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Peek Inside Her Desert Treasure

Inheriting her grandfather’s ranch is the perfect opportunity for Meg Reynolds to begin again. The land is her only chance to hold on to the last bit of family she had. But Jake Matthews has other plans. Despite the heat blazing between them, he’ll do whatever it takes to get what he wants. When someone threatens Meg and seems willing to kill her for her land, Meg doesn’t know who she can trust. And when she’s kidnapped, Jake wonders if he’ll ever be able to let her know he cares more for her than the land that stands between them...

Her Desert Treasure

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Inheriting her grandfather’s ranch is the perfect opportunity for Meg Reynolds to begin again.

The land is her only chance to hold onto the last bit of family she had. But Jake Matthews has other plans. He says her grandfather wanted a horse refuge on the land, and despite the heat blazing between them, Jake will do whatever it takes to get what he wants.

What Jake realizes he wants is Meg, but someone’s threatening her and seems willing to kill her for her land. Meg doesn’t know who she can trust. When she’s kidnapped, it’s up to Jake to help rescue her before he loses the chance to tell her that he cares more for her than the land that stands between them…


"The author has definitely hooked me on her with this debut novel and I look forward to reading more in the future. So open up this treasure and see what you uncover! " --Girly Girl Book Reviews

"It’s a sweet story of falling in love, fast, and not caring their love has bloomed so fast. This book is worth the few hours spent a week reading. You definitely won’t regret it." --Abby, Goodreads

"A little romance, a little mystery and a little bit of excitement – I’m sold." --Marie, Goodreads

"A fun, romantic, suspense filled read that will keep you glued to your e-reader." --Tammy, Goodreads

Additional Details

ISBN: 9781622665334
Release Date: Apr 14, 2014
Page Count: 178
Imprint: ignite
Genre: mystery & suspense, romantic suspense
Tropes: enemies to lovers, forced proximity

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Who could say no to this novel when you look at this cover! This novel has a country romance with a suspense twist to it in my opinion. Brought back to where she was raised due to an unfortunate situation has caused Meg Reynolds to take another look into life. Only this time she will be take what he ...more

By Heather March 25, 2014

Right from the start we see Jake a considerate guy, "aw, hell. Please don't cry." Before she knew what was happening, two strong arms wrapped around her shoulders and pulled her close." Sometimes he has to clarify himself to Meg, "he lifted his head and stared into her eyes. "I haven't had one singl ...more

By Char (1RadReader59) May 05, 2014

Meg Reynolds has returned to Colorado from California due to her grandpa’s passing. Her grandparents had taken her in when her parents had passed which if she had to be anywhere that’s the place she wanted to be.
You see up until that point Meg only got to go there on holidays and summer break. The ...more

By Aly April 14, 2014

This was a great book first of all. I enjoyed the romance and the fact that both Jake and Meg are working through things but they're able to get through the issues that they are having because of things from their past with help from the other. It's great to see. Not to mention the fact that Jake an ...more

By Margaret August 03, 2016

Meg Reynolds has returned to Big Rock, Colorado to reclaim part of her past and help herself heal. Jake Matthews has relocated to Big Rock, running from the pain of his past. When circumstances have Meg pretending to be Jake’s girlfriend things go from steamy to sizzling between these two mighty fas ...more

By Charity May 06, 2014

This story starts at a bad time for Megan Reynolds. She has just lost her grandfather, the only family she had left and is still reeling from his death. She finds out that she was the sole heir to her grandfather’s property and a large inheritance from not only her grandparents but from a long dece ...more

By Abby April 18, 2014

Meg has finally come home after years away from home. The only problem she’s home under the worst conditions, the death of her last living relative-her grandfather. She quits her job and moves home-to the land her and her grandfather had many plans for. And even though her grandfather is gone, Meg c ...more

By Miriam April 18, 2014

***Received from Entangled Publishing for an honest review***

Meg wants to honor her grandfather John by building the living classroom they'd dreamt of on the land she inherited from him. Jake wants to remember his good friend and develop a wild horse refuge...where Meg wants to build her classroom.

T ...more

By Denise April 13, 2014

This was a treasure in itself to read by this author. I so enjoy a good romance especially when filled with mystery and intrigue as this one is. This author creates some characters that have alot of body and soul to them which you latch onto right away. Meg has just lost the last relative whom she l ...more

By Tina September 06, 2016

This debut novel is a wonderful start for Larie Brannick. I loved the characters, and the story line kept me engrossed until the very end. This is a very good romance with a twist of suspense. I’m looking forward to seeing what Ms. Brannick has planned next.

Meg Reynolds has come home to live on her ...more

By Pam August 03, 2016

Meg has returned home after her grandfather died. She is ready to stat her life over and this is the perfect place to do so. She wants to do what her grandfather always wanted and to make something of her self. She has a problem when someone else claims to have been granted the land and now that per ...more

By Marie August 01, 2014

A little romance, a little mystery and a little bit of excitement – I’m sold. Meg and Jake have two things in common: both want to start anew in life, and both have plans for the land that Meg inherits from her grandfather. But what neither one of them counted on, was love getting in the way of thei ...more

Her Desert Treasure by Larie Brannick

***Received an ARC of this book from the Publisher in exchange for an honest review***

Overall Rating: 4 Rockin’ ★★★★

Her Desert Treasure is a winner with me! I enjoyed this well written story by Larie Brannick. It had drama, romance, and two hearts finding confidence to move forward together. ...more

By Samaris April 14, 2014

I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review so here it is. I am normally more into paranormal romances than anything else but his book was a pleasant surprise. This is a story about a woman named Meg who goes back to her hometown to settle her Grandfather’s estate and finds out ...more

By Rosemary April 23, 2014

When Meg Reynolds comes back to the desert of Colorado, she feels safe. Her life in San Diego had been a rat race. Now she is home. No one will control her. A chance meeting with Jake Matthews, the town veterinarian, makes her dream of love. What she doesn't know is that a madman is stalking her. He ...more

By WTF Are You Reading? April 16, 2014

The story told in Her Desert Treasure, is indeed a romantic find. Meg Reynolds has the perfect blend sass, brains, vulnerability, and maturity. Making her a heroine that most any reader can't help rooting for.
Dr. Jake is the classic "knight in white Stetson" always there to serve, protect, and save. ...more

By Charlene April 09, 2014

A very enjoyable read. It starts with Meg, a teacher, who hopes to start
teaching on her land that she inherited from her Grandfather. Meg meets
Jake, a veterinarian, who is watching wild horses on the property. They
meet again when Meg saves a lost dog, who was hit by a car. Both of them
have issues. M ...more

By ci August 03, 2016

I'm a huge Entangled Publishing fan and this book is another reason why.

I'm not into dissecting the entire book and I won't leave any spoilers, so my review tends to be short and to the point.

Megan (Meg) lost her parents at an early age, was raised by her grandparents, fell in love with the wrong ma ...more

By Kirsten April 18, 2014

Meg and Jake are terrific together. Jake is the vet who moved to town a couple of years ago. He's got some issues from his past he's dealing with, and isn't ready for a relationship. Until he sees Meg. Meg had come home after being away for too long to stay and to deal with her grandfather's estate. ...more

By Lori April 20, 2014

This is a very sweet story. I loved the immediate connection between Meg and Jake. Their chemistry was heartwarming. I had a smile on my face while reading their interactions and ribbing of each other. This story would make even a cynic believe in true love or love at first sight. It was just that t ...more

By Tammy April 14, 2014

A fun, romantic, suspense filled read that will keep you glued to your e-reader. Meg and Jake are both running from the scars of their past and both having ties with Black Rock end up moving there. Meg was left some land by her Grandfather and everyone seems to want it. Someone may be willing to hur ...more

By Barbara April 13, 2014

Her Desert Treasure by Larie Brannick is a great book. The two main characters have fears and trust issues they have to overcome. The storyline was easy to read and well written with some mystery and a couple surprises (good and bad). If you love great romance and cowboys, you'll enjoy reading this ...more

By Patricia April 16, 2014

An absolutely endearing book. Jake is a caring, sweet vet who has a need to protect those he cares about. Meg comes back home after being gone for years to take care of her grandfather's estate. Upon meeting sparks fly but both characters have issues they need to work through. This isn't a simple ro ...more

By Julie April 17, 2014

This is a romance adventure for the grownup reader. Both Meg and Jake have history of past relationships that tend to cloud their developing relationship. The setting is a small town with Jake as a vet and Meg returning to settle and rebuild her life on the inheritance from her Grandfather. Things d ...more

By Jennifer April 13, 2014

Loved this book! Great story from a talented, debut author. I thought Jake was hot, hot, hot. Tightly written and twisty enough to keep wondering and wanting more. Definitely a single-sitting read--you don't want to put it down once you start! Looking forward to Ms. Brannick's next great, sexy read. ...more

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3.96 avg rating
Larie Brannick

About the author

Larie Brannick

I love love. And romance. I read it. I write it. Hell, I live it! I married my high school sweetheart (after loving him since the 7th grade) six months after graduation and we haven’t looked back. My hopeless romantic streak took me completely by surprise. I was such a tomboy as a kid. I couldn’t be bothered with dolls or dresses. My world consisted of riding horses, fishing with my grandfather, doing chores on our small farm, and reading. Always reading. While I loved getting lost in books, I also found myself wandering off in my own stories from time to time. At some point, my sisters’ influence started rubbing off on me and I became aware of boys. Not as buddies or competitors in kickball, but you know...boys. And then my sister let me read Shanna by Kathleen E. Woodiwiss. I was a goner. I read that book every couple of years and it’s just as wonderful now as it was the first time. I have since branched out into other genres of romance, but the common thread of the wounded Alpha male hero and the beautiful, tough (though she might not always know it) heroine hooks me every time.

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