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Peek Inside Girl Long Gone

NYPD detective Connor Mitchel thinks he’s found the man responsible for his sister’s disappearance. But, he needs to convince shy Evelyn Price she could be the next victim

Girl Long Gone

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Monica’s stomach fluttered with excitement as she told the interesting man she’d been flirting with online for weeks all about her weekend plans. He was a great match, and they had so many things in common. But sometimes your life can come down to one single bad decision...

NYPD Computer-crimes detective Connor Mitchel’s sister is missing. As he combs through his sister’s life, he realizes Monica might not have been this killer’s first target—or his last. In a twisted game of cat and mouse, Connor thinks he’s finally found the man responsible for his sister’s disappearance. Unfortunately, he’ll first need to convince the shy, distrustful Evelyn Price she could be the next victim tangled in the murderer’s web if she doesn’t agree to help him catch the killer. But just as Connor and Evelyn close in on their quarry, the killer has one last trick up his sleeve that could trap them all…


“Girl Long Gone was an intriguing and absorbing story that perfectly blended a game of cat and mouse with suspense and romance, and at times it had me on the edge of my seat!” --Mags N., Goodreads

“A mastery, thriller and romance novel all in one. Fast paced book and quick but satisfying read.” --Sharon H., Goodreads

“Girl Long Gone by Danielle M. Hass a five-star read that won’t ever leave you.” --Sara O., Goodreads

“Girl Long Gone is a romantic suspense full of surprises, twists, and turns that will keep you second-guessing until the very end.” --P.L., Goodreads

A fast-paced thriller that had me hooked from the first few pages. The romantic suspense and character POV's definitely made this an easy read that I finished in a day with a good amount of 'edge of your seat' moments.” --Jennifer D., Goodreads

“Girl Long Gone was the perfect mix of a thriller and romance.” --Fran C., Goodreads

A fantastic gripping and fast paced read which I thoroughly enjoyed.” --Chelsea C., NetGalley

Great thriller filled with action, suspense, and a sprinkle of romance.” --Debbie D., Goodreads

“Girl Long Gone was a fast-paced thriller that had me hooked from beginning to end.” --Kelly G., NetGalley

Additional Details

ISBN: 9781682816066
Release Date: May 25, 2020
Page Count: 251
Imprint: amara
Genre: mystery & suspense
Tropes: bodyguard/protector

Select Featured Reviews

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By Carrie May 26, 2020

Girl Long Gone by Danielle M. Haas is a romantic suspense novel. The story in this novel is told by changing the point of view between the characters involved to get all angles of the story including the suspect.

Connor Mitchel is a NYPD computer crimes detective that has had crime hit a little too c ...more

By Linda May 25, 2020

Detective Connor Mitchel has never felt so helpless. His sister, Monica, is missing. Told that he cannot be involved in the search for her, he defies his boss, and begins to investigate himself.

The only clue he has is that Monica recently signed on to a dating site and she's only spoken to one man. ...more

By Pelusa May 04, 2020

So we meet Connor who decides to find out why his sister disappeared, who took her, answers he needs answers and the police are not getting them so he will. He hooks up with Evelyn who had the unfortunate meeting with Gabriel, he is the bad guy and we know this from the get go. I was interested beca ...more

By Kelly May 19, 2020

Girl Long Gone was a fast paced thriller that had me hooked from beginning to end. I read this book in less than two days, and found it hard to put down. This book tells the story of Connor, an NYPD detective, who is trying to find his kidnapped sister. This book is different than many of the thrill ...more

By Linda May 04, 2020

This is the first book I’ve read by Danielle Haas. It won’t be the last. It’s the story of Connor Mitchel, a NYPD computer-crimes detective, whose sister disappears. He’s pretty sure he knows who has her, but he’s having a hard time finding proof. You actually find out who the kidnapper is at the ve ...more

By Shirley May 12, 2020

Original review

This book was provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review. Thank you Entangled Amara.

Girl Long Gone
is a standalone Thriller about Connor and Evelyn.

I’ve never heard of Girl Long Gone before, but I’m glad that I read the synopsis and decided to request an ARC. Girl Long ...more

By Samthefangirl May 26, 2020

Girl Long Gone by Danielle M. Haas was everything I like in a book - fast-paced, a little bit flirty and fully thrilling ❤️

Evil, attractive Gabriel likes to abduct, mutilate and murder women, but his latest prey? He messed with the wrong family...

Monica is missing and her hot-cop brother Connor is d ...more

By Book Him Danno June 04, 2020

The only reason this story isn't a 5 star is because there are moments where it feels the author lost track or forgot something which had things not connecting more making since. When the story does connect it has the right amount of fear, excitement and nail biting moments to have readers over look ...more

By Sara May 25, 2020

Girl Long Gone by Danielle M. Haas a five-star read that wont ever leave you. I enjoyed this one overall, I did enjoy the romance aspect of this thriller, but I did wonder how realistic this would be, would you really be starting a relationship with your sister missing, especially with someone who w ...more

By Liv May 26, 2020

A romantic suspense, we already know who the kidnapper is straight away.
Evelyn has been though her own demons but she’s still strong. I loved reading her grow as a person and her relationship with Connor. He’s so understanding and the perfect gentlemen.
The kidnapper’s POV was very intriguing. ...more

By Karen May 24, 2020

Police Officer Connor Mitchell is beside himself his sister is missing, and he has no idea where she is. The police have no leads and the only lead he has is tenuous at best. The only change in her life is the dating service she signed up for and the one person she chatted with on the site. Connor i ...more

By Rutuja May 30, 2020

🍒Girl Long Gone🍒

The story revolves around Monica who gets kidnapped by the man who she thinks is perfect for her. NYPD Computer-crimes detective Connor Mitchel’s sister Monica is missing. As he combs through his sister’s life, he realizes Monica might not have been this killer’s first target—or his ...more

By Fizza May 16, 2020

This book is much darker than what I usually like to read, but I loved the thrill. The story flowed beautifully from the very start. For me, it was a page-turner.
Connor Mitchel is a computer-crime detective. When his sister goes missing after talking to a stranger online, he decides to take matters ...more

By Book Hunt With Us June 30, 2020

It's been some time since I got to a murder-thriller - so here it is! Let me start of with lots of thanks to Danielle M. Haas for sending us a copy of her latest release!
"Girl Long Gone" kept me on my toes from the beginning, all the way to the end, without a drop in the suspense levels. There was n ...more

By NICUnurse May 25, 2020

Girl Long Gone is the first book I’ve ever read by this author. But I’m a romantic suspense junkie so I’m always up for reading those type of books by new-to-me authors. With that said, let’s jump right in!

What I liked about the book: The story flowed well, the writing was good, and the action was f ...more

Get ready for the ultimate level of suspense and mystery! Connor’s sister has been kidnapped, and he is extremely frustrated because although he’s a detective, he’s been taken off the case. Determined to find out who took his sister and get her back safely, he works his own angle ends up meeting Eve ...more

By Christina April 23, 2020

This is a solid thriller that is not really a who run it, but more of a “whydunit” and “where is the girl?” It works. The book is part cat and mouse game between a handsome NYPD detective and a probable serial killer, and part romance between the cop (who is also the brother of the missing girl) and ...more

By Kylee May 24, 2020

Thank you to Entangled Publishing and the IndieSage team for sending me an ARC of Girl Long Gone in return for an honest review. I was immediately drawn to this novel after reading the blurb, attracted to the crime and suspense!

In Girl Long Gone, Connor Mitchel's sister has gone missing and as a co ...more

By Beatriz April 23, 2020

I enjoyed the book and the story. It had a different flow from other mystery books as we get to know the bad guy in the first page. As the book goes, we get to see things from their perspective, their thoughts and plans, which I think allows us to see the depth of his hatred and peek inside his mind ...more

By Jennifer May 26, 2020

HOLY EXCITING HELL! I was intrigued by the description of this story, but I never saw it coming to be honest. Connor Mitchel is a NYPD computer crimes detective, whose sister is missing. He's got a suspect in mind, but he hasn't been able to prove too much yet, plus he can't be on this case official ...more

By Tina May 28, 2020

"Some people believed money was the root of all evil, but Gabriel Wilson knew they were wrong. He'd always been evil. Money just made his life more fun."

Evelyn Price wants the lucrative deal of web designing for Gabriel Wilson. Little does she know that she is about to get entangled in so much more. ...more

By Carol May 08, 2020

What a fast paced read, I read this in about two hours, it is a page turner. Set in New York City with the NYPD detectives as heroes trying to find one of their own missing sister. Monica has been abducted by a physchopath, the race is own to find this beautiful, kind young woman. As much as I enjoy ...more

By blondethrillerbooklover May 08, 2020

•GIRL LONG GONE• by Danielle M Haas .
I didn’t realize this book was a Romantic Thriller when I got it from NetGalley. I am not normally a fan of Romance. But, I must say, this book was good!
It takes off at a fast clip from page one and continues that pace until the end. It’s a fast read an ...more

By Denise May 25, 2020

I remember reading this author once before so when I seen this one I jumped at it. The bonus side too was it was a suspense thriller the kind I had been reading left and right. Needless to say this too no time at all to breeze through it because once it gets you it holds on tight. Evelyn I really li ...more

By Debra Dowling May 12, 2020

Great thriller!
Connor, an NYPD Detective, is going crazy trying to find his sister, Monica who has disappeared. His only real lead is a dating APP his sister used to talk to a man, Gabriel. Upon investigation he discovers Gabriel is meeting with a new woman, Evelyn, and he is determined to stop her ...more

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3.73 avg rating
Danielle M. Haas

About the author

Danielle M. Haas

Danielle Haas resides in Ohio with her husband and two children. She earned a BA in Political Science many moons ago from Bowling Green State University, but thought staying home with her two children and writing romance novels would be more fun than pursuing a career in politics. She is a member of Romance Writers of America, as well as her local North East Ohio chapter. She spends her days chasing her kids around, loving up her dog, and trying to find a spare minute to write about her favorite thing: love.

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