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Peek Inside Biting Me Softly

Logan’s muscular, graceful, and deadly, and his arrival at my Blood Center may put me out of a job. None of that seems to matter when his kisses and bites take me to heaven (bites, which if I weren’t grounded in science, would make me think ampire-Vay).

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Logan is muscular, graceful, and deadly. A gift of pure sex appeal wrapped with a golden bow. I already don’t trust men, and Logan’s arrival at my Blood Center may put me out of a job. None of that seems to matter when his smile stuns me, his kisses crank me to broil, and his bites rocket me to heaven (fangy bites, which, if I weren’t grounded in science, would make me think ampire-vay).

One thing’s for sure—Logan’s got secrets. Troubles with a long-lost household, a mysterious enemy going by the corny vampire name Lord Ruthven and an even more mysterious ally with a voice like a dark cave called the Ancient One. Between my past and all those secrets I can’t trust Logan, no matter how many times he says “Liese, I love you”—but if I don’t trust him, it may cost me my life.

Each book in the Biting Love series is STANDALONE:
* Bite My Fire
* Biting Nixie
* The Bite of Silence novella
* Biting Me Softly
* Biting Oz
* Beauty Bites
* Downbeat
* Assassin’s Bite
* Passion Bites


"The one liners were fabulous, and mentioning the "sex fairy" in the first sentance of the book? ..... Ms. Hughes you had me at hello." --Mrs. Missive, Goodreads

"Mary Hughes proves that smart can be sexy in the wickedly delicious Biting Me Softly . " --Kimberly, Goodreads

"Fast paced and funny. Sexual tension and attracting in the first few pages, and it doesn't let up until the end. " --SaturNalia, Goodreads

Additional Details

ISBN: 9781640632264
Series: Biting Love, Book 4
Release Date: Jul 31, 2017
Page Count: 390
Imprint: amara next
Genre: paranormal, urban fantasy, vampires
Tropes: coworkers, enemies to lovers

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By Mrs. Missive June 06, 2011

This is the first 5 star book I have read in awhile. The one liners were fabulous, and mentioning the "sex fairy" in the first sentance of the book? ..... Ms. Hughes you had me at hello.

We get smacked in the face with the overpowering sexy that is Logan Steel. And I think that immediate heat and att ...more

By glitrbug April 22, 2010

I downloaded the new one ( Biting Me Softly) last night as when one of those e-mail services reminded me it was out. Must say, squishie in first few pages. Nice updates on Elana and Nixie. I am trying to savor the book instead of read it all in one whack. Don't think I have giggled as much at a book ...more

By Heather August 17, 2020

The man liked to pacify his woman, “of course, sweetheart,” he crooned. “I’m the nastiest male there is. It’s my fault, all of it. Shh, Liese, I’ve got you.” I liked this book, I liked Logan. ...more

By Judi April 27, 2010

Loved every page! ...more

By Jennifer November 23, 2019


Everything boils down to trust. You can’t trust anyone unless you trust yourself. Liese has decided never to trust a male again. The last one has nearly destroyed her. She meets Logan and her body and heart tries to betray her. Logan is being pressured to create a new household, but doesn’t tru ...more

By Gladys September 16, 2017

Biting Me Softly by Mary Hughes is a good read. I am a fan of this series and this was a good addition to it. I loved Logan. He is a hot, sexy alpha vampire with a sense of humor and a tender side. I have to say I liked but did not love Liese. To me she came across as too neurotic and I found her pe ...more

By CJ April 15, 2020

Okay book with good puns, lots of humor and Hattie with Race made for some wide eyes. Liese needed to smarten up in many ways, but overall a good book. ...more

By Tracy February 05, 2011

~* 3.5 Stars *~
If you like your paranormal romances with a serious plot full of serious characters, Mary Hughes' Biting Love series isn't for you, but there are lots of paranormal romances out there that are better suited to that tone. If, however, you enjoy a book that doesn't take itself any more ...more

By Kimberly September 23, 2018

Liese Schmetterling is a human computer geek with trust issues and a scarred heart. Logan Steel is an almost four hundred-year-old vampire with rock hard abs and a deep-seated need to protect. The two have nothing in common…except for amazing tech skills, frequent use of puns, red-hot desire for one ...more

By Starry November 08, 2011

He’s a candy box of sex appeal wrapped with a golden bow. She’s on a diet.

Blood, sex, violence. Blood, okay, but computer geek Liese Schmetterling had enough S&V when her cheating ex fired her. Now security expert—and lip-smacking gorgeous—Logan Steel saunters into her Blood Center, setting fire to ...more

By Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews August 16, 2012


Oh what a fun book this was! I love, love, love Logan Steel (we met him in “Biting Nixie”) and Liese is just hysterical!

The whole gang is back in this installment of the “Biting” series by Mary Hughes. Liese now works for the Blood Center in Meier’s Corners. She was fired from her last job d ...more

By SaturNalia July 26, 2014

Fast paced and funny. Sexual tension and attracting in the first few pages, and it doesn't let up until the end. The comedy was more slapstick and cartoonish, but it worked because Leies was so sarcastic. A little bit of a throw back, due to the super alpha male, but he wasn't a jerk he was patient ...more

By Annabelle January 27, 2015

I absolutely loved the MC of this book. Her snark made me laugh out loud several times throughout the book. I couldn't have asked for a more perfect love interest. This is the first I read in a series and was fine to pick it up and read without being lost. I know I will go back and read the previous ...more

By Felicia (Ferishia) March 15, 2010

I think this maybe the best book of the series! It was funny, hot and smexy. Liese is just a bit insecure after being dump at the alter and fired from her job. She is now the manager of Meiers Corner Blood bank. Logan is the extremely handsome vampire and CEO of Steel Security. Logan's attraction to ...more

By Helen April 25, 2013

I loved BITING NIXIE, the 2nd in this series (which I read first), because I loved the character of Nixie. Computer geek Liese is just as smart-mouthed and cleverly written. The plot is complicated, the romance is believable (despite the incredible good looks of the hero), and the tech jokes are a d ...more

By Keri January 06, 2016

I was intrigued by Logan in Nixie's story but I gotta admit I was expecting a little more bad assery out of him. Not that he wasn't a total alpha vamp but with the fear his name invoked I just assumed he was higher up the vamp food chain, none the less I enjoyed this and will be moving on. Perhaps w ...more

By Kathie (katmom) April 02, 2011

Now these vampires don't SPARKLE...but they are just so sexy! ...more

By Therinia April 27, 2010

A fun and smexy read. I passed out reading it a little after 2 am and woke up a little after 7 am; I finished it an hour later. Good times. ...more

By Bec June 18, 2011

I love Logan & his punny goodness

By Cassandra May 11, 2013

As a chubby geekette myself, I totally connected with Liese. I never thought a hot tub scene could be soooo hot! This book is my second fav in the series... ...more

By Kris October 12, 2012

Mary Hughes biting love series is fun and funny. great, quick, easy read. This one, just like the others, flew by. ...more

By Morgan October 31, 2012

Nice sex scenes and lots of humor throughout the book! ...more

By Trina February 14, 2013

3.5 stars

By Sarah June 05, 2011

A sexy, fun, fantastic read. I couldn't put it down. ...more

By Toni (U.A.C.) August 14, 2012

I liked this one more than the last one, Bite of Silence. Story was pretty cute. ...more

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3.93 avg rating
Mary Hughes

About the author

USA Today Best Selling Author

Mary Hughes

I write wickedly fun romantic adventures and steamy paranormal romances, stories that crackle with action and love. Challenging, alpha men--and women not afraid of a challenge. Oh, do the sparks fly when he meets THE woman guaranteed to infuriate and inflame him most. In real life I'm an author, a spouse and mother, a flutist, a computer geek, and a binge-TV-watcher of The Flash, Elementary, NCIS, and Wynonna Earp.

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