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Peek Inside Dangerous Desires

Three years after her fiancé is killed, Emma Sloan is attacked...and women who look just like her start turning up dead. Can Detective Jake Quinn find the killer before it's too late?

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Three years after Emma Sloane’s wealthy fiancé’s mysterious death, she’s finally ready to move on and pursue her own dreams. But her plans are derailed when she’s attacked outside her New York City apartment in what she thinks is a random violent incident. Then other women who look just like her start turning up dead...

Homicide Detective Jake Quinn is haunted by the one case he couldn’t solve. When he’s put in charge of a new high-profile murder case, he interviews a victim who escaped a similar attack—and to his shock it’s Emma, the former fiancée of his unsolved murder victim.

Neither expects the sparks of attraction between them. But the killer escalates, clearly targeting Emma, and Jake’s job is on the line. Can he solve this case before it’s too late for both of them?


“Within the pages of Dangerous Desires readers will find a suspenseful, steamy, and highly mesmerizing story line certain to keep them on the edge of their seat from start to finish. If you like steamy romance with a touch of thrilling suspense, then this is the perfect read for you!!” -Misty P., Goodreads

Dangerous Desires was a very engaging read. Not just a romance, there is a bit of mystery and suspense as well.  I really enjoyed this read and also love the cover!” -Sue H., Goodreads

“I've honestly never read a Dawn Altieri book before and wow have I been missing out!  A great story with mystery and romance. My favorite kind of book.  I'll definitely be checking out this author for future titles!!” -Ashley H., NetGalley

“This book was very good! It was suspenseful, and it was well written. Very action packed!” -Debbie B., NetGalley

Talk about a hot cop! Detective Jake Quinn is everything you want in a hero.” -Linda T., Goodreads

“I really enjoyed this novel by Dawn Altieri. It was a great mix of suspense and romance. The writing was great. Their chemistry was great and their banter fun.” -Alicia M., Goodreads

“Excellent story with real characters you connect to and feel for. Sweet romance with that sexy hottie made this a pleasure to read.” -Chris C., Goodreads

Additional Details

ISBN: 9781682815298
Series: Killer Instincts, Book 1
Release Date: Jan 27, 2020
Page Count: 435
Imprint: amara
Genre: law enforcement/firemen, mystery & suspense
Tropes: bodyguard/protector, forbidden love/off limits

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By Chris January 11, 2020

Love the story with some suspense, a hottie, and some sweet lovin.
There’s just something about a hot cop that makes me have to read a story. And when you add in some suspense and romance then I’m definitely in my happy place.

Jake is just a sweetheart and has always had a soft spot ...more

By Anita January 30, 2020

Advanced Reader Copy (ARC) provided by the Author and Publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an fair and honest review.

This is a great forbidden romance with a mystery as a side dish. I really would have liked it if the mystery/suspense had been punched up more. As a forbidden romance, the H/h did ...more

By Robyn January 26, 2020

Emma Sloane is finally ready to get her life back on track after the death of her fiance three years ago. Finally, when she is ready to step out of her comfort zone and fulfill her dreams, Emma is randomly attacked outside of her apartment building. But, was it random after all? When women resemblin ...more

By Valeen February 02, 2020

Emma's finally decided she's ready to move on from her fiancé's death three years ago when she's attacked. Enter Detective Jake Quinn, the detective who worked her fiancé's case and is on her new case. She didn't count on the attraction to flare, and when she is in such close proximity to him af ...more

By Cathy February 01, 2020

I received this ARC in exchange for an honest review. Dangerous Desires was a great read! I loved how I couldn't figure out who the killer was until it was revealed. I had my suspicions, but Ms. Altieri kept me guessing, especially with all the red herrings thrown out along the way.

I enjoyed Jake a ...more

By Michelle January 27, 2020

Love romantic suspense stories and this one was great!
Emma Sloane is still trying to get her life back together after the death of her fiance 3 years prior. He was killed in a hit and run and the person responsible was never found. Emma is attacked outside her home and who shows up while she's at th ...more

By Misty (Reds Romance Reviews) December 28, 2019

Three years ago Emma Sloane's life was turned upside down when she lost her fiance, and it has taken every bit of those three years for her to move passed it. She is just now started to feel comfortable in her own skin again, and has even considered to start dating again. But there is someone in her ...more

By Twinsie Talk Angie J January 26, 2020

3.5 rounded up

Check out this review and others at
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Dangerous Desires from Dawn A
I receive this book from the author for an honest review.
I saw an author I love s ...more

By NICUnurse January 27, 2020

Dawn Altieri is a new-to-me author, but I’m a huge romantic suspense lover, and I’m always on the hunt for fresh meat…I mean new authors that I really like their books! Sometimes, these new-to-me authors are a hit. Aaaaaaand sometimes, unfortunately, they are a miss. I’m happy to report that, for me ...more

By Sarah January 01, 2020

Title: Dangerous Desires
Series: n/a
Stand alone: yes
Author: Dawn Altieri
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Blurb: Three years after Emma Sloane's wealthy fiance's mysterious death, she's finally ready to move on and pursue her own dreams. But her plans are derailed when she's attacked outside her New York City ...more

By Jen January 27, 2020

This was a good, solid romantic suspense novel. Emma and Jake are both enjoyable characters, as are many of the half dozen or so peripheral players. The mystery evolves at a reasonable pace, but doesn't manage to at all keep up with the relationship developing between these two. Even with repeated w ...more

By Jennifer January 29, 2020

I do believe that romantic suspense is my favorite trope, as it always provides me with a great excuse to drop f-bombs loudly, and that's truly my happy place. Dangerous Desires is the story of Emma Sloane, who lost her fiance too early in life, and his murder was never solved. It's been 3 years, an ...more

By Sara - Curvy Constellation January 27, 2020

This is my first read by Dawn Altieri and I am always so excited to read something by a new author to me. It’s like getting a fresh perspective. This book was awesome. There is just something about a Detective being the hero in a romance book. They get me every time. I love a good romantic thriller ...more

By Angel January 30, 2020

Emma fought the urge to laugh at her coworker and best friend Lauren who she met with after leaving the office of McMillion Investments. They followed their Monday night ritual: did a little shopping, a little man watching and stopped at the gourmet beverage booth where Lauren was currently harassin ...more

By Linda January 01, 2020

Talk about a hot cop! Detective Jake Quinn is everything you want in a hero – a dedicated homicide detective, albeit one with a reputation of being able to control his emotions. One emotion he has never been able to get ever is his immediate attraction to Emma – the fiancée of hit and run accident t ...more

By Cranky - The Book Curmudgeon March 02, 2020

5 Cranky Stars

This is the best suspenseful romance novel I’ve read in a long time. Jake and Emma are fully fleshed out. I can easily picture them in my head thanks to the writer’s detailed, but not too detailed writing style.

Everything has its place and time in this book. Nothing feels rushed or un ...more

By Heather February 18, 2020

I really liked this romantic suspense, and it kept me reading late into the night. Emma has escaped an attack and is re-introduced to Jake, a detective who had worked her fiancé’s murder several years earlier. This time it seems that there have been a number of murders, and Jake is afraid that Emma ...more

By Page January 29, 2020

I have not read many suspense romance books. It never sparked my interest but this book
has changed all that. These characters were well written and the mystery held my attention
like a fine Sherlock Holmes whodunit. There was a sweet romance wrapped up behind all
this secrecy. Jake was the detective ...more

By Alicia January 06, 2020

I really enjoyed this novel by Dawn Altieri. It was a great mix of suspense and romance.
The writing was great. Their chemistry was great and their banter fun.

Emma Sloane lost her fiance three years in a hit and run accident. She' moving on with her life when she finds herself attacked in what she t ...more

By Sharon January 27, 2020

Emma Sloane is still trying to get her life back after the death of her fiancé three years ago. Justin was killed by a hit and run driver with no arrest made in his death. Emma is attacked outside her home and luckily her neighbor scares the attacker away. When women who look like Emma are murdered, ...more

By Beyond The Covers Blog January 25, 2020

Three years after her fiance's death Emma decided to move forward until...

She was attacked at her apartment. Emma  was surprised that one of the dectives that  was helping her was also investigating her fiance's unsolved murder at one point.

Detective Jake Quinn couldn't believe that the woman who ha ...more

By Lori January 24, 2020

Wow! Talk about an intense ride! The story between Emma and Jake is crazy and tied together for several years. The questioning of who done it leads you to a handful of people throughout the story. But the shocking truth hits you hard. The journey to get there is a bumpy one filled with beginning to ...more

By Diane January 13, 2020

Jake wants to protect Emma!

Emma Sloane wanted to move on with her life after the death of her fiancé in a hit and run accident that was never solved after three years. Emma’s plan to move on was stopped when she was attacked in front of her apartment building and was the first attack on women that l ...more

By Carol January 10, 2020

Emma was attacked just outside her apartment. To her surprise, one of the detectives assigned to her case is Jake, who she met three years ago when her fiancé was the victim of a hit and run. The police never solved the case so Emma does not have much trust in Jake. Jake was also taken by surprise a ...more

By Alice March 21, 2020

Emma's finally decided she's ready to
move on from her fiance's death three years ago when she's attacked outside of her apartment building randomly or it wasn't?
Jake Quinn has always been haunted by the one case that he was unable to solve.
When women resembling Emma start turning up dead, Homicide ...more

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4.08 avg rating
Dawn Altieri

About the author

Dawn Altieri

With an overactive imagination and a slightly twisted mind, Dawn Altieri has been scribbling stories practically since birth. When she’s not curled up on the sofa with her laptop, her latest story, a box of chocolates and a cup of tea (or a glass of wine, depending on the time of day), she can be found volunteering in the world of animal rescue. She shares her home with her husband and daughter, and a menagerie of rescued fur-babies.

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