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Peek Inside One Sinful Night in Sao Paulo

Cassie Wilson has traveled to Brazil for her brother’s wedding; yet she’s the one with cold feet. She’s all set to begin seminary, but she’s sick and tired of being treated like a saint. What she really needs is a sexy night to ease her jitters. Enter Adam Forrester, the best man. Ready for a fresh start, Adam plans to apologize to Cassie for whatever happened on that drunken night he can’t remember. Only Cassie has other plans. Can she force him to see her as a real woman, desires and all?

One Sinful Night in Sao Paulo

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Because this seminary student can’t always be the good girl.

Cassie Wilson has traveled to Brazil for her brother’s wedding; yet she’s the one with cold feet. She’s all set to begin seminary, but she’s sick and tired of being treated like a saint, especially by the best man. What she really needs is one sexy night with him to ease her jitters and give her a taste of normal life.

Adam Forrester crashed and burned at his dream job, screwing up all his hopes for a better life. Now he’s moved home to start over, but first he must confront the irresistible Cass, apologize for whatever happened on that drunken night he can’t remember, and make damn sure it doesn’t happen again. Only she has other plans.

He has typecast her as the good girl in his heart. Can she force him to see her as a real woman, desires and all?



"This is a great novella that has you turning the pages quickly." - Mrs. B's Books

"A very enjoyable quick read that was completely entertaining...It's a great one and I highly recommend it." --Bette Hansen

"A unique offering for sure and I can only hope for more like this from Belldene." -- Elisabeth Lane, Cooking Up Romance Blog
"If you're looking for a short read with lots of laughter and some sizzle, I highly recommend One Sinful Night in São Paulo." -- Pat Fordyce

Additional Details

ISBN: 9781622667512
Release Date: Jan 12, 2015
Page Count: 108
Imprint: amara next
Genre: contemporary
Tropes: across the tracks, older brother's best friend

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By new_user February 22, 2016

I only docked a star for shortness, but I could relate to Cassie's objections to being put on a pedestal. For more info, see every woman in hijab, lol.

Also, 100 points for a love interest who doesn't mind-read in bed or somehow know what all women want without asking. The couple work on learning eac ...more

By Caro January 04, 2015

3.5-4 stars.

To be honest, this wasn’t what I was expecting when I first started, it was better.

We have Cassie, on one corner. A girl who’s always been labeled as the good girl, so good that no guy wanted to be closer to her. I mean, how could anyone measure up to a girl who’s going to seminary? But ...more

By Amanda January 07, 2015

Cassie has lusted after her brothers best friend Adam since age 16. They had a near miss one night when Adam was beyond drunk. He keeps apologizing to her 3 years later, but she can't figure out what for. At her brothers wedding in Brazil she figures out Adam doesn't remember what happened and she w ...more

By Rosemary January 12, 2015

Cassie Wilson is just starting on a new path. After her brother's wedding, she's beginning seminary school. Right now she wants just one thing - one night with the best man. Adam Forrester is her brother's best friend. He's been attracted to Cassie for years. He wants her, but he can't seduce her. H ...more

By Bette January 04, 2015

A very enjoyable quick read that was completely entertaining. Cassie is in Sao Paolo for her brothers wedding just before she is scheduled to start her seminary program. Adam her brother's best friend, best man, and the object of Cassie's affection since her youth. What Cassie wants more than anythi ...more

By Pat January 05, 2015

A fairly tale wedding in Brazil, the maid of honor heading to the seminary and the best man who humiliated her in the past, but she is still in love with. What could be more fun? Full review on ...more

By Chrissy January 06, 2015

This is a highly recommended read..... This is a great book and a great author, a truly great book....... Get yours today! ...more

By Barbara March 25, 2017

This novella should have been a full length book!

The basic story line was on point, a young woman about to enroll in seminary is facing a conundrum that many single clergywoman face. Cassie wants to date but she finds that her calling to ordained ministry puts her in a box labeled "untouchable/un-d ...more

By Joanna February 04, 2019

One of my favorite things about this novella is Cass and Adam’s sex scene. When he goes down on her at first she’s not getting off and when he notices this he *gasp* asks her what he can do to fix that and he tells her! They actually talk about what she likes in bed! It wasn’t like he went down on h ...more

By Elisabeth December 27, 2014

One Sinful Night in Sao Paulo was an eagerly anticipated read for me. I had read one of Amber Belldene's paranormals and, sadly, vampires not being my cup of tea, wasn't hugely enthusiastic about it. However, I have enjoyed Belldene's writings on the Wonkomance blog tremendously so I had a feeling t ...more

By Gigi January 12, 2015

Cassie Wilson has traveled to Brazil for her brother’s wedding; yet she’s the one with cold feet. She’s all set to begin seminary, but she’s sick and tired of being treated like a saint, especially by the best man. What she really needs is one sexy night with him to ease her jitters and give her a t ...more

By Autumn May 21, 2015

Cassie traveled all the way to Brazil with mixed feelings. She’s thrilled that her brother has found the love of his life and her whole family will be there to celebrate his wedding. But she doesn’t want to face Adam Forrester again after that one unforgettable night.

Now she’s on the verge of enteri ...more

By tyrianpurple January 09, 2015

Amber Belldene - One Sinful Night in Sao Paulo

Literature quality :: 4 stars
Enjoyment quantitiy :: 4 stars

Cassie Wilson. Seminary student. Grey eyes. Brown hair.
Adam Forrester. The best man. Sandy hair. Brown eyes. Dimpled chin.

Contemporary. Brazil. 3rd POV, alternating.

Thank you publisher/author for ...more

By Maria Rose April 03, 2016

This romance novella is the story of Cassie and Adam. Cassie plans to start seminary school but still has feelings for her brother's best friend Adam. When she gets the chance to act on those feelings with him, will they see it as a one time fling or be willing to go the distance?

I quite enjoyed thi ...more

By Elaine January 07, 2015

Cassie Wilson is about to start training in seminary but before this she has travelled to Brazil to participate in the wedding of her brother. She may be training to be a priest but she is really fed up of being 'good' and treated like a saint. She is particularly fed up of Adam Forrester, her broth ...more

By Emily January 04, 2015

**My thanks to NetGalley and Entangled Publishing LLC, for providing me with a free copy for an honest review**

This is a great novella that has you turning the pages quickly and although Cassie is going to the seminary it is not too much spiritually relating that it spoils the story.

Cassie and Adam ...more

By Jessica March 09, 2015

I REALLY loved this little story! It was sexy and sweet and very very naughty hot! The history that Cassie and Adam shared made for a very sexy present day encounter! The banter between them was so easy and made the story realistic for me. It was just FUN! Adam was such a nice guy and Cassie was SO ...more

By Richard July 01, 2016

Delightful, hot story; quite short, too.
-- The biggest drawback is that it's so short.. the conflict doesn't get much time to develop.

The romance is between hot-dude and his best friend's sister; who've had the hots for each other for years, but 'cause he's kindof a screw-up, and she's perceived as ...more

By Samantha January 05, 2015

One Sinful Night in Sao Paulo is a stunningly rich and full novella. I am not normally a fan of novellas and short stories, but Ms. Belldene's world is immersive and even in the short time I had with the characters, I really felt like I knew them almost better than my best friend. The story, itself ...more

By Kira January 16, 2015

I'm not usually a reader of romance, but since I "know" Amber through Twitter and wanted to support a fellow Episcopal priest, I purchased and read her novella. This is a quick read and very engaging. Both of the characters "pop", and part of me wondered if Amber had been inside of my head as I was ...more

By Anna January 06, 2015

Cassie has been in love with her brother's best friend Adam for most of her adult life. They are thrown together by her brother's wedding, and eventually give into there feelings. Each has a complicated past that is influencing their future decisions...

This was a suprisingly sexy yet sweet novel! I ...more

By Betsy January 29, 2015

Characters: Seminarian, brother's best friend
World Building: Brazil, food and drink
Plot: One wedding weekend
Sex: Medium. Emotional.
Read another: Yes.

I love Belldene's ability to connect desire and the divine. ...more

By Stacy January 19, 2015

I love Amber's books. Whether they be paranormal or contemporary. Long or short. She tells a good story. I had fun reading this. So much so, I walked on the treadmill way longer than I had intended. See... she's good for my health, too! :) ...more

By Melissa January 13, 2015

This book is a short but good read. Cassie and Adam story is sometimes you have to go for what you want and never give up. ...more

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3.87 avg rating
Amber Belldene

About the author

Amber Belldene

I grew up on the Florida panhandle, swimming with alligators, climbing oak trees and diving for scallops ... when I could pull myself away from a book. As a child, I hid my Nancy Drew novels inside the church bulletin and read mysteries during sermons ... an irony that is not lost on me when I preach these days. I'm an Episcopal Priest with a bachelor's degree in religious studies. I believe stories are the best way to explore human truths. Some people think it's strange for a minister to write romance, but it is perfectly natural to me, because the human desire for love is at the heart of every romance novel and God made people with that desire. I write paranormal, historical and contemporary romance and live with my husband and two children in San Francisco.

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