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Peek Inside Scandal of the Season

Five years ago, Lord Sorin Latham fled England's shores to avoid heartbreak and scandal in the form of one Lady Eleanor Cramley. On returning home, he finds the young miss he used to scold for lack of decorum is now a stunning woman...

Scandal of the Season

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Five years ago, Lord Sorin Latham fled England’s shores to avoid heartbreak and scandal in the form of one Lady Eleanor Cramley. On returning home, he finds the young miss he used to scold for lack of decorum is now a stunning woman who fires his blood. But he must resist temptation or risk losing his honor as a gentleman and the friendship of those he holds dear, including Eleanor.

Lady Eleanor is determined to be the paragon of propriety Sorin urged her to become. But now that he’s back, the man she once thought of as an older brother makes her long to be anything but proper. She must make Sorin see her as worthy of his heart and his desire without losing his good opinion, or her Season will end in disgrace.


5 Stars: "An absolute delight to read. Nothing pleases me more than a couple who genuinely loves each other...If you are a fan of historical romance, this should definitely be on your TBR list." - Rainy Thursdays

5 Stars: "I loved it! It reminded me of Jane Austen's Emma...It's quite entertaining. I enjoyed reading it and will have no problem recommending it to all my reader friends." - Intellectual Vixens

5 Stars: "This is a most entertaining book from an author that I hope to hear more from. It is well written, historically accurate and a fun read. The side characters are well developed with a hint of more books to come." - La Deetda Reads 

5 Stars: "Lovely romance. It reminds me in a way of Jane Austen...Great book, great love story! I highly recommend!" - Carol B., NetGalley reviews

4 Stars: "I will definitely keep Ms. LeFey in mind when the mood strikes for a good clean romance." - La Cava, review

5 Stars: "With unwanted suitors, double romances, and fortune hunters mixed in this book was quite enjoyable." - Aresha, review

4 Stars: "The characters had great personalities and a lot of different dimensions...the author did a very good job with the character development throughout the story." - Aisha, review

Additional Details

ISBN: 9781633757035
Release Date: May 30, 2017
Page Count: 322
Imprint: amara next
Genre: historical, historical regency
Tropes: reunited lovers

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Book Review For: Scandal of the Season by Liana LeFey 'Scandal of the Season' by Liana LeFey is the story of Lord Sorin Latham and Lady Eleanor 'Ellie' Cramley. Ellie has know Sorin most of her life since she has been living with her cousin and his wife. Sorin his their neighbor and has been Ellie g ...more

By Shelly's Book May 31, 2017

Lord Sorin Latham met Lady Eleanor Cramley when she was a child. Orphaned at a young age, the daughter of the late Duke of Ashford was to live with the new Duke who happened to be Sorin’s best friend. Brought together by the common understanding of personal tragedy, the unseemly pair are kindred spi ...more

By Erin June 07, 2017

This was my first book by Liana LeFey, and it was really surprising in how different it was from most historical romances. I can't quite put my finger on it, but I think the difference is in the prose and voice. It feels much more similar to a book by Jane Austen than a current writer of historical ...more

By Mommaleena June 01, 2017

Scandal of the Season by Liana LeFey
• Propriety
I couldn't help but smile throughout this story.... Chuckled quite a bit as well as cringe at more than a handful of situations. But throughout I couldn't wait to turn the page to see what happened next. What a great HEA historical romance set in Londo ...more

By Arec May 11, 2017

An absolute delight to read. Nothing pleases me more than a couple who genuinely loves each other. It’s so hard to put into words how I feel about this novel. While it’s not groundbreaking or revolutionary, Scandal of the Season is a lovely read filled with mutual love built upon friendship. It’s s ...more

By Brenda May 28, 2017

Last updated on 28 May 2017
Publisher's Description:
Lord Sorin Wincanton fled England’s shores to avoid temptation in the form of Lady Eleanor Cramley, but upon his return from fighting Bonaparte, the impetuous young miss he escorted through her first Season has grown into a stunning woman who still ...more

By Rosemary May 31, 2017

Sorin Latham refuses to follow his heart. He has cared about Eleanor since she was a child. He's a close friend of her cousin. He doesn't believe that it's proper for him to court her. Will his love prevail over his sense of duty? Sorin is so honorable and caring that I was charmed, but when it stoo ...more

By Amanda June 01, 2017

A wonderful friends to lovers story!!! I enjoyed reading, learning, and loving Eleanor and Sorin!!! Eleanor was such a relatable character/woman- struggling to be herself yet navigate societal standards. Sorin a gentlemen of high standards. Both realize they love each other but do not think it is re ...more

Lady Eleanor has become a woman while her dear friend Lord Sorin was away. She took his words to heart five years prior and is determined to be a proper lady and cause no one to be ashamed. When he returns, Sorin has feelings for Ellie that he cannot explain or do away with. Will a marriage proposal ...more

By Tam May 31, 2017

This had all the charm and "sighs of contentment" moments that I expect in an outstanding historical romance novel. Ellie has no intentions of settling for an unacceptable and undesirable suitor, when she could possible have the man she has always longed for, a man who has also hurt her deeply. Sori ...more

By Petula May 26, 2017

Sorin Latham, the Earl of Wincanton has come home after years away. He has been very successful in repairing the family fortune, but that was not the main reason he left.
Lady Eleanor Cramley is overjoyed that her cousin's best friend has returned. He holds a special place in her heart, and has for ...more

By Dot May 30, 2017

A new-to-me author, Liana Lefey, has come up with a very enjoyable friends-to- lovers story. Sorin and Ellie are each afraid that the other sees them as nothing more than a brother or sister and each is endeavoring to show the other that there is more to their feelings. However they keep getting it ...more

By Candy May 31, 2017

Sorin is an earl, single and just returned after 5 years in the East. Eleanor lost her parents as a child and was taken in by her aunt and uncle. This is a twisted plot that weaves around the characters. She does, he does or he thinks she hates him but doesn't. Very convoluted, but the author handle ...more

By Lourdes May 31, 2017

My review has been posted on Shelly's Book Corner ...more

By Aresha's May 30, 2017

***Received an advance reader copy in exchange for a fair review***

At first I wasn't too sure what to think about this book but slowly it growed on me. Lord Sorin and Lady Eleanor's story begins with Lord Sorin fleeing England because of his feelings towards Lady Eleanor, who he has grown up with an ...more

By Fizza April 22, 2017

I loved it! It reminded me of Jane Austen's Emma. Friendship between Lady Eleanor and Lord Sorin is very strong. They've known each other since Ellie was quite young, she practically grew up with him and he has been her role model for sometime now. But she has always considered him like her cousin C ...more

By Lisa June 01, 2017

I instantly liked both Sorin and Eleanor. Sorin is kind, strong and can be abrupt, but only to hide his feelings. Eleanor is smart, independent, and wise beyond her years because of the loss of her parents at a young age. Together the conversations are quick, sometimes witty and yet often filled wit ...more

By Anita May 29, 2017

Beautifully written historical romance that was full of intrigue, treachery, and drama. Well developed, in-depth and complicated main characters. They feel like real people with virtues and weaknesses, who have developed a close and deep affection for one another and are hiding their true feelings e ...more

By Anna June 06, 2017

Lord Sorin Latham left England five years ago- abruptly and without explanation. He spent five years trying to distance himself from the one woman that gripped his heart -- because to love her felt wrong. She was his best friend's ward, and as he had also had a hand in helping raise her- it felt wro ...more

By Jennifer May 25, 2017

I thought this book did a good job as a friends to lovers romance. The book wasn't particularly steamy, but mostly focused on the emotional portion of the romance between life long friends Lord Sorin Latham and Lady Eleanor Cramley. I thought it did a good job of covering the internal indecision and ...more

By Aisha May 11, 2017

I received the book from NetGalley this is a honest review. I have a love for historical books so I enjoy this novel. The characters had great personalities and a lot of different dimensions of the author did a very good job with the character development throughout the story. I really enjoyed Elean ...more

By Historical Junkie May 29, 2017

Setting: London 1817

This a good friends to lovers story. It’s quite realistic in the timing and flow. I liked Lord Sorin. He’s (most of the time) honorable, loyal, and trustworthy. He really had Lady Eleanor’s best interest at heart. He did leave for five years to try and get her out of his system ...more

By Amy September 11, 2018

I really enjoyed Ellie and Sorin's story! I loved the fact that they were best friends before becoming anything else. I think that makes their bond so much stronger. You don't often see that in historical romances. Definitely a must red for any historical romance lover! ...more

By Anna April 22, 2017

A tough book for me to rate. This book was a good read. it is perhaps slow and does not have all the passion I would expect. However, it is a nice clean regency that has a light uncomplicated and easy to read plot. It has good characters that are simple not complex. I found it had a few problems tha ...more

By Amanda March 25, 2017

"Scandal of the Season" is a hard book for me to review, I enjoyed the story, but it had its problems. It took forever for the main characters to get together and there was no passion. Sorin is Eleanor's cousin's best friend - her cousin is also her guardian. Sorin actually helped raise her, along w ...more

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Liana LeFey

About the author

Liana LeFey

As a romance author, I delight in crafting incendiary tales that capture the heart and the imagination, taking the reader out of the now and into another world. Regardless of whether you choose to dive into the past, leap into the future, or lose yourself in another realm entirely, between the pages you’ll find deep emotional journeys and passionate romance! The splendor of the Georgian period (1714-1837) provides a lush, glittering backdrop for my sizzling historical romances. Between the pages of my early Georgian pieces you’ll find sensuous lovers, lavish royal courts, and deadly intrigues. My Regencies look back to an era of refined manners and strict propriety, while revealing the secret, wicked desires of its elegant ladies and courtly gentlemen. In my sci-fi romances, love transcends all boundaries and spans a future of endless possibility based on what we’re learning about our universe today. My fantasy romances will take you on a quest through realms both familiar and unknown, with characters and creatures from myth and folklore, and of course include powerful magic paired with that most potent of all enchantments: love. About moi? I live in Central Texas with my dashing hero/husband of nearly twenty years and our beautiful daughter. I’m also privileged to serve (and it is most definitely servitude) one spoiled-rotten feline overlord. I adore chocolate and just about anything involving the words “salted caramel.” When my brain is too fried to weave stories, I read (of course), watch movies or binge-watch television series, make jewelry and knit scarves. What do I read/watch? In addition to being a historical research junkie (there have been interventions), I’m a fan of all things sci-fi and fantasy. Star Wars is the first movie I remember seeing. I was five and watched a double feature of Episodes IV and V with my parents at the big theater downtown…and came out wanting to marry Han Solo. Fed on bedtime stories from authors like Tolkien, Baum, and Herbert, I became a language-loving, book-gobbling monster at the age of four and have yet to be sated. The Kadin by Bertrice Small was the first romance novel I ever devoured. I was fourteen, it was delicious, and I’m now thrilled to be writing romance for fellow enthusiasts.

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