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Peek Inside Boomerang Boyfriend

Jack is Delia’s best friend’s older brother. Totally off limits. And Delia is like a little sister. But everything falls away when they kiss. Keeping their relationship secret causes more trouble than it’s worth, until they realize making it work is worth the trouble.

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Working with her best friend’s brother at Betty’s Burgers, free-spirited Delia starts to see Jack in a new light. Not only has Jack-the-Jerk turned into a hottie, he’s even acting like a nice guy, who rescues dogs and knows how she likes her coffee. But if Jack is into her, then why is he keeping her a secret? Of course, if her best friend doesn’t approve, Delia could lose the only family she’s ever known.

Seeing Delia in her retro waitress uniform throws Jack’s world out of whack. She’s always been just another pain in the butt little sister…not a datable female. But she’s rockin’ the Pie Princess tiara, and even her hot-pink striped hair is sexy. What’s that about? He needs to get his head on straight, because artsy, funky Delia and her nonconformist ways don’t fit in his safe and ordered world.

Disclaimer: This Entangled Teen Crush book contains kisses that make the world fall away and snarky humor that may cause you to LOL in public places.

Each book in the Boyfriend Chronicles series is a standalone, full-length story that can be enjoyed our of order.
Series Order:
Book #1 - Blackmail Boyfriend
Book #2 - The Boyfriend Bet
Book #3 - Boomerang Boyfriend


"I am being 100% honest when I say this is a 5-star book YA Contemporary Romance. It was adorable!" -Tara G., Goodreads

"Fast-paced and entertaining!" -Issah G., NetGalley

"This book was absolutely adorable in every way." -Catherine D., NetGalley

"This was a cute adorable YA read!" -Christina S., NetGalley

"What a fun summer read.  Fast and full of enough mischief!" -Char L., Goodreads

"As a huge fan of best friend's brother romances, I loved Boomerang Boyfriend! This book was a sweet and quick read- I just couldn't put it down and read it in one day!" -Briana N., NetGalley

"I absolutely loved this book!" -Jackie T., NetGalley

"Cute, fun, romantic YA read. Good characters and enjoyable story line, including the secret!" -Sarah B., Goodreads

"Loved this book!  It's fun, sassy, and sweet.  A great clean YA read that all ages can enjoy." -Bette H., Goodreads

Additional Details

ISBN: 9781640633346
Series: The Boyfriend Chronicles, Book 3
Release Date: Sep 11, 2017
Page Count: 228
Imprint: teen crush
Genre: contemporary, young adult
Tropes: best friend's little sister, boy next door, enemies to lovers, forced proximity, older brother's best friend, opposites attract, right under your nose

Select Featured Reviews

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By Schizanthus September 13, 2017

Horror story of the month in only one sentence ... I voluntarily read a romance novel. Would someone please alert a paramedic?

Delia: I have no idea what's going on with Aiden. Never again will I kiss a boy first. Now he's being all weird and mysterious. I think I need to move on and find a new boy. ...more

By Jacob April 07, 2019

This is third in a series and the characters of this are setup in the second book. I highly recommend reading at least that one first.

It has been nearly a month since I finished this and I wish I had reviewed it sooner. I'll relate what I remember I was going to talk about in a review, but I've prob ...more

By Cindy September 05, 2017

Gah! I loved this book so much. It is exactly the kind of book I like to read. I loved watching Jack and Delia struggle with the feelings they start feeling toward each other. I loved watching Delia slowly begin to realize that maybe Jack wasn't such a jerk after all. Chris Cannon did an excellent j ...more

By Alison September 19, 2017

Three and a half stars.

I have to admit, I misread the blurb on NetGalley when I requested this book and thought, for some reason, that Delia was best friends with Jack's brother not his sister!

Anyhoo, Delia has been best friends with Zoe for ever and spends probably more time at Zoe and Jack's house ...more

By Sophie March 01, 2020

I received an Advance Reader Copy from the publisher. This in no way impacted on my view.

In Boomerang Boyfriend, we meet Delia and Jack, as they are working together at the local burger joint. Jack is the brother of Delia's best friend, Zoe, and has always treated her as something like another siste ...more

By Issah Camille August 28, 2017

I received a digital ARC of this book in exchange of an honest review.

So this book is a YA fluffy-romance contemporary. Recently I have been craving for some easy-read books so I was thrilled when I saw an email with a copy if this!

This book is about Delia, a highschool student who has a bestfrien ...more

By Danielle's August 27, 2017

Delia is Jack's sisters best friend. She is always at Jacks house, and it feels like she is almost like family. He sees her as an annoying younger sister figure and has never thought of her as anything more. That is until she ends up getting a job at his work place, and they end up taking some art c ...more

By Char (1RadReader59) September 04, 2017

What a fun summer read. Fast and full of enough mischief of a couple who were supposed to hate each other.
You see Delia Desmond’s parents were always working. And since Zoe Cain and she have been best friends since Kindergarten she just always ended up at Zoe’s house. The Cain’s were the family she ...more

By Kristi Housman August 29, 2017

Most books from Entangled Teen (Crush) are cute reads and this was no exception. They're fun and easy to read.  A perfect choice for me to read between fantasies or more serious books.

Delia is a bit annoying at times, but I love that she's cool with standing out.  She has pink streaks in her hair an ...more

By Cassie September 11, 2017

Reviewed on behalf of 3 Degrees of Fiction Blog
Boomerang Boyfriend is the third book in the Boyfriend Chronicles. It is a complete standalone and can be read without having read the first two books. It might help to read the second book, but only so you can place the characters that reappear and the ...more

By Jules.Bookverse August 27, 2018

This book was just what I needed. After having a longer reading reak due to writing my master thesis it was kind of hard for me to get back into my reading habits. But I can almost trust my beloved YA contemporary (summer) romances to get me out of those.

I actually thought this book would take place ...more

By Amber August 21, 2017

The pairing of Jack and Delilah totally took me by surprise. We saw them fight like cats and dogs in Zoe's book, but in this one, we see it's because they actually share a lot in common. Boomerang Boyfriend let us see a whole other side to their personalities that was really fun. I really loved seei ...more

By Sara August 30, 2017

I was given a free copy in exchange for an honest review, thanks to Entagled Publishing.

Aww this was a really cute read! Loved it! Even though I wanted to punch Jack-the-jerk in the face too many times to count. He was really annoying and a jerk some times. Glad he came to his senses in the end.
De ...more

By Danielle's August 27, 2017

Delia is Jack's sisters best friend. She is always at Jacks house, and it feels like she is almost like family. He sees her as an annoying younger sister figure and has never thought of her as anything more. That is until she ends up getting a job at his work place, and they end up taking some art c ...more

By Lissa May 23, 2020

Fun little YA contemporary romance. A little slow to start, but Chris Cannon's characters are just so likeable.

The perfect book for a rainy day when you need a bit of sunshine. ...more

By Karen September 14, 2017

>Book Review – Boomerang Boyfriend

>I am an independent reviewer. This book is the 3rd in the Boyfriend Chronicles and ends in an HEA. This story is basically for young adults, but the sweet newness of love is timeless. Delia wants to date Aiden, but can’t figure out if he likes her or not. She is a ...more

By Aradhna September 08, 2017


I received this copy in exchange for an honest review from Entangled Teen publishing. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Thank you Entangled Teen!

Best friend’s big brother is a trope I have always enjoyed. There’s just something about it that attracts me to a story. So when I read the syno ...more

By Jackie September 03, 2017

Disclaimer: I received an e-arc of this book in exchange for an honest review from Netgalley and Entangled Teen.

I absolutely loved this book! I had been slightly iffy going into it since I wasn't fully prepared for the plot but I've been on a YA Contemporary kick for the past six months so I figured ...more

By Eva September 12, 2017

the theory of the boomerang boyfriend is pretty simple. he's the one who runs, but always comes back. delia has been jack's little sister's best friend forever. she's over at their house so often he finds himself running away. truth is, he's never really spent time with delia until she gets a job as ...more

By Fatinamudz September 12, 2017

I received an eARC from the publisher through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Delia has been friends with Zoe since they were a kid! Delia practically shares everything with Zoe and since her parents are so busy with their work and working at an odd time, Delia has been spent her time ...more

By Michelle August 25, 2017

Received an Advanced Reader Copy in exchange for a fair review from Entangled Publishing, LLC via NetGalley.

Boomerang Boyfriend was a cute, sweet, fun read. I have read Chris Cannon’s books before and always enjoyed them. This one did not disappoint! I was needing something on the lighter side and t ...more

By Emmyjo November 06, 2017

I thought this book was cute and funny at times. This book is told from two different point of views. Delia and Jack. I enjoyed this quick fun book. Delia who doesn't seem to be having much like in the boyfriend department. Has just about given up when she starts to actually take notice in her best ...more

By Shiloh August 28, 2017

Thank you Entangled for the ARC of Boomerange Boyfriend.

I am a big fan of Christ Cannon. I have read everything by her, so I might be biased, but I also pride myself on being completely honest in my reviews and I am being 100% honest when I say this is a 5-star book YA Contemporary Romance. It was ...more

By Lovely Loveday September 23, 2017

I really enjoyed reading this book even though it was a fast read. This book is the third book in The Boyfriend Chronicles Series but can easily be read has a standalone novel. Cannon writes so that the characters seem unbelievably realistic with flaws and struggles that most teenagers go through. E ...more

By Denise September 11, 2017

Whenever I need a light hearted romance I can count on YA to give me the best in that. In this is Delia and Jack but they will also fool you too. Once they begin their story ensuring you are in a front row seat you forget this is that getting involved with them to the extreme. This is also the time ...more

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Chris Cannon

About the author

Award Winning Author

Chris Cannon

Chris Cannon is the award-winning author of the Going Down In Flames series and the Boyfriend Chronicles. She lives in Southern Illinois with her husband and several furry beasts. She believes coffee is the Elixir of Life. Most evenings after work, you can find her sucking down caffeine and writing fire-breathing paranormal adventures or romantic comedies. You can find her online at

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