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Peek Inside Scandal in Spades

Lady Katherine and Lord Bromton share a sizzling connection but the truth about their courtship will destroy everything.

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The Marquess of Bromton has just learned that he’s a bastard. Feeling his honor is at stake, he attempts to bestow his estate upon a rightful heir by manipulating a high-stakes card game. But the winner demands more than Bromton bargained for—a marriage…to his spinster sister. Lady Katherine may be the least marriageable lady in all of England, but a child of their union would be a rightful heir…

Scandal has hardened Lady Katherine and narrowed her world to duty and family. There’s nothing to be trusted in the Society she left behind…especially not the imperious marquess with his single-minded pursuit. Or his knee-weakening kisses. Except, the more their connection deepens, the more Bromton surprises Katherine. But the truth about their courtship could destroy everything…

Each book in the Lords of Chance series is STANDALONE:
* Scandal in Spades
* Heart’s Desire
* Diamond in the Rogue


“It had my heart beating and my mind conjuring elaborate pictures, totally wonderful and brilliant writing.” - Maggie

“This was a fantastic story, well written, flowed great, had probably the most realistic sibling interaction that I have ever read in a book, steamy love scenes, great secondary characters, secrets, some groveling and an ending that gave me goosebumps and made me teary eyed.” - Flippin’ Pages Book Review Blog

This story had me on pins and needles throughout it! I didn't want to put the book down!!” - Historical Romance Lover

Scandal in Spades by Wendy LaCapra is an outstanding historical romance. Ms. LaCapra has given us a book that is well-written and packed with amazing, lovable characters.” - Deb, BookLikes

Spellbinding, Heart pounding, Entrancing.” - Lori D., review

“This is the first book I’ve read by theds author & it had me gripped from the start.” - Janet, review

“I loved how characters talk and interact in this story. All of them are simply amazing and well-written. For me characters made it an exceptional read.” - Books Eater

“I just love Wendy LaCapra stories! This author has one amazing gift in pulling you in her writing!” - Maria D., review

“This was such a beautiful story, and one that I didn’t want to end but knew that it had to if all was to be restored between the pair… I have decided to fill the void of waiting for the next book in the series, by buying other books by Wendy LaCapra, my new favorite author.” - SH, review

Great storyline, characters you cheer for, and of course, a happy ending! Don’t miss this one!” - Dawn H., review

Additional Details

ISBN: 9781640634961
Series: Lords of Chance, Book 1
Release Date: Apr 9, 2018
Page Count: 289
Imprint: scandalous
Genre: historical, historical regency
Tropes: marriage of convenience, redemption

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By Mei May 28, 2018

Until now I've read only one book by this author and it was just OK, so I thought I'll try this one and it was not bad at all.

I like Katherine, and felt really sorry for her because first her brother and then Giles, the hero, trated her like a commodity at the beginning.

Her brother, Percy, does it f ...more

My reviews are honest & they contain spoilers. For more, follow me:

It’s been a while since I pretty much gulped down in about 2 days. Let me tell you that it’s a rare occurrence for me nowadays. But Wendy LaCapra’s newest historical romance, book 1 of Lords of Chance series, Scandal in ...more

By Maggie March 25, 2018

Within the first two chapters I found my favourite lines from any book so far this year ,

“I am sure it’s nothing to your home”
“Not a home ,a Jacobean castle. In Northumberland “
An image formed -ramparts rising out of a mist . A shimmering moat with a drawbridge. And in ...more

By Suze April 13, 2018

Giles, the Marquess of Bromton, has discovered he's actually a bastard. He feels he has no right to carry the title and wants his estate to go to the rightful heir. He's come up with a plan, he will lose everything he owns in a card game to the earl of Markham, the man with the right bloodline, so h ...more

By Elaine April 14, 2018

I really enjoyed this brilliant historical romance with its great characters, plenty of intrigue and well developed story line. It is one of those stories that I really didn’t want anyone or anything to interrupt me reading.

With a hero determined to ensure the rightful heir to the properties he inhe ...more

By Kimberly Rocha~ July 05, 2018

Scandal In Spades by Wendy LaCapra is my much anticipated return of a much loved author. This book contains intrigue, a fast pace and fabulous romance with genuinely fascinating characters. Ms LaCapra just knows how to suck a reader in and not let go. I pray that she is here to stay and more titles ...more

By Lori April 07, 2018

Spellbinding, Heart pounding, Entrancing. There are so many great thoughts I want to say about this book. It gripped my heart from the beginning and did not let go until the end. LaCapra's well drawn characters came to life to the point I could feel their emotions. This is one of my favorite tropes ...more

By Tracy April 05, 2018

Giles Langley, Marquess of Bromton aka Spades has learned that his entire existence is a lie. He has been raised to be the Marquess and embodies the role - he is proper, he is pompous, he is entitled and he cannot abide scandal - so learning that the former Marquess is not his father and his now wid ...more

By vaneeta March 29, 2018

" Scandal in Spades was d 1st book by Wendy Lacapra i have read & am happy to say it was not disappointing i liked d book.
This is story is about two people who very alone ,lost but wen dey come together they compliment each other ,r made for each other .

Marquess of Bromton, Giles, is a bastard and L ...more

Scandal in Spades by Wendy LaCapra is the story of Giles Langley, Marquess of Bromton and Lady Katherine Markham. Giles has learned that he is a bastard and is not the real heir to the titles he has. So trying to make things right he enters a card game set on having Markham win what should rightfull ...more

By Bec April 15, 2018

When Giles, the Marquess of Bromton, manipulates a high-stakes card game, he never thought the tables would be turned on him when the person he loses to demands he court then marry his spinster sister. However, when Giles meets Lady Katherine he never imagined he was getting the better end of the ba ...more

By KriisGaia April 06, 2018

The Marquess of Bromton, Giles “Spades” Langley, is living a lie. In Scandal In Spadeshe discovers his father, the late Marquess, is not really his father and sets out to make things right.

Discovering that his friend Lord Markham would have actually inherited had Giles not been born, he arranges a c ...more

By Lux April 09, 2018

Giles Everhart Langley, or Spade to his friends, 3rd Marquess of Bromton is a bastard. His entire existence is a lie. He was drilled to be the Marquess, but his estranged mother's damning revelation made him feel unworthy of the title and everything that comes with it, and had planned to relinquish ...more

By Amanda April 12, 2018

3.5 stars, Scandal in Spades is certainly an enjoyable romance novel, even if it did get a bit angsty, wordy and confusing at times. Bromton is more than upset that he is a bastard - not in name, just in truth - he is devastated to learn that his life isn't what it seems. He decides to be noble and ...more

By Kelly March 26, 2018

Scandal in Spades is a romance about two people who were lost without each other. I love how they were broken but together they were complete.

Marquess of Bromton, Giles, learns he is a bastard and not the true son of the Marquess. He struggles with his anger and comes up with a plan to rid himself ...more

By Janet April 07, 2018

Giles Everhart Langley, the Marquis of Bromton known in the gaming hells as Spades, has just learned that he’s a bastard. Feeling his honour is at stake, he attempts to bestow his estate upon a rightful heir by manipulating a high-stakes card game. But the winner Percy Markham demands more than Brom ...more

By Krystal March 28, 2018

This was an interesting read that I could not put down! One of the things I enjoy more about any good novel is when the characters are interesting (bonus points if they are also flawed, as that means they are human) - and this story had that in spades (pardon the pun).

Seriously though, the author b ...more

By Fizza March 30, 2018

4.5 Stars
I love historical romance novels and I read a lot of them I must say this one is quite unique in the way it's written. I loved how characters talk and interact in this story. All of them are simply amazing and well-written. For me characters made it an exceptional read. Not that I didn't li ...more

By Jane April 28, 2018

I really enjoyed this book. Giles, the Marquess of Bromton has been told a secret by his mother that makes him feel he is not the rightful hier to the title.

Giles has researched the family tree and has befriended his hier - as he plans to lose everything that is entailed to said hier in a card game ...more

By Petula April 06, 2018

Giles Langley the Marquess of Bromton has learned news that devastated all he held important. Now for the sake of his honour he must try and put things right. That's why he has just cheated at cards. He played to lose but the man he played with has a different agenda.
Lady Katherine Markham was the ...more

By Laura May 25, 2018

Giles Langley, the Marquess of Bromton has learned that he is a bastard. As he is an honorable man, he attempts to bestow his estate upon the rightful heir by manipulating a high-stakes card game. When the winner says that he doesn't want the estate, but he wants Bromton to marry his older sister, B ...more

By Lana November 07, 2018

This has been reviewed a number of times from front to back so I will keep it simple. Giles Langley, Marquess of Bromton aka Spades is an arrogant, pompous, handsome, wealthy, honorable bastard. Katherine Stanley is the least marriageable woman in England & sister to Percival Stanley, Earl of Markha ...more

By Suzannah October 13, 2019

Scandal in Spades is book one in the Lords of Chance series by Wendy La Capra. It is necessary to read these books in order, and they are amazing works.Each story is based on a different member of the rakish quartet of friends - Spades, Clubs, Diamonds and Hearts. La Capra infuses steamy romance wit ...more

By Deb April 09, 2018

Scandal in Spades by Wendy LaCapra is an outstanding historical romance. Ms. LaCapra has given us a book that is well-written and packed with amazing, lovable characters. I especially enjoyed the characters in this book. This is a fairly short read, perfect for those with limited reading time. Giles ...more

By Amy April 09, 2018

I absolutely loved Katherine and Giles story!!

Trying to right a wrong, Giles enters into a card games and promptly loses his estates to The Earl of Markham. But Markham doesn't want the estates, he wants his eldest sister married. Giles then ventures to Markham's estates to meet Katherine to see if ...more

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4.07 avg rating
Wendy LaCapra

About the author

Wendy LaCapra

Wendy LaCapra has been reading romance since she sneaked into the adult section at the library and discovered Victoria Holt & Jane Aiken Hodge. From that point on, she dreamed of creating fictional worlds with as much richness, intrigue and passion as she found within those books. Her stories have placed in several contests, including the 2012 Golden Heart. She lives in NYC with her husband and loves to hear from readers. If you'd like to be informed when a Wendy releases a new book, sign up for her mailing list at (never shared!)

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