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Peek Inside Disease X

An exciting new title on Sideways!

Disease X

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A plane carrying a Russian biochemist crashes in the Alaskan wilderness with no survivors.

A dying billionaire launches a final fight against death amid whispers of a now defunct military bioweapon: Project Snowcap.

The world's leading CRISPR virologist, Doctor Elijah Vance, hovers on the edge of a breakthrough that will alter humanity at its most fundamental level.

And in a remote village in Mexico, an unknown disease is spreading.

Following the death of his missionary parents to an ebola outbreak when he was a young child, Eli has dedicated his life to finding a cure for all viruses. Drafted onto the WHO Fast Response Team sent to lock down a possible outbreak in Mexico, he realizes that this is the big one they've been waiting for. Disease X: the unknown pathogen with the potential to destroy mankind.

It's a battle of man against virus. And we're losing. As the deaths mount and civilization breaks down, the team must race against the clock to connect the clues and uncover patient zero. But Eli is unprepared for the shocking secrets he exposes when the truth is finally revealed.


"Great story. Excellent writing. Action packed. Will keep you reading till late into the night and also give you serious paranoia about catching any virus."  - Katherine Fuller

"An excellent medical thriller with a great storyline and realistic characters. A very well written story with lots of action and plenty of suspense. This scary thriller was very hard to put down." - JPhillips
"Wow, what a great read! It makes you stop and think anything is possible." - Rissa 275
"Wonderful book! Just when you thought you might know why this was happening, you found out you were wrong." - Jaimee
"Great story. Do NOT read it if you have work to do. You won't be table to put the book away. Good writing. Love this author." - Harpist

Additional Details

ISBN: 9781640637405
Release Date: Jan 6, 2020
Page Count: 408
Imprint: sideways
Genre: mystery & suspense
Tropes: overcoming odds

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By Matt May 12, 2020

At a time when it seems the world has been turned on its head, it is sometimes fun to read a book that encapsulates a similar pandemic feel. N.J. Croft released this book just before widespread public knowledge came out about COVID-19, with some eerie, loose parallels—though nothing like those in De ...more

By Mary February 25, 2020

While this isn't my usual genre of book, I like the disease outbreak type of books and movies and with the Coronavirus in the news right now it seemed like a good time to read this type of book.

This book starts off with a plane crash ten years before and then in present day there are small outbreak ...more

By Sandy S March 05, 2020

4.5 stars-- DISEASE X by NJ. (Nina) Croft is a contemporary, adult, sci-fi, medical thriller focusing on an unknown virus that wipes out most of the world’s population.

Told from third person perspective DISEASE X follows virologist Dr. Elijah Vance as he is sent to Mexico, by the WHO (World Health O ...more

By Cheryl March 18, 2020

Pretty scary in this time of COVID-19

I've always enjoyed post-apocalyptic books including books about pandemics. This book hit close to home, though, during this tense time since the COVID-19 virus has hit worldwide.

In the story, a Rapid Response Team is sent by the World Health Organization to a sm ...more

By Jim February 16, 2020

An excellent medical thriller with a great storyline and realistic characters. A very well written story with lots of action and plenty of suspense. This scary thriller was very hard to put down. A highly recommended book that will get you thinking about how scary a virus can be. ...more

By Jill January 15, 2020

Excellent writing. The characters came to life. So realistic it was scary. ...more

By Cynthia L. Turner January 13, 2020


Mankind has so much to learn. Viruses, bacteria, germs that are invisible to the human eye without a microscope. Dr. Eli Vance comes across such a virus. The results for mankind are so very interesting. Read this so real novel and PRAY, even if you don't believe, PRAY anyway! ...more

By Mandi November 02, 2020

Blow out that baited breath of tension you're holding...

Run a hand through your hair, pop some painkillers, and blow out that breath of air you're holding... cause the tension and excitement might just put you a little on edge that you'll be holding your breath as much as the characters.

Gratuitous ...more

By Jim April 27, 2020

Disease X versus Corona

I decided to read this book to see if there was anything that relates to our current Coronavirus experience. Some of the material and science do absolutely correlate. Disease X seems to describe a worse case scenario. Far worse than Corona! But the science appears useful when ...more

By S. March 04, 2020

I really enjoyed this book and this may seem morbid but it's a fascinating story especially with the current pandemic of COVID-19 (coronavirus). One thing in particular I enjoyed was the book was written in several characters perspectives so I felt like I got a better grasp of the story from see eve ...more

By Jana March 01, 2020

~ eCopy provided via NetGalley~

I read most of this book in two days. It took a little while to pick up pace but I couldn't put it down once the plot was established. This was a solid medical thriller. I especially liked the non-traditional ending, even though it was a little cheesy.

The only thing I ...more

By Alexandra March 31, 2020

This was reminiscent of Dan Brown and Michael Crichton - infinitely better than Brown’s work, since the main character was more than just an egotistical self insert. It reminded me of the joy I’ve always felt reading. Crichton, and how much I miss him. I refrained from giving it 5 starts due to the ...more

By Mark A. Greenberg May 07, 2020

Pretty predictable

Kept my interest, especially during this time of covid 19. We should not forget that we may get away with this one and we better be more prepared for whatever comes next. ...more

By Janis April 28, 2020

I don’t normally read this genre, but with Coronavirus keeping me home, this seemed like an appropriate book to read. It felt very much to me like a Michael Crichton thriller. From me, that’s high praise because Crichton is one of my favorites. ...more

By Jeffrey H Phillips April 28, 2020

Both frightening and sobering in its premise.

COVID on steroids. A bleak reminder of what could happen with a more infectious and lethal virus. Further proof that we have to trust the science and the scientists. ...more

By part time librarian February 06, 2020

How soon can this book be made into a movie? I mean it was that good ! I have always been a fan of these virus, bug,flu, germ type books and this one has moved to my top list of sure exciting and fast paced. It's just so real and to think it could happen tomorrow is what gives it the wow! Oh no you ...more

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4.34 avg rating
N.J. Croft

About the author

N.J. Croft

After a number of years wandering the world in search of adventure, N.J. Croft finally settled on a farm in the mountains and now lives off-grid, growing almonds, drinking cold beer, taking in stray dogs, and writing stories where the stakes are huge and absolutely anything can happen.

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