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Peek Inside Project Pandora

In a race against the clock, Tyler and the girl he's falling for have to uncover the truth behind Project Pandora and take it down—before they’re reactivated. Good thing the program spent millions training them to kick ass...

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Tyler Bennett trusts no one. Just another foster kid bounced from home to home, he’s learned that lesson the hard way. Cue world’s tiniest violin. But when strange things start happening—waking up with bloody knuckles and no memory of the night before or the burner phone he can’t let out of his sight—Tyler starts to wonder if he can even trust himself.

Even stranger, the girl he’s falling for has a burner phone just like his. Finding out what’s really happening only leads to more questions…questions that could get them both killed. It’s not like someone’s kidnapping teens lost in the system and brainwashing them to be assassins or anything, right? And what happens to rogue assets who defy control?

In a race against the clock, they’ll have to uncover the truth behind Project Pandora and take it down—before they’re reactivated. Good thing the program spent millions training them to kick ass...

The Assassin Fall series is best enjoyed in order.
Reading Order:
Hades Rising (prequel novella)
Book #1 Project Pandora
Book #2 Project Prometheus


5 stars: The perfect summer blockbuster! Get ready to be blown away.” —Merrie Destefano, author of Lost Girls

4 stars: “I had so much fun reading this book! Throw together some eugenics, some teenage angst and a few involuntarily murderous spy kids and you've got Project Pandora. I'd recommend this one to anyone who likes conspiracy theories and villains with whom you can sympathize.” —Helen, Goodreads Reviewer

5 stars: An electric thriller that feels like a conspiracy theory yanked from today’s headlines.” —Michelle Hauck, author of Grudging

4 stars: “Despite the many viewpoints, it was easy to follow and the story unfolds beautifully! I am looking forward to seeing where this series may go in the future.” —Olivia Farr, Goodreads Reviewer

5 stars: “With shades of Jason Bourne, morally ambiguous characters, and trained teenage assassins, I absolutely devoured this book in two days. This is a dark, intense YA read I found difficult to put down.” —Teri Polen, author of Sarah

4 stars: Project Pandora is one heck of a mix of suspense, mystery, throw in romance as well as action and violence though the entire book. Just a heads up this is just the beginning and trust me, when you finish you will be wanting more from this author and series.” —Heidi, Book Him Danno

5 stars: “[I]t is a dark, gritty book that keeps you on the edge of your seat for the entire book. This is one book that will be going on my must keep shelf and this is also a book where I will be eagerly anticipating the sequel.” —Jolie Eason, Life of a Crazy Mom

4 stars: “[O]nce it started going it was great and it was action packed. It reads like a good movie. Looking forward to the next book.” —Sarah Wang, Educator at Vancouver School Board

5 stars: Really suspenseful and original! [...] I definitely want to read more by this author!” —Jeannie Huie, Retired High School Teacher

4 stars: Pandora Project is a thrill-ride through an all too plausible future of genetically engineered teen assassins.  A great fast-paced YA adventure." —Laura Creedle, author of The Love Letters of Abelard and Lily

Additional Details

ISBN: 9781633756861
Series: Assassin Fall, Book 1
Release Date: Aug 1, 2017
Page Count: 400
Imprint: teen
Genre: contemporary, mystery & suspense, young adult
Tropes: forced proximity, overcoming odds

Select Featured Reviews

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By Helen 2.0 July 11, 2017

He was powerful.
He was
evolving, and each kill took him one step closer to being.
"I am Hell," he said and took the night's silence as confirmation. "I am Hell, and she is mine."
I had so much fun reading this book! Throw together some eugenics, some teenage angst and a few involuntarily murderous ...more

By Carrie July 18, 2017

Tyler Bennett has spent most of his life going from one foster home to the next without having anyone in his life that he can trust so he's mostly a loner. Tyler has been unaware though that there is something about himself that even he doesn't realize, he's a member of Project Pandora and is being ...more

By Ishmeen July 30, 2017

4 phenomenal stars for this book!!!!

First of all, I wanted to thank the publishers for sending me an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review! I truly ended up liking it way more than I was expecting and it was definitely a binge read for me.

The storyline intrigued me straight from the ...more

By lacy April 30, 2018

4.5 stars

I received this copy by the kindness of those at Entangled Publishing. Be assured that the following opinions are all my own and that even though this book was given to me, it doesn't affect my thoughts about how I felt about this book at all.

This book has me sold on anything related to ...more

By Merrie April 17, 2017

Just finished reading PROJECT PANDORA by Aden Polydoros over the weekend. It's AMAZING! This SciFi suspense thriller kept me on the edge of my seat. I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys an expertly crafted book, whether you prefer YA or adult literature. ...more

By Laila June 27, 2018

*4.5* oooohhh deaaarrr looooordddd.
This book was amazing from page 1. I fell into a reading slump around the time I was supposed to read it and it really helped me get out of my slump. It was so easy to fly through and the pace was exactly the way I wanted it to be. Fast at times, taking its time wh ...more

By Teri July 05, 2017

With shades of Jason Bourne, morally ambiguous characters, and trained teenage assassins, I absolutely devoured this book in two days.  This is a dark, intense YA read I found difficult to put down.

Although this book is heavy on action, all the characters are captivating and well-developed - but by ...more

By Nancy (The Avid Reader) August 02, 2017

Project Pandora is about four teens that are involved in this project where they are sent to out to kill people. They are given code names Shannon is Artemis, Tyler is Apollo, Elizabeth is Persephone and then there is Hades who has no other name.

Hades is aware of what he is and knows what he does w ...more

By Lisa August 03, 2017

I don't read a lot of suspense types of stories, but as I do enjoy watching those movies, this book was definitely one that fit into something I might like. And as I read it, I could totally see it being a movie. While at first I had a little issue telling the difference between some of the characte ...more

By Michelle April 08, 2017

An electric thriller that feels like a conspiracy theory yanked from today's headlines. Full of characters who are not black and white but a dirty mottled gray, yet still seeking for redemption. Darker than your normal young adult story, Pandora Project takes you out of the box to someplace new that ...more

By Olivia July 05, 2017

“Project Pandora” is a really intense and creative YA sci-fi/thriller. We follow four teenagers who are all part of Project Pandora. They all have code names from Greek mythology and perform special jobs (e.g. assassin). Hades is the only one who is aware of his role/job, and he suffers greatly psyc ...more

By Lori October 23, 2017

Much Different than I was expecting!!!!! I finished this a few months back and just forgot to do a review. Since its been awhile, I don't remember everything about the book besides it was different but Interesting first book in a series. It was interesting that the characters other identities, had t ...more

By Kimberly August 04, 2017

Let me preface this to say that I received an advance copy of Project Pandora from Netgalley for a fair and honest review. However, I kept procrastinating on reading it until I started getting a ton of emails from the publisher that finally convinced me to bite the bullet (great marketing strategy, ...more

By Tara August 11, 2017

This review was originally posted on Spinatale Reviews.

Project Pandora was an entertaining wild and crazy ride of a book that stayed with me long after I was finished reading. I was hooked as soon as I saw that the teenage assassins had code names based on Greek mythology. There's romance, friendshi ...more

By Laura August 08, 2017

Project Pandora was interesting, creative, and fun to read. Hades, Persephone, Artemis, and Apollo are code names for four seemingly normal high school students by day but assassins by night. But under the careful instruction of Zeus, their memories of their kills and who each other are, aren't alwa ...more

By Myreadbooks July 09, 2018

I was immediately attracted by the cover by consulting the website of the publisher.

We find Tyler who trusts only himself. Until the day or when woken up he is left with bloody hands without remembering anything. He will come face to face with a girl and they will ask themselves questions that coul ...more

By Holly August 14, 2017

Wow, wow, WOW. That was my immediate reaction once I finished reading Project Pandora. That was quickly followed up by oh, my heart! and oh no how long do I have to wait for book 2?! I was really blown away by this book, and if I didn’t know ahead of time that it was the *debut* of a you ...more

By Katherine August 06, 2017

Tyler tries to be a good kid, work hard at school and keep out of trouble to not cause his foster family any grief. But when his phone rings, a phone he has no memory of even owning, and the words "Olympus is rising" are spoken on the other line, Tyler finds himself responding "Pandora's box is open ...more

By Tonja August 05, 2018

Extremely fast-paced, this book hits a bit of scifi, a little bit of romance and tons of action.

Tyler has moved from foster home to foster home all of his life. He doesn't have any friends, but much of this—unknown to him—is thanks to his 'side job' as an assassin. He's unaware of his activities him ...more

By Jolie August 14, 2017

I wasn’t expecting to like this book as much as I did. See, I really like young adult, mystery, and thriller but I can never find books that have those genres all combined that I actually like. So when I saw the blurb for Project Pandora on NetGalley, my inner antenna went “Hrrmmmm, sounds interesti ...more

By Edwin August 28, 2017

PROJECT PANDORA by Aden Polydoros is a YA thriller about teens that are physically and mentally groomed to be assassins, leaders, and otherwise societal influencers to complete an unclear agenda from a shady governmental agency under the title Project Pandora.
Very quickly the book establishes that ...more

By Megan August 23, 2017

The first thing that caught my eye about this book was the Greek mythology code names everyone had. Zeus, Hades, Persephone, Apollo, Artemis. I am a big lover of Greek mythology (ask my collection of Rick Riordan books!) so that was an immediate plus to me. And, though the blurb for the book centers ...more

By Emmyjo October 29, 2017

Wow and I do mean wow. This book goes there with the government.
I was reading this thinking oh my goodness what if? Crazy to really stop and think about it though. I love this book and want to know what happens next.
Tyler is standing in the kitchen kind of in a daze with a gun in his hand. He doesn' ...more

By Donovan September 26, 2017

I was very excited to read this book from the moment I read the summary, and I was not disappointed. The story is only what I could call five layers of mystery, as you find out more about the plot and what happened to the characters as the characters themselves find out. Through the use of four POVs ...more

By Lynndell August 01, 2017

Thanks to NetGalley and Entangled Publishing for the opportunity to read and review Project Pandora by Aden Polydorus. Several teenagers are under a trance and are ordered to kill and commit other crimes for someone that goes by the name of Zeus. The mystery surrounding the teens unravels throughout ...more

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3.72 avg rating
Aden Polydoros

About the author

Aden Polydoros

Aden Polydoros is the author of the Assassin Fall series. When he isn’t writing, he enjoys reading, haunting antique stores, and getting lost down Google rabbit holes while researching his current works in progress. His favorite genres include sci-fi, fantasy, Gothic horror, and psychological thrillers. He can be found on Twitter at @AdenPolydoros and Facebook at, and is represented by Caryn Wiseman of Andrea Brown Literary Agency.

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