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Peek Inside Jane Unwrapped

Mummification was not the kind of experiment teen scientist Jane thought she’d be conducting. Now’s she’s trapped in the Egyptian underworld. Worse, the snarky (but outrageously handsome) god Anubis has sworn to devour her soul unless she can go back in time and steal the heart of King Tutankhamen. Stalked by Anubis (who can’t seem to decide whether to kiss her or kill her) Jane must either steal Tut’s heart, or find a way to save them both...even if it means disobeying all the gods of Egypt.

Jane Unwrapped

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Some tombs should never be opened…

Mummification was not the kind of experiment teen scientist Jane thought she’d be conducting-especially not when she winds up trapped in the Egyptian underworld. If that’s not bad enough, the snarky (but outrageously handsome) god Anubis has sworn to devour her soul. Her only ticket out of the underworld? Go back in time and steal the heart of King Tutankhamen.

Time to test that hypothesis.

Between posing as a priestess, trying to murder the intriguing young pharaoh, and being stalked by Anubis-who can’t seem to decide if he’s going to kiss her or kill her-Jane has to make a choice: do the logical thing and steal Tut’s heart, or find a way to save them both…even if it means rebelling against all the gods of Egypt.


"Fact: Jane Unwrapped brings an exciting new voice and adventure to the realm of YA lit. Hypothesis: Jane's story will enter the hearts of many. Experiment: GO AND READ IT FOR PETE'S SAKE! Conclusion: 5/5 stars." --Maggie, Goodreads

"This book is filled with amazing details on Ancient Egypt in general and on its religious system in particular. Featuring some of the most popular pharaohs and ancients gods, the novel's a winner when it comes to spontaneity, character development and surprise. I am a huge fan of anything regarding Ancient Egypt, so that's why I found the book to be most enjoyable." --Christina, Goodreads

"Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this book (as if you didn't already get that from my previous excitement). I was in the much dreaded reading slump for a long time, and this delightful book made me rediscover my love of reading again. I am forever indebted to this book...I do hope to read more books by these authors soon. I recommend this book to people who enjoy reading about Egyptian mythology, or just about anything. Because this book is just that marvelous." --Elizabeth Chang, Goodreads

Additional Details

ISBN: 9781633754577
Release Date: Oct 12, 2015
Page Count: 290
Imprint: teen crave
Genre: paranormal, young adult
Tropes: forbidden love/off limits, overcoming odds

Select Featured Reviews

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By Paula M. of Her Book Thoughts! October 22, 2015

“You only see beauty because you know it will end,” he says. “No one mourns a midday sun, but a setting sun has a finality to it. It makes you realize you don’t want it to end.”

Jane Unwrapped was a huge surprise.I admit that I never thought I will like it so much. So much that I was itching ...more

By Booknut October 18, 2015

**To see the original post featuring an exclusive character interview, click here!**

Let me introduce you to a book you'll be dying to read...

As many of you may be aware, I simply adore all things mythology - especially ancient Egyptian mythology.

So when I was given the opportunity to read & review ...more

By Elaine October 11, 2015

What an amazing, totally unique tale! I’ve been interested in Egyptian Mythology for many years and to find a story like this is superb! The author obviously enjoys the subject too, weaving a variety of stories about Egyptian gods and goddesses into a thrilling adventure story starring a studious te ...more

By Dark Faerie Tales February 05, 2016

Review courtesy of Dark Faerie Tales

Quick & Dirty: This strange tale starts off a bit slow but with the uplifting ending was really worth it. I highly recommend for fans of Egyptian mythology.

Opening Sentence: Adventure is overrated.

The Review:

I absolutely love Egyptian mythology so when I saw I cou ...more

By Anna || BooksandBookends October 13, 2015

I received a free copy of this book by the book's publishers via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. Thank you!

WOW! Just wow! This book had me completely blown away, it wasn't what I expected at all but was amazing all the same.

What first attracted me to this book was the fact it was linked ...more

By Deniz October 07, 2015

Wow! I am totally blown away
This kinda fit with something within in... So many little things that kinda struck me on a personal level...
But overall:
This is a story well told
The world building if awesome sauce!!
And the character building is great
-- makes this a must read in my books!

Review to follo ...more

By Erica November 12, 2015

I read this when the lovely Kate and Leah Rooper were my mentees in #PitchWars and I can tell you, this story kept me reading until the morning. Once I read it I knew I had to work with them and learn more about Jane and Anubis and King Tut! It's such a fun story with intrigue and excitement and OMG ...more

By Elizabeth February 09, 2017

Oh. My. Goodness....this book was freaking fantastic! I don't even know where to start...I'm still too starstruck to gather my emotions and coordinate them with coherent words...let me try anyway...

Jane Ezrael died while on a trip to Skutz Falls with her brother, and awakes to find herself in the Du ...more

By Cristina October 01, 2015

This is a great Young Adult Fantasy book that I've received for review from the publisher. The novel might not speak to some individuals keen on Adult Contemporary, but it sure did to me, and I'm not an immense Young Adult fan.

The storyline:

Jane's an unusual teenager, in the sense that she doesn't l ...more

By Maggie September 23, 2015

Jane Unwrapped was a breath of fresh YA air. Following Jane on her journey through ancient Egypt kept me on the edge of my seat and constantly wanting more. I honestly read this book in one sitting because I could not put it down.

I loved the character development and mystery surrounding Jane’s time ...more

By Louisa October 13, 2015

Such a fantastic book! I enjoyed it so much, loved this world, and these characters! ...more

By Regina June 13, 2019

I was hooked from the start (no pun intended!)

The premise was intriguing, the story is well-written, and I had a lot of fun with it! King Tut was definitely not what I expected, and Anubis and his wisecracks cracked me up. :)

I couldn't put the book down, it kept me up waaaay past my bedtime...
(And ...more

By Katrina November 06, 2018

What a fun adventure; so unique and compelling. Lurved it! I need more of this in my life...way more!

Please note that an ARC was generously provided in exchange for an honest review of which this is both honest and completely voluntary. ...more

By Aubree August 05, 2017

Fluoride, Uranium, Carbon, Potassium! This book came out of left field and wowed me.

Jane's a bit of geek who dies too young and has donated her body to science. Little does she expect for that body to be turned into a mummy for research and for her soul to be sent to the Duat. Or that they would lea ...more

By books are love October 12, 2015

Received from entangled crave for a honest review.

This is a really creative and fun book. It’s the first time I had ever seen this type of plot and concept. At times I felt for Jane especially since she never really lived in life so all these new feelings, emotions, and interactions are all new to ...more

By Shannon October 13, 2015

Jane Unwrapped is a unique, stand-alone novel that pulled me in from the very first page. Wow! I fell in love with this book and its characters, the setting, the mythology, and just the story all the way around. I really didn't expect to love it the way I did, but it just turned out to be so much mo ...more

By Kathleen October 12, 2015

Overall Stars: 4 STARS


Science meets Mythology: which will prevail..

Fluorine uranium carbon potassium. Jane's experiment really went wrong this time. After a fatal accident, teen scientist Jane becomes the first modern-day...mummy. Waking up in the Egyptian underworld without a heart certa ...more

By Nicole September 26, 2015

Jane Unwrapped!!! First things first: I received an ARC through NetGalley.
The book comes out october 12th, so if it's something you are interested in, you should check it out.
At the moment fantasy books are a total hit or miss for me, mainly because things get dragged out to the point were I'm just ...more

By Victoria October 29, 2015

Originally posted at Revenge of the Feels

Rating: 4½ stars

Jane Unwrapped is an extremely unique fantasy novel! There have been so many books with Greek mythology, and I’ve read quite a few of them, but reading a romance story with the Egyptian mythology is definitely a first for me!

One thing about Ja ...more

By Sunny October 13, 2015

So we all know that I totally pick books based on the titles and covers. So when I heard about this one I was like "YAAAASSSSSS a mummy book!!! Love it." I am really glad that I did pick this one. It was a little out of the norm and it held my attention. If I had not had a ton of stuff going on thi ...more

By Crystal October 19, 2015

I loved this book - I couldn't put it down.

Jane Unwrapped a unique spin on a fresh topic - Ancient Egypt/Egyptian Mythology. I was completely drawn in from the first page to the last. I particularly loved the moral dilemmas that the protagonist, Jane struggles with throughout. I also really enjoyed ...more

By Caroline December 11, 2015

This book has everything- romance, action, adventure- all weaved into a modern day 'retelling'. Being a huge Percy Jackson fan it was great to find a book that had the same sort of idea (ancient gods in modern day) but more YA and to my current taste (Don't worry I still love Percy!). My only reason ...more

By Pam October 12, 2015

The plot is interesting somehow, in that I don't normally read stories of modern-day female protagonists being paired up with people from myths or from centuries ago. I do kinda wonder what happens later on in the future with Jane changing history up a little bit in the story.

Read full review at: ht ...more

By Pam October 17, 2015

The plot is interesting somehow, in that I don't normally read stories of modern-day female protagonists being paired up with people from myths or from centuries ago. I do kinda wonder what happens later on in the future with Jane changing history up a little bit in the story.

Read full review at: ht ...more

By Melissa (YA Book Shelf) September 26, 2015

I love this book so much, and the ending, wow, it had me tearing up just a little. If you love Egyptian mythology, science-geek heroines, and feeling all the feels, then you should check it out. ...more

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4.08 avg rating
Leah and Kate Rooper

About the author

Leah and Kate Rooper

Leah and Kate Rooper are sisters from Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. Growing up beside the Pacific Ocean and inside a temperate rainforest fed their sense of adventure as children, and nourished a curiosity for strange and distant lands. They fed this curiosity with books - lots and lots of books. After experiencing the magic of Middle-earth, they began creating their own worlds. When they're not writing, Leah and Kate spend their time blogging and vlogging about their travel adventures and their writing journey.

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