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Peek Inside Deceiving an Earl

Despite their youthful love, Lady Fieldhurst avoids Lord Armbruster, because if he gets too close, the secret she’s kept for seventeen years will destroy everyone she loves.

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Oliver McCaron, Earl of Armbruster, is an influential, self-made man who lives life by his own rules. Though he’s never lacking for female attention, there’s only one woman he wants. And she’s the one woman who won’t have him…again.

Widowed Lady Fieldhurst has spent the last seventeen years avoiding Oliver, after one glorious night together. Her parents had already planned out her life - she was never to become Oliver’s wife, despite their plans to run away. To protect her secret, she had to follow their wishes and marry the elderly earl they had chosen.

Now Ellen’s world is threatened by a blackmailer who could expose everything. She’ll have to face the only man she’s ever loved and ask for help. Because if the truth comes to light, it could ruin more than one life...


This book absolutely, positively goes in my keeper file. A second chance romance that really puts this couple through heartbreaking emotional and physical pain.” Margaret M., Goodreads

A fascinating Victorian historical romance with lots happening all the way through.  I loved every page.” -Petula W., Goodreads

“I loved this reunion story!! So much going on with this story that it kept me reading late into the night just to finish it! This is another home run for Cullen!” -Amy A., NetGalley

Have tissues in hand for this magnificent love story that spans almost two decades.” -Lindsey G., Goodreads

A great storyline with all the right ingredients, romance, actions and hidden secrets.” -S.H., NetGalley

Additional Details

ISBN: 9781640638631
Series: Mayfair Men of Mystery, Book 2
Release Date: Sep 23, 2019
Page Count: 330
Imprint: amara next
Genre: historical, historical victorian, mystery & suspense
Tropes: forbidden love/off limits, one night stand, second chance, secret baby

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By Lori September 23, 2019

Who doesn't like a second chance romance? I really do and this one took 17 years from young love to finally meet up again, and in a most unusual circumstance.
The hero, Oliver, Earl of Armbruster has been working with Scotland Yard and now he is directed to find out some information on a certain... ...more

By Connie September 30, 2019

I received a complimentary copy of this book from Entangled Publishing via NetGalley and I am voluntarily reviewing it.

I was thoroughly enchanted with this story of two star-crossed lovers. Ellen and Oliver met when they were 17. They quickly fell in love and promised to marry. Oliver's father to... ...more

By Suzette September 23, 2019

A wonderful love story. Ellen and Oliver has had their happily ever after delayed by seventeen years. Elena is keeping a secret that could be devastating to all the people she loves. This story shows the depth of love two people can share. It also shows how far a mother will go to protect her chi... ...more

By Cheryl September 25, 2019

There were some very likeable characters in this story, Oliver McCaron, Earl of Armbruster was an honourable person. Even though Ellen hadn’t treated him well, he still loved her and wanted to help her in any way he could. Ellen and Oliver had first met seventeen years ago and throughout the stor... ...more

By SH September 22, 2019

A chance at love between Ellen Hillgrave and Oliver McCaron, Viscount Fairview, is quickly dashed when Ellen is betrothed to the Earl of Fieldhurst. At 17, Ellen decides to accept her parents’ requests, despite her love for Oliver. Whilst they had planned to run away together and marry, Oliver is... ...more

By gwendalyn October 02, 2019

Ellen and Oliver met when they were seventeen. They quickly fell in love and Oliver proposed. Unbeknownst Ellen parents have enteredin a betrothal contract with the older Earl of Fieldhurst. Renowned surgeon, William, has been nipping at Ellen’s heels for months. While Ellen only sees him as a fr... ...more

By Brenda September 25, 2019

Oliver McCaron, Earl of Armbruster, is an influential, self-made man who lives life by his own rules. Though he’s never lacking for female attention, there’s only one woman he wants. And she’s the one woman who won’t have him…again.
Widowed Lady Fieldhurst has spent the last seventeen years avoidi... ...more

By Lorraine September 22, 2019

I was given this book. And I’m glad I read it. I am not going to go over the story. I am not going to re-write a book that the author is already done a fine job of writing. I am going to tell you the motions This book evokes. We have villains. The father being the first as he forces his daughter... ...more

By Petula August 31, 2019

Oliver McCaron, the Earl of Armbruster has recently been working with Scotland Yard. He and another friend helped to capture killers. This time the investigation doesn't seem to be as dangerous or as interesting. Just find out information on a certain man. His problem is that it puts him in conta... ...more

By Debra Dowling September 03, 2019

Oliver and Ellen's love story spans over 17 years. Those years were filled with confusion, deceit, and lost love.
Oliver and Ellen meet when they are 17 and fall madly in love. Ellen's parents decide to marry her off to another gentleman, someone they feel will boost the social status of their fa... ...more

By Debbie September 28, 2019

Miss Ellen Hillgrave and Oliver McCaron, Viscount Fairview met and fell in love when they were both 17, but she ended up married her to the Earl of Fielhurst to protect her secret. Widowed Ellen is now the mother of a 16 year old son, Philip. Ellen and Oliver meet again seventeen years late at a... ...more

By Sissy's Romance Book Review September 25, 2019

Deceiving an Earl by Sharon Cullen is the story of Ellen Fieldhurst and Oliver McCaron, Earl of Armbruster. Ellen and Oliver where young and in love but her parents had other plans for her so she was sent off to marry Lord Fieldhurst. Now 17 years later she is a widower who has been avoiding Oliv... ...more

By Amy September 16, 2019

Ellen and Oliver fell in love at an early age, but knowing that she couldn't go against her family's wishes, she marries another. But 17 yrs later, they end up back in one another's life. Ellen has no one else to turn to and asks Oliver for help with her son. Still in love with her, Oliver decide... ...more

By Margaret September 11, 2019

This book absolutely, positively goes in my keeper file. A second chance romance that really puts this couple through heartbreaking emotional and physical pain.
They met at a ball, instantly fell in love, but kept their meetings secret from their families, Then everything fell apart. Seventeen yea... ...more

By Kim September 20, 2019

Talk about true love. If Oliver didn't truly love Ellen, I'm sure he would have walked away from her if not. Most men would after being told no too many times. I enjoyed, Deceiving the Earl, very much. A lot of it made me wonder about things that happened back then. Whether things could have happ... ...more

By Kyra September 30, 2019

I absolutely adored this book. I'm usually not one for historical romance but I figured I would try this one out and it did not disappoint. I read this book kind of fast but it held my attention to the last page. ...more

By Ann L September 24, 2019

Another wonderful historical story about ladies and dashing Earl's, from start to finish this is an awesome read you won't want to out down

I received a copy from Netgalley and I am voluntarily leaving my own honest opinion ...more

By Amy September 10, 2019

I enjoyed this book by new to me author Sharon Cullen. Ellen and Oliver reunite after 17 years to find the spark is still there. Ellen must learn to trust him in order to find happiness again. I received an ARC through NetGalley and Entangled Publishing for an honest review. ...more

By Jolie September 05, 2019

Very good book, wished it would ha e been longer then 252 pages but if this author keeps going. I’d read another book. That left turn in the story was surprising. ...more

By Cosima September 06, 2019

Absolutely fantastic had me gripped!!! Loved it! Can't wait for more from.this author. Storyline was great, characters were easy to.connect with

Thank you for the advanced copy ...more

By Lindsey September 20, 2019

Oliver McCaron, Earl of Armbruster, spent seventeen years wondering what happened to his Ellen to change her mind about marrying him. Ellen instead married the Earl of Fieldhurst, a man twice her age. While in the same circles, the two never spoke to each other until Oliver showed up at Ellen’s s... ...more

By Synergy_Quest October 29, 2019

3.5 stars - I always enjoy a Sharon Cullen historical romance. This one is no different. However, it gets 3.5 stars instead of 5 because the heroine was so spineless and weak willed. She was bullied by everyone who wanted to take a jab (sometimes literally) at her. She was also all ‘woe is me’ th... ...more

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3.83 avg rating
Sharon Cullen

About the author

Sharon Cullen

Bios are the hardest things to write. I always want to be interesting and make it sound like I’m a world traveler. Unfortunately I’m not a world traveler. Yet. And I like to think I’m witty but my bio doesn’t seem so witty. So here is an unofficial bio–bulleted and in list form. 1. I wrote my first book when I was nine years old. It was about a girl and her horse and it was written on a flip top spiral notebook. I designed and drew the cover myself. 2. I attended three high schools and met my husband on the first day of my third high school. I’m not uber-religious but I believe that God had a hand in that. 3. When I was thirty-three I decided to get serious about my life-long dream of publishing a book. I gave myself a deadline of four years to get published. I figured people earn a college degree in four years and that should be adequate time for me to learn to write a novel. 4. My first published book, A Forever Kind of Thing, was published four years after I started writing. 5. I have three very talented kids. One is talented in music, another in writing (hmmmm) and another in sports. 6. I love dogs. If I could I would adopt every homeless dog out there.

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