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Peek Inside One Night in Santiago

Lily Stanton's vacation goes from bad to worse when a storm strands her in a foreign country, arguing with an arrogant—and very sexy—stranger over the last available hotel room. Successful CEO Bruno Komarov wasn't expecting the gorgeous woman checking in at the reception desk to challenge him over a room. Even more surprising, he actually enjoys their exchange. Lily proposes a compromise—she'll take the bed and he can sleep on the couch. It'll be strictly business. After all, what could possibly happen in just one night?

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Lily Stanton’s vacation goes from bad to worse when a storm strands her in a foreign country, arguing with an arrogant—and very sexy—stranger over the last available hotel room.

Successful CEO Bruno Komarov wasn’t expecting the gorgeous woman checking in at the reception desk to challenge him over a room. Even more surprising, he actually enjoys their exchange.

But when Lily proposes a compromise—she’ll take the bed and he can sleep on the couch—Bruno pushes his attraction aside and assures himself that this can remain strictly business. After all, they’re both adults capable of keeping their hands to themselves. They’ll share the room, get a good night’s sleep, and be off to their respective destinations in the morning.

What could possibly happen in just one night?

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By Desere December 16, 2013

When doing an emergency check in at a hotel no woman expects to end up sharing the room with a super hot sexy stranger, well not unless she goes out looking for it.

So when Lily ends up in the arms of lick-me-all-over Bruno she is understandably in absolute heaven but also slightly lost as to how she ...more

By Miranda June 06, 2020

5 ...more

By Petra December 28, 2013

One Night In Santiago
by Audra North
Rating: 4.5 of 5 stars

My Review:
This book was really sexy and fun. It's pretty short at about 80 pages, so it give us a specific moment in time for these characters. It was a great love-at-first-sight story and captured the perfect amount of feeling. The attraction ...more

By Ana August 14, 2015

Audra is twitter acquaintance of mine, who I first started following after seeing her tweets on diversity in romances. I ended up missing her first novel, (Falling for the CEO) probably because it had CEO in the title and my eyes just skate over that word in romance novel titles (along with baby, sh ...more

By Sapphyria January 08, 2014

After spending a horrible time at a skiing resort in the Andes Mountains, Lily Stanton gets stranded in Santiago when a storm cancels her flight back to The States. Just another event that ruins the week a bit more, as she's supposed to be home in time to see her youngest sister graduate from colleg ...more

By Lola January 22, 2014

This book was a real impulse buy. I saw it on a blog and I really liked the sound of the blurb and decided to buy it with some gift card money I had left. Normally I am not a fan of short stories, but this one pleasantly surprised me. Sure it's short, but for such a short story it contains a lot of ...more

By Love Reading June 15, 2014

Lily and Bruno must share a hotel room when their flights are grounded, but neither are complaining. The sparks have been flying well before they stepped in the elevator and there's no denying their attraction.

This is a very quick read but it totally hits the spot! Sometimes novellas can really leav ...more

By Anna's Herding Cats March 06, 2014

One Night in Santiago was a fun little read and it's packed with all kinds of goodness for it's fairly short length. Awesome characters, some seriously steamy sexy moments and just a fun storyline of two travelers trapped because of bad weather and faced with the dilemma of the hotel having only one ...more

By Maria Rose March 31, 2015

This delightful story is that of Lily and Bruno. Caught in a storm in Santiago they both end up with cancelled flights and vying for the same hotel room. Deciding to share their misfortune, they split the room and in the process start something that neither wants to stop.

I loved both of the main cha ...more

By LJT June 25, 2016

If you have an hour or so to relinquish for a hot, steamy novella, then One Night In Santiago by Audra North is the book for you! Given the restrictiveness of the short narrative, the plot is entertaining and the characters are well developed.

Due to a terrible storm, successful business consultant L ...more

By JG December 31, 2013

One Night in Santiago was a very short but sexy read. The plot might be simple; a man and woman get stranded in Santiago, Chile after their flight was cancelled, only one hotel room left, they share and girl makes the move. It is the 21st century after all. Seriously, the writing was excellent, ever ...more

By Amanda September 10, 2016

Trying to find a place to stay during the rain storm as all Lily was trying to do. Sadly there was only one room left and someone else wanted it. Bruno also seeking refuge from the rain that caused the airports to close down, but he lets Lily have the only room left at the Ritz.

Something about this ...more

By Irene January 04, 2014

3.5 stars

One Night in Santiago was a good read and while I liked it I found myself at times thinking there was too much internal dialogue which made me skim a little to get to the good parts.

If you're after a very steaming and quick read then you'll enjoy One Night in Santiago.
The characters Bruno ...more

By Stacy January 02, 2014

OK I love Bruno and Lily. I declare myself a fan of Audra’s work. I just love how relatable and scrumptious her characters are. Even though a novella, she manages to capture the quintessence of a heart warming, hot, sexy romance. From the moment I dipped into Lily’s thought I could feel her emotions ...more

By Mariana January 06, 2014

When I started reading this novella had no idea it was part of a series and you can read as stand alone without a problem too. This was a nice story and I liked Lily from the start, she’s such a nice girl and needed some fun for a moment. Loved the converstaion with her sister, because we can clearl ...more

By Janet January 29, 2014

This was a short read that really brought the heat. Sparks fly between the lead couple from the very first pages, and their relationship escalates quickly. Erotica in novella format sometimes suffers from a lack of balance between characters, story and sex - that was not the case here. I felt that M ...more

By Sheri November 09, 2014

ARC provided to me in exchange for an honest review..

Lily and Bruno were hot! These two had an instant pull of attraction that smoked the pages. Getting stormed out, not making your flight, and sharing a hotel room with a gorgeous stranger definitely had its advantages for these two. This was my fir ...more

By Calatasde January 07, 2014

Holy Cow! It was very seductive!!! I fell in love to Bruno! OMG! It was an amazing read!!

But I wished that the end could be different than this end. Even that end I just love this novella so much. It was a very quick read and I read in a hour and it was very enjoyable hour.This Audra's second book a ...more

By Suleikha January 03, 2014

North's One Night in Santiago sits more at a 3.5 for me, because I wanted it to be longer! We meet Lily and Bruno and experience their connection over the course of one night, and I wished we could have had two or three to really delve into what draws them to one another. Still, this novella is a ho ...more

By Beth January 06, 2014

I was surprised at how well the characters were fleshed out and how rounded the romance was in such a short story. I didn't feel cheated at all and I thought the author did a really great job of making me believe these two could have a happily ever after.

Review also posted on Amazon-

http://www.amaz ...more

By Bette July 07, 2014

I really enjoyed this story. An unexpected meeting and instant attraction. Neither was looking for love but sometimes love finds you! Well written with interesting characters, a perfect quick read. I highly recommend this one. ...more

By Amira July 26, 2014

This was a short read, but very sweet, sexy and fast paced. I really liked Lily and Bruno together. He was charming and she sassy and sexy and I could feel the attraction. Think what I enjoyed the most was the premise of two strangers and only one hotel room to share. ...more

By Jan December 31, 2013

It was a dark and stormy night...and two strangers forced to share a room while a storm rages outside find an attraction just as strong inside.

I throughly enjoyed this quick, hot and witty novella, and am looking forward to the next installment! Well done! ...more

By Denise October 18, 2015

I loved this book very much. I really would like to read more books by this author. ...more

By gwendolyn Robin October 23, 2014

TRUE Love Triumphs All

it's true just because one relationship end bad, doesn't mean true long can't come sweep you of your feet in one nite ...more

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Audra North

About the author

Audra North

Audra North fell in love with romance at age thirteen and spent the next twenty years reading as many romance novels as she could. Even now, after having read over one thousand of them, Audra still can't resist the lure of a happily ever after, and her collection continues to grow. She lives near Boston with her husband, three young children, and a lot of books.

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