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Peek Inside Life Unaware

Regan Flay is following her control-freak mother's “plan” for high school success, until everything goes horribly wrong. Every bitchy text or email is printed out and taped to every locker in the school. Now Regan's gone from popular princess to total pariah. The only person who speaks to to her is former best-friend's hot-but-socially-miscreant brother, Nolan Letner. And the consequences of Regan's fall from grace are only just beginning. Once the chain reaction starts, no one will remain untouched...

Life Unaware

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Regan Flay has been talking about you.

Regan Flay is on the cusp of achieving her control-freak mother's "plan" for high school success?cheerleading, student council, the Honor Society—until her life gets turned horribly, horribly upside down. Every bitchy text. Every bitchy email. Every lie, manipulation, and insult she's ever said have been printed out and taped to all the lockers in school.

Now Regan has gone from popular princess to total pariah.

The only person who even speaks to her is her former best friend's hot but socially miscreant brother, Nolan Letner. Nolan thinks he knows what Regan's going through, but what nobody knows is that Regan isn't really Little Miss Perfect. In fact, she's barely holding it together under her mom's pressure. But the consequences of Regan's fall from grace are only just beginning. Once the chain reaction starts, no one will remain untouched...

Especially Regan Flay.


"By humanizing the mean girls, Gibsen complicates the familiar theme of bullying, revealing that everyone has something he or she would rather keep hidden." --Kirkus Reviews

"Life Unaware, to me, was nothing short of perfection." --Amanda, Goodreads

"I adored this book. I really did and that's saying something." --Jazmen, Goodreads

"Gibsen portrays issues of bullying and mental illness without being too heavy handed. It was a darker book, but still managed to be fun and not a downer....I also adored Nolan. He's definitely joined the growing ranks of my book boyfriends. This book had a similar feel to "Mean Girls." I recommend it! " --Meredith Tate, Goodreads

Additional Details

ISBN: 9781622663972
Release Date: Apr 28, 2015
Page Count: 304
Imprint: teen
Genre: contemporary, young adult
Tropes: coming of age/family/social issues

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By Sarah Elizabeth April 28, 2015

(Source: I received a digital copy of this book for free on a read-to-review basis. Thanks to Entangled Publishing, LLC and NetGalley.)

“I had no idea that I was… destroying people.”

This was a really good story, about one girl and how her bullying ways backfired on her.

“It all started with a t ...more

By Jazmen April 30, 2015

I adored this book. I really did and that's saying something. I initially thought okay, this is one of those books. Girl is popular, says bad things, and is ostracized. Okay, big deal. I was wrong.

I mean the plot is still pretty much popular girl goes down but, the way the characters recovered was v ...more

By Melliane October 06, 2015

Mon avis en Français

My English review

On entend beaucoup parler du harcèlement à l’école ces temps ci même si tout le monde sait que ça fait longtemps que cela existe. J’avoue que je n’ai pas vraiment surfé sur la vague et je n’avais jusque-là lu aucun livre qui en parlait. Pourtant, après avoir vu ...more

By Melwasul October 13, 2015

Après Le vide de nos cœurs de Jasmine Warga, la collection New Way des éditions Hugo Roman nous propose encore un texte au message fort. Après le suicide chez les adolescents, nous nous attaquons ici au thème, tout aussi difficile et d’actualité, du harcèlement scolaire (d’ailleurs le premier est so ...more

By Marni April 28, 2015

Nowadays, it seems like every other day we hop on social media to see another story about a teen being bullied. It may be a headline for a news article, or it may be a post by a friend, concerned over how their child is being treated. Either way, when you think it should be getting better, that as a ...more

By Meredith June 22, 2015

I really enjoyed this book! Let's see if I can write this review without showing my social worker side...

As someone who isn't really into "issue books," I wasn't too sure LIFE UNAWARE was going to be a good choice for me. However, Gibsen portrays issues of bullying and mental illness without being t ...more

By Paula November 28, 2015

This story should be on the shelves of every bookstore and library, because it will save lives--both literally and metaphorically--if it gets into the right hands at the right times. ...more

By Sophia January 04, 2019

I received this book for free from Publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.
Deciding to actually read Cole Gibsen's latest new book was an extremely risky decision for me: I am, by no means, a contemporary reader (why I'm ...more

By Danni May 02, 2015

*I was given this book in e-book form through Net Galley in exchange for an honest review*

I went into this without really remembering the synopsis of the book, so it was like going in blind. Part of me wishes I had reread it so I knew what I was going into. It's about Regan Flay who is one of the po ...more

By Lire-une-passion February 06, 2017

"​En résumé, c'est un livre qui a su me toucher et m'alpaguer comme j'aime l'être avec un roman. Regan est touchante, même si au début c'est une vraie peste. Mais au fil du temps, elle se dévoile, comprend qu'elle a fait du mal, et essaye de se rattraper. Nolan, quand à lui, c'est un peu le rigolo d ...more

By Lucie October 21, 2015

Un roman riche en émotion qui traite du harcèlement avec un réalisme surprenant. On pourrait s'attendre à l’extrême, mais l'auteure sait doser de manière efficace ce que vit l'héroïne. Qui soit dit en passant m'a beaucoup touché et un soutien inattendu de la part de Nolan apporte de douceur à l'hist ...more

By Abbie March 18, 2015

(I received a copy from Netgalley, In exchange for an honest review.)

I didn't like Regan at the start, but she grew on me. I felt really sorry for her when all her friends abandoned her, but in the end, the change in her popularity made her a much better person.

This was a really enjoyable read, whi ...more

By Cheryl April 28, 2015

This is a terrific YA book that addresses the reality of bullying and ugliness that is high school, told with characters the reader grows to love and identify with along the journey. The reality of anxiety disorder, demanding parents and betrayals combines with the constant strive for solution and t ...more

By Amanda G. May 07, 2015

Books are special. They're a mixture of 26 letters, jumbled up into an impossible number of variations, influencing us and our thoughts, our decisions, our emotions, changing our perspectives, our opinions, our attitudes, rearranging our point of view, how we see people and the world, but most of al ...more

By T.H. May 04, 2015

This book is intense! In a good way. I waffled on 4-1/2 or 5 stars, because it's not perfect and I like to save 5 stars for perfect, but this book has more feels than almost anything else I've read lately. And the longer I read it, the more perfect it became. Regan's journey is so satisfying because ...more

By Les November 21, 2016

Le harcèlement scolaire est une chose dont tout le monde a eu à vivre une fois dans sa vie, comme victime, bourreau, ou simple témoin.

Le livre débute sur un prologue, Regan est dans le cabinet d’un psychologue, elle est à bout, mais a du mal à s’exprimer, mais la douleur et le remord se bousculent e ...more

By Jesslivraddict November 12, 2015

Il a fallu attendre les derniers jours du mois de janvier pour qu'enfin, les frissons du coup de coeur se manifestent encore à moi !
Vous allez croire que je le fais exprès d'avoir des coups de coeur sur des livres traitant du sujet du "bullying" mais j'ai trouvé que ce roman était juste parfait dans ...more

By Leah May 08, 2015

You guys, I have read some pretty freaking awesome books this year. And actually, most of the books that have completely blew my socks off have been YA or NA – Paradise City, City Love, The Truth About Jack, Simon Vs The Homo Hapiens Agenda, and now Life Unaware. I literally had no idea I was readin ...more

By Nancy April 26, 2015

Not all high school bullying books are created equal. Some actually add a couple of twists that have the reader bragging to her friends about how awesome this is and should be read not only for the awareness but for the idea of how change could be incorporated within their school districts.

Seventee ...more

By Julie April 10, 2015

For more reviews, visit Books and Insomnia .
*I received an eARC of this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.*

I really enjoyed Cole Gibsen’s writing. The narration has a strong voice and the prose is very contemporary and well-written. I couldn’t put it down. Realistic and hones ...more

By ❤ Jane ❤ April 26, 2015

“I had no idea that I was…destroying people.”

When I start reading, I usually don’t look at the synopsis nor remember what it says. I’m just forgetful. Imagine my surprise when the heroine is a real bully. Not just a popular girl who does nothing to stop her friends from bullying everyone else. I ...more

By Tania (Real-Listen-Feel) February 06, 2016

3.75 stars

Lorsqu'un début prometteur se transforme en déjà vu.

Dans les dernière années, mes goût littéraires on énormément changé et il est donc maintenant assez rare que je lise des romans contemporains YA. Mais il m'arrive encore de faire quelques exceptions, surtout lorsqu'il s'agit de romans qui ...more

By Ally April 17, 2015

I received a copy in exchange for an honest review.

Life Unaware is most certainly a book focused on bullying. Bullying is a difficult topic for all parents, teachers, and especially, students. Whether you were the bullied or the bully, it is surprisingly touching in many ways. Yes, this book made me ...more

By Minty June 10, 2018

This was quite good, I liked the characters & the writing was solid. The problems were solved a bit simplistically but I think teens would enjoy this book, it has a valuable message ...more

By Mandy November 08, 2016

The realness of this book is uncanny.

This story is about the class mean girl - think Regina George except without the Cool Mom and has Crazy Strict Mom. Regan is the classic mean girl trope: pretty, perfect, and a blonde cheerleader. Except she has a darker side to her: she suffers from panic attac ...more

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Cole Gibsen

About the author

Cole Gibsen

Growing up, Cole Gibsen couldn’t decide what she loved more—dogs or books. Rather than choose, she decided to devote her life to both! Dog trainer (wrangler) by day and author by night, she’s the author of more than ten books with more on the way.

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