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Peek Inside Forgetting the Scot

Virginia Whitebridge is trapped in a loveless, abusive marriage. The law says her husband can have whatever he wants from her—so he's taken her inheritance. And he tried to kill her. After a close escape, Virginia feels protected for the first time...

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Virginia Whitebridge is trapped in a loveless, abusive marriage. The law says her husband can have whatever he wants from her—so he's taken her inheritance. And he tried to kill her. After a close escape, Virginia feels protected for the first time in forever, thanks to the Scottish Highlands and the Highlander Magnus Sinclair. But she must go back to England, regardless of the danger, to reclaim what's hers. Even if it means leaving her heart in Scotland.

It's just Magnus's luck that he's fallen for a woman he can't have. Virginia is rich and titled... and English. To keep her safe, he must follow her to the one place he loathes—England. Where the bowing, preening London Society has a secret language of manners unknown to him. Where he is too large, too uncivilized, too everything.

Despite omens that death awaits him there, Magnus vows to help Virginia go to London and restore her fortune. Get in. Get out. Or die trying.

Each book in The Highlanders of Balforss series is STANDALONE:
*Tying the Scot
*Betting the Scot
*Forgetting the Scot
* Saving the Scot


“A great story with intrigue, adventure and romance to make a perfect read you can’t put down until the HEA ending!!!” -Debbie B., Goodreads

“Watch the steam, smoke  and sizzle come right off the pages with the dreams and desires of this star-crossed couple. A story about achieving your dreams and desires no matter what the cost.” -Tartan Book Reviews

Swoony, sexy, and riveting historical romance!” -Erika C., NetGalley

Additional Details

ISBN: 9781640636750
Series: The Highlanders of Balforss, Book 3
Release Date: Oct 22, 2018
Page Count: 260
Imprint: amara next
Genre: highlander, historical, historical regency
Tropes: mistaken identity, unrequited love

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By Barbee October 12, 2018

Book: Forgetting the Scot
By Jennifer Trethewey

Series: Highlanders of Balforss, Book #3

Release Date: 10/22/2018

Reviewed by: Barb Massabrook (of)
1.Tartan Book Reviews
2.Celtic World of Historical Book Reviews
3.Purple Tulip Book Reviews
4.Celtic Barb’s Tartan Book Review Blog

Heat Rating: 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Overall ...more

By Elaine October 21, 2018

This is the third story in the Highlanders of Balforss series and has many characters in common with the earlier stories but it is written as a standalone and is a fantastic regency romance. It does contain events which could be triggers for some people, so avoid it if reading about abusive relation ...more

By Josie October 05, 2018

Hurray for highlander romance! One of my favourite escapist pleasures.

I'm hugely biased towards this sub-genre, possibly because my first kiss was with a young Scot who was wearing a kilt at the time. This book hit the nail even more squarely on the head, since the young gentleman in question was al ...more

By Alison October 11, 2018

Forgetting the Scot
By Jennifer Trethewey

Sadly enough Virigina Whitebridge
is trapped in a loveless, and horribly abusive marriage that seems to have no end in sight. The law says her abusive husband can do almost anything he wants to her so he has gone and taken her inheritance by lying. No ...more

By Lori October 22, 2018

Jennifer Tretheway takes us on another amazing adventure, with her strong characters and wonderful prose. First the title told me that our Heroine could never forget the Scot, I mean why would you! Virginia finds herself in a terrible marriage to a man who had only wanted her money. Unexpectedly she ...more

By Niki (mustreadalltheromance) October 13, 2018

This is the story of Virginia, trapped in an abusive, loveless marriage to a cruel viscount who tries to have her killed. She is rescued by brawny highlander Magnus and his family and remains with them for quite awhile as she attempts to determine what to do next since her husband has reported her d ...more

By ~Book Reviews by Trish~ January 18, 2019

I was given this book by Netgalley in exchange for my honest opinion. I rated this book 5 stars, which is well deserved.

It took me a while to really get into this book, however, as I began reading I ended up getting sucked in quickly. The characters, the story, the drama and the romance were all a h ...more

By Janet October 12, 2018

Virginia Whitebridge is trapped in a loveless, abusive marriage. The law says her husband can have whatever he wants from her so he's taken her inheritance even though it was bequeathed to her from her father. Then Virginia is abducted & finds herself trapped on a ship where more women join her unti ...more

By Brenda October 22, 2018

Virginia is in a loveless and abusive marriage. Her father sold her to this man for a title and her husband only wants her for her money.
Deciding that having her killed is the best road to his own happiness her husband hires a supposed assassin who has his own agenda and sells her to slavers who int ...more

By Debbie October 11, 2018

Virginia Whitebridge, Viscountess Langley is trapped in a loveless, abusive marriage, she finds out her husband has stolen her inheritance and now she’s been kidnapped in broad daylight. She’s eventually rescued by Clan Sinclair especially the Highlander Magnus Sinclair makes her feel more protected ...more

By Jennifer October 16, 2018

Great slow building story. A woman afraid of her past and a man wanting to be her future. Will she be able to trust him? ...more

By Chris December 24, 2018

Jennifer Trethewey's third book in her Highlanders of Baliforss series is "Forgetting the Scot." The pirates who captured ladies in her second book, "Betting the Scot," had provided Declan the chance to meet his soon-to-be wife, Caya. Now, the ship's story is not over. The women, and the remake of t ...more

By Lisa November 21, 2018

The Sinclair clan Highland Scots save a pirate crew’s captured women, one of them Declan Sinclair’s bride. Another Sinclair is about to fall. Magnus, a cousin raised in part by clan patriarch, Laird John, respects his uncle, but when Magnus, the least tamed of the Sinclairs, does more than make pass ...more

By Fizza October 21, 2018

This novel is very interesting, well-written, and quite romantic. I loved it and would recommend to all historical romance fans.
Lady Virginia was abducted by someone and sold to a pirate. She was fearing the worst when luckily she was rescued by brave Scot men, along with other women who had also be ...more

By Maria October 23, 2018

Forgetting the Scot
by Jennifer Trethewey
book three in the The Highlanders of Balforss Series.

This is the story of Virginia Whitebridge and Magnus Sinclair. Once again Jennifer Trethewey has another superbly written story! This whole series is to be on the keeper shelf. An emotional story that wil ...more

By Danielle October 24, 2018

Forgetting the Scot by Jennifer Trethewey is an exciting historical romance novel. One that swept me up into the highlands where a rough-edged yet hot Scott finds his woman. A bachelor not ever wanting to marry finds himself propelled towards the English beauty. She attracted him in ways many haven' ...more

By Candy October 15, 2018

There is a lot of suspense, danger, and fear. She is married to a sadistic and evil man. He steals her money, tries to kill her twice and has her abducted and sold. She is rescued by the Sinclairs, who are trying to rescue Caya. But they release all five of the ladies and they get a ship because the ...more

By Tonya February 10, 2020

There are a couple of emotional missteps that I think the Author made. Ms Tretheway could have used those moments to attach the reader more fully to the characters. Without spoilers - For the end chapters I felt the resolution was a bit rushed and I was sorry to miss the emotional connect the charac ...more

By Petula October 23, 2018

Abused wife, Lady Virginia Langley is determined to get away from her husband. She dreams of opening a school for foundling children with the money her father left for her use. Unfortunately an unplanned sea voyage will change everything.
Magnus Sinclair dreams of breeding the best draught horses in ...more

By Sissy's Romance Book Review October 22, 2018

Forgetting the Scot by Jennifer Trethewey is book Three in the The Highlanders of Balforss Series. This is the story of Virginia Whitebridge and Magnus Sinclair. I have read the previous books, but feel you can make this a standalone book if you wish to do so.
Virginia is married to a man that is ab ...more

By Tobye November 06, 2018

I was given this book in exchange for a fair review. This romance is thoroughly enjoyable with complex characters. Virginia is strong-willed, thoughtful, compassionate, and sometimes insecure. Magnus is strong, intelligent, and passionate. Both are duty-bound and goal-oriented. The cast of secondary ...more

By Denise October 23, 2018

There are times when I step back in time it takes a gifted author with talent to get me and my blood going. This one has done it with one already from this series so into this one I lept. Instances such as this one gets the blood boiling for sure especially when back then the things that went on. Vi ...more

By Regina November 06, 2019

All of the books in this series move pretty face and have lots of twists and turns. This one was no exception. However, toward the end of the book I found myself truly HATING Virginia. I guess I just don't understand how someone can say they love someone but be SOOOOOOO incredibly selfish. "If he lo ...more

By Tammy October 24, 2018

Virginia is trapped in an abusive marriage. Her husband only wanting her dowry. He attempts to kill her but fails and is rescued my Magnus. Sparks fly but Virginia plans to go back to England to confront her husband. Magnus plans to protect her but will she ever be his? Great historical read! I was ...more

By Dorinda Houchin February 20, 2019

Love overcomes all.

A very enjoyable story of a family of Scots that welcome an English woman into their home. A Scot who falls in love with her and has to compete with her dreams of a home for homeless children. Her husband who is ruthless and tried to kill her. It is all tied up in the end very nic ...more

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Jennifer Trethewey

About the author

Jennifer Trethewey

Jennifer Trethewey is an actor-turned-writer who has moved her performances from the stage to the page. In 2013 she traveled to Scotland for the first time, where she instantly fell for the language, humor, intense sense of pride, and breathtaking landscape. Her love for Scotland was translated into her first series of historical romance novels, the Highlanders of Balforss. The sexy, adventurous first book of the series, TYING THE SCOT, is set to be released in November 2017. Trethewey’s primary experience in bringing the imaginary to life was working for one of the oldest women’s theaters in the nation, where she was the co-founder and co-artistic director. Today she continues to act, but writes contemporary and historical fiction full-time. Her other loves include dogs, movies, music and good wine. She lives in Milwaukee with her husband.

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