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Peek Inside Darkside Sun

Since she was six years old, Addison Beckett's seen the world around her unraveling, as if someone is pulling a thread from a sweater and it’s all slowly coming undone. Her arrogant-but-hot professor Asher Green insists that the dead from a parallel dimension are trying to possess the living in this one. And since Addison seems to be the only one who can see these “wraiths,” she just might be the key to saving the world. Stop the wraiths. Break the rules. Save the world. All in a day’s work. Normal was overrated, anyway.

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The dead have been waiting for her…

Addison Beckett tries hard to pretend she’s normal, but she’s far from it. Since she was six years old, she’s seen the world around her unraveling, as if someone is pulling a thread from a sweater and it’s all slowly coming undone. When she ignores it, it goes away, so that’s what she does.

Enter her arrogant-but-hot professor Asher Green. He knows all about her special brand of crazy. In fact, he might be just as nuts as she is. Asher insists that the dead from a parallel dimension are trying to possess the living in this one. And since Addison seems to be the only one who can see these “wraiths,” she just might be the key to saving the world.

Addison wants nothing to do with Asher or his secret society, The Mortal Machine. But as their animosity grows, she finds it harder and harder to ignore the chemistry between them. And when she discovers that Machine laws forbid her from touching him, she realizes that’s all she wants to do.

Stop the wraiths. Break the rules. Save the world. All in a day’s work.

Normal was overrated, anyway.

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By Magen Corrie August 09, 2016

4.5 stars!

*eARC received from NetGalley/Entangled in exchange for an honest review*

My Thoughts:

Im going to be totally honest. I had my doubts about this one. I was back and forth if I should read this one when I was offered the chance. And you know what, Im so flipping happy I took that chance! I... ...more

By Amaleen March 10, 2014

Aside from the incredible storyline, the wonderful world building, the walk-off-the-page characters, and the incredibly sexy Asher Green, one of my favourite things about this novel is the protagonist Addison Beckett.


She's a down to earth, relatable, plaid-wearing heroine who evolves during the c... ...more

By Pam March 09, 2014

*Received ARC from publisher via NetGalley

I absolutely loved this book, it has all the feels. A unique and interesting premise with wraiths from parallel dimensions coming into our world and taking over humans and a secret society tasked with stopping them. Addison suddenly finds herself thrust i... ...more

By Gabbie (Rampant Readers) March 12, 2014

Favorite Quotes

Denial was a wonderful thing, like a rain slicker to keep the deluge of crazy from soaking too deep into my skin.

And Im really not going to hurt you the way you think I am. You dont pick up a dagger like that near a runecovered altar with shackles on it unless you intend to carve m... ...more

By J. March 16, 2014

Entangled Embrace Publishing found a gem when they signed Jocelyn Adams to their lineup of authors.

I've been a fan of Ms. Adams for some time now. It all started with THE GLASS MAN and my addiction to her writing grew from there. After reading all of her works, I have to say DARKSIDE SUN is her b... ...more

By Gabby (What's Beyond Forks?) March 14, 2014

Full Review at: What's Beyond Forks?

Darkside Sun is the first book in the Mortal Machine series by Jocelyn Adams. This novel was stuffed to the brim with everything I like to find in a story, and I simply couldn't get enough of it. The premise and paranormal aspects were unique. I can't say I've... ...more

By Rebecca March 20, 2014

I thought I loved The Glass Man and Lila Gray ... but that was before I read about Addison. Yes, Ms. Adams has grabbed hold of my imagination again with her new Mortal Machine series. Darkside Sun's cover may look familiar, but I can tell you the story inside is different from anything else you'v... ...more

By Terri April 01, 2014

Ever been thrust into a funk because of an incredibly written story???

Ugh. A tortured soul. A swoon-worthy jerk (Don't judge! Read the book!!)A fresh, new world. Unique beyond anything I've read.

While I've always been a huge fan of Ms. Adams, she's found another way to unhinge my jaw and leave m... ...more

By Gigi March 14, 2014

Addison Beckett tries hard to pretend shes normal, but shes far from it. Since she was six years old, shes seen the world around her unraveling, as if someone is pulling a thread from a sweater and its all slowly coming undone. When she ignores it, it goes away, so thats what she does.
Enter her... ...more

By Nas November 03, 2016



I knew this book was going to be awesome, the originality of the paranormal world of wraiths is... ...more

By Denise April 07, 2014

Darkside Sun begins with Addison, a young 18-year-old college student, in her dorm room watching the walls unravel loosing the darkness, losing time, and in a panic about being late for class with an enigmatic and terror inspiring hotty professor. I have to admit that the beginning of this book m... ...more

By Nicci March 11, 2014

HOLY CRAP! Where to begin?! Oh, how about I begin with the fact that this book is New Adult and it's paranormal New Adult?

Now, I know that other genres beyond contemporary romance exist in the new adult category but as things stand - at the moment - other genres are few and far between.
I love th... ...more

By Sharon March 28, 2014

I'm the first to admit that paranormal isn't the first type of book I will grab. I never swooned over the vampire/werewolf fad. I am learning to like urban fantasy, however, and this book is a paranormal romance/urban fantasy.
From the first line, I was hooked. I had a difficult time putting this... ...more

By Jennifer July 25, 2014

Strap yourself in for the ride of your life.
This story starts with a bang and keeps you ducking until the very last sentence. Loved the creative world and the complex story and characters.

A must-read for paranormal and action junkies.

Rubbing my hands together and salivating at the thought of b... ...more

By Sera ~ Catty Reader March 09, 2014

* ARC kindly provided by Entangled Publishing, LLC/Netgalley in exchange for an honest review *

4/5 shifting stars

"Curiosity killed the cat and, maybe soon, the Addison"

The blurb of the book interested me a lot since it's very different from other PNR books I've read so far. This is the first bo... ...more

By Anna March 21, 2014

*Thank you to Rockstar Book Tours for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review*

I must admit I was not expecting this book to be as good as it was but I found myself being sucked into this amazing book. Once you start this novel it is impossible to put its down. Altho... ...more

By Ann May 10, 2014

Addison Beckett/Addy is a college student taking up Accountancy at Waterloo University. Her life is anything but normal, when she is in her own bedroom or familiar places, the walls come to life and wraiths show up. She tries her best to run away from them and didnt tell anyone, not even her fath... ...more

By T.A. March 12, 2014

This review and more can be seen at

The first several chapters, while extremely detailed were also extremely long and unnecessarily drawn out. CFBS, Classic First Book Syndrome, where the author is trying to balance the scales between enough information to form the... ...more

By Ruth March 08, 2014

Darkside Sun presents us a world where other realities exist and a secret society fights a threat from another dimension. Addison is introduced to The Mortal Machine to discover that she has a special role and the easy task of saving the world. With a lot of action, a bit of romance and more brui... ...more

By La_Revenant March 16, 2014

This book sucked me in quickly and, shortly thereafter, it captivated my attention with its unique story line.

Alternate realities? Multiple universes potentially containing other Earths? People tracking and destroying alien-ghost-thingies that could somehow make holes between our worlds to climb... ...more

By Elle (Lost in Wonderland) March 17, 2014

* Many thanks to Entangled Publishing for providing this ARC in exchange for an honest review. *

Sexual Tension, Sexual Tension! SEXUAL TENSION.

...Would be my word of choice to describe this book. Although there is a lot more to the book, including weird bug men, shifting dimensions, and pull... ...more

By Heather March 06, 2014

Book Title: Darkside Sun (Mortal Machine #1) by Jocelyn Adams
Rating: 4 stars
Darkside Sun is the first in what will assuredly become a series of books that follows Addison Beckett, a new adult who has been watching the world literally come apart at the seams since she was six. Now that she... ...more

By DelAnne April 27, 2014

Title: Darkside Sun - Mortal Machine Trilogy Book 1
Author: Jocelyn Adams
Publisher: Entangled Embrace
Published: 3-10-2014
Pages: 291
Genre: Romance
Tags: Contemporary Fiction, Series, Fantasy
Sensual Level: very low
Overall Rating: excellent
Reviewed For: Entangled Romance
Reviewer... ...more

By Elien March 19, 2014

This review and more on So Bookalicious

Right from the start we were pulled into the craziness that is Addisons life. The world crumbles down around her and she truly believes shes crazy since shes the only one who can see it happening. And then she has an encounter with her professor Asher Green... ...more

By Tash July 21, 2017

Reviewed for Confessions From Romaholics

It been a few months since Entangled Embrace line was started and I been wanting to check out some of the offering they had. So when I was offered the chance to review this book , I accepted and was hoping this book would live up to the expectations I have... ...more

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3.93 avg rating
Jocelyn Adams

About the author

Jocelyn Adams

Jocelyn is an office grunt by day and creator of romance and intrigue by night. Born a farmer’s daughter in small town Ontario, she spent her childhood dreaming up stories that remained untold until 2010. With no formal training, she relied on the keen eyes and honest feedback of her writing group to take her from that first short story all the way to THE END of her first novel, and her newest contemporary romance will be coming to Entangled Select in the near future. A two-time finalist in the Pacific Northwest Writers Association Literary Contest, Jocelyn has eight published novels and several shorter works. Her favorite event of the year is the Muskoka Novel Marathon where she gets a little crazy with other authors from Southern Ontario to raise money for adult literacy programs. When she isn’t slinging words, you can find her shooting her bow, reading dark and gritty urban fantasy or paranormal romance, or enjoying the serenity of family life in her little house in the woods.

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