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Peek Inside Delicious Temptation

Amara Robles is a good girl who gave up her pastry chef dreams to help her parents with their struggling Mexican bakery. But when her brother's sexy ex-best friend walks into the bakery, Amara's tempted to be very bad indeed. One glance at Amara and her wicked curves, and Eric Valencia finds himself thinking deliciously naughty thoughts—things that he promised Amara's brother he wouldn't do. Now this bad boy is in deep trouble...because Amara's determined to have her cake, and Eric too.

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The only thing naughtier than a bad boy is a good girl…

Amara Maria Robles is a good girl. So good that she gave up her dreams of becoming a renowned pastry chef to help her parents with their struggling Mexican bakery. Yet her parents reject any changes she suggests, and refuse to sell her mouth-watering confections. Clearly being a good girl isn’t paying off. So when her brother’s sexy ex-best friend walks into the bakery, Amara’s tempted to be very bad indeed…

After a scandal twelve years ago, resident bad boy Eric Valencia has returned to make things right with his family and friends. One glance at Amara and her wicked curves, however, and Eric finds himself thinking about how she’d feel beneath him—something he promised Amara’s brother he would never think about, let alone do. But this bad boy is deep trouble…because Amara’s determined to have her cake, and Eric, too.


"Sabrina Sol is a new-to-me author and as soon as I saw the announcement for this book, her debut Brazen release, and I read the blurb I just knew I had to read it." --Maggie Reads Rom, Goodreads

"This two are fantastic together and they both seem to bring out the best in the other. I really enjoyed reading this from the first page to the last. I definitely recommend it." --Bette Hansen, Goodreads

"I REALLY enjoyed this book. " --Felicia Grossman, Goodreads

Additional Details

ISBN: 9781633752726
Series: Delicious Desires, Book 1
Release Date: May 19, 2015
Page Count: 240
Imprint: brazen
Genre: contemporary, multi-cultural
Tropes: bad boy/bachelor/playboy reformed, older brother's best friend

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By Ivy February 20, 2019

Quick(ish) Review
I loooooved this so much. I knew I had been hoarding this on my TBR Mountain for a rainy day and today is finally that day.

Amara Robles came home after years away building her career as a pastry chef to help her family’s struggling bakery in East LA, and sometimes, when you go home ...more

By Maf (Bookworm Wanders) August 17, 2020

This book will make you hungry and happy, so make sure you have some Mexican pan de dulce while reading it. ...more

By Dianne May 06, 2015

Sometimes, a person can be too good, too accommodating and forget to think of what they need. Amara is beautiful, hardworking and has put all of her hopes and dreams on hold when her family’s small bakery is in trouble and her parents are unable to run it. She has her own dreams and ideas to help sa ...more

By SuperWendy December 16, 2018

I'm generally not a fan of the Best Friend's Little Sister trope because I find the underlying paternalism too icky, but this one hit spot and I inhaled it in it's entirety on a lazy Sunday morning. It helps that it features one of my favorite themes - characters trapped by their pasts and yearning ...more

By Irene January 27, 2017

3.5 stars

I really enjoyed reading Delicious Temptation, the storyline was interesting and kept me turning the pages, I highly recommend this book.

Thank you Entangled Brazen via Netgalley for the advance copy. ...more

By Felicia January 26, 2020

I REALLY enjoyed this book. Both Amara and Eric are trying to prove themselves. She's been called home from a pastry chef job in Chicago to help the family's struggling bakery except her parents don't trust her to do anything BUT bake (and nothing out of the box). She attempted a cupcake shop early ...more

By Jenica October 05, 2019

I enjoyed this one quite a bit, but I really hate when books have mothers who will not let their grown children make their own choices. It's a thing for me. That said, this book is really lovely and I especially loved the way Eric supported Amara going for her dreams. I'm looking forward to continui ...more

By jaylen March 16, 2017

3.5** ...more

By Mel March 06, 2017

She was really getting sick of people who felt they knew what was best for her without asking her what she wanted.

Have you ever read a book that is not exactly brilliant literature but that resonated with you in a way you can’t really explain? That was this book for me. Let’s try to diss ...more

By Kim Reads September 09, 2016

Reviewed for Read Your Writes Book Reviews
by Kim

Sabrina Sol has brought something Entangled Brazen has been missing, diversity. A contributing factor to me wanting to read Delicious Temptation was because the hero and heroine were both Mexican American. The fact that there was a bakery involved and ...more

By MaggieReadsRom May 18, 2015

Sabrina Sol is a new-to-me author and as soon as I saw the announcement for this book, her debut Brazen release, and I read the blurb I just knew I had to read it. So when an e-mail came from Entangled with this one as an option for review, I immediately signed up and to my great pleasure I was appr ...more

By Beyond the Pages May 13, 2015

Delicious Temptation...I totally loved the title and how it played into the whole bakery concept! As I was reading the story, I just knew for certain that the title would end up being the name of one of Amara's cupcakes. In fact, there were several descriptive terms that I thought would make good cu ...more

By Mandy May 16, 2015

Amara moved back home to help her parents with their failing bakery. She's a good girl and a good daughter. Eric moves home to help his sick grandma after 12 years of being gone. He left town and never looked back. He was the town bad boy, the type of guy that girls would date to make their parents ...more

By Jenny May 21, 2015

I received this book as an ARC for an honest reveiw

In this book we meet Amara Marie and Eric. Eric use to be friends with Amara Marie's brother but one day he just disappeared. Now he is back but no one knows why but Eric knows that he wants to get to know the gorgeous woman in front of him but when ...more

By Bette May 11, 2015

I really loved this story! Amara Robles has always had big dreams. Unfortunately the demands and needs of her family have kept her truly pursuing them. Now once again, she's back home helping to run the family bakery. Eric Valencia has made some huge mistakes in his life but he's on the right track ...more

By Heather April 30, 2015

When Eric gets a booboo he has one remedy he wants Amara to give to him, "are you going to kiss it and make it better?” he asked, his voice low and husky." He's always locked and loaded when his girl is around, "his c*** jerked to attention . “Sounds good to me. I’m ready to go." He says the most ro ...more

By N.G.Peltier February 22, 2018

I finallyyyy read this, after being recced it for so long and i looved it!

Loved the writing style and omggg the food descriptions. i want to taste each and every one of Amara's pastries.

I really loved the relationship between the reformed bad boy and supposed good girl. So steaaaaamyyyy.

Luckily i ...more

By Dawn May 30, 2015

good girl meet bad boy. this book was good. i think amara and eric are great for each other. amara doesnt want to be seen as the good girl anymore and who better to hook up with than the recently returned bad boy in town eric. they are great for each other and really balance one another out. good re ...more

By Elisabet October 25, 2018


Not only is this romance swoon worthy but it was so relatable it hurt! I am mad this is only my first Sabrina Sol book!!! I love seeing myself in books (heart eyes) ...more

By M March 14, 2018

I was in a foodie mood thanks to Silvana's amazing post which you should check just google TheBookVoyagers it's the most recent recommendation list.

This book has a heroine who loves to bake and I loved how she made Latin desserts with modern twists. I got reallyyyyy hungry and wanted to try everythi ...more

By Sandra November 05, 2018

Amara has always been the good girl, which is why she gave up her pastry chef job in Chicago to help out her parents’ bakery in East L.A. Being Mexican, her parents had an “unyielding grip on ‘simple’ and ‘traditional.” Then, one day, a guy she once knew as a kid returns to the old neighborhood. Ev ...more

By Megan August 13, 2017

Ok, someone seriously needs to adapt this series into movies!! I would 1000% watch them AND maybe it would bring back good romcoms :) But, anyway, this book was so great. I was rooting for Amara from that first page (my family does not own a bakery but omg I think I have lived that very first scene ...more

By Jessica March 05, 2017

Finally!!! Finally, it was such a relief to find another book that didn't drive me crazy with rollercoaster emotions. This book was a huge success for me. It's what I call one of those feel good books, no heavy drama or huge storyline, just something somewhat short, sweet and simple. This was a perf ...more

By Esther O. April 10, 2020

Amara's struggle to carve her own path while honoring her parents is gonna be hugely relateable to folks. Sol also knows how to write a dirty-talking hero. And I'm always a sucker for a baker heroine! I did not like the poor communication between the leads, and the "we can't be together, but first w ...more

By Socalgal5 November 28, 2018

I loved the Delicious Temptation. Amara and Eric are great fleshed out characters. They both have their struggles and are dealing with them. The story had a good arc and pacing. I was engaged throughout the whole book. And the sexy times were A+!!

I will definitely be doing a re-read of this book soo ...more

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3.58 avg rating
Sabrina Sol

About the author

Sabrina Sol

Sabrina Sol is the chica who loves love. She writes about sexy and smart Latinas in search of their Happily Ever After. She lives in sunny Southern California with her husband, 3 kids, 2 Beagles and 1 very lazy Bulldog.

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