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Peek Inside Sleeping with the Opposition

Leo Markham has everything a man could want. Money. Power. Respect. But there's only one thing he needs—Bria. Trouble is, she's determined to move on, despite the breathtaking passion still between them. Sure, he's made mistakes, but he'll make her forgive him. He can’t lose the only woman who’s ever had his heart.

Sleeping with the Opposition

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Leo Markham has everything a man could want. Money. Power. Respect. But there’s only one thing he needs––Bria. Leo made the mistake of putting his job before her––he won’t do that again. Convincing her to take a second chance, may be the hardest thing he’s ever done.

Shocked to find herself facing her devastatingly gorgeous ex as opposing counsel in the courtroom, Bria knows she can’t let Leo past her walls again. He’s charming, and that smile of his reminds her of scorching hot sex. She’s just going to have to learn to resist the pull of his lethal magnetism.

But Leo is determined to win Bria back no matter what it takes...

Each book in the Bad Boy Bosses series is a standalone, full-length story that can be enjoyed out of order.
Book 1: In Bed with the Competition
Book 2: Protecting His Assets
Book 3: Sleeping with the Opposition


"The author has a magic touch when it comes to pulling the emotion from you and laying it out for all to see. Sexy and full of passion, this is definitely one to to dive head first into if you can deal with the emotional pain of loss and ending with a lovely HEA." --Chris, Goodreads

"When I first read the book's description, I knew I had to read it. The plot was everything I was looking for; It was delicious, spicy, and enticing!! The writing was strong and flowed beautifully, so it is a wonderful love-story!" -- Mary Elizabeth, NetGalley

"This was a very heartwarming second chance read. I adored the character of Leo who is set in winning his wife back. Beautiful read!" -Urvashi, NetGalley "This was a sweet heartbreaking story that made you root for them to get it together and talk." -- Samantha, NetGalley

"Nice second chance at love read. This one had some angst, humor and an interesting story line." -- Jennifer, NetGalley

Additional Details

ISBN: 9781633756168
Series: Bad Boy Bosses, Book 3
Release Date: May 2, 2016
Page Count: 220
Imprint: indulgence
Genre: contemporary
Tropes: bad boy/bachelor/playboy reformed, coworkers, reunited lovers, unrequited love

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Kitty's review posted at Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews

When I started reading Sleeping With The Opposition I had mixed feelings. I wasn’t sure about Bria, her attitude or her mixed signals. She is the total opposite of what I look for in a female character and wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to ...more

By Elaine April 26, 2016

Rating 4.5/5
This is a very different romance, one which starts with a married couple, Leo and Brianna Markham. They are both lawyers with enviable reputations who used to work together as well but now although they are still living in their marital home but no longer together. They were having a chi ...more

By Irene May 05, 2016

3.5 stars

Sleeping With the Opposition was an emotional and heartfelt read.

Leo and Bria have suffered a terrible loss (view spoiler) and they both deal with it in different ways. One shuts down and the other one wants to talk and share their feelings.
I found myself sympathising with both at different ...more

By Susan (susayq ~) April 27, 2016

Why haven't I read anything by J.K. Coi before? This was absolutely breathtaking!

Bri and Leo have been married for several years and have hit a rough patch in their marriage. She doesn't think he has been supportive of her, and he feels that if he lets his true feelings show she'll know how weak he ...more

By Nicola April 15, 2016

Sleeping with the Opposition was quite a bit different from many of the stories I've read from the Indulgence imprint as the couple this story centralises around are married.

"The only thing we have between us anymore is a professional relationship."

Tragic, heartbreaking circumstances have led t ...more

By Callixta May 05, 2016

Entangled Publishing est une maison d’édition qui ne cherche pas spécialement à innover dans la romance mais produit de très jolies histoires bien faites et qui déçoivent rarement. Celle-ci ne déroge pas à la règle. Elle est aussi plus profonde qu’il n’y paraît même si le thème est classique. Lorsqu ...more

By Dísir May 02, 2016

Contrary to what the very salacious title and cover suggest (and shame on EP for this), 'Sleeping with the Opposition' is a very difficult and intensely emotional story of love lost and regained when the sheen of the ubiquitous HEA seems to fade from a marriage blackened by tragedy. Like a story tol ...more

By Chris April 16, 2016

This book was a delight from the beginning because it was written completely backwards from what we expect in a romance novel. Sleeping with the Opposition looks at a couple that is breaking apart due to a sad and heartbreaking event that they cannot seem to work through.

In this book the author give ...more

By Lori May 06, 2016

Wow! what a truly emotional and angst filled story. Leo and Bria suffered the worst tragedy I could ever think of. And this caused their problems. But the way Leo pursued her and never gave up fighting for her was pure beauty. Bria was a strong woman who was hurting and needed Leo to share himself. ...more

By Bette May 01, 2016

I absolutely LOVED this story. This was a bit different from most of the romance books I read but I adored how Leo was determined to keep his marriage intact and wasn't willing to just walk away. Leo and Bria felt real and true. Watching as they worked through the pain of the past and slowly begin t ...more

By Christi May 02, 2016

My Review:
I really enjoyed this book, although it's an emotionally difficult story to read. This story is about an estranged husband and wife who are still both deeply in love, although they are on their way to getting divorced. Leo doesn't understand why, but Bria is adamant about it. Leo can't giv ...more

By Book Gannet May 01, 2016

This book is about a marriage in crisis. The blurb is slightly misleading in that Leo isn’t quite Bria’s ex yet. They’re still married, still living in the same house even, but are mostly separated. At least in Bria’s head. Leo has been giving her time and space, hoping she will come back to him, bu ...more

By Samantha April 11, 2016

Bria and Leo Markham had it all. Both lawyers at a firm and making huge strides to be a power couple. Tragedy struck them and they are falling apart. Leo just wants his wife back. He hasn't stopped loving her and can't figure out what happened to drive them apart like this. They may live in the same ...more

By Becky May 25, 2016

It's been quite some time since I've come across an author who could evoke so much emotion through her characters...Ms Coi is such an author. Leo and Bria are both characters that exude such passion, devotion, and integrity, they were such real characters. Their heartbreaking loss was the factor tha ...more

By Angela May 01, 2016

First and for most…I have to say I love this book beyond words. Secondly…OMG the story is a heart jerker! I went on an emotional rollercoaster with Leo and Bria. I won’t say too much because I don’t want to give anything important away but I’ll just say…please read this book because it is so beautif ...more

By Laura August 01, 2016

This story was so beautifully written and unique.

This second chance story is about a married couple, Leo and Bria, who have experienced a terrible loss and are losing their marriage because of it. These characters felt so real and true. It was wonderful to see the hard times that often come after " ...more

By Isha April 28, 2016

A book about two lawyers. That's what jumped out at me. However there is more going on than a forbidden love affair. There is a battle to save a relationship in turmoil. Leo is ruthless in his career. He knows how to get what he needs to procure the outcome he wants. What he can't figure out is how ...more

By Cheryl- May 29, 2016

Reading the title, you think arch enemies sleep together and somehow a love story blossoms, you would be wrong! The love story has already happened and it crashed and burned after a tragic life event. The love between the two can't be denied but they've somehow lost themselves along the way. Leo dec ...more

By Patricia May 01, 2016

A touching romance that touches on a sensitive issue.

Bria and Leo are a married couple who work together and are going through a rough patch in their marriage. With that knowledge, they each have their own way of dealing with this issue which in turn has Bria looking for a divorce. Leo is not willin ...more

By Kristy May 08, 2016

An emotional but heart-filled read from J.K Coi. Sleeping with the Opposition was my first book by this author, but I will definitely keep my eyes open for more. Leo and Bria were a couple torn apart by a miscarriage, but the fact that they loved each other didn't seem like enough to keep trying. Co ...more

By Crystal April 28, 2016

The pain of miscarriage has split Bria from Leo. The push/pull is heartbreaking, but Bria doesn't want to end up feeling alone again like she did in the hospital.
opposing clients put the two in the same room and open eyes along with the help of friends.
the chemistry between the two is strong and it ...more

By Ofelia August 27, 2016

3.5 stars

I thought this book was a great read but at the same time I found this book kind of depressing. I know that Bria went through a horrible experience and she felt abandon by Leo but at the same time she always kept pushing Leo away. It was as if he was the only one fighting to safe their marr ...more

By Ayekah June 13, 2019

What a great story! I was totally sucked right into this book mainly because of this love/hate thing I had going on with Leo. Nails on a chalkboard. The man was impossible. Bria and Leo are both attorney, married and headed for the same end as their clients, divorce. Saying their marriage went throu ...more

By Jeanne May 30, 2019

Emotionally charged and heart wrenching, J.K.Coi tells the story of a couple torn apart by tragedy. Although they still love one another, will they ever be able to put back the pieces of their shattered marriage? This is the first book I've read by this author but I will definitely look forward to r ...more

By Merry May 30, 2019

Leo and Bria had a wonderful marriage until he dropped the ball when she needed him the most. Now they work in different law firms and find themselves against the other in court. Leo is determined to win his wife back no matter the cost. Will their opposing positions cause additional conflict betwee ...more

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3.79 avg rating
J.K. Coi

About the author

J.K. Coi

J.K. Coi is a multi-published, award winning author of contemporary and paranormal romance and urban fantasy. She makes her home in Ontario, Canada, with her husband and son and a feisty black cat who is the uncontested head of the household. While she spends her days immersed in the litigious world of insurance law, she is very happy to spend her nights writing dark and sexy characters who leap off the page and into readers’ hearts.

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