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Peek Inside One Hot Knight

Yves Sucat was a Crusader trapped in a canine body...until a beautiful twenty-first century dog groomer offered the missing link to break his spell. Regina Patterson hoped to find a man as loyal as the pooches she pampered day after day, but would Yves’s broken curse end with her own broken heart?

One Hot Knight

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Stupid curse!

Yves Sucat was a Crusader trapped in a canine body…until a beautiful twenty-first century dog groomer offered the missing link to break his spell. But Regina Patterson was no fluffy-headed female who would instantly melt at Yves’ silvery seduction. The more time he spent with the tender-hearted blonde, the less he was able to keep his paws—hands!—off of her.

Regina was much more comfortable with dogs than men, and the stunningly handsome – stunningly male – knight who now shared her apartment was no exception. She’d hoped to find a man as loyal as the pooches she pampered day after day, but would Yves’s broken curse end with her own broken heart?



"Christy Gissendaner is a pro at keeping this funny, light and entertaining!" ~ Niina from For the Love of Reading

"I recommend you grab a copy and your umbrella and head to the beach or even your deck and kick back for a few hours and have a wonderful feel good read. Don't forget the sun screen!" ~  T'irla, The Book Slayer

Additional Details

ISBN: 9781622662340
Release Date: Jul 22, 2013
Page Count: 250
Imprint: covet
Genre: paranormal
Tropes: fish out of water

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I was offered a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review that would be posted within one week of the release day, July 22, 2013. I was very excited to receive this offer as this is one of my favorite authors (and people) and being on a strict book budget, FREE is my FAVORITE price! I was a ...more

By Angie December 14, 2014

I received an ARC through NetGalley.

What would you do if you found a stray dog who suddenly turned into a gorgeous, naked man? Take him home and fall in love, of course! That is exactly what Regina does with Yves in One Hot Knight. Cursed to be a Saint Bernard for the past 900 after pissing off the ...more

By t'irla ~The Bookslayer~ July 24, 2013

Take one cute as a button Saint Bernard, add a knight in shining armour without the armour, stir then add one sassy, sexy dog groomer and you have the recipe for this lighthearted sweet romance.


Stupid curse!

Yves Sucat was a Crusader trapped in a canine body…until a beautiful twenty-fir ...more

By Gwendolyn July 30, 2013

One Hot Knight was an all-around good book. I enjoyed reading it. The story revolved around the curse as its central point of focus. I found myself at times enjoying the interaction between the characters, but at times I also wanted more. Regina was that girl that you want to be friends with, but Yv ...more

By Glenda March 06, 2015

what a delightful book, made me laugh and smile ...more

By Clare August 02, 2013

I received a copy of "One Hot Knight" by Christy Gissender. In honor of the virtual book tour I was given an ARC to review.
By the star rating system I give this book 4 stars. By Mousehead & Tales rating the book got a 4,$,$,$,$, rating!
As a fan of paranormal romance and historical romance this book ...more

By Lori July 29, 2013

Just great; Regina's knight in shining armor happens to be a dog. Luckily, not *that* kind of dog--the ones that singer croon about and mommas warn of--Yves is one of the loyal types. Still…he's a dog until they can figure out how to break the curse placed on him 900 years ago.

Don't let the descrip ...more

By Tina July 16, 2013

This is a really good paranormal romance with comedy thrown in. This short story introduces us to a loving pet groomer who is looking for love and loyalty, but she’s more comfortable talking to dogs, and a cursed knight who would give anything to be human again. I really liked that it had me laughin ...more

By Miriam July 28, 2013

***Received from Entangled Publishing for an honest review***

Cursed by a witch over a misunderstanding, Yves Sucat has spent the last nine hundred years wandering the a Saint Bernard. All he wants is to be human again, but to accomplish that he needs to find a way to permanently break the ...more

By Jeannie July 24, 2013

One Hot Knight (Entangled Covet) Christy Gissendaner

ARC supplied by publisher
I'm a sucker for a sweet romance. Sometimes I want deep, dark, thinking novels, then others I just want to relax with something gentle and not too taxing, a nice easy read but with some sexy spice to keep it on the edge. O ...more

By Pam July 29, 2013

Yves has been trapped as a dog for around 900 years. He made a witch angry over a misunderstanding and was curse to be a dog. All that changes when Regina who loves dogs takes him in and puts a magic collar on him. Now she is faced with a naked very sexy man and Yves is faced with trying to convince ...more

By Niina August 01, 2013

One Hot Knight is One Hot Read! There is only so much seduction from a medieval knight this girl can take! And I don't think I would have lasted as long as Regina. ;) The story of a Knight cursed to dogdom for 900 years only be rescued/changed back to man ( even though temporarily ) by a fetching do ...more

By Donna July 30, 2013

This was a fun, light paranormal with great moments of humor. Just from the setup alone - a crusader trapped in a dogs body in the 21st century - you hope the story ends up making you laugh. And Im happy to say it did not disappoint.

Yves has been cursed for 900 years by a witch who misunderstood a ...more

By Tanya July 22, 2013

Cute dogs (check), sweet personalities (check), chivalrous hot man (check), sassy sexy woman (check), witches (check), curses (check)... well then "One Hot Knight" is the book for you!

This story showcases Regina and Yves in a short wonderful paranormal romance story!

Yves is a charming dog who has ...more

By Kim Reads July 22, 2013

Reviewed by Kim
for Read Your Writes Book Reviews

One Hot Knight is witty and humorous. It really had me smiling. Some of the turn of events were predictable, but of course, I was caught off guard and didn’t expect anything. Yves, oh my gosh, Yves had me at the first sen ...more

By Eva July 22, 2013

This book brings new meaning to the words “all men are dogs.”

This cute fantasy story has wonderful characters to bewitch you, humor to entertain you, and enough suspense to engage you completely to the end. Yves the Knight of the story is a brave & true night to have survived his curse sane and in ...more

By Douglas September 21, 2013

While I enjoyed the story of Yves and Regina the author wrote a great story but seemed to lose focus at times and the story meandered around before taking off again. the two main characters were well done but the secondary characters were largely 2 dimensional and she could have improved the story a ...more

By Patricia July 18, 2013

Every girl wants a knight in shining armor but Regina gets hers in a Saint Bernard dog. After walking in the park Regina sees a Saint Bernard dog who is in need of a bath and food. She takes him to her business where she just happens to groom dogs. Of course she has no idea he is a knight from the t ...more

By Crystal July 20, 2013

I really like the feeling that this book gave me. I didn't know what kind of adventure that I would be going on but I knew it had to be fun.

Yves Sucat has been alive for over 900 years all but twenty-nine has been a dog. Just because there was a mix up this mean witch decided to turn him into a dog ...more

By Tammy July 23, 2013

An ARC was giving for an honest review. I must admit I was a bit skeptical when reading the synopsis for the book; however once starting, I was pleasantly surprised. Yves is a 900 year old knight that has been cursed to be a dog by a witch. Regina is the owner of a dog grooming business and happens ...more

By Clare September 05, 2014

A St. Bernard dog, large, lost and hungry, is taken home from a park in Chicago by Regina. In her dog beauty salon she baths the gentle dog and combs out his tangled coat. She's actually taking care of a man who has spent nine hundred years in canine form after being cursed by a witch called Maeve. ...more

By Donna July 22, 2013

Men are dogs right? For Yves Sucat it really was true. 900 years ago as a Crusader he saved a young woman from being savaged by several men and for that he was cursed to be a dog. The young woman he saved was able to give him a partial out from the curse but it has taken this long for him to meet so ...more

By Evelyn July 26, 2013

Normally I stick to the contemporary genre but lately I've been lucky to receive some ARC from Entangled Publishing's different imprints. To be honest, I probably wouldn't have picked this book otherwise. I'm really glad I did. While this book dealt with spells and curses it also had the realistic i ...more

By Rosemary July 24, 2013

I loved Christy Gissendaner's One Hot Knight. Yves, a crusader for King Henry, has been a dog for 900 years. All because of that 'stupid curse'. He is rescued by Regina, a sweet and sexy woman. Imagine her surprise when the dog she saved changes into a man. Finally his luck has changed. Maybe. Fate ...more

By Samaris July 22, 2013

I was given an AR copy of this book in exchange for my honest review so here it is. I found the book to be very interesting. I mean you can't go wrong when you have a woman who thinks she's nothing special who turns out to actually be an amazing person, a man who was cursed by a witch centuries ago ...more

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Christy Gissendaner

About the author

Christy Gissendaner

Christy Gissendaner is a romantic comedy author and believes that laughter and love should go hand in hand. She lives in Alabama with her husband and three sons and is always hard at work on her next novel, but in her spare time she loves blackjack, karaoke, and anything resembling a vacation! Find out more about her at

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