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Peek Inside Leveling the Field

Reclusive gaming magazine exec Ethan Talley is furious when his business partner hires a photographer—a gorgeous photographer with an affinity for glitter and sex—to take pictures for the newspaper. No matter how badly he wants the woman...under him, over him, against the nearest wall...he has reasons for not wanting to be on camera anymore, and his scars are only one of them.

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Reclusive magazine exec Ethan Talley is furious when his business partner hires a photographer—a gorgeous photographer who insists on speaking her mind, damn it—to take pictures for an upcoming article. No matter how badly he wants the woman…under him, over him, against the nearest wall…he has reasons for not wanting to be on camera anymore, and his scars are only one of them.

It takes approximately two seconds for Lissa Kingsman to recognize Ethan as the popular YouTube gamer who fell off the planet years ago. But this Ethan is different than the charming man she used to watch, and the crush she had on him then is nothing compared to the way she’s lusting after the brooding man he is today. If sex is all he can give her, fine. Why not use that bearskin rug in her studio for something other than a prop? But she’s determined to put a chink in his armor, no matter how much he resists.


"Leveling the Field is definitely a story full of high emotions and complicated relationships, but Megan Erickson delivers a delicious raw sexuality that is intoxicating." --Miranda Owen, Fresh Fiction

"This series has been a total win from beginning to end and just shows how talented Megan Erickson truly is and proves why she is one of our very favorite authors. Strong characters, tight, well thought out plots without any extraneous drama or over the top actions, steamy, emotional sex scenes, and lots and lots of witty, snarky banter ... her books have something for everyone. Be sure you don't miss out, you'll be sorry if you do!" --Kassiah Faul, Pretty Sassy Cool

"A strong heroine, a challenging hero, a complex relationship and a whole lot of sexy goodness in between make Leveling the Field my favorite book in Megan Erickson's Gamers series and one of my favorite books of 2016!" --Slick Reads, Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews

"Lissa and Ethan together were nothing short of white-hot. Their words. Their chemistry. Their appetite and need for each other - it was pure and raw. But most of all their very powerful connection - as a reader, when you feel that electricity, almost a buzz that it is a very special thing." --Laurie Owens, The Literary Gossip

Additional Details

ISBN: 9781633756342
Series: Gamers, Book 4
Release Date: May 2, 2016
Page Count: 205
Imprint: brazen
Genre: contemporary, multi-cultural
Tropes: enemies to lovers

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I wanted this book.

I wanted this book SO BADLY.

I loved this book.

I loved this book SO MUCH.

I was fairly tempted to just leave that ^^ as my review (with maybe a few subliminal ‘buy it’ messages thrown in for good measure), but then I realized that doesn’t tell you why I loved it so…

It fails ...more

By Musings of A Romance Junkie September 02, 2016

Sweet, Sappy &Satisfyin'!

Whew, I loved this freaking story! Not just because of Ethan and Lissa, but because Megan Erickson did justice to who Lissa Kingsman was as a black woman. From being proud of who she was to the texture and caring of her hair (Girlfriend carried a headscarf her bag! Yes, we d ...more

***4 Stars***

"You have stories. Well I have stories, too. I have scars just like you, but mine aren't on my skin."

I'm sad to say goodbye to this series, but what a way to finish on a high note!

Rough and gruff and guilt-ridden Ethan finally gets his story....and his match, in Lissa.

Etha ...more

By Stacee May 05, 2016

I absolutely love Megan's words, but this series has probably been my favorite from her.

Love love love Lissa and Ethan. She's snarky and strong and tells it like it is. And Ethan...well, he's not. I loved their interactions and her pushing and his retreating and JFC the chemistry could have killed ...more

By Alyssa April 27, 2016

***Review posted on The Eater of Books! blog***

Leveling the Field by Megan Erickson
Book Four of the Gamers series
Publisher: Entangled Brazen
Publication Date: May 2, 2016
Rating: 4 stars
Source: eARC from NetGalley

***Warning: this is an adult book, and for the eyes of mature readers***

Summary (from Goo ...more

By Irene May 10, 2016

3.5 stars

Leveling the Field was a good read.

I enjoyed watching Ethan and Lissa come together, both characters made this such a fun and entertaining read.
I loved their passion, their stubbornness and their chemistry was off the charts! **fans self**


Loved catching up with the previous characters and ...more

In Megan's world, grumpy (+ nerdy + slightly awkward) is the new sexy, and that is more than okay with me! Admittedly, I have a weak spot for heroes who are hot and cold - with good reason - and Ethan totally fits that bill. He turned my heart to complete goo!

I loved this series so much - it's fun ...more

By Maria Rose May 02, 2016

This is the last book in the Gamers series, a set of books I've really enjoyed that focused on a video game magazine and its employees. They've all been super sexy stories with unique characters. We've seen Ethan as this reclusive smart man in the background as a secondary character up to now, with ...more

Slick's review posted at Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews

Sometimes you find a book that you just can't put down, one where the characters speak to you and one where they have problems but they aren't insurmountable, and one where two people seem so different but share a bond that brings them acceptance ...more

By April ~ The Reading Belles February 02, 2017

Grumpy gamer geek and dirty-talking photographer? Fuck yeah! This book popped my Megan Erickson cherry and so glad it exceeded my expectation! Both Ethan and Lissa were recovering from a tragic loss that affected their present lives. Ethan was a YouTube sensation back when he was still playing video ...more

By Isabella ~Mikku-chan~ November 17, 2017

A really great closure of the series and I loved how vulnerable Ethan was and how fierce Lissa. <3
Great series I can totally recommend. :) ...more

By MaggieReadsRom May 03, 2016

Let me get something out of the way first:
OMG! Ethan!!!!!! Finally!!!!!! YAY! Ethan!!!!!

Okay, it's out now. I can now focus on my thoughts about this book :)

How I love this series. Every book has been stellar. And it was a pleasure seeing all the couples from the previous three books make an appeara ...more

By Lenore October 15, 2020

3.5 stars -- I received a free copy in exchange for an honest and unbiased review/opinion from NetGalley.

Well this was a complete context switch from my previous book -- I completely forgot how racy Entangled Brazen books tend to be, and this one caught me off ...more

By Penny February 12, 2017

3.5+ “Ethan is Top DAWG” Stars

Leveling the Field is one heck of a hot book. Ethan used to have his own YouTube channel where he would commentate on video games. He had thousands of followers and more money than he knew what to do with. When a tragic accident leaves him scarred and costs his sister ...more

Megan Erickson can do no wrong, apparently. Every book of hers is just gloriously romantic.
Why is this series over?? *sad Panda*



By now everyone knows how huge a fan of Megan Erickson I am given how shouty I get with my love for her books ...more

By Deanna May 02, 2016

*ARC Provided by Publisher in exchange for a fair and honest review*

In Leveling the Field, author Megan Erickson tackles the tough job of giving an emotional and physically scarred man his heart back. His life back. And that’s certainly not an easy thing to do, especially when the man is as reclusiv ...more

By Rachel March 31, 2016

Megan Erickson wraps up her Gamers series with Levelling the Field and let me tell you, she does it wonderfully. It’s finally Ethan’s turn to get his HEA he does so with a heroine who is absolutely without a doubt perfect for him in Lissa. I loved this book so very, very much.

“What’d I do to deserv ...more

By Kim May 02, 2016

Find this review and more at kimberlyfaye reads

I’m gonna lead by saying this: I love Megan Erickson and I love her Gamers series. She gave me nerdy and dirty with Changing His Game at a time when I needed it most. (Seriously, why aren’t there more nerd romances? Geeky guys – and girls – are hot. ...more

By Megan April 05, 2016

Since this is the 4th and final book in this series, we all knew Ethan's story would be hard fought. He's been such an emotional wreck throughout this series due to his past, and any woman who took him on would have to be fierce. Well, Lissa is all that and more. She has a similar history but her fa ...more

By karla February 09, 2018

Can I first say I hate my previous review of this book? Lol, it's like I hated that I liked it. I still stand by what I said but, honestly, would it have killed me to say something positive?

I started re-reading this book by accident. I was just chilling, going through my kindle and, accidentally, cl ...more

By Teresa Mary Rose May 02, 2016

More Reviews Here: Readers Live A Thousand Lives

This has been such a fun series and I’m really sad I have to say goodbye. This series is such a breath of fresh air for the romance genre and I’ve loved the nerdiness of it all. I knew from the beginning that Ethan had a story to tell and it was worth ...more

By Caro May 24, 2016

3.5 stars.

Much like the rest of this series, this was a hot and fun read.

Here, we meet Lissa and Ethan. Lissa is a photographer who works on portraits and also has a side project to honor her late sister. Ethan is a magazine executive, who after a horrible car accident is left with a dead sister, an ...more

By Karen's Bookshelf January 29, 2017

Can to broken hearts come together and make one beautiful whole one? That is Ethan and Alissa's dilemma. Neither of them were looking for a love match but maybe just a way to dull the pain . Just their luck, fate had other plans for them.
Lisa and Ethan were both trying to move past devastating event ...more

By BookWorm 221 February 04, 2017

Since I discovered the wonderful writing of one Megan Erickson I have made it my mission to read every single one of her books, so this is me catching up on this series.

It had everything that I love in a book, a tortured character in need of a good doses of . . . laughter a ...more

By Lovingbooks1 February 02, 2017

Grumpy sexy man

Grumpy is sexy, that is something Megan have convinced me on. I'm really happy that Ethan's story came. I've been waiting for it since forever it feels like. The characters are well described and I love grumpy Ethan and dirty mouthing Larissa. The things she says..... Wow!
The story i ...more

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3.86 avg rating
Megan Erickson

About the author

USA Today Best Selling Author

Megan Erickson

My first stories written in crayon-scrawl on loose-leaf notebook paper were about my childhood pet - a deaf cat with dandruff. And after covering real-life dramas as a journalist, I decided I liked writing my own endings better and switched to fiction. My romance novels full of humor and heart are a far cry from those early scribblings about my hygiene-deficient pet. I live in southern Pennsylvania, with my husband, two kids and two cats. I like a good pint of beer, a greasy bacon cheeseburger, homemade mac and cheese, and a great book with a happily ever after. When I'm not tapping away on my laptop, I'm probably listening to the characters in my head who just. Won't. Shut. Up.

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