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Peek Inside Paradise 21

Aries has lived her entire life aboard mankind's last hope, the spaceship New Dawn. When her desperate escape from the New Dawn strands her on a desert planet, Aries discovers rumors about pirates are true. Handsome, genetically imperfect Striker possess the freedom Aries' envies. Aries quickly learns freedom will come at a hefty price - the life of the man she loves.

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Aries has lived her entire life aboard mankind’s last hope, the New Dawn, a spaceship traveling toward a planet where humanity can begin anew—a planet that won’t be reached in Aries’ lifetime. As one of the last genetically desirable women in the universe, she must marry her designated genetic match and produce the next generation for this centuries-long voyage.

But Aries has other plans.

When her desperate escape from the New Dawn strands her on a desert planet, Aries discovers the rumors about pirates—humans who escaped Earth before its demise—are true. Handsome, genetically imperfect Striker possesses the freedom Aries envies, and the two connect on a level she never thought possible. But pursued by her match from above and hunted by the planet’s native inhabitants, Aries quickly learns her freedom will come at a hefty price.

The life of the man she loves.


"A charming, and highly entertaining science fiction romance taking place centuries after the destruction of Earth." --Night Owl Reviews Top Pick 

"With its perfect blend of fast-paced action-adventure, a sweet love story and a theme that resonates with all of us - that of freedom of choice - Paradise 21 hits on all cylinders from page one to the very end." --Two Lips Reviews Recommended Read 

"A great sci fi romance." --Jessica from Novel Reaction

Additional Details

ISBN: 9781937044022
Series: New Dawn, Book 1
Release Date: Jul 29, 2011
Page Count: 248
Imprint: amara next
Genre: sci-fi, sci-fi space opera
Tropes: overcoming odds

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By Theresa August 31, 2011

This is a very exciting book review for me. Why, you ask? I read this in rough draft form for Aubrie Dionne last year and I’m in the book acknowledgements for being a beta reader. This is also the first time I’ve seen a book from its beginnings to its publication. I wouldn’t have agreed to write thi ...more

By Majanka October 19, 2011

Life on the New Dawn is predictable to say the least. Original thoughts are discouraged at all levels, future spouses are selected by a computer and rebellion is certainly out of hte question. Naturally, sooner or later someone is going to try and escape. However, since escape is usually noticed fas ...more

By Ambur February 08, 2017

I wasn't sure what to expect when I started reading Paradise 21. I knew it wasn't going to have Earth as its setting, and that somehow Aries was going to meet a handsome man named Striker. I knew these things from the blurb on Goodreads, but they didn't prepare me for this all! Instead, I ...more

By Anne April 16, 2013

I loved this book! It was totally awesome science fiction romance. (No sex, FYI). Can't wait to read the rest of the books! ...more

By Vanessa October 16, 2011

Paradise 21 is a sci fi that takes place in the 27th century. Earth is no more. The surviving Earthlings that fled the dying planet now live in space ships, roaming space looking for a paradise planet to colonize and begin new life on. These are the people known as Lifers. They are keeping their sup ...more

By ѦѺ™ August 29, 2011

“The only paradise is paradise lost” - Marcel Proust, French Novelist and Author, 1871-1922

Aries Ryder escapes from the spaceship New Dawn. it is the only home she has ever known in her entire life but she cannot allow the union with her chosen mate Lieutenant Astor Barliss to take place. the gravit ...more

By Laurie August 15, 2011

This book is unquestionably, without a doubt, my favorite Science Fiction book this year. It began well, and by the end, I was just totally blown away. The characters captured my imagination and tugged my heartstrings. Each of them is distinctive and fully-fleshed, with believable history and motiva ...more

By Cherie July 06, 2011

In Aubrie Dionne’s Paradise 21, the chance for freedom resides where the heart is.

Aries is a Lifer, residing on the New Dawn and bound by whatever fate test scores and a computer cook up for her. Longing for a life of her own, she escapes to Sahara 354, a land of eternal day, sandworms, lizard-peopl ...more

By MarytheBookLover November 09, 2011

My Opinion:
I enjoyed this one. In fact,I read it pretty quickly considering I had many books to review at the time. If you are a fan of Sci-Fi,you will totally get a kick out of this story. It is an epic tale all about love and freedom. Aries is pretty much a prisoner of her soon to be mate Captain ...more

By Nancy (The Avid Reader) June 04, 2013

Aries Ryder had lived her entire life aboard the spaceship the New Dawn. Aries didn't like living her whole life on a ship, she was very determined not to. The New Dawn was headed to a new planet like earth, Paradise 21. Only thing was Aries would never live on Paradise 21 and she wanted off the shi ...more

By Kara-karina October 03, 2011

To my profound relief this wasn't an advertised paranormal romance. It was a balanced sci-fi with a splash of romance.

The world-building was what really fascinated me, not the relationship between two people thrown together by circumstances. The world-building was vivid and writing felt so smo ...more

By Sophia August 31, 2012

What a very exciting Sci-Fi Adventure! It just hit the ground running with a young gal crash landing on an inhospitable planet and going into survival-mode.

Aries is part of a group of colonists that have been in space for several generations after escaping the dying earth. The colonists live by a ve ...more

By Michelle's November 01, 2012

Wow, this was a really good book. I loved the romance that happens in it too. I can relate to Aries as well. I would not want to be forced into a loveless marriage so I could “produce” more perfect DNA. Meaning kids. Yeah, not happening, lol. I do not blame her for leaving the New Dawn, which is a c ...more

By Michelle Greathouse August 23, 2011

Paradise 21 is the first book in the series A New Dawn by Aubrie Dionne and a Sci/Fi Romance from Entangled Publishing.

Book Blurb:

Aries has lived her entire life aboard mankind’s last hope, the New Dawn, a spaceship traveling toward a planet where humanity can begin anew—a planet that won’t be reach ...more

By One Pushy August 22, 2011

Ok, so I'm just going to admit it. I am a totally sci-fi nerd! Man how I love stories of far away planets and space travel and adventures through wormholes. I have religiously watched every Star Trek TV series/movie with my family (also big sci-fi fans), read all the Arthur C. Clarke and Issac Asimo ...more

By Hywela September 05, 2011

Aries Ryder escapes from the only home she has ever known, the starship ‘New Dawn’. The ship is the last hope of mankind, fleeing from a dying Earth. Her destiny, like all females on board the ship, is to mate with a man chosen for her, and determined by genetic testing, in order to produce the next ...more

By Sana March 11, 2012

What attracted me towards Paradise 21 was the synopsis, I haven't read much sci-fi books and this one seemed good enough to read. So despite the cover which seems to scream steamy romance, I was hooked from the first sentence.

Matched with a manipulating, power-hungry Barliss to preserve the gene po ...more

By Cocktails and Books February 13, 2012

How would you feel if a computer picked your "perfect" job and mate? What would you do if your "perfect" choices weren't what you wanted? These are questions that face our heroine, Aries in Paradise 21.

Born and raised on the spaceship, New Dawn, Aries is one of the "chosen" lifers who have been sele ...more

By Melanie February 22, 2012

Aubrie Dionne's writing is phenomenal. The book never left me wanting or tempted to skim through in an effort to get to the good stuff. The entire novel is the good stuff. She revved up the action when I needed her to and slowed the pace at just the right moment.

Aries isn't your run-of-the-mill kic ...more

By Cinnamon August 08, 2011

I've heard variations of this story before, but never with the fantastic elements of romance and suspense that Ms. Dionne throws into her writing. A dying race must do anything it can to survive. For Aries, one of the last human women who should keep the human race going, her duty is to pair up with ...more

By Sheila August 12, 2011

I’ve enjoyed author Aubrie Dionne’s beautifully lyrical Seasons of Fantasy short stories and, as an aspiring writer, wondered how her prose would translate into a full-length novel. Having just read Paradise 21, I can confirm the musical qualities of her writing blend well with the speed, direction ...more

By Veronica August 01, 2011

If you're a fan of fast paced science fiction with a romantic twist, Paradise 21 does not disappoint. The story's heroine, Aries Ryder, belongs to a group of post apocalyptic people drifting through space in search of Paradise 21, a fabled human friendly planet. Unfortunately, they've been adrift i ...more

By Melissa March 05, 2012

Paradise 21 by Aubrie Dionne has a very interesting concept. Earth was finally destroyed by humans, and the people left on space ships. Well some of the people. Aries is part of the Lifers who are traveling for hundreds of years to find a new home. Their entire lives are controlled by computer decis ...more

By Tiffany February 26, 2012

Paradise 21 was a very refreshing read for me. The setting is far in the future. The Earth has become uninhabitable and humans are forced to live in space. The heroine, Aries, escapes from the New Dawn, a spaceship full of people who are locked into their lots in life by the very genes that make the ...more

By Nicole July 21, 2011

I was really impressed with this book. The premise drew me in, which I found surprising, since I don’t usually care too much for space operas. Aries was a fascinating lead character, one whose struggle for autonomy in her incredibly regimented life was easy to identify with. In the hands of a lesser ...more

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Aubrie Dionne

About the author

Aubrie Dionne

Aubrie Dionne is an author and flutist in New England. She started writing because her flute students urged her to publish the stories she made up in their lessons. Her books are influenced by her undying love of Star Wars and Star Trek, and by her own musical life. When she's not writing, Aubrie teaches flute and plays in orchestras.

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