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Peek Inside Mustang Sassy

Jordan Michaels wants his car fixed, now, and he wants Sass’s auto body shop to do it. But the handsome blond has a secret?he’s really Jordan Carlyle of Carlyle’s Classics, Sass Hogan’s biggest competitor, and he’s determined to prove himself to his family. As Sass and Jordan get to know each other, the depth of the attraction has them falling in love. But a relationship based on lies will only leave them primed for the worst wreck of their lives.

Mustang Sassy

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When Sass Hogan catches her boyfriend slow-dancing and doing the tongue-tango with Tori Double-D-Cup Hunter, she pays him back the only way she knows how—by taking a tire iron to his beloved ’67 Mustang Fastback. There’s only one problem. She’s destroyed the wrong car.

Jordan Michaels wants his car fixed, now, and he wants Sass’s auto body shop to do it. But the handsome blond has a secret−he’s really Jordan Carlyle of Carlyle’s Classics, Hogan’s biggest competitor, and he’s determined to prove himself to his family.

As Sass and Jordan get to know each other, the depth of the attraction has them falling in love. But a relationship based on lies will only leave them primed for the worst wreck of their lives.



"I highly recommend this story, it's entertaining and kept me reading in one sitting. I will be looking for more books from this author." - Cocktails and Books

"This was, to me, just an absolute PRIME example of what a contemporary romance should be. Engaging, evolving, sexy and memorable. Just a true joy of a read! Brava and extremely well done." - Sebella Blue, Rage Sex and Teddybears

"One word describes Daire's books...HOT!" - NYT Bestselling Author, Lauren Hawkeye

Additional Details

ISBN: 9781622661121
Release Date: Feb 24, 2014
Page Count: 379
Imprint: amara next
Genre: contemporary
Tropes: mistaken identity

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By Melody February 24, 2014

Posted on What I'm Reading

So, last night I finished Mustang Sassy by Daire St. Denis. First off, the first thought that popped in my head was the first line of Mustang Sally. Of course, I had to change it to Mustang Sassy. Anyway, I should proceed with my thoughts.

I wanted to read Mustang Sassy,... ...more

By Holly September 03, 2015

**Arc via Netgalley in exchange for review**

I have just finished this book, and I have to say I loved it!! :D I also read it in one sitting.

As soon as I started I couldn't put it down!

This book is a dual narrative from both Sassy and Jordan :D which was great seeing your two favorite characters... ...more

By Bookish Michelle March 02, 2014

Mustang Sassy is a book about deceit, misunderstandings, revelation and reconciliation. I would say it's an emotional read as we follow Sass and Jordan's roller-coaster journey through tough times.

What caught my attention about this book was its title. Mustang Sassy just has a nice ring to it an... ...more

By Mandy March 11, 2014

Review....Mustang Sassy

The title and cover photo caught my eye first. Yeah, I know you're not supposed to judge a book by its cover, but I often do. I'm hopeless that way.

We meet Sassy Hodges at a bar where she discovers her boyfriend cheating on her. So angry and hurt, she goes into the parking... ...more

By Erin July 11, 2014

Mustang Sassy
By Daire St. Denis

Sass Hogan is hell on wheels She works at her fathers vintage auto restoration shop and she doesnt take anything from anybody. When Sass decides to stop by the local bar for her birthday she sees her so called boyfriend dancing with Tori Double-D-Cup Hunter - she... ...more

By heather - NightlyReading February 27, 2014

This book gave me all the feels! Laughter, love, lust and even some tears. The characters were well-built and the storyline was very real.
The main female character is Sassy and yup, that is her real name. Cool right? She steps into the local bar one evening and finds her boyfriend snuggled up to... ...more

By Pam August 10, 2016

Sass catches her boyfriend cheating and in a moment of rage she destroys his car. What she doesn't realize until it is to late is that it isn't his car but a strangers. Jordan doesn't know what has happened to his car but he has to get it fixed. He wants the auto body place Sass's dad runs to be... ...more

By Margaret September 01, 2016

So what do you do when you find your boyfriend playing tonsil hockey with another woman? You go all Carrie Underwood on him and take a tire iron to his car, right?! And come on, can anyone tell me they havent wanted to do the same thing? Yeah, I thought so! Go Sassyoops, guess you should have mad... ...more

By Gigi February 24, 2014

When Sass Hogan catches her boyfriend slow-dancing and doing the tongue-tango with Tori Double-D-Cup Hunter, she pays him back the only way she knows howby taking a tire iron to his beloved 67 Mustang Fastback. Theres only one problem. Shes destroyed the wrong car.

Jordan Michaels wants his car f... ...more

By Wendy *Sebella Blue* March 11, 2014

Loved it, loved it loved it!! This was surprisingly a one sitting book, over 350 pages of romance excellence without one paranormal element at all!! There are certain publishers that I will review for because they represent authors I follow, and sometimes, well let's just say the fare is less tha... ...more

By LJT February 13, 2014

You just never know what you are getting into when you request an ARC for a "new to you" author. In this particular case, I truly lucked out because I am now a full-fledged Dare St. Denis fan. Her writing is flawless and Mustang Sassy is the perfect combination of plot, emotion, action and of cou... ...more

By Heather February 06, 2014

Sassy is right! What a perfect name for well...Sassy the girl has lady balls, is smart, good looking and well her thoughts are to die for, "you look good, like you got a date or something." No Way. It took every grain of self-restraint to keep from slapping him. He was accusing her of being with... ...more

By Emily February 17, 2014

4.5 stars

I went into this book with hesitations, I'll admit it. I thought it had the potential to be hokey, cliche, and just fluff. I'm a gritty gal. I was all prepared to give my "it's not you, it's me review." I must say, though, I was pleasantly surprised.

Sass is a multidimensional character.... ...more

By Denise February 23, 2014

This was the first time reading this author and picked it on what it was to be about. This is a "sassy" fun read and thoroughly enjoyed it immensely. Sass Hogan knows cars something I myself liked messing with as a young person ha ha. She goes out to see someone she is seeing is with someone else... ...more

By Kirsten February 23, 2014

4 1/2 stars
I loved reading this story that is essentially a modern day re-telling of "The Taming of the Shrew." It has all the same basic elements of the story, but it's set in a classic car restoration shop. The characters even acknowledge the fact in the story, except they're comparing themsel... ...more

By Wminbc May 28, 2014

Okay, with a title like Mustang SassyI had to request!

Took a Louisville slugger to both head lights, slashed a hole in all four tiresmaybe next time hell think before he cheats

I love that song and sing it on the Karaoke at my brothers house with my sister at Christmasand this story is just perf... ...more

By Tina August 03, 2016

This is the first book that I have read by Daire St. Denis and I absolutely loved it. I truly loved the personality of Sass and the relationship that she had with Jordan. I could not put this book down and cannot wait to read more from this author.

Sass Hogan hides here feelings from everyone. Bu... ...more

By Crystal February 26, 2014

I received a copy of this book from NetGalley in place of an honest review.

Sass Hogan isn't your normal everyday woman. She has grown up with her dad working and restoring cars. She doesn't know how to be a woman and she has some issues. She knows how to pick all the bad men and the one's that ne... ...more

By Cocktails and Books March 01, 2014

4.5 Cocktails

Mustang Sassy is a great retelling of The Taming of the Shrew, filled with great characters with wonderfully complex personalities that I fell in love with them immediately. I especially loved the way that the author seemed to love the movie 10 Things I Hate About You as much as I do... ...more

By Charlene March 07, 2014

I really enjoyed this book. From the title, I originally though that this was a cowboy story. Actually, it is about a custom car business, and Sassy is the one repairing cars. Jordan, is actually an artist and designer, who is a son in Carlyle's custom cars who wants to buy Hogan's custom cars. I... ...more

By Riki February 02, 2016

I love this book! I read a ton of romance, and every once in awhile I'll read one that totally breaks the mold and hits me with a super fresh voice, and MUSTANG SASSY was exactly that book.

Sass Hogan is the perfect romance heroine. She's equal parts sweet and feisty and her interminable spirit i... ...more

By CassandraG February 24, 2014

Honest review for Entangled Publishing
When Sass Hogan catches her no good cheating boyfriend with another woman she figures the best thing to do is to smash his mustang to smithereens. Unfortunately, for her, she smashed the wrong one. It belonged to Jordan Carlyle, but he introduced himself as J... ...more

By Beckey February 23, 2014

The title and reading the synopsis will have you wanting to read the book (at least for it did for me)

Yes, this is page turning read and everything but it is one of those where there is reasons love it and hate it

Sass has some issues that I found a bit annoying at times, then add the raging emoti... ...more

By ci August 06, 2016

This was my first Daire St. Denis book, but you can bet it won't be my last!

Sass Hogan is a girl after my own heart! Come on what's a girl suppose to do when she catches her boyfriend on the dance floor with his tongue and hands all over someone that's not you??? Yep, you guessed it....destroy hi... ...more

By Shari February 24, 2014

What a fun sassy read. I love the character Sassy from the first page. Sassy catches her boyfriend slow dancing at the bar, so to pay him back she takes a tire iron to his car, one little mistake it was the wrong car. It turns out that it is Jordan's car, who is there to under false pretenses to... ...more

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Daire St. Denis

About the author

NY Times Best Selling, USA Today Best Selling Author

Daire St. Denis

New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author Daire St. Denis is an adventure seeker, an ancient history addict, a seasonal hermit and a wine lover. She writes smoking hot, contemporary romance where the pages are steeped in sensuality and there's always a dash of the unexpected.

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