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Peek Inside Atlantis Rising

I am an expert at being invisible. But while I live amongst you, I am not the same. I am a Dewing. One of the children of Atlantis. We heal quickly, learn faster, and have unique gifts that allow some of us to manipulate and sense things humans don't

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We’ve stayed hidden too long…

I am different. I have always been different, but no one can know or my life will be in danger. So I hide in plain sight, wearing drab clothes and thick glasses and trying to be invisible. I’m so good at hiding, no one has ever noticed me. Until Ian…the mysterious and oh-so-cute boy I know I need to avoid.

Now I have been seen. And more terrifying still, I am wanted—by those who would protect me and those who would destroy everything and everyone I love. But if they’re all terrified about who I am, wait until they see what I can do…


“An enchanting debut from a promising new author of paranormal YA.”--Kirkus Reviews

"All in all it was a quick and fun read...Highly recommended. =)" --Say, Goodreads

"If you're looking for a re-telling of the children of Atlantis that is completely unique, you should definitely read Atlantis Rising. " --ReadWriteLove28, Goodreads

Additional Details

ISBN: 9781622665242
Series: Atlantis Rising, Book 1
Release Date: Jan 6, 2015
Page Count: 320
Imprint: teen
Genre: fantasy, paranormal, young adult
Tropes: overcoming odds, right under your nose

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By Sofia January 05, 2015

Let me start by saying that I don’t usually read books like Atlantis Rising mainly because I hate “paranormal sea creatures” but the blurb really captured my attention. Once noticed, there was no getting away from it and I’m glad I requested it.

Alison knows that she’s different. Having grown up as a ...more

By Say February 03, 2015


This was an impulse buy for me. And lately I've been evading new releases (especially if it's a trilogy/series) since there has been a huge amount of YA paranormal series that I felt was overhyped because of the amazing blurb and cover. But once you read's just the sam ...more

By Maghon January 04, 2015

My First reaction to this book is don't always listen to reviews. LOL Yes, as you read my review I am telling you not to listen to me. Giggle. But here's why. The first few review posted weren't that great. And I almost didn't request a review copy because of it. Well, they lied. LOL No, they just h ...more

By ReadWriteLove28 February 19, 2016

If you’re looking for a re-telling of the children of Atlantis that is completely unique, you should definitely read Atlantis Rising. When I signed up to review this book, I didn’t know what to expect, because I somehow have never read a retelling of the children of Atlantis. Don’t ask me how; I’m n ...more

By Heather November 28, 2014

Alison tries to stay invisible to hide herself from an unknown threat. All she knows is that she is not human and that some would do anything to have her, including hurting Alison's adopted family. Successfully hiding for three years, Alison doesn't know how to react when the new students, Brandi an ...more

By Cheyenne December 01, 2015

So this is going to be a super short review and I will add more too it when I process everything in the book. It was an amazing read. I couldn’t stress how this was wow. I mean I can’t say anything else about I’m shock and hope there is more to this book and world. Or even anything by this author. I ...more

By Alis January 30, 2015

What I liked: I liked Lillian a lot, she was a character who I understood very well and I really liked her, even though she's a side character who isn't seen very much I found that her personality and the way she is came through very clearly and by far was my favorite character in the book. Both Ali ...more

By Kimber January 09, 2015

I received this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review

3.5 Stars

Atlantis Rising was a cute YA urban fantasy with fun characters and an interesting plot. Ever wonder what happened to the inhabitants of the legendary island Atlantis? Ms. Craw offers an intriguing take on old mythology ...more

By Alison January 29, 2015

Alison Mckye is different. She's always known she was different. Ever since she discovered her life was in danger, Alison hides in plain sight. She wears drab clothing, think glasses.... And it worked, at least until Ian. The mysterious boy that she's attracted to but doesn't want to admit it.

I rea ...more

By Erin January 09, 2015

When looking at the cover I thought that this was a mermaids book. I love mythology books so I instantly requested this book from netgalley. I was pleasantly surprised when I started reading this book and found out that it is not about mermaids but about the descendants of Atlantis. Definitely recom ...more

By A Book Addict's YA Palace January 19, 2015

Full review can be found here http://misslittlebookaddictya.blogspo... on MLBAYA

I admit, when I read the blurb for Atlantis Rising, I was expecting something with Mermaid or siren like creatures who lived under the water. Very pleasantly surprised by Gloria Craw when I got into Atlantis Rising and I ...more

By Shelby January 06, 2015

Cover Thoughts-
This is one of my favorite covers. Something about it feels so ethereal. Even though you aren't supposed to judge a book by its cover I'm drawn to it, and I knew just from looking at it that I would love it.

First Thought-
The blurb gives off no hint to what the book actually has in sto ...more

By Lindy January 07, 2015

My Thoughts:

Atlantis Rising was a magical story that came to life for me. I loved the fact that this fantasy used the mythology of Atlantis as the premise. I have never read a story like this one, and appreciated its uniqueness. I love when a book can offer me a wonderful escape filled with imaginat ...more

By Lauren January 06, 2015

* I received this book for free by Entangled Teen for an honest review. *

Reading the summary for this book had me wanting to read this novel, so I more than happily jumped at the chance to do a review when asked. I'm really glad I did!

The fact that this story was based on Atlantis, or rather it's p ...more

By Elaine December 16, 2014

This is a totally engaging story of super powered teens and family against age old foes.

The young lady who is the heroine of this tale entered the foster care system as a young child and has no idea about her natural parents or what happened to them. She was passed around for many years until the M ...more

By Tanya January 06, 2015

T & G Book Boutique Reviews

This book was published by Entangled Teen, so of course it had to be good! Atlantis Rising was unlike any book I have ever read. The cover, although very beautiful, is a bit misleading. Yes, we all know the story of Atlantis, the underwate ...more

By Inah January 07, 2015

I really enjoyed reading this book! At first, I thought this was going to be about mermaids or something but it turned out to be more amazing than that! I loved the concept, it's very refreshing. Perfect to start the year with this one.

I loved the characters. I could definitely relate with Alison, a ...more

By Bookish Shannon January 07, 2015

*received an ARC from publisher in exchange for my honest review*

I liked this one; it was paranormal but staying away from the creatures of the night. The title alone dragged me in--Atlantis Rising. Greek mythology is my one bookish weakness and the title and cover just screamed “read me!” And I tho ...more

By ~ Rose ~ ☯Desert Rose❀ February 21, 2017


In the genre of paranormal, books about Atlantis, conspiracies, and people with supernatural powers are staples. It's often difficult to find a unique story, and because of that, gems end up standing out quite a bit. This is one of those stories, and I'm glad I had the opportunity to read it!

Even fr ...more

By Merissa January 14, 2015

I received this book from Young Adult Bound Book Tours in return for a fair and honest review.

If you like stories based on Atlantis then I'm sure that you will enjoy this. It is a light, young adult book that incorporates a sideline of romance but it doesn't overpower the story.

Allison had a hard s ...more

By Cait January 06, 2015

I received an Advanced Galley Copy for review from Entangled Teen Publishing (Thank you!)

This story was so cute. I didn't want it to end, but I also think this may be the start of a series?

So in complete "judge a book by its cover" fashion, I thought this book would be about mermaids. I don't know w ...more

By Victoria December 26, 2014

I enjoyed this book, it had a different and fresh type to it-beyond the normal vampire, warewolf, angels, demons, half whatevers. so I was pleasantly surprised by it. A young girl believes she must hide to keep her adoptive family safe-they are the only ones who stuck it out with her and truly care ...more

I thought Atlantis Rising was a very intriguing idea; it took me a little time to get into the story. After I figured out what was going on I could not put the book down. I wanted to know more of what was going on in Alison’s life but also her species as a whole. I always like to look for character ...more

By Alyssa January 27, 2015

3.5 Stars

Overall, 'Atlantis Rising' was a well written book. It was plotted out quite well, no scene was wasted. There were close knit families, deep friendships, and a smidge of romance. Mind battles, physical fights, and plenty of mystery. I'm so glad I picked this one up and am looking forward to ...more

By Caitlin January 31, 2015

Received a copy from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

ATLANTIS RISING was a surprisingly enjoyable and fresh YA read! The characters were strong, complex, and well developed. Alison and Ian have great chemistry and this is one of the few reads in the YA genre where their ...more

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3.80 avg rating
Gloria Craw

About the author

Gloria Craw

Gloria Craw grew up in the desert southwest and attended the University of Utah where she got a degree in anthropology. These days, she lives just outside of Seattle, Washington. She’s married, has four daughters and a very hairy dog.

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