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Peek Inside You Again

In high school, Allie McBride thought the sun set around her friend Sam Fratto’s smiles. Now she’s older, wiser, hotter, and teaching at the same school they grew up in. When Sam joins the faculty, she has a chance to make good on the crush that got away. But when a dead body turns up on school grounds, they realize there might be a murderer in their midst. The heat keeps getting hotter between Allie and Sam, but more might be in danger than their hearts...

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A hopeless crush…

Back in high school, Allie McBride thought the sun set around Sam Fratto’s smiles, even if they were only friends. Now she’s older, wiser, hotter, and teaching at the same school they grew up in. When Sam joins the faculty, she has a chance to make good on the crush that got away. But when a dead body turns up on school grounds, they realize there might be a murderer in their midst. The heat keeps getting hotter between Allie and Sam, but more might be in danger than their hearts…

The cute kid from high school is all grown up…

A family crisis brings true-crime writer Sam Fratto back to town after more than a decade’s absence. Teaching at his alma mater seems like a good way to pass the time—especially when he sees that Allie, the geeky, sweet-mannered girl from high school, has blossomed into the saucy teacher in the classroom next door. Too bad finding a dead body transforms his return into one of his true-crime books come to life. And when it seems the killer might be after Allie next, it’s up to him to keep her safe…

A killer determined to keep the past buried at any price…

As if dealing with the return of one ghost from her past wasn’t enough, it looks like the killer might be the person they least suspected. Someone from the past. Someone with something to hide. Someone who thinks Allie and Sam are getting a little too close to the truth. If Allie and Sam are going to get out of this alive, these two friends to lovers will have to work together…or die together…



"With entertaining intrigue and a lovely little romance, You Again is perfect for those who like their mysteries with a love story twist." Romantic Reads and Such, Goodreads review
"The story has laughter, angst, love and plenty of sexual tension that your ready to yell 'Get it on already!' Way to get my emotions going." Monica E., Goodreads review
"This book was so captivating and engaging I read the whole thing in 1 day...The story was well written, the plot was engaging and the twist will leave your jaw hanging wide open." Elle M., Goodreads review
"If you are looking for a second chance love story with some suspense and funny banter mixed in, this is the story for you."  Charity F. Goodreads review
"There was plenty of deceit, cover-ups and even infidelity, all leading to a "whoa" ending. The relationship between Allie and Sam built beautifully and believably along the way... something I really appreciate in a romantic suspense. All in all, this was a very entertaining and suspenseful story with a juicy plot and unexpectedly devious characters. I enjoyed it from start to finish and will be putting author Mallory on my list of authors to watch for!" Jillian, Goodreads review

Additional Details

ISBN: 9781622665150
Series: You Again, Book 1
Release Date: Mar 24, 2014
Page Count: 246
Imprint: select suspense
Genre: romantic suspense
Tropes: second chance, ugly duckling

Select Featured Reviews

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By Ren August 13, 2014

4 stars

You Again is a debut novel from Ashlee Mallory, and well, this one turn to be a good read for a debut writer. I see that the cover (and the line) can be sooo misleading. You know, there was shirtless man on the cover, it promise some steamy sex scene, or at last steamy sexual tension. I... ...more

By Jillian April 03, 2014

You Again is the first book by author Ashlee Mallory that I have read and from start to finish I really enjoyed this suspenseful romance!

English teacher Allie McBride cannot believe he’s back. Sam Fratto. The one and only huge crush she had devoted her entire high school career to pining over fro... ...more

By Char (1RadReader59) March 24, 2014

What can I say besides I absolutely loved this book? This was such a fun and rather exciting storyline. It had a past crush of Allie McBride’s coming back on campus where she now teaches. He being Sam Fratto, the ex-jock, school newspaper reporter and school heart breaker. Now a New York Times b... ...more

By Monica March 22, 2014

You Again (Entangled Ignite)

4.5 Stars!!!

LOVE-loved the mystery in this book! I read the story in an entire setting. (sorry family for neglecting you) This was not your typical Romance Book and not at all what I expected. Refreshing.

Allie and Sam knew each other from high school and Allie had a cr...

By Elle March 15, 2014

Don't let the classification or cover of the book fool you, this book is anything but a typical romance novel. When I started reading this book, I was like oh, it's going be second chance romance kind of story. Granted, there is a second chance romance, but the murder mystery going on will not le... ...more

By Charity March 28, 2014

When Allie’s high school crush comes back into her life and ends up working at the school with her, her world is turned is upside down. She can’t believe Sam is back and looking better than ever. How is she going to be able to function around him? He was everything to her back then and he didn't... ...more

By Margaret August 09, 2016

I really enjoyed this book and found myself caught up in not just the murder mystery, but also in the relationship that was growing between Allie and Sam. Although there wasn’t a lot of steamy scenes between Allie & Sam, the tension between the two that was caused by not only the history betw... ...more

By Rosemary March 31, 2014

Ashlee Mallory has written a delightful cozy mystery. When Allie McBride sees her old high school crush, she doesn't realize that her life will be turned upside down. Sam Fratto has returned to Salt Lake City to care for his mother who is seriously ill. He takes a temporary teaching job at St. An... ...more

By CassandraG March 16, 2014

When Allie sees her old high school crush again, she definitely wasn’t prepared for it.

A)She was with family at the airport waiting for the arrival of her oldest nephew

B)She wasn’t expecting to see him there anyway

C)The realization he didn’t know who she was, and that he was rude even tho, he hel... ...more

By Josie March 12, 2014

I really love a good mystery where you’re left guessing until the end, a story that can make me laugh and relate to the characters (overbearing family anyone?), and, of course, a good romance. YOU AGAIN totally fit the bill and I really enjoyed it.

The romance was a slow build but I like that, as... ...more

By Romantic Reads and Such August 12, 2014

You again is an interesting, fast-paced mystery and fabulous, high school-crush romance.

The suspense part of the story is great. It flows well and I didn’t feel like there were too many red herring moments. Everything tied together nicely, with logical flow and a reasonable resolution. Every step... ...more

By Lori March 26, 2014

I received this story in exchange for an honest review.

For me this was a good quick read. It kept me guessing as to who did it through most of the book. I had narrowed it down to two people, and did figure it out before the killer was revealed. I think the author did a great job keeping you guess... ...more

By Patricia March 26, 2014

Allies and Sam's story offers up many genres of reading. Murderer.,mystery.,and romance. As teenagers Allies crushed on Sam without him every knowing it. Years later Allies now teachers at their old high school and Sam write books. He comes home due to his mothers illness and is asked to help fil... ...more

By Amanda March 27, 2014

Allie is a teacher at the same high school she graduated from. All of a sudden Sam comes back. She had the biggest crush on Sam all through high school, but he never seemed to pay her any attention. Now he is a part of the faculty!

Sam left town and never looked back. He became a shot murder myste... ...more

By Cathy March 26, 2014

Allie had a crush on Sam in high 14 years later, he's back in town and doesn't even recognize her at first. What starts as a simple story about Allie finally meeting up with her old high school crush now that's she's grown up and Not Chubby, turns into a murder mystery and a story of... ...more

By Kelly September 22, 2014

Great story telling. I enjoyed the mystery and the sweet romance. I'd love to see more of these characters. I'm sure Sam would like another puzzle to solve, but I think Allie would like some time to enjoy the man she's been in love with since forever. :) ...more

By Jodi June 14, 2015

Review to come... ...more

By Cassandra March 19, 2014

I received an ARC of this book from NetGalley and am providing an honest review.

I thoroughly enjoyed 'You Again'! It was a really quick read for me, which was nice because I only had a little time before I was heading back out of town.

Allie reminded me of myself in that she was timid and eager-t... ...more

By Kayla April 05, 2014

Review: I was given a complimentary copy of You Again by Reading Bliss for an honest review.
This book was a quaint mystery. Allie sees her crush from high school. Her life ends up crazy. Sam has returned to Salt Lake City to take care of his mom who is ill. He takes a temporary job at an academy... ...more

By Lisa April 01, 2014

Copy giving for honest review

4.5 stars.

Allie is a single divorce mother who is at the airport and runs into an old crush from high school.

Sam is a well known author but when he bumps into Allie at the airport he doesn't recognize her and he is extremely rude.

They run into each other again, and... ...more

By Jamie April 16, 2014

*ARC given by NetGalley in exchange for my honest review*

Allie McBride is a teacher at the same school she graduated from. One day Sam Fratto returns and is the new teacher. Allie had a crush on him back in high school and now that he's back old emotions come to light.
Sam is a crime writer and wh... ...more

By Amanda March 31, 2014

This book offers mystery and romance! It was a easy read. This is a book to curl up on couch and read on a rainy afternoon. I would recommend this read to friends and family.

I received this ARC in exchange for an honest review. ...more

By J.M. March 27, 2014

Not my usual read but I liked this book it was a little slow but that made the book more realistic I liked the drama it was a nice break from my paranormal worlds ,,,, ...more

By Jenn May 11, 2014

This book had a really nice balance of the romance and the suspense plot; I didn't feel either was lacking. ...more

By Melissa March 24, 2014

This book is a great read. Allie and Sam story is a teacher/ writer that happens to start their own investigation on a missing teacher but also find love along the way. ...more

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3.61 avg rating
Ashlee Mallory

About the author

USA Today Best Selling Author

Ashlee Mallory

Ashlee was thirteen when she snuck her first Kathleen E. Woodiwiss book hidden away in her mom’s closet. After two days of staying home “sick” from school to finish it, she was hooked. Her rabid love for romance has continued ever since, and after a misadventure in the world of law, she is finally settling into her dream job of writing about people finding their happily ever afters—the only stories worth reading, after all. Ashlee lives in the greater Salt Lake Valley in Utah with her sweetie, two fabulous kids, and a dog and cat that vie equally for her attention. Sometimes by sitting on her computer when she’s trying to work. And although surrounded by picturesque mountains and beautiful landscapes, she’s practically sallergic to direct sunlight, the outdoors, and anything that involves communing with nature. Give her a book, an abundance of coffee, and a shady (enclosed) spot with a view and she’s happy. Whether writing contemporary romances or romances with mystery and suspense, Ashlee aims to create down to earth heroines and heroes that will make you laugh and fall in love all over again.

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