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Peek Inside Incriminating Dating

Ayla Hawkins wants to affect change in her high school by running for class president. But she’ll need a miracle to win—enter Luke Pressler. If he can pose as her fake boyfriend, she’s got the election in the bag

Incriminating Dating

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What's a little blackmail between classmates?

Opinionated, unconventional Ayla Hawkins isn’t the type to use blackmail, but sometimes a girl has to stand up for what’s right. So when she catches Mr. Perfect Luke Pressler doing something decidedly un-perfect, Ayla’s got the dirt she needs to get Luke on her side—in the form of her new fake boyfriend.
One mistake. All Luke wanted was a night to goof off, to blow off steam. The next thing he knew, he was pretending to date Ayla Hawkins. But his little blackmailer turns out to be kind. Honorable. And just the breath of fresh air he didn’t even realize he was suffocating for. But Luke and Ayla come from different worlds, and once the terms of their agreement end, their fauxmance will, too.
Disclaimer: This Entangled Teen Crush book features adult language, sexual situations, and plenty of girl power. Reading may result in swooning, laughing, and looking for a Luke of your own.


"Lovely swoon-worthy novel. I do recommend, especially to nerds who love comic books and superheroes—Ayla is one of us. ;)" ~Sabina, Goodreads

"It’s a very well-written story and it is almost impossible to put down. I really enjoyed it and would highly recommend it for any lovers of clean YA romance." ~Olivia F., Goodreads

"Ayla and Luke are a new favorite couple for me." Kristi, Goodreads

"This is the first book by Purdy that I've read, but it won't be the last. [...] The characters are compelling, the story takes some genuinely unexpected turns and has a satisfying ending. Everything you want from a YA romance." ~Hayden Q., Goodreads

"A sweet high school romance with lovable characters." ~Erica, Goodreas

"I totally love a great fauxmance and want a Luke of my own. Incriminating Dating does have some mild adult language and sexual situations, but it has plenty of awesome girl power, and the combination kept me riveted to the book!" ~Victoria B., NetGalley

"[Incriminating Dating] was fantastic. I read this book in one day because I could not put it down. It was a perfect little package of romance and a classic contemporary novel." ~Shoshi Reads

"I'm a sucker for these boy pretends to be girls boyfriend books...this one didn't disappoint." ~Sarah B., NetGalley"Cute story that has the perfect blend of teenage angst, high school drama, romance, and growing up and finding your path in life. Definitely recommend!" ~Victim of Books

Additional Details

ISBN: 9781633759268
Release Date: Apr 10, 2017
Page Count: 266
Imprint: teen crush
Genre: contemporary, young adult
Tropes: blackmail, enemies to lovers, fake relationship

Select Featured Reviews

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By Sarah Elizabeth March 24, 2017

(I received an advance copy of this book for free. Thanks to Entangled Publishing, LLC and NetGalley.)

“This might be a fake relationship, but it was beginning to feel pretty real to me. The problem was, what would happen once the election was over?”

This was a YA contemporary romance, fea ...more

By Yoda August 18, 2017

***** 3.5 stars

Its a fast read novel, I liked that it switched between Lukes and Aylas point of view without repeating everything that happened twice.

I enjoyed this book but it's not something I will remember in a year. Plot had a nice flow and I read it in a couple of hours so its a fast read. Pe ...more

By Suze April 14, 2017

Ayla always stands up for the people who need it. She genuinely cares about fellow students, important issues and school clubs for everyone. She wants her voice to be heard, which is why she's in the running to become Senior Class President. Her opponent fights dirty, so Ayla needs a little extra po ...more

By Zainab June 05, 2017

I mean there was quite a bit repetition of sentences and it was a bit cheesy but I still liked it! ...more

By Monique April 10, 2017

I am impressed at how much I enjoyed this!!! If you are looking for the perfect summer contemporary then look no further. This delicious read is all kinds of fun.

I love comtemporaries that deal with real life problems and this book dealt with lots of issues that are think are relevant and real today


By megan April 10, 2017

I'm part of the blog tour for this book! Check out my blog on April 14th for an excerpt and a guest post from the author:

Ayla Hawkins knows where she’s going in life. She’s editor-in-chief of her school newspaper; she’s just landed the lead role in her school p ...more

By Char ღ Denae September 20, 2018

A heart-warming YA about a ‘rich’, popular jock and a sweet, creative ‘nerd’. This story could have been so cliche and predictable but it actually was pretty unique and didn’t go the way I expected. I liked the characters and how realistic they were, and, also not as they seemed. Everyone has many s ...more

By Sara April 27, 2017

Oh I really loved this! It was so cute! And now I am totally in love with Luke. He was so sweet and caring, and hot and amazing and protective! The perfect boyfriend!
I also liked Ayla. She was really sweet, caring and brave. She was an amazing girl. And I really enjoyed seeing them falling in love ...more

By John June 06, 2017

A fun look at a girl's desperation, coupled with a boy's secrets. When Ayla comes upon Luke in an inopportune moment for him, it's her perfect chance to blackmail him into being her pretend boyfriend. By doing so, she believes it will gain her the popularity needed to be elected class president. We ...more

By Alison April 17, 2017

Three and a half stars.

Ayla Hawkins is an idealistic drama club, gaming, school newspaper editor nerd. But when funding for the drama club and the newspaper at her high school are cut yet again to buy new uniforms for one of the sports teams her best friend urges her to take a stand and tun for clas ...more

By Anais May 24, 2017

I wouldn’t say I instantly fell in love with this contemporary romance. I think there were moments where it fell a little flat for me. A lot of the story was predictable, especially the Jenna thing. I knew it was coming and I knew it was going to be the phone. I wish there would have been more of a ...more

By Wendy June 19, 2017

Incriminating Dating by Rebekah L. Purdy is a YA contemporary romance. Some discretion may be necessary for younger readers for the explicit language.

Ayla isn’t part of the popular crowd at school. She cares about things outside of school and wants to make a difference in the world. While this alon ...more

By Danielle's March 22, 2017

I enjoyed Luke's story in this book. He is a complex character with so much to offer and a great guy. His home life is the best part of this novel.

Ayla, I didn't like as much. Overall she was okay she just had her moments. Ayla is a super geek. She dresses in sci-fi t-shirts and plays video games. S ...more

By The Obsessive January 05, 2018

How can you bring about a change if you're a nobody? Date a somebody!

Incriminating Dating is sweet story of trying to fit it, and fight for what you believe in.

The plot is a little predictable yet the author has managed to put a unique spin on the fake turn real relationship story line.

Ayla is comf ...more

By Victoria July 12, 2017

I totally love a great fauxmance and want a Luke of my own. Incriminating Dating does have some mild adult language and sexual situations, but it has plenty of awesome girl power, and the combination kept me riveted to the book! I have another book hangover thanks to this Entangled Teen Crush! I can ...more

By Pauline Anne May 05, 2018

Love this author. A nice ,cute read. Opposites flung together- the popular jock and pretty though not so skinny nerd. This story is all about looking below the surface and really getting to know someone as things are not always what they seem. It's also about friendship and standing up to the 'mean' ...more

By Sabina March 25, 2017

I loved reading "Incriminating Dating' so much that when it came to the climax when things got complicated I just couldn't stand the thought that Luke and Ayla may be torn apart. Gosh, that was suspenseful! I loved the way these two people, coming from different social groups, found out that they ha ...more

By Kristi Housman March 23, 2017

I received a copy of this from Entangled Teen through netgalley.

Ayla and Luke are a new favorite couple for me. While it sucks that Ayla blackmailed him, I'm so happy she did. I loved that while she was confident in so many things, she also freaked out about a lot. Especially when it came to how oth ...more

By celene July 05, 2020

3.7 aside from the drama caused by the mean people and slight miscommunication this was pretty cute,,, ...more

By Sabrina March 22, 2017

I received an ARC from the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

I love these cute simple reads. The characters are loveable. The situations a little more believable than a lot of novels out there for teens. I don't have to worry about inappropriate scenes. The main characters mak ...more

By Crazygoat March 27, 2019

The world-building is well-written. ...more

By Emily December 05, 2018

3.75* ...more

By Aish January 25, 2020

3.8 ...more

By Pottermnm August 29, 2019

I like it.Of courseI was suffering all thriugh the book thinking about tge video.But that was part of the fun.I liked the characters and the story.It was pretty sweet, cliche ,yeap, but fun. ...more

By Sophie January 04, 2020

I received an Advance Reader Copy from the publisher via NetGalley. This in no way impacted on my view.

Any book that Entangled publish have always been enjoyable, and this was no different. In Incriminating Dating, all Ayla wants is to become class president, and beat the popular queen of school, Je ...more

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3.76 avg rating
Rebekah L. Purdy

About the author

Rebekah L. Purdy

Rebekah was born and raised in Michigan where she spent many late nights armed with a good book and a flashlight. She's lived in Michigan most of her life other than the few years she spent in the U.S. Army. At which time she got a chance to experience Missouri, Kansas, South Carolina, and California. Rebekah has a business degree from University of Phoenix and currently works full time for the court system. In her free time she writes YA stories, anything from YA Fantasy to YA Contemporary Romance. Rebekah also has a big family (6 kids),she likes to consider her family as the modern day Brady Bunch complete with crazy road trips and game nights. When not hiding at her computer, Rebekah enjoys reading, singing, soccer, swimming, football, camping, playing video games, traveling, and hanging out with her family and gazillion pets.

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