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Peek Inside Accidentally in Love with the Pilot

Fighter pilot Ben Rutledge finds himself on the Vegas Strip sharing drinks—and a whole lot more—with a sexy woman celebrating her birthday. It’s just one enjoyable night, and he’ll go back to his quiet life tomorrow...

Accidentally in Love with the Pilot

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Fighter pilot Ben Rutledge loves his solitude. Which means spending a month of leave in overcrowded, over-glitzy Las Vegas isn’t up his alley, especially after his friend ditches him. His first inclination is to bow out, and quickly. Instead, he finds himself sharing drinks—and a whole lot more—with a sexy woman celebrating her birthday. After all, it’s just one night, and he can go back to his quiet life tomorrow.

Megan Shuttlekrump doesn’t have time for a boyfriend, much less a husband. But a night of celebratory drinks with a handsome stranger ends with a ring on her finger—and no memory of how it got there. Her new “husband” is over the top hot, but he’ll be out of her life once his leave is over. As long as they can find out which of the thousand or so chapels in Vegas married them…


“This is a wonderful book that made me smile...from the drunken wedding to the literal family circus, this novel was a delight to read.  The author made me fall in love with the characters and care about their story - from Ben, the shy fighter pilot, to Megan, the "coordinator" of the circus, they were wonderful.” – Linda Q., Goodreads

“The attraction between Ben and Meg was instant and the chemistry hot. It is a funny, cute, sweet and sexy read.” –Urvashi H., Goodreads

Accidentally in Love with the Pilot is the first book I've read by Teri Anne Stanley and I absolutely loved it! It was fun, witty and full of quirky characters!” –Sarah F., NetGalley

“This funny, charming, contemporary romance novel is wish-fulfillment to the extreme for the reader.” –Lissa’s Reviews

“This book was such a sweet and hot romance. I absolutely loved Ben. He was so sweet, kind and sexy. He had it all going for him!” –Sherri B., Goodreads

Additional Details

ISBN: 9781640635937
Release Date: Aug 13, 2018
Page Count: 257
Imprint: lovestruck
Genre: contemporary, military/men in uniform, romantic comedy
Tropes: forced proximity, opposites attract, right under your nose

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By Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews August 30, 2018

OMG. What a laugh-out-loud, fun story Accidentally In Love with the Pilot was. Teri Anne Stanley gave us 2 characters that you couldn't help but fall in love with. Ben and Megan were a bit quirky and absolutely wonderful!

Ben … shy, tongue-tied and incredibly sexy. How he ended up in the situation he ...more

By Elizabeth August 20, 2018

Ben, a pilot, is not happy. He prefers solitude, yet here he is, stuck in Vegas on a month of leave. His friend, well, former friend now as he ditched him. His first thought is to get the heck out of there and get back to his quiet life, but he doesn't. Instead, he's sharing drinks and laughs with a ...more

By Isha August 17, 2018

What happens in Vegas doesn't always stay in Vegas. Not in the real world anyway. A little relaxation in Sin City becomes a wild ride for two strangers. For a loner with the best of intentions and a wild child with escape on her mind, a few too many glasses of liquid courage has them putting a ring ...more

By Teri July 23, 2018

Hey, I wrote it. Of course I loved it! ...more

By KarenJo August 17, 2018

Accidentally in Love with the Pilot by Teri Anne Stanley was a delightfully addictive read. It’s charming, witty, and irresistibly entertaining.

I’m so incredibly smitten with this book! Within the first few pages, I knew I would enjoy this and I really did. It’s not emotionally intense or moving, ...more

By Patty August 14, 2018

Megan has no time for a life of her own.  She is on call day and night for her family.  Picking up the dry cleaning, taking kids to recitals, fixing costumes, you name it she does it.  But on the night of her birthday bash she meets a handsome stranger and wakes up with a ring on her hand.

Ben is a p ...more

By Book Gannet August 16, 2018

Cute, sexy and fun, this enjoyable read is perfect for when you need a light-hearted escape. Megan is funny and likeable, with a few deep issues regarding her family and needing to continually prove how helpful and indispensable she is. While Ben is just adorable, shy and sexy and trying so hard to ...more

By Mrs. Bookworm August 19, 2018

5 fighter jet stars.

I'm a sucker for flyboys. This story is so cute. It was funny. Ben and Meg have the best banters.

Ben is actually a breath of fresh air from all the alpha heroes protrayed in so many books these days.

And do-it-all Meg is adorable and at times exasperating because NO is not part ...more

By Bette August 12, 2018

This book is filled with so much fun it had me chuckling all the way through. You've got a drunken forgotten Vegas wedding - maybe, the craziest of crazy families, and the normally very reserved fight pilot plunked right in the middle of all the chaos. These characters will grab your heart immediate ...more

By Linda August 13, 2018

This is a wonderful book that made me smile....from the drunken wedding to the literal family circus, this novel was a delight to read. The author made me fall in love with the characters and care about their story - from Ben, the shy fighter pilot, to Megan, the "coordinator" of the circus, they we ...more

By poppy December 03, 2018

I loved every last page of this book it is a laugh out loud really sweet and cute read and I would recommend it to all but if you don't want your family to think you have lost the plot maybe find a quiet nook to read it in. Once I started reading this I just could not put it down such a great read w ...more

By Stacy September 29, 2018

Teri’s my friend and I always buy her books. But she’s not the reason I read them. If you love contemporary romance, you’ll love hers. I’m not a fan of the genre and I enjoy them a lot. Lots of romance with some funny parts. ...more

By Bec October 06, 2018

Megan Shuttlekrump is a devoted family member and would do anything for those she loves. It's why she doesn't have time for a relationship. However, when the gorgeous Ben Rutledge enters her life, she realizes her life will never be the same, especially when she discovers they're married. Will Megan ...more

By Ayekah August 07, 2018

Ben is a Navy pilot and on leave and ready for his month long camping trip with his friend. Already in Las Vegas and packed for the trip his friend bombs out after reuniting with his girlfriend and as a favor to her, Ben agrees to deliver a birthday cake to a party at a nearby casino. Amber reminds ...more

By Books Laid August 13, 2018

This isn’t the first book that has set its stall out on the waking up in Vegas married trope and it certainly won’t be the last but is it one of the best?
Well, I would say that it is certainly in the top half of the ones I’ve read anyway, the author put her own stamp on the whole scenario and for th ...more

By Heather August 10, 2018

This book has on-page sex and some swearing including a handful of f-bombs (less than a dozen in the whole book). If those things are going to cause you to leave a bad review, you should skip this one.

There's no denying that the trope of “woke up married in Vegas” has been done a lot of times in the ...more

By Sue August 13, 2018

Wow, this book had a lot more substance to it that I thought it would going into it.....and the many fun, laugh out loud moments! :)

Ben Rutledge is an extremely shy, fighter pilot on leave for a month. He is suppose to be hanging with his best friend Trevor in Las Vegas but since he walk ...more

By Eileen August 21, 2018

I really loved reading Accidentally in Love with the Pilot by Teri Anne Stanley. This is a story of what happens when you wake up in bed with a man you met the night before and a wedding ring on your hand. It’s definitely a reminder that what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, or does it? While on lea ...more

By Ruth August 07, 2018

A fun quick read. The book starts out with Meghan celebrating her birthday with her “crazy/needy” family in a casino which then leads to her meeting Ben who attempts to deliver her birthday cake. Megan and Ben are then left to themselves, where one thing leads to another and the next thing they know ...more

By Leslie September 01, 2018

This was a good read. The writing flowed well, and I liked the characters for the most part. Meg was a little to much of a doormat for my tastes. She let her family walk all over her, and she never stood up for herself. I understand that it came from a place of feeling unworthy, but come on. If grow ...more

By Katie August 06, 2018

"Best not to get too attached to strange men who come bearing flaming unicorns."

There's nothing like a rainbow disaster of a flaming unicorn cake to strike up a conversation. And that's exactly how Navy pilot, Captain Ben Rutledge meets Vegas show manager for her family's act, The Waltzing Wallaces ...more

By Hilda August 14, 2018

I received this book via NETGALLEY in exchange for my honest review.

Ben and Megan's book was a breath of fresh air. When Ben's trip changes plans and he helps out a friend with a delivery he comes face to face with his soon to be wife. One night in Vegas leads to a drunken wedding and a month to fin ...more

By Samantha August 07, 2018

This is a story of one night of drinking leading two people to waking up hungover and married. Ben is a straight laced Navy pilot. Nothing means more. However when his plans for leave end up with him delivering a birthday cake things wont be the same.

Megan is used to chaos with her family. Meeting ...more

By Denise September 06, 2018

If I want to enter into a world that will brighten a day or lighten a load this author can do that with her stories and characters. When I seen this one I knew I had to find out exactly how you accomplish accidentally falling in love. This centers around Ben and Megan starting with a birthday. What ...more

By Karla August 21, 2018

Classic what happens stays in Vegas. Well not if u get married and are maybe pregnant!! Life just for real crazy if it can get anymore crazy that it is. She does everything for her family. Almost like she is heir brain.
But when Ben enters her life she realizes for once, he only wants the best for h ...more

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Teri Anne Stanley

About the author

Teri Anne Stanley

TERI ANNE STANLEY has been writing since she could hold a crayon–though learning to read was a huge turning point in her growth as a writer. Teri’s first stories involved her favorite Saturday morning cartoon characters, followed by her favorite teen idols. She has also authored a recipe column (The Three Ingredient Gourmet), and scientific articles (Guess which was more interesting!). Now she writes fun, sexy romance filled with chaos and havoc, populated by strong, smart women and hunky heroes. Teri’s career has included sex therapy for rats, making posing suits for female bodybuilders, and helping amputee amphibians recover to their full potential. Compulsively crafty, she can make almost anything, if there are directions on the internet. Pinterest is like a drug. She currently supplements her writing income as a neuroscience research assistant. Along with a variety of teenagers and dogs, she and Mr. Stanley enjoy boating and relaxing at their weekend estate, located in the thriving metropolis of Sugartit, between Beaverlick and Rabbit Hash, Kentucky.

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