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Peek Inside Sliding Home

MVP short-stop Jake Armstrong has tried to keep his bad boy nature under wraps. But he’s incredibly tempted by sweet Ellie McDonald. No one need know. Until they’re caught on camera…

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Shy and reserved, good girl Ellie McDonald is determined to break out of her shell—and her relationship rut. First order of business? Woman up and finally ask her longtime secret crush, Jake Armstrong, on an old-fashioned date. She’s not at all his type—which is great. Once Jake turns her down, she can finally move on.

Except he says yes...

MVP shortstop Jake Armstrong has tried to keep his bad boy nature under wraps. But there’s nothing he likes more than tempting sweet Ellie to the dark side. No one needs to know.

But when the hotel catches fire and their rescue—while nearly naked—is caught on camera, the two have a PR problem. Jake’s solution is a fake relationship, just for the season. Only for Ellie, there’s nothing fake about it…

Each book in the Locker Room Diaries series is STANDALONE:
* Hitting It
* Sliding Home
* Hard and Fast


Jake and Ellies story is adorable. I connected so well with Ellie when reading you can't help but love her personality. Jake took a little while for me to like him but once I did I was a love sick puppy for the guy. Kathy Lyons did a great job with this book I loved everything about it!” –Ash L., Goodreads

So stinking cute!” –Erika C., NetGalley

“A likeable, fun and sexy romance!” –Sue H., NetGalley

“I loved Ellie from the first page, and then I quickly loved Jake as well. They were romantic and sexy together, but there story was about so much more as well. Just a great story with great characters!” – Crystal P., NetGalley

A quick steamy read that has a bit of drama to give it some punch.” –Illustrios Illusions

Sports romance at its very best!” –Molly K., NetGalley

Additional Details

ISBN: 9781640636040
Series: The Locker Room Diaries, Book 2
Release Date: Aug 13, 2018
Page Count: 270
Imprint: brazen
Genre: contemporary, sports romance
Tropes: bad boy/bachelor/playboy reformed, bet/dare/wager, fake engagement

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By Madison August 12, 2018

Sliding Home by Kathy Lyons

Raw sexiness plus alternatively dealing with alcoholism and an insecurity with love, this book reached for multiple levels of complexity of the human psyche.
Jake, the hero runs when things get tough. But to give him credit, he does come back and talks about what’s going o ...more

By Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews August 30, 2018

Kathy Lyons really had me hooked on this story from the first paragraph. Light, funny and enchanting are definitely words that describe Sliding Home.

Hot, sexy and frustrating are words that describe our short-stop Jake. Shy, cautious, modest are words that describe Ellie. He's the playboy that ever ...more

By Ayekah July 31, 2018

What a great surprise this book was. When I first started reading I wasn't sure, Ellie's sister Rachel annoyed the nuts out of me. Yes I actually did a couple eye rolls. But then Jake jumped in and I never looked back. I don't even know where to start with this.
Ellie is a nurse who doesn't do rejec ...more

By Linda July 20, 2018

This is a sexy and fun romance between two unlikely characters. Jake is the hotshot baseball player with a naughty reputation, while Ellie is the good girl nurse who's had a crush on Jake for a long time. When Ellie's sister pushes Ellie to ask Jake out for an old fashioned date, she fully expects t ...more

By Becky July 19, 2018

There is one thing I have come to know in stories written by Ms Lyons, she creates memorable characters with substance and dynamic personalities, but more so there is her trademark humor that is laced throughout the story. Often times it’s straight up laugh out loud, but other times it plays out as ...more

By Kim July 22, 2018

Wow, Sliding Home, is very erotic. I have told all my friends to read it and you will too. Jake and Ellie are perfect together. ...more

By Bette August 12, 2018

I love this story! It's a fairly typical bad boy meets good girl type story but Ellie and Jake gave it a fresh fun feel. Ellie's rejection therapy is hilarious and Jake is just so yummy. It's hard to recap the story without giving away too much and I'd rather you experience it for yourself. It's a f ...more

By Isha August 17, 2018

It's been said that opposites attract. Sliding Home takes that common occurrence and runs with it in the sweetest of ways. Kathy Lyons pulls at the heart while keeping hormones on full alert. Ellie is an introvert with a kind heart and little less confidence. Jake is an extrovert with a boisterous n ...more

By Taz August 06, 2018

Jake and Ellie are a cute couple who met in a funky way. A bet of course to ask him out in front of his baseball pals, he freaks her out when he says yes. What suppose to be a fake relationship for the media quickly turns into something real. ...more

By Alexandria August 13, 2018

I am enjoying this series. I am a big baseball fan so there are many parts of this book and series that appeal to me. One of my favorite things about Kathy's writing is the characters. I think there is something about the characters that every reader can relate to a little bit.

Ellie used to be more ...more

By Ash August 03, 2018

Jake and Ellies story is adorable. I connected so well with Ellie when reading you can't help but love her personality. Jake ehh he took a little while for me to like him but once I did I was a love sick puppy for the guy. Kathy Lyons did a great job with this book I loved everything about it! ...more

By Crystal July 28, 2018

I loved Ellie from the first page, and then I quickly loved Jake as well. They were romantic and sexy together, but there story was about so much more as well. Just a great story with great characters! ...more

By Heather July 27, 2018

Jake is just so naughty, “if I told you to suck me right here, right now, would you do it?” Jake is an animal at times, "...I heard a pop. I jolted. “did you just rip my thong?” He didn’t answer except to arch a brow..." I liked this book, I loved Jake. ...more

By Kacie August 21, 2018

This was a really great sports romance. It was a fun and sexy quick read. I love when a story can be told well in a short novel. This book does not disappoint. I was happy to learn this was a series. I can´t wait to read more from this author. She really knows how to tell a story. Ellie and Jake are ...more

By Kristin January 28, 2019

I enjoyed reading this story between Jake and Ellie a lot!

Jake is a very fun character and Ellie is she and a little unsure of herself but decides to work on overcoming her fear of rejection. Together, they sizzled physically and their intimate talks were heartfelt.

Jake’s storyline lacked in the de ...more

By Deborah August 10, 2018

Ellie is a good, conservative girl who wants to break out of that mold. She is sick of shying away from confrontation. She goes about a rejection revolution to toughen her up and not take anyone's crap anymore. Part of this is to ask celebrity Bobcat shortstop out on a romantic, old-fashioned date. ...more

By Eileen August 19, 2018

I loved reading Sliding Home by Kathy Lyons, book two of her Locker Room Diaries series. This is the story of what happens when shy, reserved, and good girl Ellie decides to break out of her shell and go after what she wants. First step for Ellie is to ask her long time secret crush Jake to take her ...more

By Reading August 12, 2018

I wasn't so sure about Sliding Home when I started it. The last two sports books I've read kind of burned me, so I was leery. Happily, one chapter into Sliding Home and I was hooked!

Ellie is experimenting with "exposure therapy", as in "If I practice being told no, then I will be more confident and ...more

By Lynn August 13, 2018

Infatuation, lust and happily ever afters! While this story is a bit light on the topic of baseball, the characters are quick to draw you in. Jake is your typical "spread himself around" athlete until he meets Ellie and they settle into their own version of a relationship. She's able to help him see ...more

By Chiquita Bee November 03, 2018

Love, Love, Loved It!

Kathy Lyons did a fabulous job pulling me into the story between Ellie and Jake. She’s a nurse, in her first job and busy paying off her student loans. He’s NFL football player, and her cousin’s teammate. Her parents have a BBQ when her cousin is in town and of course they have ...more

By Diane August 13, 2018

More about the relationship than the baseball!

Nurse Ellie McDonald hated failing so she never tried anything risky for fear of failing so she was trying exposure therapy to get used to stepping out of her comfort zone. So at family barbeque her sister forced her to ask one of her cousin’s teammates ...more

By Ree August 14, 2018

I enjoyed this one!

When a planned PR op turns into a nightmare, Ellie McDonald is surprised to find herself enjoying "dating" Jake Armstrong. Gorgeous, charming and talented, the baseball player has a naughty reputation with the ladies. Yet, under the playboy façade, Ellie discovers a hurt boy masqu ...more

By Nicki July 29, 2018

What starts out as a dare to get out of her comfort zone, Ellie asks the hot shortstop Jake out for an old fashioned date - with no sex. Thinking he is going to turn her down, Jake realizes this is the best opportunity to show his team that he is not the man whore he has shown the world. But when a ...more

By Thuy August 03, 2018

Ellie is going through a self experiment. To make rejection feel ok. So, she's been going around asking ridiculous questions in random aspects and asking questions knowing she will get rejected. Until her sister pushes her to ask her crush, a pro baseball player out on an old fashioned date. But gue ...more

By Leslie August 30, 2018

I thought this was a really good read! The writing flowed well, and I liked the characters. There was more focus on Jake than Ellie, but the drama with Jake's family was prominent in the story. I liked Jake and Ellie together, and I thought they had great chemistry. There was a few scenes that were ...more

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Kathy Lyons

About the author

USA Today Best Selling Author

Kathy Lyons

KATHY LYONS writes light, funny, sexy stories for Brazen. She loves the faster pace of category books and that her humor can shine through. She leaves the dark, tortured love stories to her alter ego, Jade Lee. Visit them both on the web at or!

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