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Peek Inside Rules of Negotiation

NYC’s most eligible bachelor, Brit Bencher, is also known as The Slayer for his reputation in the boardroom...and the bedroom. He’ll do anything to take care of his family, even seduce high-powered corporate attorney Tori Anderson. When Brit offers a no-strings attached fling, it sounds like exactly what she needs. When Tori uncovers his lies, will he lose his chance with her forever?

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He’s got her breaking all the rules…

She made all the rules…

After juggling the demands of her career and the stress of caring for her ailing mother, high-powered corporate attorney Tori Anderson doesn’t have time for relationships—but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t want to feel like a woman. When Brit Bencher, NYC’s most eligible bachelor, offers a no-strings attached fling, it sounds like exactly what she needs. But what will she do when Brit decides he won’t take “one night stand” for an answer?

…until he started breaking them.

Brit Bencher will do anything to take care of his family, even seduce Tori Anderson in the hopes of getting her to reveal confidential information about one of her clients. But for the first time in his life, he finds he’s falling for a woman. When Tori uncovers his lies, will he lose his chance with her forever?



"Inara Scott's Rules of Negotiation is everything I love in a book-smart, snappy dialogue, a hero to die for and heroine to root for. Wicked, sexy and fun, with lots of heat and plenty of heart. This is one deal you'll want to negotiate ASAP!"
-Susan Sey, award-winning author of Money Honey (Berkley).

"Inara pens a gorgeous, sexy hero in Brit, a hero with flaws who isn't afraid to admit them when it counts. [H]eroine Tori is a feisty, upfront heroine who I loved for her forthrightness, her confidence in her work and her vulnerability in her personal life. Together, these two strong willed characters equal fireworks!"
-Nicola Marsh, USA Today Bestselling Author.

"Reading this made me think about what dreams I may want to resurrect and also who I am trying to make happy. Is it me or am I doing what I think is expected of me? This is an author I will definitely be reading again." 
-Patti, Romancing the Book

"I adored this book. The writing is powerful with a beautiful style that just kept the pages turning. I completely identified with the strength of the heroine, fell in love with the sexiness of the hero, and rooted for them the whole way through." 
-Jennifer Probst, USA Today Bestselling Author

Additional Details

ISBN: 9781622669028
Series: Bencher Family, Book 1
Release Date: Jul 14, 2012
Page Count: 205
Imprint: indulgence
Genre: contemporary
Tropes: fling, forced proximity

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By Anne OK May 02, 2012


One-click and another stroke of luck. This contemporary romance by new-to-me author, Inara Scott, was a well-written story with two strong-willed and very likable characters. You can expect plenty of heat and sizzle, along with some really good sarcastic banter between thes... ...more

By Jennifer April 06, 2012

I adored this book. The writing is powerful with a beautiful style that just kept the pages turning. I completely identified with the strength of the heroine, fell in love with the sexiness of the hero, and rooted for them the whole way through. Literally a perfect afternoon read - highly recomme... ...more

By Nicola February 28, 2012

If I had to use a few words to sum up Inara Scott's debut category romance, they would be 'category romance with substance.'

Inara pens a gorgeous, sexy hero in Brit, a hero with flaws who isn't afraid to admit them when it counts.

And the heroine Tori is a feisty, upfront heroine who I loved for h... ...more

By Melissa April 15, 2012

First of all, I have to say I've always been a fan of romance novels if they're well written. I consider well written to mean they have a plot and characters who are more than skin deep and maybe some dialogue to go along with the all the naughty scenes. I am so happy to report that Inara Scott's... ...more

By Melody March 14, 2016

Also at

I feel so accomplish lately, I have been able to get to read some great books lately. So, todays selection is Rules of Negotiation by Inara Scott. Let me tell you this book was fun. Here is what the story is about:

We have a workaholic lawyer by the name of T... ...more

By Romancing the March 20, 2012

Reviewed By~Patti
Review Copy Provided By~Publisher

I enjoyed the dynamics of the characters in this story. Brit and Tori are both portrayed as human with successes and imperfections. Neither was super defensive but they were cautious. They viewed most things realistically. I liked how the attract... ...more

By Valérie July 24, 2014

C'est une très jolie romance contemporaine que nous offre Inara Scott avec cette histoire douce et amusante tout en étant sexy, les personnages sont modernes et leurs caractères bien développés malgré le format assez court.La relation se met en place progressivement et non pas comme souvent par u... ...more

By Michelle Christine November 26, 2012

“Is there any chance we can forget that night ever happened?” – Tori
“If only I could, but you said, and I quote, ‘Maybe another time’. Those words haunt me, Tori, They haunt me.” - Brit

Lord, save me from the CEO trying to play lawyer” – Tori

(view spoiler) ...more

By Jennifer February 18, 2012

Tori Anderson had big plans to race up the corporate ladder on her way to a partnership with her prestigious law firm. She was determined to not let anyone get too close to her so she wouldn't suffer the same heartbreak that plagued her ailing mother. When she meets Brit Bencher, CEO of Excorp, d... ...more

By Erica March 10, 2012

Rules of Negotiation by Inara Scott was such a great read! I read almost straight through it - I didn't want to put it down! The story was so easy to get caught up in and the characters were awesome.

I really loved the characters of Rules of Negotiation. Tori was such an easy character to relate t... ...more

By Biba July 14, 2013

I loved this book. I was surprised. I'm glad to find a new author. I loved that it was angsty and there was enough romance. And I really loved Brit and Tori. They were really good together. I was a bit disappointed with the ending, but then I saw that there was a sequel, so I hope we get to see B... ...more

By Aldy May 22, 2013

Amé como ella siempre lo encaraba con las cosas que hacía mal, como sus daddy issues, no le deja pasar una, si algo le parece que está mal, estaba ahí diciéndoselo frente a frente.
En muuchas cosas me sentí igual a Tori, eso de que te concentras en lo profesional tanto, en ser excelente después de... ...more

By Tracy April 19, 2012

Breaking The Rules Is Such Fun
Forget the Greeks, beware CEO's bearing gifts. Of all the rules of negotiation that lawyer Tori Anderson lives by, that's the one she should have kept in mind. A tricky contract deal on the cusp of being signed is suddenly altered and improved, and not at the request... ...more

By Evie October 02, 2015

Sexy, funny, witty, what more can I ask for?

Tori is more than just a workaholic, nothing ever passes her notice. She's a very ambitious professional, with her sight on a prize, and nothing will get on the way of that. She can be a control freak too, if you ask me. Once she sets on a plan, she do... ...more

By Rachel January 15, 2014

This is the first in the Bencher Family series from Inara Scott and boy does it start with a bang. This book sucked me in straight away and it's another of this authors books that I could not put down. The main characters are fantastic.

Brit and Tori were a powerhouse pair. Brit is the über hot CE... ...more

By Arlena June 20, 2012

Author: Inara Scott
Published by: Entangled Publishing
Age Recommend: Adult
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Raven Rating: 4
Blog Review For: GMTA

"Rules of Negotiation" by Inara Scott was a nice well written romantic novel that was told from the third person perspective. It was one of those novels tha... ...more

By Debbie February 20, 2016

I absolutely love it when I discover an Amazon freebie and it blows my mind. Yep that is Rules of negotiations by Inara Scott.

Her portrayal of the main characters are not only well written but are strong nemes that have you wanting to more about them.

High flying attorney Tori Anderson had no ti... ...more

By Paperback Dolls July 03, 2012

Originally posted at

I’m always a little nervous when I read a new author. And when I say new, I mean to me, because let’s face it, there are simply too many great writers out there for even a book addict like me to have even scratched the surface. I sat down with Rules of Nego... ...more

By Ursula March 04, 2012

Review written for

Right from the beginning it is clear that Brit has an ulterior motive, but I found it hard to care. His character was so well written that even when he is being an ass, you like him. It is clear that he is torn from the get go. He sets out to use T... ...more

By Christi March 22, 2012

My Review:

The thing that made this book for me was Tori’s character. She has such a bristly, harsh personality, but that is only because she’s scarred from her childhood. Her father was a good-looking, smooth-talking guy who left her and her mother high and dry when Tori was eight. All her life,... ...more

By Christa March 03, 2012

Rules of Negotiation was an enjoyable contemporary romance with likeable characters and an interesting plot. The main characters, Brit and Tori, were well developed and I was rooting for both of them. The story also had some good secondary characters. I look forward to more by this author.

Brit Be... ...more

By Kristy August 06, 2012

This was a quick read. I really liked the story, about a big CEO trying to get something from the bright little lawyer. Obviously Brit underestimates Tori, which I loved. I loved that he thought he could trick her and had to keep changing his tactics because she was so suspicious of him. It was a... ...more

By Melissa June 06, 2012

This book was a great read that I am glad I finally bought. Tori and Brit are both workaholics her more so than him with family obligations that bog them down. Brit wants to flirt with Tori a little in order to help get his little sister a job for one of Tori's clients. What he does not expect is... ...more

By liane July 17, 2013

Was looking for a short read and found this book.
I have read previous books for this author and like her books.

Didn't realize til towards the end that Melissa and Solan are from the first book I read for her.
I remember the story line but forgot the small details.
Mostly liking going to reread the... ...more

By Mary L Calhoun February 18, 2016


What a great read!

Although the main characters were not identifies as older, I consider this a Boomer romance because I could relate to the family back story dynamics of both Tory and Brit.

I can relate to what it's like to be the oldest a... ...more

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3.59 avg rating
Inara Scott

About the author

Inara Scott

Inara wrote her first book when she was fifteen--a romance called "A Wild and Stormy Passion" that featured swordplay, a pirate heroine, and plenty of naughty bits (all of which came entirely from her imagination). Since then, she's written romances of the category, contemporary, and fantasy varieties. Her books are sinfully sensual and deeply emotional. Inara reserve the right to enjoy country music, puppies, and love-at-first sight. When she's not writing, she enjoys to spending time wandering around in the woods and has been known to occasionally dress up her little white dog in princess costumes.

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