows he'll have to tell Rose who really betrayed her family. And with Rose's life in greater danger than ever, Cal has a chance to make up for the long he doesn't fall in love.

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Her enemy is her only hope…

Rose Johnson’s adoptive mother was murdered, and Rose is next. She may be the last gargoyle in the world—the last being who stands between this world and the evils of Otherworld. In order to keep her existence a continued secret, Rose needs to find the stone that holds her adoptive mother’s soul. Which means enlisting the help of her enemies the Sentinels…

Sentinel Cal Levesque never forgave himself for failing Rose’s family years ago. Seeing Rose alive is shock enough, until the stunningly beautiful gargoyle attacks him upon sight. As they strike an uneasy peace—and unexpected and escalating attraction—Cal knows he’ll have to tell Rose who really betrayed her family. And with Rose’s life in greater danger than ever, Cal has a chance to make up for the past…as long he doesn’t fall in love.


"Overall, I can't wait to see what happens in the series." --Kim B., Goodreads

"The concept was absolutely delicious. I loved the idea of a female gargoyle who was bigger and stronger than her Sentinel or human male companions. You struck the perfect chord between her strength and the vulnerability of a woman who's been told all of her life that she's the last of her kind." --Dear Author

"I really liked Locked in Stone it was beautifully written, vividly descriptive, with a whole plethora of otherworldly beings included in its pages it offered a varied and unusual storyline." --Claire R., Goodreads

"I loved how the main female character was the badass in this book! she was taller and stronger than her "protector" when in her Gargoyle form; and she was the one toting him around most of the time." --Sarah, Goodreads

Additional Details

ISBN: 9781633752368
Series: Hearts of Stone, Book 1
Release Date: Feb 23, 2015
Page Count: 265
Imprint: covet
Genre: angels and demons, paranormal
Tropes: redemption

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By christine danielle February 24, 2015

Full review posted on my blog:

Locked in Stone (Hearts of Stone #1)

Cover: 5
Plot: 5
Characters: 5

Overall Rating: 5

Locked in Stone was a very spectacular book! Gargoyles was something that I always thought looked like this:


and instead are beautiful bombshells that are extremely powerful and are ...more

By Melanie February 24, 2015

Review posted here...
Locked in Stone is a great paranormal romance and as the title would suggest…. Has Gargoyles!
As the synopsis tells us, Rose Johnson is forced to ask for protection from the Sentinels after the death of her adoptive mother and presuming ...more

By Amy February 21, 2015

I received a copy of this book from the publisher through Net Galley for an honest review

I had never heard of this author before, but decided to request her title as I have been looking for new areas of the paranormal genre to explore. I love my vamps and shifters, but think it is time to mix things ...more

By Eva February 20, 2015

As the last being who stands between the world and the evils of Otherworld, Rose Johnson must keep her existence a secret and to do that she will have to engage the help of her enemies - the Sentinels in this enthralling paranormal romance.

Years ago, Sentinel Cal Levesque failed Rose’s family and he ...more

By Marta February 11, 2015

First of what has to become a series as surely this story isn't over? Rose finds herself left alone and as the only surviving Gargoyle seeks out the Sentinels who as angelic descendants are supposed to protect her kind. What she doesn't expect is to run into Cal the man who failed to protect her fam ...more

By Fizza February 22, 2015

Its the best fantasy book I've read this year. :) It's very well written and I liked the storyline as well as all the characters. There are a number of supernatural creatures which are involved protecting vs. destroying the earth. Sentinels are protectors of Gargoyles and Gargoyles help sacred mothe ...more

By Linda July 09, 2015

Rose survived a terrible tragedy where she lost her sisters and family, and had to go on the run with the help of just one family friend, but now years later when she´s grown up, her only protector is murdered. The only choice she´s got now to get help is to turn to the ones who let her family down ...more

By Kimberly February 17, 2015

I have to admit my knowledge about gargoyles is mostly the cartoon that I watched as a kid. This however changed my way of thinking. the story of Rose and Cal was well thought out. The plot moved at a fast pace & I didn't feel hurried by it. The romance aspect of it fit well with the story line. I ...more

By Heather February 03, 2015

Cal that boy has manners, "yeah, want a beer? My mother would have my hide if I didn't offer a guest a refreshment. And Lucas would have my head for being inhospitable to a gargoyle." Rose she seemed innocent and pure but she knew how to tease, "and is noticing me such a bad thing? You can't work an ...more

By Jasmyn March 02, 2015

The lore in this series is going to be something new and exciting. It's so unique!! I love when an author takes a paranormal creature, one many see as ugly and fearsome, and turns them into something beautiful and awe inspiring. The gargoyles are protectors of the world. They close the rifts that o ...more

By Mahwish July 24, 2015

I have been looking forward to reading this new series since I heard about it months ago. The story goes off to a slow start introducing us to this new world filled with Angels, Gargoyles, Witches and Vampires unlike you have seen before. Hang in there. It only picks up pace as we go along. Rose has ...more

By Denise May 13, 2015

This is my first time in reading this author and the premise of what lay inside drew me to this story. There are not a lot of really good novels that feature gargoyles especially as this author has portrayed them. They can usually be found in a story but secondary to say the least. In this one there ...more

By Elaine February 20, 2015

Rating: 4.5/5

Rose Johnson believes she is the last gargoyle in the world and now the witch who rescued her when her family was killed, has now also been killed. Following the instructions the witch left she goes to seek the help of the Sentinels to protect herself and to regain the stone that holds ...more

By Caro July 22, 2016

3.5-4 stars.

Really interesting and loved the world building in this one.

Rose is a gargoyle and Cal a sentinel with the job of protecting gargoyles (among other things). Now, the story was not mostly centered on Rose and Cal’s love relationship. Of course there is that, and is a slow burn; but the st ...more

By April February 21, 2015

Review Courtesy of April Hollingworth

This is the first book in the Hearts of Stone series. It can be read as a standalone, but to be honest you will want to know what happens next.
Rose is a wonderful character, she’s strong and determined. Granted she doesn’t always listen, but she knows and admits ...more

By Stacy March 02, 2015

3.5 stars
I liked this story and I would recommend it to lovers of paranormal romances. The world building was interesting though I needed a bit more. I absolutely enjoyed the mix of paranormal creatures introduced—we had Gargoyles, Necromancers, Sentinels, Witches, Ghosts, demons, Vampires…..a great ...more

By Mignon March 23, 2015

Received this book in exchange for an honest review.

This was the first gargoyle style paranormal romance for me to read... and I'm not entirely sure how I feel about the sub-genre. I can get my mind to wrap around the vampires and shifters, but something about gargoyles just... I can't do it.

That sa ...more

By Rosemary April 01, 2015

Rose Johnson is a gargoyle. She's been in hiding since the massacre of her family. Now she needs help. Her adopted mother has been murdered and she could be next. Should she go to the Sentinels who protected her when she was a child? Cal Levesque has always blamed himself for what happened to his ch ...more

By Patricia February 18, 2015

This was different than most books I read in the sense that the romance was a very slow build and unfilled up to the ending. Don't get me wrong...I understand the build up for the next book. Yes, I believe we will be following Rose and Cal through a few more books, after all they need to find her si ...more

By Michelle (Adventure in Bookland) February 18, 2015

Now that I have been reading more and more paranormal this is the first time that I have read a book about gargoyles, Locked in Stone defiantly gave me a new outlook on gargoyles. Also, if you are a paranormal fan, there are the same magical being in this book as well, there’s a little bit of everyt ...more

By Cathy February 23, 2015

Rose is the last gargoyle in the world, or so she thought.
24 years ago her entire family was murdered while the Sentinels were suppose to be protecting them.
Gwen rescued and hid her all these years. She taught her to hat, despise , and not to trust the sentinals, yet when Gwen is murdered she sends ...more

By Cheryl March 18, 2015

Sacred Mother Gargoyle, Rose Johnson, whom everyone thought dead at the age of four, is alive. Sentinel, Cal Levesque, protected Rose when she was a child and has suffered all these years thinking he'd failed her. Now, she's back and he won't make that mistake again.

There is so much more happening i ...more

By Lillian February 07, 2015

I received this book in exchange for a honest review. I only thought Rose & friends were statues on old gothic buildings. Well I was wrong. Rose & Cal have to fight against evil and he has to keep Rose safe. And hopefully history does not repeat itself. There are some really cool characters the stuf ...more

By Christine March 11, 2015

All the characters were fabulous but Rose and Cal were definitely my favorite. There were also a lot of cute quirks, the angelic slap to the back of the head when Cal cursed and the horny ghost Tom. I loved the twists in this story too. The action was really packed and entertaining. Read my full rev ...more

By Angelyn February 18, 2015

I'm such a fan of world building, especially when it's done right. Locked in Stone introduces us to Ms. Michaels' panoply of beings who deliver sharp, clever dialogue -- "vampire chew-toys" gets me every time! -- and never let the explosive action overwhelm them as characters you grow to care about. ...more

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3.74 avg rating
Tory Michaels

About the author

Tory Michaels

Originally from the Sacramento Valley, Tory packed up and moved all the way to Southwest Florida in 2004 with her husband (a Florida native) under the premise that "hurricanes almost never hit that part of the state." That year, 4 blasted the area. 4 more came the following year, and her husband blames her for bringing the hurricanes. She now resides in Jacksonville and is relieved that, thus far, no more hurricanes have followed her around. She began writing in kindergarten when a turnip wished to be human and, other than a hiatus shortly after getting married, has never stopped. Her love of vampires began somewhere in junior high, and combining the two loves didn't take long. She loves music, considers herself a "book slut" whose reading habits would break her family financially if given free reign, and is (usually) delighted to be a mommy of twin Shrimpettes and a Shrimp.

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