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Peek Inside Blackthorne

Josh never planned to follow in his father’s footsteps. But music is in his genes. Finding someone who isn’t fazed by his fame is unique, but the novelty of being liked by Caitlin quickly turns to something more, no matter how much Caitlin wants to resist.

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Josh Blackthorne never planned to follow in his father’s rock-star footsteps. But music is in his genes, and he was born into this world of fame. Finding someone who isn’t fazed by all that is unique, but the novelty of being liked for who he is by Caitlin Reynolds quickly turns to something more when he gets to know her better.

Josh makes Caitlin laugh, something she hasn’t done in a while. He’s also freaking hot, and she’s been ignoring her hormones for almost a year. But as much a she wants to melt into his arms, there’s a ghost hanging over her head—a ghost who turns out to be not-so-legally dead after all…

Each book in the The Heart of Fame series is a standalone story that can be enjoyed out of order.
Series Order:
Book #1 Love’s Rhythm
Book #2 Muscle for Hire
Book #3 Guarded Desires
Book #4 Steady Beat
Book #5 Lead Me On
Book #6 Blame it on the Bass
Book #7 Blackthorne
Book #8 Getting Played


"If you are a fan of the series... I know you will appreciate this installment. If you were like me... in the dark of a strong series of Rock Gods and the women who become part of their lives... then please, take a moment and enjoy this book. There is music and humor galore. There are hunky men and a romance worthy of your time... yes... a definite read." --Wendy's Thoughts, Goodreads

"The story plot is also well developed and written. The author kept us on this emotional rollercoaster where at times we wanted to get off while yelling for more." --Dusti, Goodreads

"In the Heart of Fame series, this author has taken us on a wild ride, given us a good look at the hazards of fame, written characters we can’t help but love, and proven that anything worth having is worth fighting for." --Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews

Additional Details

ISBN: 9781633759817
Series: Heart of Fame, Book 8
Release Date: May 10, 2017
Page Count: 290
Imprint: amara next
Genre: contemporary
Tropes: forbidden love/off limits, overcoming odds

Select Featured Reviews

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By Wendy'sThoughts November 11, 2014

4 Actually Felt Stars * * * *

I was new to Lexxie Couper and her series, of Heart of Fame. Blackthorne was the 8th entry; however, my not having read any of the others did not cause me any stress....not one little bit.
This is a tale of a Rock Star and how he finally is able to capture real love... wi ...more

By Leanne February 10, 2015

I liked this. It was nice to take a break from all the YA I've been reading lately and go for something a bit more adult.

From the start it was sexy and fun. Josh came across as being fun and quite down to Earth after the first meeting. Caitlin was quite cool too, she tried to do what was right.

One ...more

By Roxanna June 07, 2020

Life always has ways to surprise you. Josh Blackthorn life is no exception. At the age of fifteen he discovers rock god Nick Blackthorn is his father. And just when he thinks his career as pro footballer is a sealed and delivered deal and injury takes that away from him. Of course music flows throug ...more

By Dusti November 30, 2014

Have you ever read a book that while rooting for the main characters you also find yourself rooting against them? That is where I was with this book. All the characters are amazing and I connected with each of them, but that twist at the end? I wanted a happy ever after for all of them, but mostly f ...more

By Desirae (Dee) November 14, 2014

*arc provided for an honest review *

I've never read Lexxie Couper before, this wS my first. And I can say I'm pleasantly surprised. This was a good book.

Quite the predicament our little Caitlin finds herself in in this book. She's trying to stay true to someone who's dead but falling for someone who ...more

By Leah October 01, 2014

I think this is one of Lexxie Couper's best stories, not just in the Heart of Fame series. She's always done fantastic sexual tension, but in Blackthorne she's ramped it up even more when Josh Blackthorne first meets Caitlyn and when he discovers he can't have her, that he must step away.

Lexxie wro ...more

By Rosa October 08, 2014

Lust at first sight...
This was my 2nd book in the Heart of Fame Series. I got to meet Josh in book 7, and it is now 5 years later. He is a successful rockstar, still limping from his soccer injury and dealing with the loss of that dream. He's disappointed, but doesn't seem to be bitter. He's living ...more

By Kim July 22, 2020

Josh was an amazing kid when we first met him in Love's Rhythm. Now a grown man and rock star, he hasn't lived the life of a monk but he is still the same good man at heart. His family from his blood relatives to his extended family of friends and bandmates have done their best to keep him grounded. ...more

By Spla February 27, 2018

I loved it. I read the whole series and want more! ...more

By Jody November 03, 2014

Ms. Couper's Heart of Fame series continues with this emotionally intense read as we've come full circle in the life of Josh Blackthorne as he's grown from boy to man throughout these eight books. After a career-ending sports injury he's embraced his musical genes and found fame as a rock star. Whil ...more

By Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews October 27, 2014

Slick‘s review posted on Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews


Review copy provided for an honest review

Sometimes reviews are really hard to write and this is one of those reviews. I’m so worried I won’t do this book justice and it is hard to write because this is the end of what has been an extraordi ...more

By Christina April 08, 2015

I really enjoyed this book. It was a light, fluffy fun story about a woman, Caitlin Reynolds, learning how to love again after loss, one of my favorite types of stories, and she is learning after having met Josh Blackthorne, a soccer athlete turned rock star.

I've never read anything by Lexxie Couper ...more

By Monica October 31, 2014

4.5 Stars!!!

I was so sad to read the last page of this book! I cannot believe the series is done. I am going to miss Nick Blackthorne’s world/friends/family. This series has been so awesome to read and will remain one of my favorite series of all time. With that said, I loved this book and Nicks bea

By Tabatha October 17, 2014

Not very often do you come across an author that just speaks to you in the same way that Lexxie Couper has with me. Saying that I love her work could possibly be the biggest of understatements. Let’s just put it this way. When I received my ARC of Blackthorne, I totally did a very unladylike happy d ...more

By Phuong October 28, 2014

What can I say about Lexxie Couper's final book in the Heart of Fame series except, Josh Blackthorne will ROCK your world! He sure did mine since I could not stop thinking about him or this story way into the night after I had finished reading. This author is brilliant with her storytelling and her ...more

By Rob November 15, 2014

This book is Josh’s story and we met him in the previous book when it was decided he would take Nick’s, his dad, place in the band, Synergy.

Now he has his eye on Caitlin who runs the trendiest nightclub around. She, however, is pining for her ex-boyfriend who is missing in Somalia after going out th ...more

By Heather October 28, 2014

Blackthorne is Josh’s story. We knew at the end of Getting Played that Josh would be taking his dad’s place in the band and that the band is now called Synergy. Blackthorne starts with Josh going on stage for the this first time and then jumps forward 5 years to the present.

Caitlin meets Josh when h ...more

By Crystal November 22, 2014

Caitlin is a strong woman. She's accomplished a lot at a young age. She owns the "IT" club of Sydney, Chaos Room. She's beautiful, independent, and lonely. The man she loved left her to work in Somalia and it's looking like he will never make it back. She's kept herself closed off and waiting for a ...more

By Tina Lee November 03, 2014

4 stars

Who doesn’t love a sexy singer? This is exactly who Josh Blackthorne is. He is not only the biggest thing out there but he has the fame and fortune to go along with it; plus his sense of humor and throw in his charming good looks. He has it all. But he wants Caitlin Reynolds and has since he ...more

By Kel November 13, 2014

It's no big secret that I am a complete sucker for a juicy rock star story. The bad boy who can have anyone he wants but only wants the girl that he can't have. The troubles that ensue and the ultimate chemistry that eventually can't be denied. Ahh yes...I LOVE it!

This is the first book in the Heart ...more

By Nay November 17, 2014

I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange of an honest review.

I am new to Lexxie Couper's work and I've never read the previous novels in this series, but let me just say -- this was stunning to read and I'm highly intrigued with her writing style and plan to read the other books in ...more

By Book Hangover Page November 03, 2014

Lexxie Couper really knows how to tare at your heart strings!! This book is full of super emotions, one minute you are smiling with delirious delight and the next minute you want to sob!
In this story we meet Caitlin and Josh...not only did the author write these characters as if you are living thei ...more

By She October 29, 2014

Josh is leaving New York as his stalker is out and a danger to him. He is told to look up Caitlin by her uncle who is doing a bit of match making. Josh arrives at her club only to find that she doesn't believe he is who he says he is, but after a phone call to her uncle realizes her mistake. Josh is ...more

By Mariel September 30, 2014

***ARC through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review***

This is my first read in the Heart of Fame series and having not had the opportunity to read the others in the series does not at all detract from my enjoyment of this story. Reading this actually makes me curious about all the other books. ...more

By Kim October 30, 2014

What a fantastic ending to a great series. I have loved every minute with the band. They are sexy, exciting, hot and really great guys. I'm so glad that we got to see Josh all grown up, I also liked very much that Caitlyn was brought in as his love interest, interlocking all of the characters in so ...more

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4.24 avg rating
Lexxie Couper

About the author

Lexxie Couper

Lexxie Couper started writing when she was six and hasn’t stopped since. She’s not a deviant, but she does have a deviant’s imagination and a desire to entertain readers with her words. Add the two together and you get erotic romances that can make you laugh, cry, shake with fear or tremble with desire. Sometimes all at once. When she’s not submerged in the worlds she creates, Lexxie’s life revolves around her family, a husband who thinks she’s insane, a indoor cat who likes to stalk shadows, and her daughters, who both utterly captured her heart and changed her life forever. Having no idea how old she really is, Lexxie decided to go with 27 and has been that age for quite some time now. It’s the best of both worlds – old enough to act mature, young enough to be silly. Lexxie lives by two simple rules – measure your success not by how much money you have, but by how often you laugh, and always try everything at least once. As a consequence, she’s laughed her way through many an eyebrow raising adventure.

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