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Peek Inside Queen of Swords

Ophelia Leoni grits her teeth and boards the starship that comes to seal her fate - to marry the Prince of Hansarda. When she’s introduced to the ship’s commander, it’s none other than the gorgeous stranger she just spent a wild, drunken night with. Boone O’Keirna can’t be in the same room with Ophelia without wanting to throw her out an airlock–or into his bed. Her marrying his sadistic half-brother is not an option. But while the fates may never lie, the truth is sometimes hidden between them...

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When the cards tell Ophelia Leoni she’s supposed to marry the Prince of Hansarda, the gunrunner grits her teeth and boards the starship that comes for her. It doesn’t matter if the ship’s commander is the gorgeous stranger she just spent a wild, drunken night with. As a Diviner, she’s painfully aware the cards don’t lie. Ever.

Boone O’Keirna knows Ophelia is trouble the second he sees the way she moves. Not about to let the deadly little hellcat marry his sadistic half-brother, Boone pretends to be the Prince’s emissary and kidnaps Ophelia. Too bad they can’t be in the same room without him wanting to throw her out an airlock—or into bed.

Even as they fight each other—and their explosive attraction—Ophelia and Boone sense something is wrong. Too much is going their way. Soon, they realize while the cards may never lie, the truth is sometimes hidden between them…and the future king of Hansarda is not one to take defeat lying down.



"...Terrific scifi adventure romp with plenty of steamy love scenes, hardcore fight scenes that were utterly engrossing, and a cast of secondary characters I want to read more about."  Rihanna from RhiReading Book Blog

"Robert's Sanctify series kicks off in high gear. Readers will root for the alpha hero, whose determination is easily matched by spunky, gritty Ophelia." -RT Book Reviews

"Intricate world-building, a wounded hero, and a fabulous love story. Queen of Swords is Sci-fi romance at its best!" -Nina Croft, bestselling author of the Blood Hunter series

Additional Details

ISBN: 9781622664139
Series: Sanctify, Book 1
Release Date: May 27, 2014
Page Count: 326
Imprint: select otherworld
Genre: aliens, sci-fi, sci-fi space opera
Tropes: enemies to lovers, overcoming odds

Select Featured Reviews

See All Reviews on
By Crystal June 13, 2012

Woohoo! If you are looking for a great sci-fi book then look no further this one has it all. Aliens, adventure, space, and one kick ass heroine!! Katee Robert has definitely grabbed my attention with her Sanctify series.

Ophelia is a Diviner. A special type of species that serves the Lady, a God t... ...more

By Jess the Romanceaholic March 01, 2012

I admit, I had started this one a long time ago and put it down only a chapter in, because I didn't care for the fact that the book started off with the heroine climbing out of the hero's bed after a drunken one-night stand.

I should never have put it down.

There was tons of intrigue, betrayal, ang... ...more

By Rabidreading July 11, 2012

I'll admit, the only reason I picked this book up was because of its title & cool cover, and for once, I didn't regret it.

Normally I'm put off by sci-fi books (which is weird, because I love good sci-fi movies), but Queen of Swords is different. Yes, there are spaceships, lasers & multip... ...more

By Kristin February 12, 2012

The story starts out with Ophelia waking up in a strangers bed. She gets a call from her mother saying she needs to come home immediately. She sneaks out of the guys house and when she gets home she realizes she is in for a surprise. She finds out that she is being picked up and is going to marry... ...more

By Kathleen May 28, 2014

Review posted at: Swept Away By Romance

Story Rating ~ 4 Stars
Imagination Rating ~ 5 Stars
Hero Rating ~ 4 Stars
Heroine Rating ~ 4.5 Stars
Action Level ~ 5 Stars
Romance Rating ~ 4 Stars
Heat Level ~ 3.5 Stars
Ending ~ 3 Stars
Overall Rating ~ 4 Stars

One of the things I love most about sci-fi romances i... ...more

By Rhianna May 25, 2014

If you enjoy love-hate tug o' wars in your romance...

If you read the blurb for QUEEN OF SWORDS you've got a good grasp of the plot and the hero and heroine of this fresh scifi romance from Katee Robert. She wastes no time in the set up before rocketing readers into an adventure that has plenty of... ...more

By Arlena February 27, 2012

Author: Katee Robert
Published By: Entangled Publishing
Age Recommend: Adult(Language)
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Raven Rating: 5
Blog Review For: GMTA


"Queen of Swords" by Katee Robert was a wonderful fantasy read. The two main characters (Ophelia and Boone) were really great. This read was one o... ...more

By Vikki March 24, 2012

First Line - 'Ophelia couldn’t find her underwear. They had to have been around there somewhere. She’d been wearing them last night, after all, but she was hard pressed to find that small piece of silk amongst the other clothing scattered about the room.'
I like this opening, Ophelia seems like a... ...more

By Sarah May 18, 2014

I don't often read this kind of sci-fi romance but I love Katee Robert's contemporary romance series so I jumped at the chance of reading Queen of Swords when I was offered a review copy. I'm happy to say I was impressed, the author has created an interesting universe with diverse species of alie... ...more

By Julie-anne June 27, 2012

So Sanctify 0.5 (prequel novella) was The High Priestess and I really enjoyed it so I was looking forward to reading this.

We start off with Ophelia having trouble finding her knickers (best opening EVER), can't run from a one night stand with no pants now, can we? Then her mum (Marianna) tell her... ...more

By Seleste June 18, 2012

Full review at

It's really weird writing a review for a novel I beta-read... a while ago. For starters, I need to be totally up front--Katee Robert is my critique partner and has been since I first had a critique partner. She wouldn't have lasted that long... ...more

By KWinks June 10, 2012

I started this one on the train on my way home from BEA and it held my attention. I found myself cheering for Ophelia and really enjoying all of the space elements (the world building is really well done if it does sometimes seem to give homage to Star Wars-especially with this Han and Leia type... ...more

By (Nat) March 23, 2012

It was a page turner from the beginning, but some points the pacing was dragging the story and it was hard to follow. I believe I might have enjoyed it more if it were a novella.

The spiritual side to it was very interesting to see, and I would have never expected to see tarot cards as part of a... ...more

By Sue "DavinciKittie" March 13, 2012

Great scifi romance! I'll be posting the review on GraveTells soon and then here shortly after. In the meantime, I'll just say that it has action, humor, chemistry, steamy sex, and likeable characters with believable world-building. Looking forward to the next Sanctify novel! Will it be about Jen... ...more

By Heather January 29, 2012

This book is full of snarky, sexy fun! If you loved the banter between Han Solo and Princess Leia, you'll love Ophelia and Boone. ...more

By Kristiej August 06, 2017

I’m a big “I’m in the mood for a good – blank – book”. So far this year it’s mostly been contemporary but there’s been a couple of Westerns thrown in the mix as well as a few Sci/Fi romances. This is a Sci/Fi romance by a mostly contemporary book writer and I liked it quite a bit. I have a number... ...more

By Melanie May 29, 2014

Loved it!
Review posted here...
You know what? I loved this book… it was sci fi, it was fantasy & it was refreshingly different.
We meet Ophelia Leoni as she is getting smashed, grieving for the loss of her crew and ship, all she wants is oblivion and w... ...more

By Nicola September 06, 2016

I'm not a reader of sci-fi romances, this is new territory for me but I've read Katee Robert's Brazen offerings so when I was offered the chance to read Queen of Swords for review, I grabbed the chance.

If you've read the synopsis you will have a good idea at where the book is going. Boone is sexy... ...more

By Jamie ~ Bad Boy Inspector June 22, 2014

This book was a great sci-fi read and it came to me at the perfect time. I am not sure if it is because I read to much or what but I have been getting tired of the same old stories over and over just with different characters. Katee took this story beyond that with her unique plot and intriguing... ...more

By Sasha January 17, 2013

4.5/5 stars
Really, really enjoyed this one! I loved that there was a reason (beyond being in love) that made the heroine shift from being completely kick-ass and hard to being a little less so. I'm not going to say what it is, I'm not a spoiler gal, but it worked and wasn't gimmicky. I also loved... ...more

By Louisa March 05, 2017

So I had pretty much forgotten all that happened in this book, the baby I guessed pretty soon after she threw up the first time, and yeah, can't wait to read more!

*First read March 20th 2012*
Really great book! The characters were really great, the plot was awesome, and yeah, I just want to read m... ...more

By Jessica February 21, 2018

This is a new to me author, and I quite enjoyed the story a lot! At first, it took me a bit to get into since it’s a fantasy/sci-fi/romance and the beginning of a series, but after a chapter (maybe 2) I got the hang of it and became invested. Yes, it’s a bit predictable, but it was still good to... ...more

By Petra November 11, 2013

This was quite a space opera/adventure. It had a little bit of everything in it: space travel, paranormal, suspense, harlequin-esque secret baby, intrigue, contemporary drunk partying, daddy-issues, etc. I would be hard pressed to categorize this into only one genre.

Ophelia was quite an intense c... ...more

By Laura November 18, 2014

Review forthcoming on http://a-reader-lives-a-thousand-live...

I received a copy of Queen of Swords in exchange for my review.

Ophelia is a rarity, a living Diviner. Her species have been hunted down and killed by Sanctify, just for being different. Boone's brother is the heir to the planet, and ha... ...more

By Cameron April 09, 2016

Originally posted on the blog: What the Cat Read

I loved this book, though I will admit to being a bit disappointed that it didn’t focus on Marianna and Gerard (whose name is Gerald in this for some odd reason). Instead the main character is their daughter, Ophelia. Regardless of who the focus is... ...more

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3.62 avg rating
Katee Robert

About the author

NY Times Best Selling, USA Today Best Selling Author

Katee Robert

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author, Katee Robert, learned to tell stories at her grandpa’s knee. Her favorites then were the rather epic adventures of The Three Bears, but at age twelve she discovered romance novels and never looked back. Though she dabbled in writing, life got in the way, as it often does, and she spent a few years traveling, living in both Philadelphia and Germany. In between traveling and raising her two wee ones, she had the crazy idea that she’d like to write a book and try to get published.

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