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Peek Inside Scintillate

Cora Sandoval sees colorful light around everyone—except herself. Instead, she glows a brilliant, sparkling silver. As she realizes the danger associated with these strange auras, she is inexplicably drawn to Finn, a gorgeous Irish exchange student who makes her feel safe. Their attraction is instant, magnetic, and primal—but her father disapproves. After Finn is forced to return home to Ireland, Cora follows him.
There she meets another silver-haloed person and discovers the meaning of her newfound powers and their role in a conspiracy spanning centuries—one that could change mankind forever...

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A 2015 Golden Quill Winner in the Young Adult category!

A mighty flame follows a tiny spark …

Cora Sandoval’s mother disappeared when she was five and they were living in Ireland. Since then, her dad has been more than overprotective, and Cora is beginning to chafe under his confines. But even more troubling is the colorful light she suddenly sees around people. Everyone, that is, except herself—instead, she glows a brilliant, sparkling silver.

As she realizes the danger associated with these strange auras, Cora is inexplicably drawn to Finn, a gorgeous Irish exchange student who makes her feel safe. Their attraction is instant, magnetic, and primal—but her father disapproves, and Finn’s mother orders him home to Ireland upon hearing he’s fallen in love. After a fight with her father, Cora flees to Ireland, both to follow Finn and to look for her missing mother.

There she meets another silver-haloed person and discovers the meaning of her newfound powers and their role in a conspiracy spanning centuries—one that could change mankind forever…and end her life.


"A lush and atmospheric debut with a scorching romance and a metaphysical mystery. It had me hooked from the start."  -Suzanne Young, author of THE PROGRAM. 

"Beautifully written. Keep your eye on author, Tracy Clark. She's going places!" -Ellen Hopkins, New York Times Bestselling Author of the CRANK trilogy.

Winner of the Golden Quill award (RWA) in the YA category!

Additional Details

ISBN: 9781622661466
Series: Light Key, Book 1
Release Date: Feb 4, 2014
Page Count: 304
Imprint: teen
Genre: fantasy, mystery & suspense, young adult
Tropes: forbidden love/off limits, overcoming odds

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By Beth January 14, 2014

Every once in a while you come across an outstanding new book, one that Wows you from the start. Scintillate is just such a story. To make it even better its part of a trilogy, with Tracy Clark's writing you know you are going to get two more fabulous installments in this series.

Why did I love Sc... ...more

By Anne February 12, 2014

I received a digital arc of this book from NetGalley, in exchange for an honest review.

I want to mention upfront that Scintillate is getting 4 stars from me solely for the mystery of what's going on with Cora and her new ability to see auras.
The romance in this one is probably going to t... ...more

By Johanna January 23, 2014

Scintillate came as a real surprise for me. I didn't expect anything of it. I thought the premise sounded interesting and just decided to give it a try. But wow, though I had a few issues with the novel, it was actually very good and I'm very much looking forward to reading the sequel... hopefull... ...more

By Farrah January 19, 2014

A thrilling YA romance that kept me on the edge of my seat, Scintillate was a wonderful read. I absolutely loved this book! It had sweet romance, dark secrets, and an ending that left me wanting more.

Cora was a wonderful heroine. She wasn't a confrontation kind of person, but neither would she l... ...more

By Caitlin September 30, 2015

Sometimes the girl can be so... Unwise that it drives me nuts. But the story line is really really cool and unique. I loved reading and trying to put the pieces together. I'm on team Giovanni but for some reason it feels like it's not working out that way... Hopefully she will realize. Or maybe m... ...more

By Alisha January 24, 2014

Cora Sandoval's mother has been missing for 12 years, she vanished without a trace when Cora was 5 and they where living in Ireland. Since then Cora and her father moved to the US and her father's become overbearingly overprotective, and Cora's beginning to want to rebel. After a serious illness,... ...more

By Lynsey February 04, 2014


Waking up in a hospital bed after being so sick with fever it was unsure she'd recover, Cora Sandoval is understandably a little disoriented. This is only exacerbated by the fact she's suddenly seeing strange colours around everyone. Putting it down to lingering symptoms, she leaves th... ...more

By Risbee February 11, 2014

4.5 out of 5 stars

This book went above and beyond what I was expecting when I first started reading. I've read several good books this year, but there have only been a few that fall into the "I don't even want to stop reading to eat" category. Scintillate by Tracy Clark was one of them.

I've been... ...more

By Vidya-BooksAreMagic February 15, 2014

Here is a beautiful book about another supernatural ability, narrated with so much emotions and suspense that I can't stop it and I finished this at 1.30 AM and writing this review.

Cora is admitted to a hospital with a heavy fever and miraculously she survives. But, after that fever, she is able... ...more

By Jenny January 13, 2015

Fascinating characters and storyline. For fans of Mara Dyer & Paranormalcy series. ...more

By Brooklyn November 16, 2013 ...more

By Rachel April 16, 2014

Let me start off by addressing my deep love for the title. Scintillate is a gorgeous word and I must admit at first sight, I thought it was made up. But after discovering the definition on Google, emit flashes of light; sparkle. I think I am in love. I want to find a use for it in my everyday voc... ...more

By Satarupa February 06, 2014

I got this book from the author, free of cost, in exchange of an honest review from my side.

Firstly I would like to thank the author and the tour organizers for giving me this opportunity of reading and reviewing this book.

Wow!!! I loved this totally!!!

What a great plot and the story line is so g... ...more

By Lisa February 03, 2014

After Cora nearly dies from a sudden, intense fever, she discovers that she can see colorful auras that surround everyone she sees. Cora is afraid that something in her brain has been damaged, and even more disturbing, her father, a scientist, discounts her fears as imaginary. Cora can't believe... ...more

By Lori (Ficwishes) January 16, 2014

4.75 stars. Quite spectacular really. Full review to come. ...more

By Crina (Reading Addict) December 28, 2014

Original post on

I've met with this book a few times in the past but for an unknown reason I haven't read it, until today. And today I wanted to read it so bad, because I received the sequel for review. And I'm so glad I read it.

As you may hear me saying, I'm a bit... ...more

By Chris February 03, 2015

I had the honor of BETA reading an early version of this story. I loved it then, but I LOVE it NOW! The story is so much deeper and broader than when I first read it.

Cora is loveable and real. I thought the attraction between Cora and Finn was totally believable, especially given that their rush... ...more

By All Things Urban Fantasy February 07, 2014

I will say that the story was a little slow to start. I get that it had to be, the reader is getting used to Cora’s new world just as she is and the changes she sees all around her. As much as I appreciated the time to get comfortable with her world as she saw it, and her fight to find any answer... ...more

By Jennifer December 29, 2013

*I was given an ARC for an honest review*

Wonderful! I would actually give this book a 4.5. I was skeptical because it begins with the typical YA paranormal blueprint, but the book exceeded my expectations (premise included auras and Irish lore). The plot twists and turns were not easily predictab... ...more

By Danielle September 10, 2016

Let me tell you, Ms. Tracy Clark doesn't play around in this book! The storyline moves very rapidly and there's not a lot of fluff (other than the romance of course hehe).

I LOVE FIN! He is so sexy and lovable and squeezable and dreeeeaammy and I just LOVE HIM!

So this is what the book is about:

A... ...more

By Sabrina February 13, 2014

I wasn’t sure about this book when I started it. It started off slow for me but I kept reading and I am glad I did.

We meet Cora who leads a boring life that is until she gets extremely sick and upon getting better she can now see auras. And of course Cora doesn’t understand her new ability or wh... ...more

By Bryce November 25, 2014

*Review can also be found on my blog, here.*
This book is just intriguing.
The characters are fantastic. Cora is downright sassy, and Finn's Irish accent is so swoon-worthy. If this book taught me anything, it's how to speak in an Irish accent. The WhaleOilBeefHooked thing took me way too long to f... ...more

By Jordan February 07, 2014

http://youngadultbookmadness.wordpres... ...more

By Jessica (BookRockGoddess) March 18, 2017

I really liked this book! The books subject matter was something I haven't really come across in my reading. It reminds me a little of a succubus type of book because of the need to feed on energy. I definitely like the story and the characters. Some of it was cliché but still a fascinating read... ...more

By Fiona August 27, 2017

wonderful!!!!! ...more

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3.65 avg rating
Tracy Clark

About the author

Tracy Clark

Tracy Clark grew up a "Valley Girl" in Southern California but now lives in her home state of Nevada. Her two teenagers teach her the fine art of distraction and are a continuous source of great dialogue. Her debut young-adult novel, SCINTILLATE, released in 2014. The Light Key Trilogy continues with DEVIATE and ILLUMINATE. Be on the lookout for MIRAGE, a YA thriller coming out in June of 2016. Tracy's a proud mom, a private pilot, a post-skydiving daredevil, a spicy-chocolate connoisseur, and an irredeemable dreamer.

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