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Peek Inside Body Contact

Asking pro football player Jack Rider to teach me everything he knows about sex might have seemed like a good idea at the time, but now I’m not so sure I can handle a guy like him. I thought he’d just straight up do me, ridding me of my pesky virginity sooner rather than later. But no, he had his own ideas about bringing me up to speed on sex. And I have a feeling I’ll never be the same again..

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She needs some hands-on experience. And he’s got big hands.

Body Contact is the second of a three-part erotic series from New York Times and USA best-selling author, Cathryn Fox.

Asking pro football player Jack Rider to teach me everything he knows about sex might have seemed like a good idea at the time, but now I’m not so sure I can handle a guy like him. I thought he’d just straight up do me, ridding me of my pesky virginity sooner rather than later. But no, he had his own ideas about bringing me up to speed on sex. His two weeks of slow seduction might just be the death of me, but since he’s the one in charge, I have to play the game his way. Not that I’m not enjoying it. I am. Who wouldn’t, right? I guess I just can’t help but wonder how I’ll ever let another man touch me after him.

This is the second of a three-part series full of mind-blowing sex, featuring a dirty-mouthed football player who knows the score and an inexperienced therapist who needs to learn it. BODY CONTACT is sure to leave readers begging for more.


Hot and steamy with humor and heart. These two heat up the pages and tug at your heartstrings in ways very few book couples do. I am absolutely panting for the next installment of this serial, but also sad to see it end. It is an absolute MUST READ. Elizabeth Wright, Goodreads reviewer.
Hadie's Haven The anticipation for the conclusion is killing me--Five Stars.

The sexual tension between Jack and Danielle is OFF THE CHARTS. The sex scenes are SMOKIN hot. Jack and his dirty mouth make me in need of a cold shower. Two thumbs up. Between the bookends.

Cathryn Fox turns up the heat and sexiness to eleven in part 2 of this addictive new serial. Never have lessons be so fun or hot. And with a teacher like Jack it's no wonder. He's off the charts hot and getting hotter. - Rachel Hamilton,

Body Contact is so full of sexy, steamy, breath-taking moments - it is just amazing.- Elizabeth Wright, Goodreads

The second part of this serial was just as amazing as the first. And I cannot wait for the third to see how it ends. These two are just hot, hot, hot.- Jennifer DiCenzo, Goodreads

As I approached the ending of this book I slowed down because I knew I did not want it to end. Body Contact gives you just enough to get your blood pumping in anticipation for Full Exposure! Now, to wait a few weeks until I can get my hands on it! - Vanessa Romano,

Book 2 is just a smokin' hot and sexy as book 1 was. I seriously am in love with this series and cannot wait for the last book to be released! - Laura Hampton, Goodreads

Cathryn Fox has given us a steamy, quick read series that is a touch down! I am so anxious for the last book to come out to see what happens with Jack and Danielle after the 2 week training time is up! - Melanie Hutchinson,

The slow introduction of sex Jack is doing to Danielle is hotter then hottest, and the way the author describes it is so colorful I feel like I'm present in the moment. A little blushing and bright eyed I read on with delight...The way the author writes is so great and it's so joyful to read this books that I can't stop reading.- Bente Elin Bendiksen,

This installment of the series is seriously hot. I'm incredibly impressed with Ms Fox's ability to make everything sexy without Jack and Danielle jumping right to doing the deed. There's a wonderful slow build of hotness as Jack teaches Danielle one thing after another about the variety of sexual experiences there for her to learn. - Deana Lang, Goodreads

Body Contact is one hot, steamy fast read! Holy hotness! - Tamara McLean,
Book 2 of the series... and I NEED Book 3, pronto. I love this story. All of it. - Lori Zenobia, Goodreads

Like the first part of this serialized novel, it went by WAY TOO QUICKLY for me. The anticipation for the conclusion is killing me... - Hadassah Harper, haddieshaven.blo...act-by-cathryn-fox.html
The bonds are obviously strengthening as they begin to fall for each other. But more than that, the lessons that Jack is giving Danielle are hot, hot, hot!- Carol Hanlon, Goodreads

Body Contact was deliciously sexy and steamy. Since Cathryn Fox already set up the friendship that Danielle and Jack agreed upon, now it's time to get to the good stuff. Yeah, that's right. I'm talking about the stuff that will make you blush. - Michelle Tan,

The sexual tension between Jack and Danielle is OFF THE CHARTS. The sex scenes are SMOKIN' hot. Jack and his dirty mouth make me in need of a cold shower. - Eve Recinella, Goodreads

Additional Details

ISBN: 9781633757257
Series: Hands On, Book 2
Release Date: Aug 15, 2016
Page Count: 88
Imprint: scorched
Genre: contemporary, erotic romance
Tropes: fling

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"I want you so hot and needy that by the time I take you, you'll do anything for it... I want you to be fully aware that it's me who's taking you."

➦This is a second part of the fun and sexy Hands On serial. It's a very short and steamy read in which Danielle, the heroine, has only two we ...more

By Carol [Goodreads Addict] July 29, 2016

Body Contact is book two in the Hands On series by Cathryn Fox. This book was generously provided to me in exchange for an honest review by NetGalley, Entangled Publishing, and by Cathryn Fox.

Hands On Cathryn Fox:

Danielle can’t believe Jack Rider agreed to teach her about sex so she could teach the summer class on sex t ...more

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3.5 stars!

In the second book, we're going more into the Education of Danielle Lang. This book is just as steamy as the first one, and wow. Jack has such a dirty mouth!

As the title suggests, there is more body contact between Danielle and Jack. When Jack p ...more

By Eve (Between The Bookends) August 15, 2016



Body Contact is the second chapter of the HANDS ON series (third and final part is out in September.)


In this installment Danielle delves deeper into her sexual education with the help of the [email protected] bad boy football player Jack Rider. The agreement is for only 2 weeks, but with feelings startin ...more

By Michelle August 12, 2016

ARC provided by publisher in exchange for an honest review

 photo bf0a0adf374d0530d38ee42b492a74_zpsgafvnt0f.gif

Body Contact is the second installment to Hands On Series by Cathryn Fox. This book can’t be read as a standalone since the story picks off right where it last left off in the previous book.

 photo 3032ddba1b76d32d79a24f84022d53_zpsdum4a0e5.gif Who would have thought that sweet, virginal ...more

By Suzanne the Bookaholic and Proud September 06, 2016

2 down, 1 to go, can't believe it's all separated, well gotta go find the next one now xx ...more

'Body Contact' by Cathryn Fox is book two in the "Hands On" series. This also part two, is the continuing story of Jack Rider and Danielle. It is also about 75 or so a quick easy read. We learned in the last book that Danielle had taken on a Sexual Therapy position but as a Virgin knows no ...more

By Mindy Lou's Book Review February 09, 2017

Part 2 of the 3 book series is another very short and steamy read. Jack is introducing Danielle to all the little pleasures of foreplay before he takes her vCard. Meanwhile, falling a little bit more for her and her for him. Jack is used to woman using him for his fame so the fact that Danielle seem ...more

By Jessica June 08, 2019

As I mentioned in my review of Hands On, it is really difficult to review a story that is published as installment/serials. Because they are just moments in time. These three installments, if read back to back (as I did lol) would constitute the beginning, middle and end of a journey for Jack and Da ...more

By 1-Click Addict Support Group August 15, 2016

Body Contact is the second part in this three-part serial. We get more of Danielle and Jack’s two-week relationship in this part, and things are really heating up. This installment had me flipping the pages quickly to see where their relationship was going. Danielle and Jack get even closer and I’m ...more

By Geleen August 19, 2016

4.5STARS ...more

By (Nat) September 06, 2016

Entertaining experience!

This is a review for the three-part serial Hands On.

I didn’t want to wait between each novella, so I read it all at once, and I suggest you do it too. I really enjoyed all parts, and you shouldn’t read them out of order.

Hands On is a great start. We get to know the characters ...more

By Emma August 19, 2016

Please bear in mind this is the second part of a three-part serial and may, therefore, contain spoilers to part one - Hands On.

Embarking on an education of intimacy to help Danielle understand the real life aspects of sexuality before she has to teach a course at the college. I fell in love with Da ...more

By Lisa August 23, 2016

Body Contact by Cathryn Fox is the second book in her steamy serial, Hands On. A fast read with great pacing (hard to do in shorter novels from my own reading experience) this steamy little number will rev you up AND have you wondering why the characters in books don't just TALK TO EACH OTHER!

Jack i ...more

By Tifferz August 08, 2016

5 Stars, 3.5 Flames
Jack Rider is in way over his head. Being propositioned for sex by the hottie of his dreams since high school was something he could never turn down. Nor would he want to. Knowing she is an innocent in every aspect of the word sealed the deal. Now, after just a few nights in each ...more

By Babel August 22, 2016

Scorching-hot and sweet!

This second part of the series of novellas is engrossing because it takes the characters seriously while the intimate lessons take place with highly detailed care.

Both Jack and Danielle are charming and nice. I loved his chapters because it shows how deeply he's falling for h ...more

By Ruthie August 21, 2016

~~I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads ~~

This is the second novella in the series - and you definitely want to read Hands On first. My review will assume that you have read it.

Time is passing all too quickly for both Jack and Danielle, although neither of them wil ...more

By Mayte February 11, 2017

Lovely! ...more

By Elizabeth August 09, 2016

***Hot and steamy with humor and heart.***

Things are heating up in part two of the Hands On serial. Body Contact is so full of sexy, steamy, breath-taking moments it is just amazing. Danielle and Jack are so hot and so sweet at the same time. Danielle is still trying to keep herself professional and ...more

By Steffi August 11, 2016

Thanks to Netgalley and Entangled: Scorched for the ARC in exchange for an honest review.


Again I really enjoyed the chemistry between Jack and Danielle and their growing releationship. I also like them as individual characters.
It is very refreshing that Danielle isn't the typical shy virgin which ...more

By Caro August 15, 2016

Much like the previous book, this was a hot and fun story.

We continue with Jack and Danielle’s journey of discovery. In this one, Jack goes even deeper into Danielle’s education, trying to learn what she really likes in bed. It’s crazy hot between these two, and it wasn’t just about the physical par ...more

By Jennifer August 26, 2016

Things are seriously heating up between Jack and Danielle. Even though they have a two week time limit, feelings are starting to emerge. Body Contact is the second part of a three part series, so you must read them in order. While it's short, it's packed with SCORCHIN HOT, panty disintegrating, sexy ...more

By Sophie May 05, 2017

Body Contact follows straight on from the first book in this three part series, Danielle is still shocked that Jack Ryder, the guy who she could never imagine would help her out, is helping her with her sexual education. The fact that he is enjoying his time with Danielle is an added bonus.
This part ...more

By Marielena January 20, 2017

Waiting for the next one this one was much better than the first one ...more

By Tina "IRead2Escape" August 13, 2016

Hotness Rating 3 out of 5

Body Contact is the second book of the Hands On serial read by Cathryn Fox. The first book had me hooked while Body Contact has completely cemented my love for this series and made me a fan for life of Cathryn Fox. I can't even begin to properly describe this less than 100 p ...more

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3.75 avg rating
Cathryn Fox

About the author

NY Times Best Selling, USA Today Best Selling Author

Cathryn Fox

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Cathryn Fox is a wife, mom, sister, daughter, and friend. She loves dogs, sunny weather, anything chocolate (she never says no to a brownie) pizza and red wine. Cathryn has two teenagers who keep her busy and a husband who is convinced he can turn her into a mixed martial arts fan. When not writing, Cathryn can be found laughing over lunch with friends, hanging out with her kids, or watching a big action flick with her husband.

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