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Peek Inside Burning Bright

Bryn’s finally fitting in. Fun! But she is officially betrothed to Jaxon. Not fun. The marriage contract of doom looms over them--unless this match not made in heaven kindles a flame…

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Bryn is back for her senior year at the Institute for Excellence, also known as shape-shifting dragon school. She isn’t sure which is scarier, the life-force sucking dragons stalking campus or the fact that she’s officially betrothed to Jaxon, a guy who will never love her. Not that she could ever love him, either… That’s just ridiculous.

Senior year should be fun. Her parents are alive, she’s finally fitting in, and she’s learning how to be a Medic. But what’s with Jaxon giving her strange looks? He runs hot and cold, and he doesn’t even have the excuse of being a hybrid fire-and-ice-breathing dragon like her. One minute they’re having a great time and the next, she wants to blast a fireball at his head. The marriage contract of doom looms over them--unless this match not made in heaven kindles a flame…

The Going Down in Flames series is best enjoyed in order.
Reading Order:
Book one: Going Down in Flames
Book two: Bridges Burned
Book three: Trial by Fire
Book four: Fanning the Flames
Book 5: Burning Bright


"I have loved these dragons for a long time, and I'm very sad to see them go. But I have all 5 books on my kindle, so I may be revisiting them again..." -Jeraca, Goodreads review

"The writing flows so beautifully and is absolutely action-packed!" -Olivia F., Goodreads review

"I have loved this series ever since the beginning and this book was no exception." -Cassie James, Goodreads review

"If you're looking for a fun, sassy, action packed read with  dragons look no further." - Emily V., Netgalley review

Additional Details

ISBN: 9781640635777
Series: Going Down in Flames, Book 5
Release Date: Jun 4, 2018
Page Count: 405
Imprint: teen
Genre: paranormal, shifters, young adult
Tropes: enemies to lovers, fake relationship, fish out of water, right under your nose

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By Danielle's June 10, 2018


Will they won't they.

Bryn is back for senior year and ready for another bumpy ride at the dragon shifter school. Bryn's family want her to be a social butterfly and stand proud. Her engagement to Jaxon means they both have appearances to makes. They have both been through a lot. Jaxon has ...more

By Anna 'Bookbuyer' May 31, 2018

Okay Chris. Not fair. That ending was a total tease. Since I now feel you owe me I want another series of them in college! I demand it! *grabby hands*

I had so many heart flutters (the good kind) from this book! I loved that (view spoiler) ...more

By Amy Leigh May 28, 2018

This book was a nice quick enjoyable read. The characters are well written and Bryn's friendships with Clint and Ivy strengthen as they all deal with grief and guilt in their own way. The politics are very present and weigh on Bryn. I would say this is for the younger readers of the YA genre by the ...more

By taveena May 10, 2018

this gets all the stars.

"Probably." He grinned. "Stay with me for awhile?"
"Sure." She sat in the chair next to him. "I'm going to tell you a story. Once upon a time there was a cute princess and a handsome prince. When they first met, the prince hated the princess because his father was still mad

By CrazyCat (Alex) June 04, 2018

I just need a minute to breathe.....This review is so hard write for several reasons. A) This is my favorite dragon shifter series - and now it's over, no more Bryn and Jaxon (and all the other, too). B) This was a rollercoaster ride from the very first chapter. C) My heart stopped a few times, then ...more

By Cassie May 11, 2018


Burning Bright by Chris Cannon is the fifth book in the Going Down in Flames series. I have loved this series ever since the beginning and this book was no exception.
Chris Cannon has this unique way of writing that completely eases you in to the story smoothly though it's been a while since you've v ...more

By Olivia May 21, 2018

"Burning Bright" is the fifth (and sadly, final) book in the "Going Down in Flames" series. This wonderful YA fantasy series has followed Bryn from the time that she learned she can actually shift into a dragon and about the whole society that comes along with that. Bryn's parents were from two diff ...more

By Jeraca May 13, 2018

I received this free eARC novel from NetGalley and Entangled Publishing. This is my honest review.

Bryn has had a rollercoaster of the last few years - since she found out she was a dragon. From then on, she has been a magnet for bad luck and always seems to draw bad attention to herself. So she is ...more

By books are love June 14, 2018

Received in exchange for a honest review.
I think this is my favorite in the series. Why? Jaxon. We see so much change in Jaxon. We see his raw emotions, his confusion, his anguish and pain but we also see him mature and grow. He becomes more open to ideas and change. He also goes from tolerating Bry ...more

By Gia May 09, 2018

4.50 So long Bryn stars

I was so happy to start Burning Bright, that lasted right up until I remembered this was it, no more Bryn! And although it took me just two days to read, rather devour, this final instalment did seem slightly longer than previous offerings but I certainly wasn't complaining.

Th ...more

By Books In Brogan May 10, 2018

The is last in the series, I loved the book overall, the only issue I found was that the ending was rushed it went from conflict to resolution without a lot of story to back it up.  It would have been better with a few more chapter but otherwise a great read, I hope we get more stories from this "wo ...more

By Diane June 12, 2018

Chris Cannon soars with BURNING BRIGHT, the fifth book in the Going Down in Flame series. It is Bryn’s senior year at the Institute for Excellence. Someone is sucking the life force out of the dragons to gain their powers. In addition, she needs to spend more time with Jaxon now that they are betrot ...more

By Laura May 18, 2018

This is the fifth book and last book in this series. I happened to have the pleasure of reading books 1 & 2 before hand.. I do suggest not skipping books as you will miss a lot. That being said here's my thoughts on this amazing series.......

I really loved this fifth installment! I was super impress ...more

By Kimmie July 01, 2018

Oh My God that was awesome! This is the fifth book in the phenomenal young adult series going down in flames. Like the other books this is so well-written and though through. It was so hard to put down. And had such a twist I was floored.
This is Bryn's continuing story. As you know the last book she ...more

By Ira June 11, 2018

Okay, I must ask - did you read the other books in this series? Going Down in Flames and the others all the way down to Fanning the Flames? Yes? Well, go ahead, you are right where you need to be. If you haven't read the other books - yup, exactly - go back and start at the beginning, it's definitel ...more

By Myreadbooks July 01, 2018

I would like to thank the Netgalley website and the Entangled Teen Publishing House for the ebook format for this partnership.

I was immediately attracted by the cover, for this series all covers are beautiful, it makes you want to read the book.

We see for this volume the beautiful Bryn who return ...more

By T.K. October 20, 2020

This is my favorite book of the series! I seriously want to read it again right now. And I am bursting with spoilers! I will resist, because you deserve to enjoy the excellent twists and turns without a preview. Bryn feels like one of my friends, and I am sad to close the book and leave her behind. ...more

By Abi March 14, 2019

So, this was the final book in the series, and I'm crying. But at least it was amazing, right?

Buring Bright was a nice, well-plotted conclusion to the series. While at first I had a bit of trepidation, I grew to appreciate Bryn as she truly finished becoming herself, if that makes sense. I also lov ...more

By Eszter June 05, 2018

It is over.
So much emotion is swirling inside of me. I got what i wanted, we got what we wanted, but it could have been so more. The writer could have given us more chapters, say during or after the university, or even a scene 10 years later. A Jaxon's POV would have been welcomed. I don't feel like ...more

By N June 04, 2018

Good ending to a good series.Spoiler alert

Spolier alert below!!!

I really loved the series. The books are great for an escape. The premise is good and the characters are all well developed and engaging.

While I really did like this book, the first half seemed a bit slow. I understand wanting to expr ...more

By Carrie June 15, 2018

I am so conflicted! I loved this book but I am so sad to say goodbye to Bryn and her friends!

This book is the last (?) book in the series about Bryn and her adventures in being a dragon shifter. From the start, I fell in love with this awkward orphan/not-orphan newly discovered hybrid dragon shifter ...more

By Kate June 12, 2018

A fascinating, fantastic conclusion to an enthralling series. Bryn McKenna’s story started with a bang and goes out on an even bigger one. Dragon-kind didn’t know what to do with the first openly hybrid dragon in generations when she was brought to the Institute, and those that seek to undermine or ...more

By Seila October 07, 2018

Thanks NetGalley and Entangled Publising for giving me a free copy of the book in exchange for an hones review :)

I really liked the whole series. In this book a lot of questions are answered but there are things that did not have an answer.

I loved how the characters have been developed throughout th ...more

By Lynndell June 04, 2018

The World of Bryn!
Thanks to NetGalley and Entangled Teen for the opportunity to read and review Burning Bright by Chris Cannon! Bryn’s story opens three months after the tumultuous events of the last book of the Going Down in Flames series. She’s had the summer break to be proper and forge ahead wi ...more

By Shannan June 12, 2018

I love this series but man the author knows how to throw you for such loops you're off kilter more often than not. From book one to this book (book five), it's only been eighteen months. But the way things have changed is so intense. From first learning she's a dragon shifter who's parents had run a ...more

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Chris Cannon

About the author

Award Winning Author

Chris Cannon

Chris Cannon is the award-winning author of the Going Down In Flames series and the Boyfriend Chronicles. She lives in Southern Illinois with her husband and several furry beasts. She believes coffee is the Elixir of Life. Most evenings after work, you can find her sucking down caffeine and writing fire-breathing paranormal adventures or romantic comedies. You can find her online at

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