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Peek Inside Risen

Vampires have kidnapped my aunt, and it’s up to me to save her. I’d been wishing to escape my existence in the middle of nowhere, but I’d give anything to have it back now.

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Fans of Vampire Diaries and Twilight will be thirsting for this latest vampire addiction…

My aunt has been kidnapped by vampires, and it’s up to me to save her. Only…I had no idea vampires existed. None. Nada. I’m more of a reader than a fighter, and even though I’d been wishing to escape my boring existence in the middle of nowhere, I’d give anything to have it back now if it meant my aunt was safe.

Then there’s the vampire Sebastian, who seems slightly nicer than most of the bloodsuckers I’ve run into so far. Yes, he’s the hottest being I’ve ever come across, but there’s no way I can trust him. He swears he’s helping me get answers, but there’s more to his story. Now I’m a key pawn in a raging vampire war, and I need to pick the right ally.

But my chances of surviving this war are slim at best, when the side I choose might be the one that wants me dead the most.


5 stars: "I'm so glad Risen raised vampires from the dead. I love vampires and it never gets old so long as it's written well, and Cole Gibsen delivers.” —Sasha Hibbs, author of Black Amaranth 

"Romance, action, wit, and fangs abound in this fast-paced paranormal fiction that will delight vampire fans..." - SLJ

5 stars: "This was a complete surprise. As much as I tend to love vampire novels, they usually get repetitive after a while. Risen defied my expectations and kept me on my toes." —Alice, The Alley-Cat7 

5 stars: "Risen is a fresh addition to the world of vampire fiction. With its unique plot and captivating characters I was hooked from the first paragraph." —Jess Wright, Goodreads Reviewer 

5 stars: "I strongly recommend this book because it's a fun read and a unique-ish twist on vampire/supernatural books that we see today." —Tashy, Goodreads Reviewer 

4.5 stars: "From the first pages, I was totally hooked by the story. The writing is really smooth, pleasant and the action starts already in the first chapter." —Elodie, Further West 

5 stars: "This well developed storyline has it all from three vampire clans that have different gifts to action and just the right amount of romance and I love the characters." —Laura, YA/NA Book Divas 

5 stars: "I have never read anything from this author before. Risen was a well written story that kept you interested." —Kathy Dinisi, author of A Vacation From Hell 

4.5 stars: "Charlie is spunky, defiant, and sarcastic. I liked her immediately. She's also pretty fierce at times." —Kristi, Confessions of a YA Reader 

5 stars: "I love Charlie as a character. she's so strong and she always follows her heart even when it leads her to dangerous situations. She makes me want to be kidnapped by vampires but only if it's Sebastian or Edward." —Tiffany, Tiffany's Book Reviews & Blog 

5 stars: "I didn't know I needed a new Vampire obsession in my life, but Risen has fuelled that fire and jeeze did I love it! Ignore the tagline saying it's like Vampire Diaries and Twilight; it's so much better than those books!" —Gem, @gemlovesbooks 

5 stars: "I don’t know where to start with this book. Every aspect is outstanding! A true work of art." —GG Reads 

5 stars: "This was definitely a "one more chapter" read for me as I found myself half way through the book on the first night and finishing it the next day." —Erica Toole, Netgalley Reviewer 

Additional Details

ISBN: 9781633758940
Series: Blood Eternal, Book 1
Release Date: Mar 27, 2018
Page Count: 304
Imprint: teen
Genre: paranormal, shifters, vampires, young adult
Tropes: coming of age/family/social issues, forbidden love/off limits, overcoming odds

Select Featured Reviews

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By Danielle's March 14, 2018

Charlie lives in a secluded woods with her Aunt Rachel and Jax, the dog. They live in a cabin and have minimal contact with the outside world. Charlie is hoping to go to college and will be old enough to make her own decisions soon. She is mildly aware there is something strange about her life. Her ...more

By Carrie March 25, 2018

Risen by Cole Gibsen is the first book in the new young adult paranormal fantasy Blood Eternal series. The moment I saw the stunning cover on this one I knew any restraint I had would be out the window and I would need to read this one. Of course I was asking myself at the time did I really need to ...more

By Deborah March 27, 2018

This is an interesting YA vampire romance with a difference. And with so many vampire reads out there now it’s difficult sometimes to find one that stands out.

The main difference here is we have three different types/clans of vampires. The Mentis clan are what most of us would relate to as vampires. ...more

By Amy Leigh April 15, 2018

This book was unexpected. There are no slow moments. The author wrote this like a rollercoaster ride. I did feel like the book could have been a bit longer to help give more backstory and character development. I gave this four stars because the story had me hooked and I will definitely be reading t ...more

By Sabrina April 04, 2018

Checkout my full review + giveaway on my blog! http://omgbooksandmorebooks.blogspot....

I've been wanting to read a vampire book for a long time now. And I am so glad I picked up Risen. It was a rollercoaster ride from beginning to end and super addicting. I enjoyed the fresh take on vampires in this ...more

By Sandra "Jeanz" March 30, 2018

The cover initially attracted me to this book and then when I read the blurb, I realised that I couldn't remember the last time I had read a vampire themed book, so this book was the perfect choice. That and the fact the publishers were Entangled Teen made me give the book a closer look.

As I s ...more

By Kristi Housman February 27, 2018

I was pleasantly surprised by Risen. It's a vampire book, but there were some elements that were different from other ones I've read before.

Charlie is living in a cabin in Marion, IL with her aunt Rachel and their dog. Charlie is unhappy and wants to go away to school, but Rachel warns her of danger ...more

By Novel March 26, 2018

I grabbed Risen up on a whim and grabbed a spot on the tour and I am so glad I did. Sometimes I just want  a good YA vampire read. Throw in a little cheesiness and a whole lot of teen angst and stupid decision-making and I truly just enjoy these reads. Cole took a novel that could have been just ano ...more

By Elodie February 22, 2018

I just finished “Risen” the first book in the Blood Eternal series and it was very good! I previously read another book from the same author called “Life unaware”, it was not my favorite, but I wanted to give her another chance and I was right!

If you’re a fan of vampires, this series is for you. Alt ...more

By gem March 05, 2018

I didn't know I needed a new Vampire obsession in my life, but Risen has fuelled that fire and jeeze did I love it!
Ignore the tagline saying it's like Vampire Diaries and Twilight; it's so much better than those books!
To me, it's more comparable to the epic series by Will Hill, Department 19.
It's fa ...more

By Jenni January 21, 2019

One of my reading goals this year is to try a new genre and I picked vampire novels! This is the first one I’ve read. The cover is so pretty I found myself picking it up several times just to look at the cover. The story kept my interest right from the first chapter and was a page turner throughout. ...more

By Laura February 24, 2018

"The answers we seek might be the only things that can save us now."

OMG! How could you leave me hanging by a thread??!! I was so caught up in this fast paced story that I didn't realize I was reaching the cliff hanging end until I flipped the page and was greeted by bonus content!! Who are the paren ...more

By Jess February 22, 2018

Risen is a fresh addition to the world of vampire fiction. With its unique plot and captivating characters I was hooked from the first paragraph. This was a truly memorable read and one I would recoment to any fans of fantasy and paranormal fiction. ...more

By Elaine March 21, 2018

Rating: 4.5/5

My Review:

Forget this being a teen book, I can guarantee adults who enjoy this genre will love it too - I do! It is a fresh look at paranormal romance, definitely with the author's own twist to Vampire species but I'll not say any more about that or I'll be giving away spoilers . . . .

T ...more

By Katherine April 03, 2018

**Review at **

"You see, more than anything I wanted to get away from the cabin. I thought my only escape was college— who knew it only took a vampire kidnapping to do the trick. Could have saved me some agonizing over application essays.”

Charlie wants nothin ...more

By Monique March 25, 2018

Charlie was hiking in the woods with her dog Jax, when suddenly Jax starts acting suspiciously; he seems on high alert, but Charlie hears nothing, literally. She’s been seriously bored recently, living with her Aunt Rachel Keegan in their small cabin near the woods. But all that was about to change. ...more

By Romancing the October 28, 2018

Reviewed by Robin
Book provided by Entangled Teen
Review originally posted at Romancing the Book

This was a refreshing look at vampires. Ms. Gibsen gave us a new twist on vampires and how they came to be. To me it made more sense than some books I have read. And even though I am more of a shapeshifter ...more

By Courtney March 26, 2018

So this book took me by surprise. The blurb had me intrigued enough to take a chance on this author (she is new to me) and since I have love of paranormal reads, figured it would at least be something I enjoyed. I did not expect to really get so wrapped up in the story.

There are so many vampire book ...more

By Alyson February 23, 2018

*I voluntarily received a copy of Risen from the publisher via Netgalley. All thoughts and opinions are my own*
For as long as she could remember, Charlie has lived in a cabin in the woods with her aunt Rachel. When Charlie thinks she won't be able to have an exciting future, three vampires show up a ...more

By Sasha March 01, 2018

*I received Risen in exchange for an honest review* ~Thank you to Entangled and the author for this ARC.

Risen by Cole Gibsen was such a refreshing change! First, the cover .... oh that beautiful, shiny, cover! It just screams dark goodness, and the cover did not mislead or disappoint. What's in bet ...more

By Ali April 09, 2018

My review for this will be posted on the 6th of April!

The first word that comes to my mind when I think about this book is rollercoaster! What a freakin ride this book is. At first, when I was asked to read and review Risen by Cole Gibsen, I was super excited because I haven't read and enjoyed a va ...more

By Tanya March 09, 2018

Wow. What a read!
I was enamored with this unique vampire story! Right from the start you're sucked in and can't stop until the very end!!!

You'll find new vampires/clans and everything in between.
Risen is well written, filled with fabulous characters, some you'll love/love to hate and root for!

I ca ...more

By Jennifer October 18, 2019

So I bit the bullet and read this even though there’s no sign of a sequel in sight 🙈

It was a quick and easy read and I was intrigued! However I really hope a sequel magically appears soon because I have so many questions ...more

By Kim Reads April 24, 2018

Risen was one of those books where the blurb caught my attention. Then the book proceeded to constantly call to me, begging to be read. Risen was an engrossing read from start to finish, and hard to put down.

After years of hiding, Rachel Keegan and her seventeen-year-old niece Charlie have been loca ...more

By Lynn March 15, 2018

Vampires are back in a big way. Don't miss out on Cole Gibsen's latest novel. It's everything it promises and more.
Fans of Vampire Academy and Vampire Diaries are sure to love it. ...more

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Cole Gibsen

About the author

Cole Gibsen

Growing up, Cole Gibsen couldn’t decide what she loved more—dogs or books. Rather than choose, she decided to devote her life to both! Dog trainer (wrangler) by day and author by night, she’s the author of more than ten books with more on the way.

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