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Peek Inside Encore

I lied my way into a band, humiliated them on stage, and got my heart broken by the bassist. Now...we’re on tour together. This is the best opportunity we may ever have –and it’s already a disaster. We’re broke and we can't stop fighting

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5 band members. 2 weeks. 1 road trip from hell…

I lied my way into a band, humiliated them on stage, and got my heart broken by the bassist. Now…we’re on tour together.

Of course my dad, who I haven’t seen since he kicked me out, makes a surprise visit the day before we leave. Spoiler alert: It doesn’t go well. I have to quit the band and go to college or he’s cutting me out of his life for good.

This tour is the best opportunity we may ever have – and it’s already a disaster. We’re broke. We can’t stop fighting. And being in such close quarters to Sean isn’t exactly helping me get over him. Even though we’re just friends now, every time our fingers brush or our eyes catch, my heart betrays me. He’s the kind of distraction I can’t afford to have right now…no matter how much I wish things were different.

This is one road trip that will be hard to forget…


"It was a hell of a tour! I am still starving for more moments with the band" -Ariana, Goodreads Reviewer

"Tara Kelly has quickly rise up as one of my favorite author for 2016, and I can't wait to read the rest of the series!" -Natasha M., Dreamland Teenage Fantasy Blog
"There are a few scenes that most certainly broke my heart, and the scrappy crew that makes up this band has reluctantly wormed their way into my heart and I wish them nothing but happiness and success." -Eri, Goodreads Reviewer
"This book was a roller coaster of emotions. Though it's of the YA/NA genre, it resonated deeply with me since the issues experienced by each character could affect or happen to anyone." -Ree, Goodreads Reviewer
"Honest, emotional and a little bit raw, Encore is a great follow up novel and I am excited to see what else Tara Kelly will give us with these characters." -Sara W., Que Sara Sera Book Blog

Additional Details

ISBN: 9781622663040
Series: Amplified, Book 2
Release Date: Dec 5, 2016
Page Count: 422
Imprint: embrace
Genre: contemporary, new adult
Tropes: friends to lovers

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By Christina December 14, 2016

4 Stars - 2.5 Flames

I didn't read the first installment to this series. In fact, I haven't even looked to see which characters it was about. I didn't need to. This one pretty much read like a standalone and I wonder if reading the first one would have made a difference in my opinion. Probably no... ...more

By Aamrah August 02, 2018

Good. I was hoping there'd be a sequel. I was SURE there'd be a sequel. The first book ended on a question mark. For me, anyway. Besides as soon as I saw the cover for amplified I thought, "How cool would it be if this were a series and the covers were all kind of the same but with different colo... ...more

By Roxanne December 06, 2016

Thanks to Entangled and Netgalley for a copy of the eARC in exchange for a fair review.

Whew where do I start, I opened this expecting one hell of a romance, and well I got that and so much more. Most romances are heavy on the romance and short on the storyline. This was heavy on... ...more

By K. December 17, 2016

I'm already a Tara Kelly fan-girl because of Harmonic Feedback ("touch of Aspergers" sound technician YA book-- pretty much should be required reading for any YA fan or person who works with youth I think).

So I went into Encore, the sequel to Amplified's story of a girl from a privile... ...more

By Maru February 03, 2017

I had been anticipating this sequel for a while now and it did not disappoint. I read it in one sitting, and I've been in a reading slump for a while now, so that's saying something. I really love how realistic Tara Kelly has been throughout this whole Amplified series. It's one of the things I a... ...more

By Natshane December 05, 2016

I voluntarily read and reviewed an ARC of Encore by Tara Kelly courtesy of Entangled Publishing and the author! You guys are amazing <3

I embrace "diversity" in a book and Encore is the perfect representation of why books continue to surprise me in the most pleasant ways. I've never read the... ...more

By Doris December 14, 2016

This is a rock romance that takes a band on the road for their very first time and it is wrought with so many things that it will keep you enthralled from the beginning until the very end. Ms. Kelly sure isn’t afraid to touch on a lot of social issues from mental health issues, to stalking, to cy... ...more

By JoAnna December 01, 2016

4 stars

Let me start with this is the second book in the Amplified series. I did not read book one so I believe I left myself a little short changed at times not really knowing these characters. I read this so I review it based on what I read. I went in with an open mind not knowing an... ...more

By Ree December 01, 2016

This book was a roller coaster of emotions. Though it's of the YA/NA genre, it resonated deeply with me since the issues experienced by each character could affect or happen to anyone.

Jasmine and her bandmates experience so much on their short tour, but the book doesn't feel rushed, n... ...more

By Catarina Szelsky † December 06, 2016



By Alycia November 16, 2016

Cover is up!! ...more

By Julie June 27, 2017

It was really good. It was a little long but towards the end the book had me in tears. ...more

By Erika March 22, 2017


A book that bravely voiced out social issues with a staggering amount of realness to it. It was surprisingly gritty that would leave its readers not only thinking of societal injustice that once in our lives we saw or even experienced ourselves, but also would spur us into action, to do somethin... ...more

By NJ December 07, 2016

***Contains Spoilers***

What *did* I think? Hmm, in short; this book was so much more than expected. However it wasn't perfect.

What I disliked:
- So Jason was finally introduced. But only for a second. Why bring him in at all if we're only going to spend a full second with... ...more

By KS March 13, 2017

This reads like a YA book with adult themes. You don’t have to read Book #1 to catch on to this one – I didn’t – but it would probably help to know more of the back story.

The blurb reads “5 Band Members. 2 Weeks. 1 Road Trip from Hell.” That seems to be an accurate description. Jasmin... ...more

By Laura December 04, 2016

3.5 Stars

I was drawn to this book by the blurb. After the first chapter, I looked up the author and realized that this was a sequel to another book so I stopped to read that one first. Thankfully I did, otherwise I think I would have been a little lost with Encore.

This boo... ...more

By Chris November 02, 2018

Encore is some kind of reading therapy!

Nothing really goes right in Jazz's life. And I mean, nothing: from her own lies, her dad's ultimatum, her band's struggle's, her crush's hot-and-cold act, and her friends' wake up call, Jazz is in a perpetual state of anxious tension that creates this sense of general...

By Ari April 10, 2019

I don’t know what to do about this review.
No matter where I try to start and where I want to finish, it all feels way too personal. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve never been through any of these situations described in the book, but I can relate to most of them at some level, I can understand the struggle, th... ...more

By Eri December 13, 2016

You can read more of my reviews on my blog.

This is a tough book to review, not only because it could be painful to read, but also because of the depth and darkness that hides behind the usual contemporary fare. On the surface, this book does seem a tad like a cutesy road trip book, and while...

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Tara Kelly

About the author

Tara Kelly

Tara Kelly adores variety in her life. She’s an author, one-girl-band, graphic designer, editor, and photographer. Storm chaser may be in the cards one of these days—we’ll see! She’s also an avocado addict and all-around goofball. Tara enjoys writing about misfits and non-neurotypicals, because that’s her tribe. She lives in Sin City with her beloved guitars, sound design master bf, and a fluffy cat named Maestro.

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