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Peek Inside Opening Act

Reporter Saroj Shah has been in love with bass player and bartender Adam Harper since her first day of college—seven years ago. Forever thinking of her as part-friend and part-little sister, he’s just been too blind, and too clueless, to see it. Until one pivotal moment pulls her into the spotlight. The moment Saroj steps on stage, Adam can’t take his mind off of her. But after seven years, Saroj is ready to move on. Adam will have to hit the right note if he wants to prove to Saroj he was worth the wait.

Opening Act

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It’s never the same old song…

Reporter Saroj Shah has been in love with bass player and bartender Adam Harper since her first day of college—seven years ago. Forever thinking of her as part-friend and part-little sister, he’s just been too blind, and too clueless, to see it. Until one pivotal moment pulls her into the spotlight.

The moment Saroj steps on stage, Adam sees his friend in a new light. He can’t take his mind off of her and realizes they could make beautiful music together. But seven years is a long time and Saroj is ready to move on. Adam will have to hit the right note if he wants to prove to Saroj he was worth the wait.



"Opening Act probably has the most stubborn hero I have read in a long time; he's also probably the sweetest. The world that Snyder created for her lovers is filled with laugh out loud humor and poignant emotional connections...Opening Act is a funny, sexy read until the curtain closes." - Nicole Leapheart, Heroes and Heartbreakers

Additional Details

ISBN: 9781622666706
Release Date: May 27, 2014
Page Count: 106
Imprint: select contemporary
Genre: contemporary
Tropes: friends to lovers

Select Featured Reviews

See All Reviews on Goodreads.com
By Mónica July 24, 2016

Sort of repetitive, the OTT was too much and the euphemisms were exaggerated, but I read it in a second. It totally caught me. ...more

By Lisa (Fic Talk) May 28, 2014

This was good. Very, very good. As a bonus I think that Suleikha should write me a future-take of Adam and Saroj. Not too far in the future, but at a certain pivotal momentous occasion. ...more

By Rebecca July 20, 2017

was good, but short and I wanted a little more of the story. ...more

By Char (1RadReader59) May 30, 2014

If you like stories of your friends that become more this book might fit the bill. You have two friends who meet seven years earlier on their first day at college. You see it turns out at 18 they were going to be living in a co-ed dorm. Surprise! At least for Saroj Shah and her parents. Adam Harp... ...more

By Miriam August 26, 2016

Seven years is a long time to love someone without them returning your love by word or deed, or them acknowledging that you are more than just a friend. I don't know anyone who'd wait that long.

Saroj did, but the waiting period is over when this story begins. I can't say I blame her. Adam's kind... ...more

By My Book Addiction and More July 10, 2014

Opening Act by Suleikha Snyder breaks all the molds and looks fantastic doing it. It's definitely in the New Adult genre, but doesn't rely on all the "difficult subjects". It features a band that isn't completely dysfunctional. It has multicultural characters that shine, including the protagonist... ...more

By Lisa July 07, 2014

This is a sweet and fun contemporary novella. Soroj has been in love with Adam for 7 years (since their college days) and he doesn’t have a clue or doesn’t want a clue (typical guy). This is true until Johnny (friend of both Soroj and Adam) decides to shake things up and goes all sexy kissy guy o... ...more

By LJT June 25, 2016

Do you have an hour or so to spare for an enjoyable read? If so, check out Opening Act by Suleikha Snyder, a fun and realistic contemporary novella.

Saroj Shah has been in love with Adam Harper since the day they met as freshman in college, about seven years ago. Unfortunately, Adam has never cons... ...more

By Margaret August 06, 2016

3.5 Stars

This was a quick read that had lots of promise, but for some reason I just couldn't fully connect with the characters. I loved the premise of the book – unrequited love/friends to lovers, but I think it just took me too long to make any sort of connection to the story.

I love Saroj’s stre... ...more

By Crystal June 03, 2014

Saroji Shah is a reporter but has had a crush for seven years on her friend Adam Harper. Adam is a bass player in a band and bartenders the rest of the time.

Saroji has a this big crush for seven years on Adam but he never gives her the time of day. I believe that he has hidden his feelings since... ...more

By Xan January 01, 2017

I heart this friends to lovers romance. It's got some really lovely moments in it. I connected with Saroj, felt right with her as she took a chance just to DO something and feel good for once, as she struggled to believe things might finally go her way, as she kept reminding herself to be realist... ...more

By Kirsten May 30, 2014

This book kept me thinking about it long after I was finished reading it. I loved the was that Suleikha made this a very real situation, and it made me relate to the characters all the better. I completely understand why Saroj is angry and finally pushes Adam away, when in reality, he's all she's... ...more

By Heather May 08, 2014

What a short fun read, I loved how Saroj fought back and stood up for herself, "I've been waiting," she said before she could think of it. "And it's been too damn long. Johnny Ray was up for a little playing, so I went with it. That's it. It's done. What more is there to say?" I mean you could te... ...more

By Lori June 01, 2014

This was an emotionally heart tugging novella to read. It was simple, easy story to get into. There were several parts where my heart would sink because I could totally relate to Saroj. She seemed so relatable and real to me, and how I would react in her situation. And Adam was so sweet with the... ...more

By Amanda May 27, 2014

Saroj has been in love with Adam since forever...or the first day of college. They were best of friends through college and afterwards while he plays bass for his band and she becomes a journalist following and reviewing for the band. Everyone knows that Saroj is in love with Adam but Adam. It ta... ...more

By Patricia May 24, 2014

a short, sweet novella about Saroj who has loved Adam for years yet he is clueless. After playing out one day Adams friend and bandmate kisses Saroj and Adam comes to the rescue and begins to feel things he tried to deny and bury.
This book has a low heat factor yet the sweetness is endearing. I... ...more

By Bette May 18, 2014

She's loved him for years. He's kept her firmly in the friend zone. Maybe it's time for a change! This was a good NA read (a little confusing in the beginning) that tells a great story of two people not wanting to lose the friendship they have but needing to discover if it could be more. Well wri... ...more

By Boxy May 25, 2014

A funny and sexy friends to lovers novella. Great read! A more in depth first look is coming soon.
*Here is my First Look at Heroes and Heartbreakers! ...more

By Erinne August 09, 2014

I love a well written friends to lovers story and this did not disappoint. I enjoyed all the characters and the romance. Even though it was only 85 pages long I felt the story wasn't lacking in the slightest or felt rushed. Would highly recommend. ...more

By Monique September 04, 2016

You can see my full review at My Book Addiction Reviews and here on GoodReads." ...more

By Rebecca July 19, 2014

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 ...more

By Melissa May 27, 2014

This book was a great read. Saroj and Adam story is sometimes people don't realize what they have until it's no longer in front of them. ...more

By Tellulah March 16, 2015

The only problem with this story was that at 85 pages it was waaaay too short. A great read. Loved the characters and chemistry and really looking forward to reading more books by Ms. Snyder. ...more

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3.59 avg Goodreads.com rating
Suliekah Snyder

About the author

Suliekah Snyder

Born and raised in the United States by traditional Indian parents, Suleikha has always marched to the beat of her own dhol. From an early age, Suleikha was enraptured by books, film and television...finding a place to belong amidst the crew of the Millennium Falcon and the glittering ballrooms of the ton. By age 11, she was writing fan fiction, playing with canonical characters as well as creating Indian-American characters to interact with the casts of favorite TV shows (Mary Sues...or Mala Sues, as it were). This fun, fulfilling, experimentation was the precursor to original works, which invariably feature multicultural and interracial themes. Twenty-plus years after those humble beginnings, scribbling 21 Jump Street stories with paper and pen, Suleikha is pursuing her dream of being a romance writer. Her short stories and Novellas are spicy, often LGBT-themed, and frequently peppered with bits of Hindi or Spanish. Expect both masala and masti! Suleikha published her first romantic short in 2011, going on to multiple releases in recent years — including three Bollywood romances from Samhain Publishing, Spice and Smoke, Spice and Secrets and Bollywood and the Beast, and a short in Cleis Press' Amazon bestselling anthology, The Big Book of Orgasms: 69 Sexy Stories. These days, she's hard at work on more South Asian-themed romance and erotic romance. Suleikha lives in New York City, finding inspiration in Bollywood films, daytime and primetime soaps and anything that involves chocolate or bacon.

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