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Peek Inside Geek Billionaire Makeover

CEO Joshua Martin is the king of the computing world, but to successfully launch his new venture, Aeon Industries, he's got to shake off his geek veneer. Image consultant Caroline Parker knows she can lure the chic from the geek, but she's got a deeper reason to help Josh, and it's something he can never discover. But Caroline has shown Josh what he's been missing in his life--her. And now he's determined to make Caroline his, no matter the cost. But will her secrets and lies ruin them both before they have a chance at a future together?

Geek Billionaire Makeover

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She wanted revenge. He wanted the only thing he couldn’t have—her.

Image consultant Caroline Parker is willing to resort to corporate espionage to get revenge on Seattle tech billionaire CEO Joshua Martin. He may be king of the computing world now, but when they knew each other in high school, he was just the geeky friend of her younger brother she refused to date.

To successfully launch his new venture, Aeon Industries, Josh’s got to shake off his geek veneer and get into beast mode, and he needs her help to do it. Josh always thought the brass ring was his next big business coup, but once he sees Caroline again, he realizes that old desire to have her has never waned. Now he’s determined to make her his, no matter what the cost.

Caroline knows she can create a superstar from the geek, but she’s got a deeper reason to sign on for the job. Helping Josh remake his image gives her an opportunity to get close to him–and get her hands on the plans for Aeon that could save her brother from a ruthless blackmailer. But as Josh’s image makeover takes hold, and she starts to fall for her creation, she realizes too late that her venture into espionage could ruin more far more than Josh’s empire.


"I seem to be on an Entangled Publishing kick right now and Indulgence is one of my favorite imprints. Also, who can turn down a story about a geek turned hottie AND and second chance romance. " - Jaime Fiction Fangirls Book Reviews

Additional Details

ISBN: 9781622665730
Series: Sexy in Seattle, Book 0
Release Date: Aug 18, 2014
Page Count: 207
Imprint: indulgence
Genre: contemporary
Tropes: coworkers, revenge

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By Christi August 20, 2014

My Review:
Okay, I am normally not a big fan of the billionaire trope, but when I saw the title of this book, I couldn't resist it...and then I read the story line. I love the backstory to this one and the history between the two main characters.

There were three friends in high school and college th ...more

By Kirsten August 11, 2014

4.5 stars
This was a very good book. I liked the way that Caroline and Joshua fought their attraction to each other, to a point. They both had some very deep feeling about each other that went a long way back, and weren't quite accurate on one hand. I did like the fact that Caroline went into this no ...more

By Jaime August 16, 2014

I seem to be on an Entangled Publishing kick right now and Indulgence is one of my favorite imprints. Also, who can turn down a story about a geek turned hottie AND and second chance romance.
This was a quick and easy read for me, which is perfect considering my time constraints lately. There was no ...more

By Sandy August 18, 2014

4.5 Stars

“She wanted revenge. He wanted the only thing he couldn't have—her”

That quote pretty much summarizes the storyline of THE GEEK BILLIONAIRE MAKEOVER by Theresa Meyers. This is a cute book! What I REALLY liked about it: there is a lesson to be learned here. Things are not always what they see ...more

By Rhianna August 13, 2014

You can take the geek out of the billionaire but...

My last read featuring a geek character as one of the protagonists was a total bust for me so I was really wary going into THE GEEK BILLIONAIRE MAKEOVER. I mean, the title alone made me nervous because I hate the idea of a geek character being force ...more

By Becca August 30, 2014

The story line behind this book was unique and fun. I do sort of wish we had gotten a little more detail in a few areas, but I didn't feel like so much was missing that I couldn't become a part of the story.

The characters are decently developed and relatable. Josh is super sweet and a total gentlema ...more

By Clare March 15, 2015

I liked the catchy title which alludes to all the Greek tycoon stories. This guy however is a Seattle computer software inventor. He's shy and agoraphobic, though a strong leader of his company and top in his field. A lady makeover image consultant is hired to make people want to invest with this ma ...more

By Tanya August 16, 2014

If you love Star Wars, sexy men hidden behind dorky glasses and men who are computer geeks.. this book is for you!

Both characters have always liked one another; however they were never able to tell one another.. events happened (lies and hatred occur).

Caroline loves the idea of her new job and what ...more

By Mariel August 15, 2014

*ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review*

I loved the twist on the unrequited love thing...this time it's the guy who's geeky and the girl who is out of his the beginning. Fast forward a few years and the geek is still a geek but not quite. Popular girl is still pretty much po ...more

By Samantha August 07, 2014

Revenge, a chance to get the girl, and blackmail. What a book it would make right? then you add in the fact the billionaire is a gamer with a star wars fascination and it becomes a whole lot better. As a gamer who is addicted to my own brand of nerdiness I love reading these types of books with the ...more

By T.A. August 06, 2014

Copy from Netgalley.

This was a nice read! The story was something that I could connect with and it kept me interested the whole time.
What happens when you have held a grudge against a man your whole life? And what happens when you fall for that man?
It was a unique take on the hot billionaire, he i ...more

By Rosemary August 28, 2014

Caroline Parker wants revenge on the man that she blames for her ending up in boarding school as a teenager. She gets her chance when she is hired to transform her nemesis, CEO Joshua Martin, into a hottie. The downside is that she is being blackmailed by an unknown foe. What could go wrong? I loved ...more

By Lizzie August 27, 2014

The story kept me interested, although it was entirely predictable. Maybe it's just me. Or maybe predictability comes with any romance. I mean, the genre pretty much is an ironclad formula that has to end with a 'happy ever after.' That said, Ms. Meyers' writing skills were good, and that is always ...more

By Amber September 13, 2014

Loved Caroline and Josh, and the romance in the story. I would have given it five stars if the suspense storyline had been better laid out and plotted, I was left wanting on that part. Could have used more character development on Conner as well, but for the most part really enjoyed this book! ...more

By Melissa August 09, 2014

I was given this book in exchange for an honest review.

This was an easy, quick read. I found it difficult to put down once I started. Think though the ending seemed rushed to me. But overall it was a great read! ...more

By Amy January 21, 2015

A good read, I wasn't sure if they were going to have a happy ever after but it ended happy. ...more

***Review to come*** :D ...more

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3.61 avg rating
Theresa Meyers

About the author

Theresa Meyers

Theresa Meyers grew up with a dining room her mother turned into a library. She learned early the value of a questioning mind, possessing lots of books and a good china teapot. A former journalist and public relations officer, she found far more enjoyment using her writing skills to pen fiction novels in the turret office of her Victorian home. SheÂ’s spent nearly a quarter of a century married to her Prom date, lives on a mini-farm in Washington, drinks tea with milk and sugar, and is a fan of the television show Supernatural.

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