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Peek Inside Her Sexy Sentinel

Callie Noble fled to Ottawa to escape danger. But she is far from safe. Overwhelmed by a strange new power she can’t control, she is terrified. Her only hope is to seek the help of the one man who broke her heart...Derrick Llewellyn is one of the Sentinels charged with the protection of the city's mysterious secret. Seeing Callie again is a shock enough, and the electricity between them is stronger than ever. But in this world, loving her isn't just's the surest way to drive them both mad.

Her Sexy Sentinel

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The most dangerous thing they could do is fall in love…

Callie Noble fled to Ottawa to escape danger. But she is far from safe. Overwhelmed by a strange new power she can’t control, Callie is terrified and painfully incapacitated. Her only hope is to seek the help of the one man who broke her heart…

Derrick Llewellyn is one of the Sentinels charged with the protection of the city’s mysterious secret. Seeing Callie again is a shock enough, but the electricity between them is stronger than ever. Still, loving another marked individual is forbidden, and Callie needs his help—not romantic complications.

But there are forces at work in the city, and Callie finds herself inexorably drawn into a world filled with danger and untold magics. A world where loving Derrick isn’t just forbidden…it’s the surest way to drive them both mad.



"This book kept me on my toes. I didn't have it figured out until the author actually told you. Kudos to Jenn Burke. Give it a try. You wont be sorry that you did." -- Kae Thomas Hawk
"The way [Burke] makes her characters think and the thoughts that they have show a keen insight into the human psyche, and she has used that to make Derrick one of my favorite Hero's ever in paranormal fiction." -- 

Additional Details

ISBN: 9781633751934
Release Date: Jan 26, 2015
Page Count: 304
Imprint: covet
Genre: fantasy, paranormal
Tropes: bodyguard/protector, forbidden love/off limits, reunited lovers

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By Kelly January 27, 2015

Jenn Burke is my writing partner and super-duper friend, so I’ve read this book three times, each a different version. Honestly, I liked the first as much as I did this last, because though I know Jenn worked hard to produce a novel that satisfied her, I’ll always love her stories regardless of poli ...more

By Melanie February 22, 2015

Review posted here...
Her Sexy Sentinel was an intriguing read with a lot of paranormal activity and a dash of forbidden love….
Callie Noble turns up in Ottawa to escape her life, she doesn’t know why she chooses there but is drawn to the place she used to ...more

By Hannah January 31, 2015

Jenn Burke's His Sexy Sentinel I really enjoyed, it's one of those books where I hope the author writes more about this sentinel universe. I loved the concept and the secondary characters have piqued my curiosity to want to find out more. Callie and Derrick are hot! Trying to not give in to the sexu ...more

By Lisa Annesley January 29, 2015

Running from an abusive relationship and an overbearing brother, Callie returns to Ottawa, where she went to college. When she gets into trouble, she conjures magic that she didn't know she had. Left ill by its use, she calls a "friend" from college, Derrick.

Derrick knew all along that Callie was a ...more

By Emily February 12, 2015

**My thanks to NetGalley and Entangled Publishing LLC, for providing me with a free copy for an honest review**

Running away from home on an impromptu vacation Callie flees to Ottawa but finds herself in trouble again just on the first night.

With only one person that she can call that might pick up, ...more

By Harmony January 12, 2018

This book grabbed me from the start with descriptions that brought the setting and characters to life. As a trigger warning, the book begins on an assault wherein Callie’s powers blossom to life, so if sexual assault is a trigger for you, I recommend starting halfway through the first chapter at the ...more

By Valerie January 19, 2015

This review can also be read at Witch, Wine & Words.

This book was provided to me by the publisher through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

I keep hoping one day I’ll encounter a paranormal romance that I just get blown away by, the same way I did by Innocence by Dean Koontz. This one came ...more

By Amy January 26, 2015


Originally posted at Vampire Book Club

When things in Callie Nobel’s life get frighteningly complicated, she runs back to Ottawa—a place where she spent significant time while in school. Unfortunately, Callie can’t avoid trouble completely once she gets there. Instead of running, Callie is surpris ...more

By Gigi January 26, 2015

The most dangerous thing they could do is fall in love...

Callie Noble fled to Ottawa to escape danger. But she is far from safe. Overwhelmed by a strange new power she can't control, Callie is terrified and painfully incapacitated. Her only hope is to seek the help of the one man who broke her heart ...more

By Maria Rose April 03, 2016

This paranormal romance (urban fantasy romantic suspense would be another way to describe it) is the story of Callie and Derrick. When Callie finds herself back in Ottawa and frightened of a strange new power she seems to possess, she calls upon her old flame Derrick for help, the one man whom she h ...more

By Kae January 01, 2015

This book had a bit of a different twist to it. I liked that. It explored using magic more than any other book I have read.

Callie is running away from something. Unfortunately the only one she knows in the area and can call for help is the guy that walked away from her and broke her heart. Derrick ...more

By Denise January 25, 2015

I was on the lookout for something alittle different in this genre. When I came across this one with the blurb and the cover I entered in. This author right away will sweep you up in danger with the character Callie facing it but knowing this is it. She then does what she must to survive but also no ...more

By April January 29, 2015

****A gifted copy was provided by the publisher for an honest review***

The story in a nutshell is Callie Noble fled Ottawa to get away from danger. But danger is all around her. She is seized by some strange power –this force field of power. In a moment of panic , she calls the last person she thoug ...more

By Rosemary February 04, 2015

Callie Noble has strange powers that make her doubt her sanity. She needs help so she calls Derrick Llewellyn. They had dated briefly until he dumped her when they were in Carleton University. Thank goodness that she called him. He knows what's wrong. The force she used was magic. She is stunned. Sh ...more

By Eileen January 31, 2015

I loved Her Sexy Sentinel by Jenn Burke. The world-building with magic and intrigue, the characters who are FOB colliding with those who’ve lived with it all their lives, and the ebb and flow of growing attractions - all of it made reading this such a delight.

While I was reading, I live tweeted Jenn ...more

By Patricia January 17, 2015

Derrick is a play it by the rule knight for the magic community. Cal takes a last minute trip running from someone and trouble finds her. After discovering a power within herself and stuck with no one to turn to and feeling ill, she calls the only person left. A guy she hasn't seen in seven years an ...more

By She January 27, 2015

Callie freaks out when she uses her magic and calls the last person she wants to see for help. Derrick left her and broke her heart, but both still have feelings for each other. Derrick is the protector of the town and his sister is the highest of the witches and he asks for her help with Callie. Wh ...more

By Heather December 21, 2014

A drunk Derrick is full of information, "I wanted to make love to you that night," he admitted, his voice dropping an octave. "So damned bad." Once Derrick got his head out of his a** and took a chance on Callie it was hot:
"Just because he wakes up hungry doesn't mean you have to feed him right awa ...more

By Tara February 03, 2015

I loved this book! It had everything I look for in a romance: heat, humor, a super hot hero (HELLO Derrick) and an exciting, engaging plot. I laughed out loud several times, and the love scenes were both hot and sweet.

I don't read a ton of paranormal romance, but this one sucked me in right from th ...more

By Jennifer February 21, 2017

I enjoyed reading HER SEXY SENTINEL. It started out a little rough for me, but it got better as it went along. I didn't think the villain was very believable, but the romance was.

My full review can be read on my blog Books That Hook ...more

By Donna January 22, 2015

A fabulous urban fantasy with magic and mystery and a bit of romance. I will admit it took me a bit to warm up to these characters but by the end I was sorry to say goodbye. So stick it out it will be worth it. I would love to revisit this world again. Maybe with Risa’s story.
ARC provided by Netgall ...more

By Keri December 21, 2014

ARC provided by Netgalley. Per request review to be posted 1 week before release date. ...more

By Melissa January 26, 2015

This book is a great read. Callie and Derrick story is when you get a second chance at love, you love with everything you have. ...more

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3.98 avg rating
Jenn Burke

About the author

Jenn Burke

Jenn's always been drawn to weird and wonderful stories, particularly those juxtaposed with our normal, boring world. Her love of the written word prompted her to get a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature from the University of Ottawa, and she's spent the years since working in corporate and web communications - and dreaming up weird and wonderful stories of her own. A self-confessed geek, Jenn loves spending time in the worlds of video games, surfing her favorite websites, reading all the romance novels she can get her hands on, and accumulating an impressive collection of nerdy t-shirts. She currently lives outside of Ottawa, Ontario, with her husband, two kids, and her writing helper, Alenko the husky.

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