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Peek Inside On Highland Time

For fans of sexy Scottish Highlanders who know how to treat a woman like a lady.

On Highland Time

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For fans of sexy Scottish Highlanders who know how to treat a woman like a lady.

When someone changes history, it can affect the future. That’s when Diana Montgomery, the most experienced agent of Time Weavers, Inc., steps in. This time her mission takes her back to the year 1306, Scotland to find the culprit, and ensure a minor clan chief dies in battle as he originally had.

Diana is well-prepared to infiltrate the small MacPherson clan. What she’s not prepared for is Torr MacPherson, the ruggedly handsome warrior with a kind heart and steadfast loyalty. One look from him and heat sears through her bloodstream.

But, he’s the Laird who has to die to re-set history.


“Wow what can I say about this title it was just an awesome read. This book was just something so wonderfully different I’ve never quite read anything like this.” – Daisy K., Goodreads

“The story was beautifully paced and after you get the hang of all the rules of TWI you fall into it and I just couldn’t put it down.” – OMGReads Blog

This was one of those books I became obsessed with...I'm talking "almost falling up the stairs because I'm so focused on reading the book instead of looking where I'm walking." While this is the first Lexi book I have read, it definitely won't be my last.  The story didn't go in the direction I thought it would, and I can't tell you how much I enjoyed the unpredictability.  I was also in tears towards the end at a part I won't spoil for you. I can't wait for more books in this series!!!!” – Lauren S., NetGalley

Sensual and deliciously sexy, this novel was a pleasure to read.” – Tamara’s Book Blog

Additional Details

ISBN: 9781640635487
Release Date: May 28, 2018
Page Count: 337
Imprint: amara next
Genre: highlander, historical, historical time travel
Tropes: forbidden love/off limits, overcoming odds

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By MarytheBookLover August 13, 2018

My Opinion:

I totally enjoyed this time traveling trip. One of my favorite shows is set in Scotland (HINT) and it gives you the same vibe but with a different twist. You can't help falling in love with Torr in every page that you read. He's hot, loyal and fierce, just what you want in a sexy scottish ...more

By Romance Novel Giveaways May 13, 2018

I couldn't put it down!!!

This was one of those books I became obsessed with...I'm talking "almost falling up the stairs because I'm so focused on reading the book instead of looking where I'm walking." :)

I was pulled in by the seemingly impossible synopsis; how could she make sure he died if she was ...more

By Deb May 28, 2018

On Highland Time is a phenomenal time travel romance by Lexi Post. Ms. Post has once again delivered a book that is well-written, fun to read and stands out in it's genre. The cast of characters in this book is extraordinary, I love them. Diana is an agent for Time Weavers and travels in time to rep ...more

By BookSnuggle May 29, 2018

On Highland Time by Lexi Post. This is Diana Montgomery and Torr MacPherson’s story.

Torr and Diana’s story is a great historical time travel book. The description of places and time periods made me feel as if I was there.

The chemistry and interactions between Torr and Diana were fantastic. I loved h ...more

By Brigitte May 30, 2018

Time Weavers Inc is a secret organisation with a team of time travellers. This installment goes from 21st century to 12th century Scottish Highlands.

Diana is one of the most disciplined travellers who considers the Time Weavers to be family after having lost her loved ones.

Torr is the Laird of the M ...more

By Alison June 05, 2018

On Highland Time
By Lexi Post

Diana Montgomery, the most experienced agent of Time Weavers Inc. (TWI) travles back to 1306 Scotland to change history. When someone changes history, affecting the future and agent is always sent back to right the wrong. Her mission, to find the culprit and make sure tha ...more

By Carmella May 19, 2018

I received a copy of this e-book and am voluntarily leaving an honest review.
Diana is a time traveler, working with a small team for TWI, Time Weavers Inc. Their job is to go back in time after a Disturber has altered what happened in history and make it as it should have been. When a Disturber alte ...more

By Lisa May 28, 2018

I was reeled in by Diana's mission to travel back to 1306 Scotland to ensure Torr MacPherson dies in battle to keep events in place and the future from changing. A Disruptor has altered the battle event and Torr lived, which then changed future events and altered the modern day. Diana needs to find ...more

By Petula May 29, 2018

Diana Montgomery is an agent for Time Weavers Inc. Her task this time is to go back to
Scotland in the early 1300s and make sure that the time line is not "disrupted" . What she didn't bank on was the difficulty she would have in sticking to rule 5, (Don't make friends ).
Torr MacPherson is chief of ...more

By Jennifer June 05, 2018

Lexi Post has found my sweet spot with her latest, ON HIGHLAND TIME, by combining the Scotland, time travel, and a big Alpha in need of rescuing. Time Weavers, Inc. is saving the world moment to moment by sending agents back in time to fix mysterious rifts made by time disruptors. Agent Diana Montgo ...more

By Candy June 01, 2018

This a lovely story of a time traveler and a Highlander, who has lost most of his family to the way they have to live. The fighting with other clans and even between kings. Diana loves him but she has to make sure he dies on his appointed day., in order to straighten history Torr is the laird and he ...more

By April June 01, 2018

ON HIGHLAND TIME by Lexi Post is an intriguing and interesting Time Travel, Scottish Romance set in 1306 Scotland.  Interesting concept the "Time Weavers, Inc." group, Diana was sent back through time to find the culprit who changed history and set things back to rights. A minor clan chief, Torr,  m ...more

By Fizza May 28, 2018

4.5 Stars
It's a great book, I really loved the story. It's well written and has some very interesting characters. Plot is quite unique and intriguing. I was totally engrossed in the book once I started reading and it was difficult to put it down. I think it's an amazing historical fiction with time ...more

By Denise May 30, 2018

Now this one was a bit different with intrigue woven in because of what Diana needed to do. Then there is Torr whom has a way with him and will capture your heart. This author will give a mission but you will be slowly pulled in and strung up because you want it aborted. the group itself is differen ...more

4.5 Stars
On Highland Time by Lexi Post is the story of Diana Montgomery and Torr MacPherson.
This is a time travel romance so if you are like me I enjoy those books.
Diana works for Time Weavers, Inc where the agents can go back in time to correct mishaps that set the wrong history into motion. Dia ...more

By Tanja OMGReads May 27, 2018

This is my first time reading a time travel romance and I got to say I really enjoyed it. I loved books that are intertwined with history (more or less).

The story was beautifully paced and after you get the hang of all the rules of TWI you fall into it and I just couldn’t put it down.
I enjoyed all ...more

By Lori May 25, 2018

How can someone travel through time and change history? Well if you are Diana, a member of the Time Weavers, Inc, it is possible. Actually her group travels back in time to correct disruptions caused by another group who change time to the detriment. On such a mission Diana travels back to 1306 Scot ...more

By Sue May 28, 2018

For those interested in time travel (yes that's me) and a great love story (me again) this is most definitely the book you want to read. From start to finish, I could not put this down. Has all the elements of a great story. If you love a time travel/love story read, pick this book up today! ...more

By Cheryl May 23, 2018

This was an unusual take on the time travel theme to others I have read. Diana belongs to the Time Weavers who go back in time to stop another group called the Distruptors from altering history. Once I’d got this into my head I really found the story captivating. Torr MacPerson was the leader of his ...more

By Katherine May 24, 2018

On Highland Time: Love the Strong Dialog throughout the story. Characters were amazing. Lexi Post did an amazing job of telling this story! I really got lost in the story. The cover is hot! This time period was great. It was the first time I had ever read a story like this and I really enjoyed it. G ...more

“Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.”
1 Corinthians 13:7

Welcome to Time Weavers, Inc., where the agents have the power to travel in time to fix ripples caused by the Disruptors. Diana Montgomery is a TWI agent with a mission to make sure Laird Torr Ma ...more

By Tracie May 19, 2018

On Highland Time is a promising start to the Time Weavers Inc. series. Although time travel is not one of the genres I read being that it was Lexi Post I requested it from Netgalley and I am glad I did. Great characters and a well developed plot made for a great read and makes me want to read more o ...more

This story goes back and forth from today to the 1300s in Scotland. TWI Agency have the talent to go back in time and rectify past events to stop the future being disrupted. The problem was Diana fell in love with a highlander and didn't want him to die, how will the future change if she brings him ...more

By Karen May 09, 2018

While the time travel genre is not my usual go to, I enjoyed this first book in Lexi Post’s new Time Weavers Inc. series - On Highland Time.

The story had a good plot, likeable and interesting characters, and kept my interest till the very end. Torr and Diana and an undeniable chemistry from the beg ...more

By Eileen April 30, 2018

Fabulous start to a brand new series by Lexi Post! Attention grabbing from the very first page! TWI (Time Weavers Incorporated) employs women with an ability to travel through time. The first installment of this new series has us following TWI agent Diana Montgomery back to medieval Scotland to see ...more

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4.11 avg rating
Lexi Post

About the author

NY Times Best Selling, USA Today Best Selling Author

Lexi Post

Lexi Post is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling romance. She spent years in higher education teaching the classical literature she loved, but Lexi's first love is romance novels, so she decided to write sexy romances inspired by the classics. From hot paranormals to sizzling cowboys to hunks from out of this world, Lexi provides a sensuous experience with a “whole lotta story.” Lexi lives with her husband and cat in Florida. She makes her own ice cream every weekend and you’ll never see her without a hat.

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