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Peek Inside Redux

Their domed city is in ruins. With nowhere to go, prodigy hacker Ellani Ella Drexel and a small band of survivors escape the wasteland she unknowingly created. But malfunctioning androids and angry rebels make sanctuary hard to find.

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The domed city of Evanescence is in ruins. With nowhere to go, prodigy hacker Ellani “Ella” Drexel and a small band of survivors flee to the Undertunnel below their city.

To escape the wasteland she unknowingly created.

But sanctuary is hard to find. With malfunctioning androids and angry rebels at their backs, the group hopes to press on for the neighboring city of Cadence. But Ella’s chosen path is challenging…life-threatening, even. Worse, the boy she loves is acting distant, and not at all like the person she first met in Nexis.

But then Ella learns a secret…and it changes everything.
Ella knows she needs to turn back and make a stand to reclaim her home. She’s determined to bring a new—and better—life to all who’ve suffered.
Or die trying.


5 stars: "If you enjoy dystopian type books, I am certain that you'll enjoy reading this book and well the whole series. It's well written and well thought out. The description and the imagery toppled with a fascinating storyline pulls the reader right in." -Annie Wallace, Just One More Chapter

4.5 stars: "Redux is as much of a page-turner as Nexis, but the adventures are all in the real world and all of the decisions have life and death consequences, unlike playing the game Nexis, where a character can be killed, but will live to play a different game." -Sascha, Sascha Darlington's Microcosm Explained

5 stars: "This book was an emotional roller coaster ride and I enjoyed every minute of it. All the ups, downs, twists, and turns. A.L. Davroe writes in a way that you feel like you are actually there with the characters." -Heather, Goodreads Reviewer

4 stars: "[T]he writing style is still just as fantastic as the first, and I read this book quickly- within a day, and it was tough to stop reading at all." -Olivia Farr, Goodreads Reviewer

5 stars: "The side story of the romance provides a good dollop of teenage drama and angst along side their fight for survival. But what I loved most about this story is it doesn't really go where I expect, and it is full of surprises. In the end, it is clear that Ella is an amazing heroine and she is willing to make huge personal sacrifices for the great good." -Veronica, Wicked Reads

Praise for Nexis

5 stars: "Love, love, LOVED this one!!" -Lisa Mandina, Lisa Loves Literature

5 stars: "I believe it comes as no surprise to all of you that I absolutely loved this book by now. Even if Sci-Fi isn't your usual go-to genre (and until now it wasn't mine either) I absolutely encourage everyone to give this book a chance. " -Emilia Grant, Goodreads Reviewer

5 stars: "WOW. This book was exceptional!!" -Krystianna, Downright Dystopian

5 stars: "This isn't typical dystopian fiction, nor is it typical SF, though it has elements of both. This is about Ella's coming of age, with a hint of "Cinderella" to balance the trickster and enough truth to resonate while lessoning us all. Can't wait for the next book!" -Hilary, Goodreads Reviewer

5 stars: "I just finished this book about 2 minutes ago. My heart is pounding. It is absolutely thrilling, beautifully written, and truly the novel for a trickster. I absolutely CANNOT wait for March 2017 when the sequel Redux is expected to come out!!" -Abby, Goodreads Reviewer

5 stars: "This book blew my mind. I finished it in a little over 24 hours and that is only because I had to work. Still, I just couldn't keep away." -Lesia Joukova, Lesia's Tale

5 stars: "Oh. Em. Gee. This is one of my favorite books EVER." -Tally Catarina, Goodreads Reviewer

5 stars: "I could not put this one down, I constantly needed to know what was next and had questions I wanted answered at every turn. Nexis is just brilliantly weaved and creative throughout. " -Jena, Shortie Says

5 stars: "A.L. Davroe's world-building envisioned two separate universes: the domed cities offering protection from the almost inhabitable, war-ridden landscape, and a lifelike, virtual-reality MMORPG video game world the characters immerse themselves in. The descriptions in the book were perfectly written - not too much, but enough where I could imagine exactly how it looked." -Erica Chilson, Wicked Reads

Additional Details

ISBN: 9781633755062
Series: Tricksters, Book 2
Release Date: Mar 21, 2017
Page Count: 386
Imprint: teen
Genre: dystopian, sci-fi, young adult
Tropes: overcoming odds

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By Carrie March 21, 2017

Redux is the second book in the Tricksters series by A.L. Davroe. In the first book of the series, Nexis, we met Ella Drexel who lived in the domed city of Evanescence with her father who was the creator of a virtual reality game. When Ella and her father are in an accident Ella's father was killed ...more

By Shelley March 21, 2017

*Source* Publisher
*Genre* Young Adult, Science Fiction
*Rating* 4.0

*My Thoughts*

Redux is the second installment in author A.L. Davroe's Trickster's series. Redux picks up immediately where Nexis left off. To summarize, Tricksters is a series that is set in a far off future where Global Nuclear War ha ...more

By Kirsty (Amethyst Bookwyrm) September 05, 2017

Thanks to Netgalley and Entangled Publishing for giving me this book to review.

Redux is a really great second book in the Tricksters series with lots of twists. It was fast paced, with good world building. This book was more intense than the last as it is set in the real world and when the character ...more

By Nicole March 22, 2017

4.5/5 Stars

This review and many more can be found on my blog: Feed Your Fiction Addiction

This second book in the Tricksters Series was possibly even more intense than the first. In this book, Ella and company are fleeing the city, but things don’t go as planned. Ella still struggles to figure out h ...more

By Erica March 21, 2017

I received a copy of this title to read and review for Wicked Reads

5 Stars.

Young Adult age-range: 14+ Adult Language. Violence. Kissing & fade-to-black sexual situations.

At the start of Redux, I was afraid I'd have to reread Nexis. It had been over 15 months since I read the debut in the series, a ...more

By Kelsy April 09, 2017

I got a copy of this book via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

This picked up right where Nexis ended and I loved that. The story was just as good this time around even though it took me longer to read this then I wanted. Still absolutely love Ella as a main character. The last 20% of thi ...more

By Lisa March 28, 2017

Loved it!!

Full review can be found on my blog, Lisa Loves Literature! ...more

By Veronica March 21, 2017

I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads.

Droids have destroyed Evanescence and Ella, Quint, Gus and group of residents manage to escape the city alive. Ella feels responsible for the deaths of so many people and is ready to do whatever it takes to keep the survivors al ...more

By Olivia February 07, 2017

"Redux" is the continuation of "Nexis," which picks up right where "Nexis" left off. Ellani (aka Ella) and several of the Elite are in the tunnels under the city after fleeing the death and chaos that descended upon Evanescence after she planted the virus. They learn quickly that the food stores the ...more

By Brianna November 13, 2017

Of course I am giving the second book in one of my favorite series a 5 stars. It would feel like betrayal if I didn't besides the fact that it completely and absolutely DESERVES it.:)

Back at it again Ellani Drexel being a bad ass and slaying. Elle completely grew as a character in this novel. She ha ...more

By Lauren July 01, 2019

This book was so intense from page 1! Like a game, you never know what would happen next! I really liked how this book on trying to rebuild Evanscence with help from all Aristocrats and Disfavored. It was interesting learning more about the virus Ella had triggered at the end of Nexus. Redux seemed ...more

By Nereid September 30, 2017

Usually the second book in a series does not surpass the first but in this case Redux exceeded the expectations that I had. The first book reminded me a bit of Cinders and Hunger Games with that dystopian type world and then it became something entirely different. The story was compelling with so ma ...more

By Arys April 02, 2017

Redux (Tricksters #2) by A. L. Davroe is book two in her YA dystopian series about Ellani Drexel.

Continuing right where book one, Nexis, ended, Redux takes us into the Undertunnel as Ella and the remaining survivors try to get as far away from the domed city of Evanescence as they can and the coming ...more

By Destiny September 13, 2019

I received a copy of this book for a fair and honest review. I was so glad that I had both of these book when I started to read them so I could move on from the feelings that Nexis gave me right on to Redux. Book Two picks up right where book one leaves off. Ella and the survivors are moving undergr ...more

By zapkode March 14, 2017

– Ellani Drexel is back again in an incredibly well written sequel to “Nexis.” This book picks up exactly where the last one lets off and fills you in on a few things that happened in the first book so you will have an easier time remembering what happened and not feel like you may nee ...more

By Lynndell March 21, 2017

Received an advance reader copy in exchange for a fair review.
Thanks to NetGalley and Entangled Publishing for the opportunity to read and review Redux by A.L. Davroe! Redux is more action packed than Nexis, the previous book in the Tricksters series. Ella is on a tumultuous ride between virtual rea ...more

By Stacy March 20, 2017

There are a lot of surprises in REDUX and when I wasn't being shocked, I was busy being intrigued by the great world that A.L. Davroe created. Be sure to read book one, NEXIS, before diving into REDUX.

REDUX picks up exactly where NEXIS left us. Ellani and her 'friends' are hiding out from all the at ...more

By Catherine March 15, 2020

I loved this book. Sometimes sequals can be a let down. Sometimes the character devolpment goes in a direction your not happy about. But I feel like this book is the perfect extention of the first book Nexis. I read it in one day. I read the first book twice before getting this one. ...more

By McKenna March 11, 2018

I loved this book so much!! ...more

By Heather February 23, 2017

After the perfection that was Nexis I didn't know if Ms. Davroe could do it again. But she is an amazing storyteller.

This book was an emotional roller coaster ride and I enjoyed every minute of it. All the ups, downs, twists, and turns. Ms. Davroe writes in a way that you feel like you are actually ...more

By Lissette August 20, 2017

From the moment she set foot in Nexis, Ella never imagined just how much her life would change. The game has helped her deal with the loss of her father, as well as the betrayal of those who should have taken her best interests to heart. With the city in shambles, and its citizens scattered, she and ...more

By Sascha February 05, 2017

4 1/2 stars; review upcoming ...more

By Holly April 02, 2017

I have been a fan of and followed Amanda since before I even read any of her books, strange as that may sound. I somehow found her some years ago when I first started following all the YA book blogs and got deep into reading YA, and I loved her attitude and the fact that she writes speculative ficti ...more

By Hannah May 19, 2017

The world has fallen apart, androids have killed most of the rich and conceited population of Evanescence, and out of the survivors, the rebels kill most of them. All that seems to be left are Ella's small band of people, and she desperately wants to protect them and keep them alive, along with the ...more

By Moriah April 18, 2017

*I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review*

**however, I was also impatient and also bought my own copy; in other words, thoughts are completely my own, and I love this series dearly**

A.L. Davroe’s writing never ceases to amaze me. I love the Trickster books a ...more

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4.15 avg rating
A.L. Davroe

About the author

A.L. Davroe

A.L. Davroe grew up in Connecticut and, after traveling to many countries, many states, and many fantasy realms - sometimes even living in them - she has decided that Connecticut is a wonderful little state. She likes books, cats, chai tea lattes, and the word "chime." By day, A.L. makes cheese for a local artisan dairy and, by night, A.L. writes in various sub-genres of adult and YA fantasy, science fiction, horror, and romance, but most of her work tends to have a revisionist twist to it. You can follow her various forays into aesthetic merriment and misbegotten shenanigans on Facebook or Twitter and you can check out her current musical obsessions on her website:

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