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Peek Inside Cover Fire

If the assignment is crazy, dangerous, or a little of both, Sub-Lieutenant Sebastian Rayne can’t help the challenge. When Command Intelligence tags him to fly one of their agents behind enemy lines, it seems like just another routine death-defying mission.

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If the assignment is crazy, dangerous, or a little of both, Sub-Lieutenant Sebastian Rayne can’t help but take on the challenge. So when Command Intelligence tags him to fly one of their agents behind enemy lines, it seems like just another routine death-defying mission. Crash landing on the planet was a piece of cake, but the gorgeous agent he delivered safely to her meeting is now believed dead and he must return to retrieve her body.

After Agent Jenna Branson realizes her own people attempted to have her killed, she enlists the hot stick jockey’s help. His new mission? Sneak her back onto his ship to ferret out who wanted to get rid of her and why. But she fears her growing feelings for Seb have blinded her to his reckless insistence on helping her stay alive, and his rash behavior will cause them both to lose their lives.

Books in the Valiant Knox Series

Book 1: Escape Velocity
Book 2: Damage Control
Book 3: Cover Fire
Book 4: War Games


5 stars "I'm not typically a sci-fi type reader, but I loved this book! It took me two days to read because I devoured every single word, every nuance, every detail between Agent Jenna Maxwell and Sub-Lt. Seb Rayne. Hot!" ~Ayekah, Goodreads

5 stars "Ms. Anastasi has penned an incredible read in this book where the chemistry was sizzling. The romance is explosive and the ending had me cheering for this couple's happy ever after, because what happens had me on the edge-of-my-seat..." ~Bec, Goodreads

5 stars "[The characters'] interactions are witty but passionate and loving. The plot is strong and convincing. The team spirit of the stick jockeys is exemplary. This novel is full of suspense. It had me guessing and on the edge of my seat most of the time. It's so well constructed that it's like watching a movie." ~Brigitte, Goodreads

5 stars "From the start, I was drawn into Seb and Jenna's plot. The dialogue feels natural, the world feels complete, and the characters - both main and secondary - are developed. [...] There were lots of twists and turns that kept me engaged." ~Rhi, Goodreads

5 stars "[The characters] have plenty of sparky banter and I loved the way the kind of goad each other into doing what they want! [...] Plenty of mystery, thrills/spills and romance and a great paced story. I really love Sci Fi romance and this series has been amazing so far." ~Nikki, Goodreads

5 stars "Cover Fire may be the best in this series to date. [...] It will take almost getting killed to bring these two together but once they fall nothing and no one is going to break them apart. I enjoy this series and can't wait to see what is brewing between Bren and Cam." ~Donna, Goodreads

4 stars "There's such a strong visual element in Jess Anastasi's writing such that reading every book of hers is akin to watching a novelisation of a fast-paced tv episode that's a combination of a space opera and a summer blockbuster. And it rings every bell that I have..." ~Unstuck Pages

5 stars "Lots of intrigue and exciting fights. It's hard to say just who is the real hero in this story because the females involved can really kick ass. Great fun, I loved it." ~Petula, Goodreads

Additional Details

ISBN: 9781640631021
Series: Valiant Knox, Book 3
Release Date: Jun 19, 2017
Page Count: 387
Imprint: amara next
Genre: paranormal
Tropes: fake relationship, forbidden love/off limits, forced proximity, opposites attract, overcoming odds

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By Elaine June 23, 2017

Rating 4.5/5
Right from the start this is an action packed science fiction romance, a page turner packed with suspense, suspicion and danger. This highly skilled author writes evocatively, bringing the scenarios and characters vividly to life in the imagination of the readers.

Jenna is an undercover a ...more

By Ayekah May 30, 2017

I'm not typically a sci-fi type reader, but I loved this book! It took me two days to read because I devoured every single word, every nuance, every detail between Agent Jenna Maxwell and Sub-Lt. Seb Raynes. Hot!
Briefly, Jenna is sent on a secret mission by her CI handler, Seb is tagged to fly her ...more

By 1-Click Addict Support Group August 12, 2019

A suspenseful whirlwind…

I really enjoyed Seb and Jenna’s action-filled courtship! They were both on the same side – the good one – but one fought in the shadows while the other, well, he hid nothing….

Talk about opposites attract! Seb is a seemingly happy-go-lucky, adventure-seeking fighter pilot whi ...more

By Marlene June 30, 2017

Originally published at Reading Reality

Cover Fire is the third book in the Valiant Knox series, and it both lives up to its predecessors and takes the action in several new directions. If you like science fiction romance, start with Escape Velocity and jet right on over to Damage Control before jump ...more

By Dísir May 16, 2017

Coming back to the Valiant Knox series is like peeking back into the lives of old friends through a small, open doorway. But it’s also plain fun to see how some of the loveable heroes of the fighter pilot force go down, sometimes literally, then wonder, how the hell they’d been so dumb to get themse ...more

By Ash P July 08, 2017

So Bas is the crazy kamikaze pilot, pretty much the only guy willing to take on the riskiest of missions. And this one just happens to be the riskiest one he's ever going to be on. Because somehow his hearts gone and gotten involved. Jenna is an expert at espionage and all things covert. So getting ...more

By Bec June 12, 2017

Sub-Lieutenant Sebastian Rayne never imagined his life would take a dangerous turn when he was sent to retrieve the dead body of a CI agent behind enemy lines. Instead, he finds himself teaming up with the presumed dead woman and helping her uncover the person behind the order to end her life. Will ...more

By Jacque June 19, 2017

Cover Fire is one busy story! Jenna is a Command Intelligence agent. That loosely translates into a super spy. Her current assignment is to go deep into CCS enemy-held territory. Her and her handler approach Sub-Lieutenant Sebastian aboard the Knox and request he flies her in. He thinks they’re craz ...more

By Brigitte June 14, 2017

Cover Fire is a SciFi taking place in outer space where conflicts abound and double agents have infiltered the Command Intelligence. A war against technology!

Seb is the best fighter pilot in the organisation. He has a terrific sense of humour and appears to be too laid back but there is more to him ...more

By Diana July 17, 2017

Cover Fire (Valiant Knox) Kindle Edition
by Jess Anastasi
Jess Anastasi is a romance world. Jess has created a world within a world on the Valiant Knox, which only make since it is the outer space version of an aircraft carrier. There are shops, bars, restaurants and arcades. A mini-city to keep the ` ...more

By Elizabeth June 26, 2017

Sebastian, a Sub-Lieutenant, embraces challenge, which is why he agrees to fly an agent behind enemy lines. The mission goes off without a hitch, aside from the crash landing, but while she's there, something goes wrong and now Sebastian, as the agent is assumed dead, must return to retrieve her bod ...more

By Rhi June 15, 2017

Sub-Lieutenant Sebastian Rayne is a pilot on the Valiant Knox who is tasked with flying CI Agent Jenna Branson behind enemy lines for her mission. When he’s sent to retrieve her body, he discovers that the CI Agent is not dead – but someone wants her to be. Sneaking her back to the ship, the two of ...more

By Nikki June 13, 2017

Agent Jenna Maxwell has a new undercover assignment and needs a ride down to Ilari. Enter Sub-Lt. Seb Raynes.

Seb is still in a funk after realising he had been friends with a traitor. But when he's given babysitting duty for a CI spy he's not a happy chappie. When they later go behind enemy lines, ...more

By Joyffree June 21, 2017

Jenna embarks on a mission into enemy territory to retrieve vital information that could turn the tide of the war in their favor - the mission turns south from the start when the transport she is in, piloted by the cocky and elite fighter Sebastian Raynes, crash lands (or skids and bumps depends on ...more

By Louise June 23, 2017

It's ages since I've read a good Sci-Fi Romance, and this is an excellent example of one. I loved this story, it was full of action and adventure, deadly peril and intrigue, not to mention plot twists that came out of the blue.

The hero, Seb, is super sexy but also sweet and vulnerable, whilst the he ...more

By Petula June 17, 2017

Sub Lieutenant Sebastian Rayne is a fighter pilot on the Valiant Knox a space station in orbit over a war torn planet. He has always been the one to take on the risky jobs.
Taking an agent from Command Intelligence behind enemy lines is exactly what he enjoys.
CI agent Jenna Maxwell finds this lates ...more

By Denise June 20, 2017

I was needing a good one in this genre with my catching this one. I had also read a couple of other books by her so I knew I liked her style. Even though I had not read all in this series I still enjoyed diving into this one. This one circles around Sebastian and Jenna with it being quite the advent ...more

By Diane July 25, 2017

I read this book before the others. It's a good standalone. I would've understand the emotional background better had I read the books in order. Sebastian Rayne will take any job--the crazier the better. He didn't plan crash landing on an alien planet with a spy. Jenna Maxwell didn't plan to have a ...more

By Donna June 10, 2017

Cover Fire may be the best in this series to date. Seb is not a total Alpha but he is kind, funny and troubled. CI Agent Jenna Maxwell has been in the game too long. She has lost touch with the girl she used to be and is in danger of becoming a cold unfeeling weapon the Command Intelligence folks th ...more

By Karla June 26, 2017

One of my favorite things to read are action romance!! Or suspense romances!! And this fit the bill. Loved it a lot.
Rayne is a fighter pilot, one of the best, and has one mission to fly special agent Jenna behind enemy lines. That was his first mistake. And the mishaps keep coming. Someone is tryin ...more

By N June 25, 2017

review coming soon ...more

By C June 20, 2017

4.5 stars
Loved this book. Not my usual read, but loved this book. ...more

By Diane August 12, 2019

*4.5 stars* ...more

By Book Gannet June 18, 2017

Given my lukewarm feelings towards the previous book in this series (Damage Control), I was a little hesitant about reading this book. No need! This is my favourite of the series by far – possibly of everything I’ve read by Jess Anastasi. Seb is such a light-hearted charmer, perfectly balanced by th ...more

By Alex May 07, 2019

Series: Valiant Knox #3
Rating: 5 stars - loved it!

"Hell, if they actually managed to get out of this mess alive and ended up going their separate ways, the woman was going to leave him ruined for anyone else. So maybe he needed to find a way to keep her."

This is probably my favorite of the whol ...more

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4.26 avg rating
Jess Anastasi

About the author

Jess Anastasi

Jess has been making up stories ever since she can remember. Though her messy handwriting made it hard for anyone else to read them, she wasn't deterred and now she gets to make up stories for a living. She loves loud music, a good book on a rainy day, and probably spends too much time watching too many TV shows. Jess lives in regional Victoria, Australia, with her very supportive husband, three daughters, one ball-obsessed border collie, and one cat who thinks he's one of the kids.

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