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Peek Inside Lord of Regrets

Natasha Polinoff's out-of-wedlock pregnancy—which would destroy Lord Marcus Templeton's inheritance—sends her running into the unforgiving night. Now, five years later, Lord Templeton has finally found his beloved. And this time, the viscount will have her. Lord Templeton's arrival fills Natasha with terrible fear... and undeniable longing. He has come to claim her, but she is no mere possession. Lord Templeton will do whatever it takes to bring her back into his arms and back into his bed. Even if it means resorting to blackmail to make Natasha his wife...

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The daughter of immigrants, Natasha Polinoff has always been on the fringes of society. When she meets a handsome and charming young viscount, she follows her heart and embarks on a passionate affair. After her parents throw her out, she soon depends completely on her lover.

Living under the shadow of his late, profligate father, Marcus Templeton finds love and peace in the arms of his new mistress––until that love conflicts with fulfilling the obligations of his inheritance. Terrifying her with his demands, he loses Natasha into the dark of a cold, London night.

Five years later, Marcus has finally freed himself from the strictures of his inheritance by making his own fortune. But after years of independence Natasha won't risk an affair again. Determined to have her as his wife, Marcus will do whatever it takes–– even if he must resort to a little blackmail.


"This is a story about forgiveness. It is an emotional and compelling story where anger leads to regrets. It's about letting go and earning redemption and happiness. Oh, I loved this one." -- Night Owl Romance Reviews

"Fast paced. A true page turner. Very unique, not your everyday romance!" -- My Book Addiction and More Reviews

"This book runs such a breadth of emotions. I loved Ms. Darby's characters, they are all interesting and endearing, they grabbed me and made me have a love/hate relationship with them all." -- Book Obsessed Chicks Book Club

"Lord of Regrets is a story of consequences and redemption that evokes the restraint and societal pressures of a classical Regency romance. With former lovers forced to face the wrongs of the past, Sabrina Darby weaves together a wonderfully angst-filled and emotional tale."    
-- Jeannie Lin, USA TODAY Bestselling Author

"This is not a super happy, lovey-dovey, marshmallow romance. It is a story redemption, forgiveness, acceptance and love. Sabrina Darby is an excellent writer and storyteller and I will be reading more of her." -- The Escape Artist blog

Additional Details

ISBN: 9781633750661
Series: A Scandalous Special Edition, Book 1
Release Date: Sep 8, 2014
Page Count: 335
Imprint: scandalous
Genre: historical, historical regency
Tropes: blackmail, reunited lovers, second chance

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By Patty September 08, 2014

Love & Hate are a double edge knife & this romance is about getting sliced, triaged, slowly healed & maybe coming whole again!

Natasha'a life stopped & started when she met, fell in love, left her family, surrendered her body & lived in a love nest all for Marcus. She was so happy for 5 months, until ...more

By Stacy September 04, 2014

This book was a very emotional read. I don’t mean that I cried. LOL. But my heart certainly ached and I felt on edge and jittery. From the first page I was captivated and drawn into Natasha’s anguish. My intention to read only the first chapter was waylaid, and I read through the night to finish thi ...more

By Reader September 03, 2014

Natasha Polinoff makes the mistake of giving in to the raging hot desire that is between her and Lord Marcus Templeton. When she gets pregnant and tells Marcus he's furious, in fact he's in such a rage Natasha flees fearing for her baby's life. Immediately regretting his outburst Marcus wants to apo ...more

By Donna September 16, 2015

I haven't read many books by Sabrina Darby but I will after this one. I couldn't put it down. This book is probably not for everyone. It is not a light romance but a highly emotional one fraught with misunderstandings. Marcus and Natasha are fairly young when they meet, fall in love and she becomes ...more

By Maria Rose March 31, 2015

This captivating historical romance is the story of Marcus and Natasha. When Natasha discovers that she is pregnant with her lover's child, she is horrified to realize that he doesn't want it and runs from him and his rage. After years of searching Marcus finally finds her again and is determined to ...more

By My Book Addiction and More September 09, 2014

LORD OF REGRETS by Sabrina Darby is a complex Historical Romance. A complex tale of love, regrets, and seduction. A tale filled with very complex emotions from lust,to love, to regrets,manipulation,to hate and hopefully true love. From lover, to mistress, one who was caught in a betrayal,so intense, ...more

By Brenda October 08, 2019

Despite the love and sensuous addiction they shared, Lord Marcus Templeton could never marry Natasha Polinoff. At least not while he remained under his grandfather's vise-like control. Then Natasha announces her out-of-wedlock pregnancy,. This would destroy his inheritance. Marcus rage that sends Na ...more

By Kris September 22, 2019

This book is 322 pages long and 312 of it are filled with abject unrelenting despair, anguish, fear and pain. I read roughly 300 books per year. This one is a VERY difficult read. When the end comes, it is too brief and weary to bring any relief. Read at your own risk. ...more

By Debbie September 16, 2019


This book and its characters were so endearing! I loved the story of Marcus and Natasha. Once his lover she ran away but Marcus searched 5 years until he found her again. Regrets abound both of them. ...more

By Adelaide November 18, 2017

“You won't ruin what I've spent so long building.” - Marcus Templeton.

Those dark words are uttered by the romantic hero of Sabrina Darby's, THE LORD OF REGRETS, Marcus Templeton. Spoken to his mistress, Natasha Polinoff, upon discovering her pregnancy, he proceeds to lock Natasha in her bedroom awa ...more

By Ang September 05, 2014

Despite the love and sensuous addiction they shared, Lord Marcus Templeton could never marry Natasha Polinoff. Not while he remained under his grandfather's vise-like control. But when Natasha announces her out-of-wedlock pregnancy—which would destroy his inheritance—Templeton explodes into a rage. ...more

By Amy September 14, 2014

Despite being in love with her, Lord Marcus Templeton can not marry Natasha Polinoff. He has to follow his grandfather's dictates or he will be out of his inheritance. When Natasha announces that she is pregnant, Marcus flies off the handle and tells her to get rid of the child. Determined to save t ...more

By Letschat1974 October 02, 2019

Stars 4/5 (Jennifer Ashley, Sarah MacLean, Jess Michaels, Margaret Mallory, Julie Johnstone, Monica McCarty)

Hey fellow readers I don’t summarize the books (as there are always great full summaries written that I read myself).

I only give it my personal, general, summary of 5 stars to 1 star.

4 stars: ...more

By Andrea September 15, 2014

I received an E-ARC from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. I also purchased a copy

Lord of Regrets by Sabrina Darby is an intense, heartfelt historical romance novel that is sure to keep you gripped to the pages!!!

I loved the plot and how it progressed. For the time period the plot was ...more

By Faye Lawson March 16, 2015

Machinations, deceit, control

These are some of the elements of a convoluted plot in which our hero and heroine find themselves with the hero's grandfather pulling the strings. Complications arise when Natasha refuses to accept apologies for a lapse in judgment! She drives him into his grandfather's ...more

By Margaret September 08, 2014

OMG! Sabrina has written a story that jerked me all over the place. She has given us some great characters in this book along with a good plot to follow. Natasha and Marcus were young when they met. He was ruled by his grandfather holding his heritage. She was disowned by her emigrant parents when s ...more

By Maria October 05, 2014

This is an affecting novel, and its social intricacies, emotional entanglements, and depth of feeling brings to mind Edith Wharton's dramatic novels, without the tragic ending (thank goodness!). There is a lot of angst in this romance, and I usually prefer more lighthearted stories, however, it is s ...more

By shewhorefusestonameherself January 23, 2017

Fantastic story. I completely understood why she left him - she feared for her life - and her child's life. It was clear to me, based on his reaction to her pregnancy, that she thought he might do her harm.

Beautiful story and I loved that she did not accept him back without a long trial - she wasn't ...more

By kathy kemmerer October 03, 2014

Loved this book.

This was the first book I have read by Sabrina Darby and it was great. Not a happy story, lots of regret and fear. But Marcus and Natasha get thru it and have their happy ever after. Will definitely read more of these books. ...more

By Kathy November 19, 2015

Poignant and emotional

A very good story and well written. I would have preferred an epilogue as the end came much too quickly. The reader is swept away with the emotions of the characters at the hands of a talented writer. ...more

By Patricia September 24, 2014

Loved it

I liked this story,though at first I was worried because Marcus was such a weenie. I hope there is another so we can see what becomes of the crazy grandpa ...more

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3.52 avg rating
Sabrina Darby

About the author

Sabrina Darby

Sabrina Darby has been reading romance novels since the age of seven and learned her best vocabulary (dulcet, diaphanous, and turgid) from them. She started writing romance the day after her wedding when she woke up with an idea for a Regency. She resides in Southern California with her husband and son.

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