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Peek Inside Forbidden Desire

Being a sex goddess means all the sex I want—except with the man I desire most. So I kidnap him, only to find he’s a virgin. And his skin lacks sensation. Then I discover his biggest secret.

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Being a sex goddess should be my dream come true—as much sex as I want, with magic powers to heal people, too. Until I realize the enormously strong human I desire most is completely off-limits. My people will put me in prison if I’m caught with a human.

But one encounter together leaves me panting for more. So I kidnap him and take him to an alien sex retreat. I soon discover not only is my big strong human a virgin, his bio-engineering might have made him the largest person I’ve ever seen, but also it made him unable to feel any sensation on his skin.

We’ve got three days to try to heal him with my sex powers before I risk someone discovering us. Then I find out his biggest secret…

Each book in the Planet of Desire series is STANDALONE:
*Toxic Desire
*Captive Desire
*Stolen Desire
*Forbidden Desire


"As amazing, detailed, imaginative, and exhilarating as all the sex is, there’s a plot behind it all, involving a forbidden romance, a political rebellion, and a spiritual conflict." --Bob, Goodreads

"This is my first book by this author, as I couldn't pass up the sexy alien heroine on the cover, but it won't be my last! It was banana-pants crazy, scorchingly hot, and fun! I can't wait to read more!" --Megan, Goodreads

"Forbidden Desires is an explosive collection of the beautifully unexpected, the passionately surprising, and wonderfully normal all combining to bring us the most unexpected of climaxes." --Amber, Goodreads

"While this is deliciously sexy, super hot (Hello sex arena and sex games) its also feminist, playful, fun, empowering, deep, emotional, and sports some excellent laugh out loud scenes." --Nadine, Goodreads

Additional Details

ISBN: 9781649370068
Series: Planet of Desire, Book 4
Release Date: Jul 13, 2020
Page Count: 251
Imprint: scorched
Genre: aliens, erotic romance
Tropes: forbidden love/off limits, forced proximity, opposites attract

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By b.andherbooks July 14, 2020

Bio-engineered ex-soldier Graven, hiding out and pretending to be aligned with the human rebels who've come to live on the Fellamana, is captivated by the new sex goddess Niva, chosen one of her people.

But a virgin who cannot feel physical touch and a human to boot would never be anything more than ...more

By Bob/Sally July 09, 2020

I know, you’re not supposed to judge a book by its cover, but it was the blue-skinned, voluptuous alien that caught my attention . . . and the tease of a sex goddess and promise of sex powers in the cover blurb that pulled me in. Robin Lovett or her Planet of Desire series were completely new to me, ...more

By Ivy July 13, 2020

So what do you get when you mix a beautiful, full figured, literal sexual goddess with a repressed and tortured virgin hero?

Oh yeah. You get a hotfire erotic romance, that's what. Now I came (heh) for that beautiful cover, but I stayed for the sweet, sweet, romance. Niva and Graven's connection is s ...more

By Lauren July 12, 2020

Content warnings: (view spoiler)

If you follow me on Twitter, you’ve probably seen me flail wildly over this absolutely bananapants scifi erotica seri ...more

By gabreadsbooks July 10, 2020

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
My first taste of alien erotica & a new to me author. I wanted to widen my horizons with my reading and when I saw this ARC available to review I figured why not? I have not read the other books in th ...more

By Carly July 14, 2020

It would be easy to describe these books as the kind of bonkers bananapants alien romance that you need more of in your life, and that's true, but this series is also so much more than that and it clicked into place for me after I read this one. The notion that sex (and ultimately love) can be catha ...more

By Maria Rose July 19, 2020

You don’t go into a Planet of Desire book by Robin Lovett without a general understanding of what’s going to happen (lots of sex) yet I always find something new to like about each book in this series. Forbidden Desire is book four and another fun and entertaining read.

Niva is a bonafide sex goddess ...more

By Megan July 06, 2020

This is my first book by this author, as I couldn't pass up the sexy alien heroine on the cover, but it won't be my last! It was banana-pants crazy, scorchingly hot, and fun! I can't wait to read more!

Niva is a sex goddess of the Fellamana people, on a faraway planet. She has the Exstare power, whic ...more

By Amber June 21, 2020

Forbidden Desires is an explosive collection of the beautifully unexpected, the passionately surprising, and wonderfully normal all combining to bring us the most unexpected of climaxes. This is one adventure that you will not soon forget. It will wrap itself around your heart and ensure that you fe ...more

By Brittney July 28, 2020

I first heard of Robin Lovett's Planet of Desire series while listening to the Fated Mates podcast. Nothing Sarah MacLean or Jen Prokop could have thought to say about this series could have possibly prepared me for how absolutely bananas it the best way possible.

A planet that fills its inh ...more

By Suzanne July 21, 2020

If you've read my earlier reviews of this series (Book 1, Book 2, Book 3), you know that they are absolutely bananas erotic romance and I love them. I'm not reading much ERom at all these days, so for me to be continuing this series says something.

Here are the bananas: sex goddess with a magic vagin ...more

By Sharrice July 16, 2020

Blog tour post with a giveaway (7/16/2020-7/20/2020):

I have been struggling the last while to find a good hot romance, but Forbidden Desire definitely provided it.

Niva is a Fellamena alien race's neighborhood sex goddess who has the power to cure any ailments ...more

By Sharon July 13, 2020

Wow! You'll need a cold shower after this sexy hot book.  Who wouldn't like a story about an alien sex goddess and a bio-engineered human male virgin created for battle?  I became a fan of science fiction romances a few years ago and now I can't get enough of them.  I really enjoy finding out the pr ...more

By Wherethefksyourcake June 21, 2020

So, I have to admit, I have a soft spot or perhaps a wet spot for alien erotica.

And boy did ‘Forbidden Desire’ do it for me. I mean, what's not to love about a curvy alien who has a magical vagina with three clitorises.

Although this is the fourth book in the ‘Planet of Desire’ series by Robin Lovet ...more

By Linda July 15, 2020

Lots of steam teaching Graven what he’s missed!
Envision a non-monogamist society where sex is just another function of the body like breathing and there is a being whose specialty is sex therapy. Now envision a human man who has never known love or felt sexual release because he has been genetically ...more

By Lynn June 26, 2020

While Forbidden Desire is the fourth book in the Planet of Desire series, it is the first one I've read. It absolutely can be read as a stand alone.

I was hoping that a book subtitled "Kidnapped by an Alien Sex Goddess" would be a fun romp. And it is. But it's also more poignant and emotional than I ...more

By Olivia July 01, 2020

Wow, what an amazing read. I started "Forbidden Desire" and legit could not put it down which is exactly what you want from a good romance. Niva and Graven were so beautiful together and I thoroughly enjoyed watching the stoic, unemotional Graven slowly beginning to regain his emotions and feelings ...more

By Jacque July 15, 2020

Robin Lovett’s Planet of Desire series has been an *utter delight* from book one- the premise (THE PLANET POISONS THEM IF THEY DONT BANG?!?!) is wickedly good, the characters fascinating and entirely compelling, and Lovett’s writing is sublime. Forbidden Desire is a fantastic continuation of the fir ...more

By Nadine June 21, 2020

5 hot stars 🌟 for a totally bananas plot - Forbidden Desire - Kidnapped by an Alien Sex Goddess by Robin Lovett.

I'd classify this as an alien erotic romance about female bodily autonomy, and choice about the heroines' body and actions. It's sex positive and empowering as well as body positive - she ...more

By Desiree June 25, 2020

This was my very first Alien romance book ever & I LOVED every single page!! I can’t wait to go back to read the others in this series! This book was so sexy, steamy, & emotional!

Niva is an alien sex goddess who heals others through sex and climaxes. She loves helping & healing her people. Niva als ...more

By Emma July 10, 2020

Forbidden Desire by Robin Lovett, is the fourth book in the 'Planet of Desire' erotic series and it wasn't actually that bad. There were some quite steamy scenes in this book and damn, I really enjoyed them. The characters were okay, they weren't anything special but I did love the relationship betw ...more

By Amee June 29, 2020

If you've read the previous books, the beginning of this book shouldn't be a surprise (sex games!). I appreciated that we very quickly see that Niva sees her role to help (as well as she likes sex) and that she is annoyed with the limits and control being imposed on her. While I would not have bough ...more

By Lauren July 11, 2020

A curvy sex goddess with a healing v-jay and a virgin human that’s been modified and can’t feel physically or emotionally = my new favorite couple! This book was sweet, fun and so sexy. I loved it and couldn’t put it down. There’s so much drama and action and one steamy world where you need sex to s ...more

By Melisa July 16, 2020

I binge read the first three books in this series to get to Forbidden Desire and it was totally worth it. This was a beautiful book that focused on the development of Niva and Graven. Niva has recently come into her power as Sex Goddess for her planet. While Graven is a bio-engineered solider withou ...more

By Samantha June 29, 2020

Niva is a sex goddess. Well at least to her people. She has powers to heal her people and others but there are always limits. Graven is a human among the rebellion that has captured her attention. It wouldn’t be bad enough that they were different species but well his aura is different.

Niva knows s ...more

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Robin Lovett

About the author

Robin Lovett

Robin Lovett enjoys writing romance to avoid the more unsavory things in life, like day jobs, housework, and personal demons. Romance novels have always been her addiction of choice. When not writing with her cat, she’s busy embracing untamable curly hair and adventuring in the outdoors with her husband.

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