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Peek Inside Hot Nights in Morocco

An exciting new title on Scorched!

Hot Nights in Morocco

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I just started my dream job. Too bad it comes with movie mogul Jake Dalton who’s equal parts sexy and arrogant ass. He's also a man who comes with a thousand warning signs. Good thing I have zero interest in complicating my life.

But while stuck on set in one of the most exotic places in the world, the desert heat isn’t the only thing making me sweat. The more time we spend together, the harder it is to deny the chemistry sizzling between us.

When we finally give in…the sex is off the charts. But Jake has too many secrets, and combined with my past, trust is impossible. This craziness is temporary, right?


“OMG. Sit back girls and get ready for the ride of your life. A wonderful romance spiced with life. You'll laugh, cry and probably hate Jack (Only a teeny tiny bit) but love him all the same both characters finally find what the need. Get ready to feel a bit hot under the collar.” -=Paige F., Goodreads

“It was a wild ride.” -Susan U., Goodreads

Hot Nights in Morocco is a spicy read that pulled me in from the beginning of the book. With enjoyable settings, great character development, dialogue and storyline. I hope we get to read more with these characters in the future.” -Donna P., NetGalley

This book had me turning the pages into the wee hours of the morning ... I could not put it down.” -Terry L., Goodreads

“Wiltcher did an excellent job creating characters who were real, interesting and engaging. I highly recommend this gem!” -Vanessa R., NetGalley

“This book has it all and is so well done you will be asking for more. It’s not just a steamy romance story it’s way deeper than that. It’s definitely a story about two people finding a way to make peace with their past.” -Amanda Y., Goodreads 

Hot Nights in Morocco by Catherine Wiltcher is a steamy romance with off the charts chemistry! I was drawn in from the beginning and could not turn the pages fast enough. I could not put it down!” -P.L., NetGalley

Additional Details

ISBN: 9781640638877
Release Date: Nov 18, 2019
Page Count: 400
Imprint: scorched
Genre: erotic romance
Tropes: bad boy/bachelor/playboy reformed, forbidden love/off limits

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Hot Nights in Morocco was an utterly charming blend of a sweet, sexy romance that set the sheets aflame. Jack & Charlie were perfect for one another. Their chemistry heated up the pages on my kindle that left me fanning myself for hours. Catherine Wiltcher takes romance... ...more

By Catherine November 19, 2019


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By Greta December 01, 2019

Ormai per me Catherine Wiltcher è una garanzia, ogni suo libro equivale a un paio di giorni di spensieratezza e piacere. Sapevo che Hot Nights in Morocco prima era intitolato Eyes to the Wind, e sono contenta che una CE l'ha notata e lei ha potuto riscriverlo e ripubblicarlo, perchè se lo merita... ...more

By Rochelle November 17, 2019

This is the first book from this author that I have read and I really liked it. It was a good read with plenty of steam that will keep you wanting more. I will be reading more from this author.

I received an ARC from NetGalley and I am voluntarily leaving an honest review.

By Amanda January 13, 2020

Five "loved it" stars!

I admit, contemporary romance is not my main jam. But this had enough suspense (what DID happen to Charlie as a child?), and enough darkness (Jake can be so gloriously mean) that it was just... more. I should have known that a contemporary romance from Catherine Wiltcher wo... ...more

By Zoe November 15, 2019

Secrets, Hollywood insanity, having the hots for your boss (or sort of...he's her boss's brother who's in charge of her boss), and chemistry that scorches the pages... What a fun read. Gotta love a powerful billionaire hero, Jake Dalton, who's, of course, gorgeous and unobtainable (can't say the... ...more

By Jessica November 24, 2019

*I received a free copy of this book which I voluntarily chose to write an honest review for.

What a great romance novel!! Charlie is starting a new job as an assistant on a movie set. She has no clue who her bosses are but that quickly changes once she arrives. Working for Matt is hard enough sin... ...more

By Lisa November 18, 2019

Welcome to Hollywood where just about anything can happen and Charlie takes on the ride of her life with the famous Jake Dalton himself who is one hateful arrogant bossy Alpha who does what he wants and is not afraid of saying it and oh boy he's met his match Charlie meets him word for word.
The... ...more

By Brande November 19, 2019

So good!!!!

Such a great book I literally and I mean that could not put it down I just had to see what happened to Charlie and Jake. I have read all of this authors books and she is just so good she grabs you from the first page and bam your hooked. The worst part about this book is that it ended... ...more

By Paula October 17, 2019

Angst and off the charts chemistry in this story! Charlie has just gotten her dream job but working with Jake a drop dead gorgeous man with a huge alpha side to him is a bit distracting. Charlie has a past that invades her life and dreams daily. Jake has some secrets of his own. A intense romance... ...more

By Lilly December 03, 2019

This was such an amazing journey, an emotional roller coaster and a crazy amount of heat (from the desert and not only, if you get my point). I loved this book to the moon and back. I read it in two days, simply because at some point I needed sleep.

With this being said, let me introduce you to ou... ...more

By Jessica November 22, 2019

I'm twenty-two, Lucy." I chuck my age at her like it's a live hand grenade. "So far I've nothing to show for it except unhealthy fixations with parental avoidance and Kindle Unlimited. Stop worrying so much, I'm only his assistant."
When Charlotte lands a dream job as an assistant for a film produ... ...more

By Teresa October 30, 2019

**I received a copy of Hot Nights in Morocco from Entangled Publishing and Net Galley in exchange for a voluntary and honest review. The opinions below were not solicited in any way.**

Hot Nights in Morocco by Catherine Wiltcher the author is a new one to me but I tell you this book had everything... ...more

By Ri November 14, 2019

I recently discovered this author and immediately fell under her spell. She has a beautiful way of articulating her thoughts and penning her words. The way that she phrases certain things oftentimes steals my breath for a moment. This book is different than I was expecting and that is not a bad t... ...more

By Sierra Clothier November 10, 2019

My favorite line in this book is "I like to lose myself in someone else's pain. It makes mine easiest bear." The protagonist Charlie is referring to reading, and most of us can relate. I can't tell you how many times I specifically pick up a book to forget my troubles, and hope that it will kill... ...more

By Sally November 17, 2019

Hot nights in Morocco indeed!!! more accurate to say Scorching Hot nights!!

This author.. i just LOVE her! her writing is impeccable.
Sophisticated, and smart! this book especially got that sass and sparkle.
Catherine is taking us this time to Morocco, with her beautiful descriptions and story plot.... ...more

By Diane November 01, 2019

Charlie is only person that wants to get away from Jake!

Charlotte (Charlie) Winters needs a job to make it on her own without any help from her step-dad and she gets a job as personal assistant for director Max Dalton while he is shooting his next movie in Morocco. Max Dalton always works with hi... ...more

By Christal November 17, 2019

I’ve read previous work from this author (the dark, twisty stuff) so I was curious as to this story was going to go. I should have just assumed that I was going to love it just like her other works...she’s definitely working her way up to being a one-click author for me!

Charlie, much to her mothe... ...more

By Terry October 28, 2019

4 1/2 Stars! A gut-wrenching romance!

Charlie starts her new job as assistant to Max Dalton, but she is not prepared for his brother Jake. Jake is everything she's heard about him ... gruff, mean, rich, a womanizer ... oh yeah and devastatingly handsome. And even though Charlie knows she shouldn't... ...more

By Susan November 08, 2019

Once again, Catherine Wiltcher delivers a 5-star read with Hot Nights in Morocco, a story about two people, damaged in their younger years by the people who were supposed to love and protect them, who find themselves drawn to each other. Jake and Charlie’s reluctant relationship develops on a mov... ...more

By Julie November 20, 2019

Hot and Steamy read.

Charlie, a freelance assistant, and Jake, movie producer, go to Morocco to do filming on location. Both have history relationship issues and find it difficult to relate to each other, even know they both are physically attracted to the other.
Through some misunderstandings, eg... ...more

By Jeanne October 30, 2019

Every now and then I pick a book to review and am very pleasantly surprised with how excellent it is. Hot Nights in Morocco was one of these. Wiltcher did an excellent job creating characters who were real, interesting and engaging. She also brought the film industry and movie set to vivid life.... ...more

By Maria January 25, 2020

Hot Nights in Morocco is a tale filled with strong-willed and multi-dimensional characters as well as fluid story line. The connection and chemistry between Charlie and Jake is sizzling and explosive on many levels. I love how Charlie doesn't take Jake's crap while maintaining her dignity as the... ...more

By Jennifer November 20, 2019

Love it !!

The title of this story definitely fits HOT NIGHTS in MOROCCO !! Charlie aka Books is one of the wittiest characters I’ve ever read about , she has a sharp funny comeback at all times and a mean right hook ok I’ll try not to give out any spoilers . Jake and Charlie are HOT together and... ...more

By Mawgan November 14, 2019

I'm a huge fan of this author's work, which is normally deliciously dark and twisted. When I decided to read this book knowing it wasn't in the category as her previous work, I wasn't sure what to expect. But this book was a pleasure to read. I loved the witty banter between Charlie and jake. The... ...more

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4.12 avg rating
Catherine Wiltcher

About the author

Catherine Wiltcher

Catherine Wiltcher is a British romance author, mum-of-two, former TV producer, and self-confessed alpha addict. Her writing is best described as sinfully sexy, and her characters always fall hard and deep for one another. She lives in a village near Bath in the UK with her husband and young daughters.

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