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Peek Inside Fanning the Flames

Being a shape-shifting dragon has its perks, but being forced into an arranged marriage isn’t one of them. If Bryn McKenna doesn’t say “I do,” she’ll lose everything. Good-bye flying. Good-bye best friends. Good-bye magic.

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She isn't afraid of anything...except losing the knight she loves.

Bryn McKenna has it all, including her smoking-hot knight turned live-in boyfriend, Valmont. Even though she’s a hybrid dragon, she’s finally fitting into the new shape-shifting dragon world that’s become her own. But her grandparents want to ruin everything by making Bryn’s nightmare of an arranged marriage to Jaxon Westgate a reality. It doesn’t help that Jaxon’s father is on a witch hunt for Rebel sympathizers and Bryn finds herself in his line of fire.

If she doesn’t say, “I do,” she’ll lose everything. Good-bye flying. Good-bye best friends. Good-bye magic. But if she bends to her grandparents’ will and agrees to marry Jaxon, she’ll lose the love of her life—her knight.

The Going Down in Flames series is best enjoyed in order.
Reading Order:
Book one: Going Down in Flames
Book two: Bridges Burned
Book three: Trial by Fire
Book four: Fanning the Flames
Book five: Burning Bright


5 stars: "This is a well-written story, and it flows quickly and smoothly, easily capturing and keeping your attention throughout. There is some violence and character death (which is to be expected with a rebellion/battles) as well as some torture. All the teenagers are forced to mature quickly. [...] The end has some closure but is left open for the next book, which I will be anxiously waiting to read!"-Olivia Farr, Goodreads Reviewer

4 stars: "Another amazing addition to the Going Down in Flames series. This one is teeming with tantalizing twists and can move fluidly from brazen to tender and heartfelt in one page. Chris Cannon is a powerful writer, able to make you feel every single word from the first page to the last." -Kristin Carfi, Books in Brogan

5 stars: "As a huge fan of the Going Down in Flames series, I have to commend Fanning The Flames for being another fantastic book in this series. There is no lull in either the pace or quality of the series, it's as sharp and as interesting as ever. Bryn has come a long way from who she was in book one and it showed in her character, decision and behaviours. The witty Bryn once again captured my heart and made me enraptured in another wonderful piece of her journey. Fanning The Flames started with action and from there it was a fun filled ride." -Cassie James, author of Queen of Fire

4 stars:  "[I]t was more like reaching the end of the first part of a conclusion, like Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 1, you understand why it was played out this way but you're left hungry for more." -Gia Shaw, Goodreads Reviewer

"I'm kind of in it to win it at this pointWith everything that happened in the last quarter of the book, I need to know how it all goes down for Bryn." -Kristin Bingham, Book Sniffers Anonymous

Additional Details

ISBN: 9781633758773
Series: Going Down in Flames, Book 4
Release Date: Mar 6, 2017
Page Count: 323
Imprint: teen
Genre: fantasy, paranormal, shifters, young adult
Tropes: enemies to lovers, fish out of water, forbidden love/off limits, forced proximity

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By Danielle's June 10, 2018

"Only those who have given their all may enter. Those who have taken everything must give to see"

At this point, it's safe to say I'm a fan of this series. I just can't get enough. Fanning the flames has mystery, magic, battles and some cool tricks. This book had me on the edge of my chair. I've rea ...more

By Cassie March 03, 2017

Thanks to Entangled Teen for providing an ARC in exchange for am honest review, This doesn't influence my opinion on it in any way.
As a huge fan of the Going Down in Flames series, I have to commend Fanning The Flames for being another fantastic book in this series. There is no lull in either th ...more

By Diane March 09, 2017

Chris Cannon’s FANNING THE FLAMES, is an amazing addition as the fourth book to the Going Down in Flames series. The story takes place following book three, TRIAL BY FIRE. Red/blue-hybrid dragon shifter, Bryn McKenna, is finally feeling like she is starting to fit in. Things are going well with her ...more

By Diane March 09, 2017

Fanning The Flames (Going Down in Flames, #4) by Chris Cannon Chris Cannon’s FANNING THE FLAMES, is an amazing addition as the fourth book to the Going Down in Flames series. The story takes place following book three, TRIAL BY FIRE.  Red/blue-hybrid dragon shifter, Bryn McKenna, is finally feeling ...more

By taveena September 17, 2017

**5 stars**

Chris, oh my sweet beloved Chris. WHY THE HELL DID YOU DO THIS TO ME? I neeeeed the next book and you tell me it will come out NEXT YEAR?!?!? How am I supposed to survive that long? Is it even possible???


Anyway-the real review.

Fanning the Flames picks up right where Trial By Fire left of ...more

By Paula March 05, 2017

When I saw that Chris Cannon had a new Dragon book out, I was so excited as I couldn't wait to get back into the adventures, trials, and tribulations that Bryn and her group of friends go through. For those who have read the previous books, you will remember how Bryn and her Knight Valmont found the ...more

By Velina February 11, 2018

"Have you considered asking them to name a room after you? You seem to spend a lot of time here."

I want the next book

My baby boy Jaxon has been hilarious as usual
"If my father disowns me, I could always marry Bryn for her money."

Bryn has been injured for the 20000th time
Valmo ...more

By Olivia March 01, 2017

“Fanning the Flames” is the continuation of a series about people who shift into dragons. Dragons live by a strong division along the lines of colors, which dictates who they will marry and what kind of jobs they will hold. Bryn is a rare (and often despised) hybrid who has been accepted into the ru ...more

By BookHookup March 12, 2017

See Ana's full review at The Book Hookup!!

This is another fun read and I really enjoyed it. The story picks up where the last book left off and continues the adventures of Bryn, Jaxon, Valmont, and the rest of the gang. There are some expected elements here but also many unforeseen surprises as well ...more

By Gia February 25, 2017

Well this book was a bit of a contradiction 3.75

How to put this... I'd say roughly 80% of this book moved along at a fairly sedate pace, which wasn't a bad thing, just different to previous instalments, but I definitely won't be describing it as action packed.

Things started to pick up in the last q ...more

By Dorine March 09, 2017

Bryn McKenna is a hybrid dragon that has a dragon knight named Valmont. She lives in a world where arranged marriages are done to keep blood lines pure. Too bad she's in love with her knight and not her intended, Jaxon Westgate, but that's okay because Jaxon is in love with someone else too.

Bryn and ...more

By CrazyCat (Alex) March 06, 2017

I looove dragons. I think they are my favorite supernatural creatures. Or shape shifters? Well, whatever they are, they are the best. I think my dragon OCD started with this series and the way Chris Cannon presented an ordinary world filled with different kind of dragons and knights to protect them. ...more

By Fas_sihah September 06, 2017

I just finished reading this. And is that all? The pace is slow and dragging forever. But in the end, when the actions are starting to spark, it ends. Just like that. I can see why some reviews said there are a lot of fillers and so many characters have been left out. They helped her in certain plot ...more

By Aveelady May 14, 2017

LOVED ITTT!! Although I hated the end soooo much. How valmont said he still loved her but she still hung up... How Rhianna is gone...😭. Now I'm all for team bryxon!! ...more

By Lenore May 31, 2019

I received a free copy through NetGalley in exchange for an honest and unbiased review/opinion.

4 stars — OK, the WEIRDEST thing has happened. I thought I had only read the first 3 books in this series and had the last 2 to finally finish it. But as I was rerea ...more

By books are love March 19, 2017

Overall love the book and series. this is more action packed than the last and we get to see more of Jaxon and who he really is. We also get more of selfish Bryn. She seriously doesn’t take in account Valmont’s feelings. She thinks of her own life and future. Doesn’t think hey valmont may not like b ...more

By Angela December 28, 2017

Directorate has decided to use the knight/dragon bond to search for weapons that can help them with the Rebels. They also have decided that others need to have a knight of their own (although they want same gender pairings- saves on the heartache). One more thing they have decided, that the marriage ...more

By Carrie March 18, 2017

These books are just wonderful to read. All the pages seem to fly by (ha! get it? this is a dragon shifter book!) and I'm left wanting even more with each new installment.

Bryn is the star of this series and she has been put through more trials than any teen should be. She recently lost her parents, ...more

By Ana March 12, 2017

Have you ever completely understood why something had to happen yet your heart still fought it? Me too. This book moves the story forward in a couple of different ways and I’m not sure how I feel about it. Don’t get me wrong, I really enjoyed this story…it has character growth, action, mystery, and ...more

By Kati June 14, 2018

Dragons, battles, danger, magic... I think I am in love with this series. The world has certainly expanded since the first book and this is a world I simply adore. The plot had me on the edge of my seat and I am very invested in the characters at this point in the series. 

Bryn is back baby, and she ...more

By Shiloh March 07, 2017

I was given this ARC from the publisher for an honest review.

First of all, I love this series. So, in an effort to be honest, this review could be slightly biased. Although, I haven't given all of the books in the series 5 stars, so I am obviously not that biased. But this one definately deserves 5. ...more

By Karen June 06, 2018

>Book Review – Fanning the Flames
>I am an independent reviewer. This book is the 4th in the Going Down in Flames series and keeps the story line going. This book was good, but the saddest of the series by far. The book ends in heartbreak with the reader hoping the next book has an HEA for Bryn. Ther ...more

By Savannah February 28, 2019

This book series (and all of Chris's books if I'm being honest😂❤) is so completely immersing and thrilling to read and find yourself in. I read this book in a day, no bathroom or food breaks because I was so drawn in I absolutely could not put it down. This book and its series is full of beautiful, ...more

By Marie August 09, 2017

This book the fourth instalment in the going down in flames series is amazing. I really hope it's not the last in the series. Following Bryn a hybrid dragon shifter in the ups and downs of her life at the institute, a school for dragons. The up coming war with other hybrid dragons that until recentl ...more

By Emilia May 14, 2020

Cannon finally answers questions and wraps up the storyline from the previous three books in this continuation. It's good to see the main characters growing, especially Bryn and Jaxon, and better understand the different levels of rebellion and ways the dragon society works. While not necessarily th ...more

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Chris Cannon

About the author

Award Winning Author

Chris Cannon

Chris Cannon is the award-winning author of the Going Down In Flames series and the Boyfriend Chronicles. She lives in Southern Illinois with her husband and several furry beasts. She believes coffee is the Elixir of Life. Most evenings after work, you can find her sucking down caffeine and writing fire-breathing paranormal adventures or romantic comedies. You can find her online at

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