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Peek Inside A Duke's Wicked Kiss

The Duke of Ravenswood, secret head of the British Foreign Service, has no time for relationships. Miss Suri Thurston knows the pain of abandonment. When Suri appears in Delhi, the Duke's resolve is tested as he finds his heart forever bound to her by the one haunting kiss they shared once upon a time. With Suri’s vengeful Indian family looking for her death, and insurgents intent on mutiny tearing their world apart, can their love rise above the scandal of the marriage they both desperately want?

A Duke's Wicked Kiss

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Miss Suri Thurston knows the pain of abandonment. Intent on confronting the grandmother who tossed her to the lions, she travels from England to her birthplace in India. Her plans run afoul when she encounters the man who, ten years prior, left a mark on her soul with one stolen kiss. But he is a duke, and far beyond the reach of even her dreams.

The duke of Ravenswood, secret head of the British Foreign Service, has no time for relationships. His one goal is to locate and eliminate key insurgents involved in an uprising against the British East India Company before it’s too late. But when Suri appears in Delhi, his resolve is tested as he finds his heart forever bound to her by the haunting kiss they shared once upon a time.

With Suri’s vengeful Indian family calling for her death and insurgents intent on mutiny tearing their world apart, can their love rise above the scandal of the marriage they both desperately want?



"Ms. Bittner Roth stays faithful to the traditions, the sensibilities and the language of the era. It's superbly written, captivating, and in my opinion, has all the makings of a classic." - Monique Daoust...Goodreads

"The author does a great job with the characters and with the plot. It is a great story you can really get into that is not full of fluff!" -- Racing To Read Reviews

"...a sweeping tale of new and foreign lands. Of lust sparked that turned to love. Of old hurts put to rest for both characters. I thought John was an amazing hero and Suri was sometimes frustrating, but that is what made the plot so thoroughly engaging." - Kilts and Swords Reviews

"I loved it and I think it is a must read for historical romance lovers." - Wrecked_Life's review

Additional Details

ISBN: 9781622663644
Release Date: Aug 26, 2014
Page Count: 300
Imprint: amara next
Genre: historical, historical victorian
Tropes: overcoming odds, reunited lovers, royalty, second chance

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By Ashlyn August 26, 2014

Spymasters and dukes and danger, oh my. Not to mention the twists and turns this story takes. Hop on board for a grand adventure which follows Miss Suri Thurston from England to India and back. Suri is the illegitimate daughter of a duke and Indian royalty. Despite her upbringing as an equal in the ...more

By Nicole August 10, 2014

Charming and sweet!
I have just finished reading my first book written by Kathleen Bittner Roth, titled A Duke's Wicked Kiss. What does a proper duke do when he falls for an improper daughter of an Indian and British couple? Miss Surie has known what abandonment is, so she decides to go and see her ...more

By Lisa August 24, 2014

This book has it all and then some - it's almost as if Kathleen Bittner Roth was trying to write the perfect book and please everyone. I think she delivered and this is a story I won't soon forget.

Suri and John had shared a kiss nearly 10 years ago and neither had ever forgotten that moment. Years l ...more

By Gwessie April 20, 2017

Completely adored this book very much, was completely captivated by tho wonderful story, also I think I've endured every emotion along side each of the main characters, I'm fairly new to Kathleens books so I will most definitely be hunting for more of them, I especially hope to encounter some happy ...more

By Mary August 16, 2014

I was given this to review. Suri and her Wicked Duke took someone who doesn't generally like this genre and made me a believer. The story was full of amazing detail from the first page to the last.I read this in one sitting. This book doesn't just sizzle it smokes. ...more

By Monique August 02, 2014

Miss Suri Thurston is the result of an affair between her father and an Indian woman, who died in childbirth, and she was raised as the equal of her sister Marguerite and her 2 brothers. The sisters have always been best friends, and when they were 17, and were both dying to be kissed, it happened. ...more

By Karin August 21, 2014

Standalone Story.

This is the story of a woman looking for her place in the world and a man who wants her to be with him. Suri Thurston was born of an Indian woman and an English man, but her father loved her and raised her with his other children. After her father dies, she travels to India to secre ...more

By Patty September 28, 2014

A scandalous kiss BONDS a naughty Duke to his Indian Princess! A love story so powerful it takes 2 countries to tell it!

This is a story of 2 people who are molded by their pasts. Suri has 2 vastly different heritages warring inside her. Is she Indian or English? Her Indian grandmonster tried to fee ...more

By Cocktails and Books September 07, 2014

3.5 Stars

Marguerite and Suri Thurston are daughters of a duke. However, Suri is the illegitimate daughter of an Indian woman. Suri’s mom died in childbirth and her father rescued her and brought her home to his wife. The author describes the girls as having a very close relationship. However, Margue ...more

By Fizza August 26, 2014

Although I have yet to read an entangled book which I didn't love, this one was exceptional. I loved it and I think it is a must read for historical romance lovers. All the characters and places are beautifully described. Plot is great and well executed. Most of the story depicts Indian setting and ...more

By Marianne February 11, 2017

Made me cry

This story has everything. Uprising, crazy relatives, England, India, siblings, love. Suri is a memorable heroine. She is strong. The Duke is such an honorable man. Their adventure is terrific! ...more

By Heather August 27, 2014

The wicked kiss in chapter one was enough to hook me, if I didn’t already know the kind of journey Bittner Roth would take me on! Poor Suri is a half-caste, born of a British gentleman and an East Indian royal, who will never fit in to either world. So, darn the future Duke of Ravenswood for whettin ...more

By Selena September 14, 2014

I enjoyed this book, the sights, the wonders of India, all new to me. Well done! ...more

By Heather August 30, 2017


great novel . The author did great research in to Indian culture and history. A lot of twist great plot. I would recommend this to all ...more

By Anastasia March 03, 2017

It was certainly original, but the heroine could be annoying and the romantic connection was rather light compared to the author's other works; however, it was well-written and still an enjoyable read. ...more

By Sissy's Romance Book Review February 07, 2017

'A Duke's Wicked Kiss' by Kathleen Bittner Roth is the story of Suri Thurston and John, the Duke of Ravenswood. Suri and John met briefly 10 years ago along with her sister. Suri and her sister Marquerite were talking about Marquerite coming out ball. Marquerite was questioning if she should have so ...more

By Megan August 28, 2014

I loved this book! It felt a slow moving at first but it really grabbed my interest and kept it. I could not stand to put this book down. I felt like the intrigue in this book could have been just a touch more plotted out but overall the mystery element was good enough that I did not see it all comi ...more

By Amanda August 26, 2014

Suri is a illegitimate daughter of a duke who was brought into the household after her mother died. She was merely a Miss, however was treated equally with her siblings. That however never stopped the rumors and gossiping. Suri vowed she would never get married or have kids to have them feel as left ...more

By Samantha August 31, 2014

LOVED IT!!! Wow - It was very complex and with many stories seamlessly woven into one! Ms. Bittner Roth has a gift of being able to develop characters and settings so vividly, I felt very involved in the lives of these wonderful characters. Their back stories were so vivid that the complexity of who ...more

By Melissa September 16, 2014

I really enjoyed this book. It is a story that is set in India and England. Suri has been connected to John since they shared a kiss in her family's stable 10 years ago. She has made a vow to herself to never marry because she is a half-caste and feels strongly that she could never put that label on ...more

By Leah September 02, 2014

I won this book off of a Goodreads giveaway! I have to say this book was absolutely amazing!!! Kathleen Bittner Roth drew me in from the very first page! Her way with words were absolutely stunning! The characters drew me in and had me turning page after page. The emotions she evoked were phenomenal ...more

By Diana September 07, 2014

Kathleen Bittner Roth is an expert storyteller. Her intricate and spellbinding historical/romantic suspense takes the reader from England to India and back again. Spun against a lush background of Indian palaces, exotic jewels, a cheetah, and an uprising, her characters and writing sizzle as much as ...more

By Barbara January 16, 2017

I received a free book and voluntarily chose to review it. I loved the kissing scene. Lord John gives a chaste kiss to Marguerite and a scorching one to Suri, to teach them proper behavior for their first kiss and dangers that could happen. This story is not all sweetness and light because it occurs ...more

By Wendy October 10, 2014

A Duke's Wicked Kiss is a delightful, sexy tale whose twists and turns I did not see coming. I loved the heroine, found the hero intriguing and sexy, and, above all, I found the writing superb. I especially enjoyed the vividly described scenes in India and, of course, the Duke's Cheetah. Ms. Bittner ...more

By Catherine September 11, 2014

Exotic setting, nice historical details, and a very sexy hero :-)

I really enjoyed this book! ...more

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4.40 avg rating
Kathleen Bittner Roth

About the author

Kathleen Bittner Roth

Kathleen Bittner Roth thrives on creating passionate stories featuring characters who are forced to draw on their strength of spirit to overcome adversity and find unending love. Her own fairy tale wedding in a Scottish castle led her to her current residence in Budapest, Hungary, considered one of Europe's most romantic cities. However, she still keeps one boot firmly in Texas and the other in her home state of Minnesota. A member of Romance Writers of America(r), she was a finalist in the prestigious Golden Heart(r) contest. Find Kathleen on Facebook, Goodreads, Twitter, Pinterest and

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