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Peek Inside Going Down in Flames

Finding out on your sixteenth birthday you’re a shape-shifting dragon is tough to swallow. Being hauled off to an elite boarding school is enough to choke on. Bryn needs to figure out how to control her new dragon powers to make it

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FF&P’S 2015 PRISM Finalist
A 2015 Colorado Romance Writers Award of Excellence *WINNER* in the Young Adult with Romantic Elements category

If her love life is going down in flames, she might as well spark a revolution.

Finding out on your sixteenth birthday you're a shape-shifting dragon is tough to swallow. Being hauled off to an elite boarding school is enough to choke on.

Since Bryn is the only crossbreed at the Institute for Excellence, all eyes are on her, but it’s a particular black dragon, Zavien, who catches her attention.

Zavien is tired of the Directorate’s rules. Segregated clans, being told who to love, and close-minded leaders make freedom of choice almost impossible. The new girl with the striped hair is a breath of fresh air, and with Bryn’s help, they might be able to change the rules.
At the Institute, old grudges, new crushes, and death threats are all part of a normal day for Bryn. She'll need to learn to control her dragon powers if she wants to make it through her first year at school. But even focusing on staying alive is difficult when you’re falling for someone you can't have…

The Going Down in Flames series is best enjoyed in order.
Reading Order:
Book one: Going Down in Flames
Book two: Bridges Burned
Book three: Trial by Fire
Book four: Fanning the Flames
Book 5: Burning Bright



5 Stars: Hilarious. Well written. Gloriously awesome.  I loved it and will be sticking with it! - Tia 
4.5 stars!! It's actually been a while since I've read a YA paranormal story. And what a great way to get back into the genre! This book was everything I hoped it would be...wonderful characters, an interesting setting filled with both good and evil, twists and turns and mystery, and, of course, dragons! - Ana
5 Stars: An incredibly fun, fast-paced, original coming of age story with a witty heroine, secret school for dragons and unexpected plot. It is wildly entertaining and I can't wait for Book 2! - Kris

Additional Details

ISBN: 9781622665303
Series: Going Down in Flames, Book 1
Release Date: Jun 30, 2014
Page Count: 407
Imprint: teen
Genre: fantasy, paranormal, shifters, young adult
Tropes: forbidden love/off limits, revenge

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By D.M. May 20, 2018

Going down in flames is a teen read about a girl who discovers she is a Shifter-Dragon. Bryn is on her way home from school when she notices someone following her. Her eyes are open to new possibilities. Her family are outcasts but that doesn't mean she won't be sucked into the shifter world. All... ...more

By Anna (Enchanted by YA) June 22, 2015

After what felt like a little bit of a cliché start with the whole runaway parents and sixteenth birthday thing, this book picked up dramatically and I found myself flying through it. Originally it reminded me a lot of Firebolt by Adrienne Woods (which was my first dragon book) and what set Going... ...more

By Amanda (Is Not a Panda) February 16, 2015

Oh my gosh. I'm finished? I'm finished!
Since I apparently relish giving extremely precise ratings, I'm giving this an actual rating of 4.75 stars. That's just how I roll.

I'm in love. I'm in love. I'm in love with this book.



Sorry. Spongebob is like the only way to express these inner emotions :P... ...more

By Josephine July 30, 2014

*THIS* is the YA I love and miss. It is not your typical angst-ridden, dystopian love triangle that saturates the genre today. Plus, a HUGE bonus (in my book) is that there are no werewolves, vampires, or fairies of any kind. There are DRAGONS. In YA. Need I say more?

You have your sassy (but not... ...more

By Louisa January 15, 2015

Oh, I thoroughly enjoyed this book! Loved everything about this book, it was just so awesome! So snarky! Can't wait to read more! ...more

By Ana July 01, 2014

4.5 stars!! It’s actually been a while since I’ve read a YA paranormal story. And what a great way to get back into the genre! This book was everything I hoped it would be…wonderful characters, an interesting setting filled with both good and evil, twists and turns and mystery, and, of course, dr... ...more

By Maddi April 19, 2015

I just found a new series to obsess over :)
great new story line with twists and turns! ...more

By Lenore May 30, 2019

On reread, this is full 4 stars of goodness, maybe even more. The things I listed below still existed, but I just didn't care as much b/c I LOVED all the rest of it. Bryn is an AWESOME heroine, so spunky and hilarious! Can't wait to read book 2!!

Original re... ...more

By Kelli August 27, 2014

I loooved this book! My favorite genre is paranormal romance (usually vampires), but Chris Cannon has opened the door to dragons for me! Bryn is a great main character! She doesn't conform, she's witty,and is "a breath of fresh air" at the Institute. Her love interest, Zavian, is exactly what you... ...more

By Tia January 23, 2015

This series is:

Well written
Gloriously awesome.

I loved it and will be sticking with it! ...more

By Anna 'Bookbuyer' February 03, 2018

While at times juvenile and a bit over exaggerated I did enjoy this novel.

I did however find Bryn to be whiny. I considered giving this a 3 star for that alone.

I really liked her friends and Zavian. But I found all there customs to be very strange.

I hope in the next book not so many people try... ...more

Originally posted at:

My Rating:

* I was provided an eARC by the publisher in exchange of an honest review.

I LOVE anything dragon related! So I was sure I was going to like this book. Add in a sexist society with a kicka** heroine and you know it's going to be an awesome read!

I loved the way Bry... ...more

By Jennifer July 08, 2014

I received a review copy of this book for my stop on the blog tour at Donnie Darko Girl.

Bryn is a hybrid dragon - her mom is a Blue, her dad is a Red - who can breathe fire or ice. She's snarky, strong, and unwilling to back down from a challenge. Those qualities make her a kick ass heroine and... ...more

By Rafael February 06, 2017

Muito bom, o livro tem um ritmo muito suave, você consegue ler sem precisar parar por ter ficado maçante, os personagens tem personalidades muito legais, mesmo os ruins são interessantes.

Espero muito dos próximos livros, o mundo tem uma proposta muito legal e incluiu algumas coisas que eu não tin... ...more

By Kristin August 27, 2014

Not only did Bryn not know she was a dragon shifter, but she's also a mutant that shouldn't exist doesn't really soften the blow. Her parents are from different clans and weren't supposed to be able to breed. Apparently, they were wrong because a fire dragon and an ice dragon can apparently creat... ...more

By Kimber July 03, 2014

I received this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review

I love dragons, so I was drawn to Going Down in Flames like a moth to flame. It's a light read with lots of humor and a touch of romance. The old-fashioned dragon society is enough to curdle the stomach as is the way Bryn is... ...more

By taveena November 02, 2017

Re-Read: 11/2/17 ...more

By Olivia May 18, 2018

"Going Down in Flames" is the first in an intriguing series about people who can shift into dragons. In this unique world, dragons look completely human but can shift when so desired. They are also born with certain magical abilities. For instance, some can breathe fire, while others produce ice,... ...more

By Katherine March 18, 2017

A week before her 16th birthday, Bryn notices that a strange (yet attractive) boy has been stalking her. When she finally has a confrontation with him, he tells her some outrageous things, such as her being a dragon and can breathe fire. When Bryn tells her parents about the strange boy's words,... ...more

By Velina February 04, 2018

First half of the book wasn't to my liking. If it hadn't been for the second half my rating would be 3 stars. The book was going on too fast in the beginning, in my opinion, whilst in other parts dragged on.
Was entertaining and in some moments I laughed out loud. Bryn is very whiny and ungrateful... ...more

By Jeremy August 20, 2019

I have a very hard time rating a book 4 stars and an even harder time eating one 5 stars, but I really enjoyed this book. It was a lot of fun, had a good story, and very relatable characters (besides being dragons, lol). I recommend this book ...more

By Lucy August 19, 2016

I've mentioned this before on how much I enjoy reading modern dragon-shifter novels. I also like boarding school novels as well. Down in Flames have both dragons and boarding school elements, so how can I resist?

->I very much like this book cover.

Down in Flames started out with an attrac... ...more

By Stella March 29, 2016

When I first looked at the description of this book I knew it was going to be perfect for me. I read quite a few deep and meaningful books this month and was looking for a quick and easy pick me up.

This book started out extremely fast and jumped straight into the action. During the first 4 or 5... ...more

By Kris July 08, 2014


An incredibly fun, fast-paced, original coming of age story with a witty heroine, secret school for dragons and unexpected plot. It is wildly entertaining and I can't wait for Book 2!

Official review 7/9/14 on my blog, The Book Beacon:
Going Down in Flames is a well-written, entertaining c... ...more

By Jennifer July 30, 2014

The whole dragon concept was definitely different. When I read the summary I didn't know if I would like it but the cover was pretty awesome so I thought I'd check it out. Well I am glad that I did because this book was great. The dragon "colors" and then how everyone is divided by their "color"... ...more

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Chris Cannon

About the author

Award Winning Author

Chris Cannon

Chris Cannon is the award-winning author of the Going Down In Flames series and the Boyfriend Chronicles. She lives in Southern Illinois with her husband and several furry beasts. She believes coffee is the Elixir of Life. Most evenings after work, you can find her sucking down caffeine and writing fire-breathing paranormal adventures or romantic comedies. You can find her online at

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